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70 of the Best Color Schemes for a Non-Traditional Christmas

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Pastel christmas
Image credits: egal via Canva

A fun, festive decorating and tree idea for your nursery, kids’ room, or any room that needs a more subtle touch, pastels shouldn’t be overlooked this holiday season! These softer shades aren’t often used for the holiday season. After all, they couldn’t be any further from the bold reds and greens that we associate with Christmas. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid them, especially if your favorite color happens to fall in this color palette. If you fully commit to the pastel look, you may surprise yourself with how much you love the end result.

Shades of Blue and Green

Christmas background with blue and green balls
Image credits: TasiPas via Canva

Environmental lovers: here’s a great way to embrace your love for the great outdoors when decorating this holiday season! Decorating using shades of blue and green will give you the perfect opportunity to bring the outdoors in. In addition to using green and blue lights and selecting ornaments that match your color scheme, this is also the perfect opportunity to incorporate fresh holiday greenery. Not only will this look impressive on your mantle or as a centerpiece on your table, but it will also bring with it the fresh evergreen smell that so many of us associate with the holiday season.

Red, White, and Blue

Red White and blue Christmas Ornaments
Image credits: merrymoonmary via Canva

Are you feeling patriotic? If so, your holiday decorations are another way for you to embrace your love for the great red, white, and blue. In addition to sticking with this well-known color palette, you can also purchase or make decorations that are specifically focused on this great country. This could include ornaments in the shape of your home state, flag-inspired holiday bows, and other imagery that makes you think about your pride in your country. This is a great option for those that have served in the military, are currently serving in the military, or have family involved with the military.

Pink, Cream, Green, and Blue

Green Spruce Branches, Christmas Blue and Pink Balls
Image credits: natalyadanko via Canva

At first glance, this color scheme may suggest images of fresh flowers and other signs of spring. However, like the previously mentioned autumn-inspired color palette, you don’t have to restrict your love of a season to just one period each year. There may still be snow falling outside, but you can create a beautiful spring paradise within your four walls. This is a décor scheme that is best achieved through a combination of bright spring colors and fresh flowers. After all, what says spring more than flowers?

Yellow, Blue, and Silver

Silver christmas ball
Image credits: mashimara via Canva

Another beautiful design idea when getting ready for the holiday season is to include bright, joyful colors like yellow. By pairing it with silver and a bright blue or aquamarine, you can bring a little light to any corner of your home. In addition to yellow ornaments and garland, consider incorporating some beautiful silk flowers (like sunflowers) to your tree or centerpiece to add a special touch to the space. By carrying your color scheme into your outdoor holiday decorations, you can share feelings of joy and happiness with your whole neighborhood.

Crimson, Merlot, and Burgundy

Christmas Holiday Thanksgiving Candle
Image credits: Lisa Thornberg via Canva

You can find inspiration for your holiday decorations in the most random places at times if you just keep your eyes open. Take, for example, this color palette of crimson, merlot, and burgundy, inspired by an assortment of field berries and other fruit. While the inspiration is edible, you can create (or purchase) some fun and fruity decorations that will last the whole season. This is also a great color scheme for wine lovers that are looking to incorporate their favorite festive drink into their décor.

Go Bold with Neons

Christmas bauble star decoration vivid neon colors
Image credits: Alla Simacheva via Canva

One of the major color trends from the past that has been re-emerging once again is the use of bright, bold neon colors. This is a polarizing trend that you will either love or hate, but if you love it, it can add a fun pop of color to your holiday celebrations! Choose one or two neon colors as an accent with a neutral color palette or go all out, incorporating neon colors in all your holiday décor. This is also a fun option when it comes to incorporating light and the way that it plays off your decorations as the neon pieces that you do choose will really stand out at night if they are lit up just the right way. It will certainly be a conversation starter when you have friends and family over during the holiday season.

