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70 of the Best Color Schemes for a Non-Traditional Christmas

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Gold and Royal Blue

Gold and blue christmas decorations
Image credits: Lusyaya via Canva

Are you in love with the bold, dramatic look of royal blue in your decorating? If so, you’re not alone! It’s a color that can be used in many ways to create the perfect holiday décor. If it’s the drama and unique character that you’re looking for, why not pair your blue decorations with a bright, elegant gold. On their own, each of these colors will stand out and create a bold statement. Combined, they create a stunning palette that will give you the feeling of elegance and luxury in any room of your house.

Black, White, and Aqua

Elegant nordic christmas decor in black and white colors
Image credits: AndreaObzerova via Canva

The combination of aqua and white is a great way to bring the beauty of the winter season indoors, however, the color combo is a little too subtle for those that have a flair for the dramatic. You can turn up the personality in your holiday décor by introducing black into the mix. The more black that you use, the bolder your final decorations will look. However, don’t be afraid to scale it back a little and really let the soft beauty of white and aqua shine, creating the image of a soft blue winter sky in your living room or other indoor space.

Yellow and Grey

Yellow and Gray, Colors of the Year 2021
Image credits: tilialucida via Canva

When we discuss the use of yellow in our decorating plans, it’s often viewed as a bold, bright color that will create a statement piece. However, by pairing this beautiful color with a softer grey, you can tone down the overall aesthetic to suit a comfortable, cozy space that you can really enjoy this holiday season. This is also a fun color palette for those that are decorating a nursery or other room for your kids without having to use the more popular options of pink and blue.

Rustic Neutrals

Rustic Christmas Arrangement
Image credits: CatLane via Canva

Trade in your bright, bold color choices this holiday season for a rustic, natural color palette. The idea of sticking with shades of brown, beige, and tan may not sound that festive if you’ve never tried to experiment with this approach before. However, you may be surprised by the way that they can come together to create something beautiful. If you feel that your neutral decorations are missing that special something, you can tie in a very subtle accent of a holiday color like a red but keep it minimal so as not to overpower the rest of the palette.

Green, Blue, and Pink

Green Spruce Branches, Christmas Blue and Pink Balls
Image credits: natalyadanko via Canva

This retro color combination will take you right back to the 90s, a time of bright colors, pop art, and bold patterns. The 90s were a time where no one was shy about making a bold statement with their choices in terms of clothing or home décor, so embrace it! Consider lighting your tree up with a brightly colored string of lights, decorate with bold ornaments, or even create your own holiday garland using these colors to turn your mantle into the statement piece of your living space. One thing is sure, your holiday decorations will stand out from your friends and family this season!

Orange and Brown

Christmas top view over a brown wooden background
Image credits: Ekaterina Gomzina via Canva

If you are looking for the perfect complement for your chocolate brown décor this holiday season, try pairing it with a deeper orange. The two colors may not be considered traditional Christmas colors, but together they create a beautiful and dramatic palette that can be beautifully accented through the use of a traditional green Christmas tree. If possible, consider bringing rich wood pieces into your decorating to really highlight the beauty of the chocolate brown in the overall décor.

Black, Purple, and Orange

Gift Boxes with Traditional Halloween Event Colors Orange, Black
Image credits: Firn via Canva

Raise your hand if Halloween is your favorite time of year! While most people see the spooky season as just that, a season that comes and goes each year, for us dedicated Halloween lovers, it is a way of life. If you incorporate skulls, jack-o-lanterns, and other Halloween-themed décor into your year-round decorating choices, then this is a color scheme that you can work with! Keep it subtle by using black, purple, and orange, but avoiding anything that is blatantly Halloween, or go all in creating a Halloween-themed tree with spiders, ghosts, and other images of the season.

Coral and Gold

silver-gold Christmas ornament with corals
Image credits: phbcz via Canva

Pairing gold and coral together is a beautiful solution due to the way that their undertones play off one another, creating a unified overall look. Together, they offer a soft, feminine feeling for any space without being ‘in your face’ girly like many pink-focused palettes. They can be used as a standalone color palette with no additional help, be used with a black backdrop to make the colors really pop, or you can work in some natural wood tones to suit your space as needed. Don’t forget to take this opportunity to incorporate some shine to your home by including gold glitter.