Peach, Blue, and White

Composition of Christmas Decorations on White Table
Image credits: vladeep via Canva

The color peach is one of those colors that is often forgotten or overlooked, regardless of the season. However, it can be used as a subtle compliment to a wide variety of colors making it a great color to consider when putting together your holiday decorating color palette. When added to a palette with a deeper shade of blue and white, it creates a beautiful decorating theme with a soft, feminine touch. This is a beautiful color scheme that will really compliment a modern home with a largely white or black backdrop.

Shades of Pink and Teal

Teal Blue Gift Box with Pink Bow and Christmas Balls
Image credits: viktoriyakraynyuk via Canva

We’ve discussed the use of pink a few times on this list, complementing it with softer and more subtle tones like pastels or grey, but what about the bright, bold pink shades? Try pairing various shades of pink with a light teal or aquamarine. This pretty combination is a beautiful choice if you’re decorating a white tree or a room that is decorated largely in white décor, as it allows the colors to shine. You can also add subtle hints of other bright colors, if you’re interested, like blue and bright orange.

Chocolate Brown, Beige, and Cream

A beautiful composition of Christmas tree decorations and balls
Image credits: Iuliia Petrovskaia via Canva

Have you ever considered using chocolate brown as the main color in your holiday decorating? If not, you may be missing out on an incredible option. According to color psychology, brown is a color often associated with feelings of security and stability. It introduces a feeling of grounding and resilience, a feeling that many of us need during the crazy holiday season. This is a great way to turn your home into a sanctuary in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. You can really capitalize on this feeling of grounding by complimenting the brown with other natural tones like beige and cream.

Black, White, and Blush

Rustic White Christmas Gift and Decorations Copy Space
Image credits: annakimphotos via Canva

Do you love the neutral tones of black and white, but they leave you feeling like something is missing? Sometimes, the missing touch is ever so subtle! Try adding a hint of blush to your black and white color palette for a soft dusting of color, adding a hint of color to an otherwise monochromatic color palette. This light pink shade certainly isn’t going to stand out, if you’re looking for something bold, but it will add a level of elegance to any space that you are decorating this holiday season.

Bold Jewel Tones

Glittered Christmas ornaments in jewel colors
Image credits: Ron and Patty Thomas via Canva

If you’re searching for a way to make a statement this holiday season, here’s the solution! Trade in your traditional holiday décor for bright, bold jewel tones. These vibrant colors each have the ability to draw attention and compliments from your family and friends, however, when you combine them with one another they will really awe your guests. Some popular colors that fit into this category include emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red, citrine yellow, and sapphire blue. Together, they will fill your space with a sea of beautiful colors, ringing in the holiday season in style.

White and Forest Green

Modern Christmas Wreath with White Candles
Image credits: Julia Metkalova via Canva

If you have an all-white tree that you are looking to decorate in a way that compliments the winter months and the holiday season, this is a great option to consider. Rather than bringing in a lot of different colors and statement pieces, try adding a single color to your cohesive design and festive display – forest green. The color is dark enough to balance the white of your existing decorations while still avoiding being too bold and in your face. The result is a beautifully decorated space that you will want to share with your loved ones.

Copper, White, and Pink

Copper vase with christmas decor
Image credits: MaximFesenko via Canva

Adding pink to an otherwise neutral palette is a great way to add a subtle touch of color while still maintaining a soft and feminine color palette. By pairing this color with a neutral color like white and the glam of copper will result in a beautiful decorating theme that will elevate any space. Pair this color scheme with a flocked tree to complete the look. Don’t forget to tie in a tree skirt, tree topper, garland, and centerpiece that all match your decorating plan.

Silver and Navy

Christmas Background of Gift Box and Decorations.
Image credits: annakimphotos via Canva

Are you interested in incorporating a nautical theme with an elegant spin in your holiday décor? While the more traditional nautical color palette combines royal blue with white. However, a slight change to this can create a beautiful, high-end color decorating scheme that will elevate any space. The dark tones of the navy nicely complement the shine that the silver brings to the mix. Combine this combination with bright white lights, reflecting beautifully off the silver pieces in your décor and drawing attention to any bold or glittery navy items that you have purchased.

Dark Green, Blue, and Gold

Christmas Festive Background with New Year's Toys Balls Stars Sparkles
Image credits: nataliximich via Canva

Those who have a love of plaid are often familiar with the combination of dark blue and green, and the way that they play off one another. To transform this popular combination to a festive color palette, try pairing it with bright, bold gold. The result is a festive color scheme that will accent any space while also offering a color scheme that’s easy to incorporate in all your holiday decorations including centerpieces, porch décor, holiday mantles, and more. Interested in changing it up a bit? Try altering the shade of blue or green that you are using.

Silver and Gold

Silver and gold Christmas balls
Image credits: Magdevski via Canva

The combination of silver and gold may not be the traditional holiday color scheme, but it’s also not a new color scheme. In fact, a popular Christmas carol by Burl Ives by this name shared the joy of the two colors when they are featured together. There is a level of elegance that can only be achieved by combining these two beautiful metallic shades. In addition to creating a beautiful tree, you can also carry this decorating scheme over into your centerpieces, your front door wreath, and even into your choice of wrapping paper.

Pink, Purple, and Teal

Satin, pink, purple and light blue Christmas balls
Image credits: Fabián Ponce via Canva

A bold color scheme that beautifully complements any space, this combination really pops on a white Christmas tree. Chose a bright bold garland for your tree and colorful lights to set the mood. Brightly colored ornaments and a colorful tree skirt will pull the whole look together in a beautiful way. With multiple colors included in this color palette, it’s an easy option to carry over to the other indoor and outdoor decorations in your home for a unified look from start to finish.

Lime Green, Black, and White

Compress Balls and Lime on a White Table
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

This color combo is often associated with Halloween, by pairing lime green with your black and white holiday theme, you are left with a bold and beautiful decorating theme. This color palette is full of personality. You can stick with a basic black and white design or add some extra pizzazz to your holiday décor by incorporating a zebra print or a black and white damask pattern. It’s the perfect accent for a modern space.

Black, Gold, and Beige

Black Gifts with Gold Ribbons
Image credits: Elena Nazarova via Canva

If you’re looking for a versatile color scheme, this combination of neutrals with a pop of gold is the perfect solution. If you are looking for a bold statement, you can use black as your main color, accenting it with the softer colors to suit any space. However, if you are decorating a smaller space, this heavy use of black may feel overwhelming. That doesn’t mean that you have to trade in your decorating plans! Use the lighter tones of gold, and beige more with the black as an accent.

Various Shades of Blue

Christmas wreath with spruce branches
Image credits: TasiPas via Canva

Blue is a color that is often used as an accent color when putting together the perfect holiday color palette, but what about focusing your decorating plans entirely on the various shades of this beautiful color? You can stick with solid blue trees, creating depth by blending all the different shades together or build a statement piece by creating a blue ombre tree that is sure to impress family and friends. Don’t allow the single-color inspiration to limit your creativity. With options ranging form a soft baby blue to a dark, bold navy, you can create a beautiful display to suit any home.

Charcoal and Silver

Elegant Christmas Baubles
Image credits: eyewave via Canva

While there is no denying that black creates a bold statement in any holiday color palette, it’s not the right choice for every space. Why tone down your palette just a little by swapping out black for a deep charcoal. The change may not seem like much, but it can make a big difference in the overall aesthetic. Pair this beautiful color with a bright silver to lighten up your décor. You can even add a little bling if you desire through using silver glitter or mirrored silver pieces.

Black, White, and Purple

Violet and purple Christmas balls, black lantern, mock up
Image credits: Traveling via Canva

A great way to add some color to a black and white color scheme is by adding a bright statement color as an accent. There are many different options that can work for this, but one that really works well for the holidays is purple. While purple isn’t considered a traditional holiday color, it is one that is often factored into holiday decorating plans. Experiment with different shades until you find the perfect balance for your space, from a soft pale purple to a deep plum. It’s a simple color scheme that can still be customized for your needs.