White and Tiffany Blue

Blue and White Christmas Composition
Image credits: irinaevva via Canva

There are few colors that scream luxury the way that soft robin egg blue color known as Tiffany Blue has since the founding of Tiffany & Co in 1837. This color is a beautiful shade that can beautifully accent any space on its own, but it really pops when displayed on a white backdrop, allowing it to take center stage. You can also tie in a little additional glam with some silver ornaments, reminiscent of the shine of the jewelry that the company has made its name by selling. Are you planning to propose this holiday season? This is an easy way to hide that all-too recognizable Tiffany box without giving anything away!

Navy Blue, Red, and Orange

Christmas candles with dry oranges, baubles and red berries
Image credits: 5second via Canva

We have featured the beautiful deep tones of navy blue in a few different ways on this list, but this is one that will make a real statement during the holiday season. Drawing inspiration from the winterberry plant, otherwise known as Canadian Holly, it beautifully combines deep orange and deep red seamlessly. The addition of navy provides the accent needed to seamlessly tie everything together into a color palette that will suit any style or home décor. This can easily be ‘dressed up’ as the décor for an elegant dinner, or ‘dressed down’ by incorporating it into a casual seating space.

Black, Red, and White

Gifts and Christmas decorations are decorated in black and red style
Image credits: LesDaMore via Canva

Another way to use red and black in your holiday decorating is to pair the two shades with a traditional holiday color like a bright Christmas red. Try incorporating fun décor pieces like chalkboard signs to add a personalized touch. You can also draw attention straight to your Christmas tree with a bright, glittery red tree topper and some bold, show-stopping holiday ornaments. This color combination will look great on a traditional green Christmas tree, or it can be used with a white or black tree to fully invest in the palette. Of course, the inclusion of red in this color scheme makes it easy to tie the jolly man himself into your décor.

Blue, Purple, and White

Close up of blue, white, gray and purple snowflake embossed Christmas
Image credits: PennyLens via Canva

Sitting right next to one another on the color wheel, blue and purple tones can often look surprisingly similar. Rather than trying to avoid that or worrying about whether something looks more purple or blue when shopping for your holiday décor, you can play these colors off one another in a beautiful festive display. This color palette also includes white to create a blank canvas that will really showcase the colors, allowing you to easily customize your décor to spaces of any size or style. This is also an easy color scheme to tie into your outdoor decorations by adding bold blue and purple lights to your home, painting color across the soft white of freshly fallen snow.

Shades of Pink

Gifts and Christmas Decor on Pink Background
Image credits: mariashipakina via Canva

Alright, ladies, I know that there are many of you out there that really LOVE the color pink. Whether you grew up surrounded by pink, building a love for all shades of the color, or fell in love with it later in life, you can embrace your favorite color in your holiday décor this season. Try decorating your Christmas tree with an assortment of holiday ornaments in different shades of pink to create some beautiful dimension without needing an accent color that will take away from the star of the show. Consider using a flocked tree, allowing the appearance of snow to further highlight the shades of pink displayed on its branches.

Yellow, Black, and White

White Angel with horn flies through the night starry sky
Image credits: Elena Semenova via Canva

Adding another option to our list of fun color palette ideas based on black and white, boost the cheerfulness in your holiday decorating by adding some sunshine with yellow. There are a few different ways that you can approach this, depending on the space and your desired result. A pale yellow will help to soften the black and white décor in your home while a bold, bright yellow will give it an extra punch. You can also lean more towards a mustard yellow opening the door to incorporate gold for some glitz and glam. You’ll never look at yellow the same!

Coral, Pink, Blue, Orange, and Aquamarine

Colorful Christmas Decorations
Image credits: Elnur via Canva

While we did already discuss the idea of using a rainbow as your decorating theme, the traditional colors of the rainbow may not quite fit with your vision for your space. You can still embrace the idea of the rainbow while changing the colors slightly to fit your needs. For example, try creating your own mix of softer colors including coral, pink, light blue, orange, and aquamarine. These colors all complement one another beautifully while creating an overall aesthetic that can be described as bright, cheery, and feminine.

Silver and Black

Silver and black Christmas decorations
Image credits: kirstypargeter via Canva

Early on this list, we talked about the potential offered by pairing black and gold. However, not everyone prefers gold over silver! If you’re a silver lover, you can embrace this elegant combination as well. Black offers a beautiful backdrop for the glitz and glam of any metallic option and silver is no exception! Consider adding some glitter to your black décor to add even more drama, creating the perfect space for any fancy gathering or gala, or the ideal living space for your inner diva.

Orange, Gold, and Blue

Orange, blue decoration balls on a snow covered spruce tree
Image credits: balhash via Canva

You may not consider a deep orange when thinking about a more subdued and neutral color scheme, but you’d be surprised by how soft and welcoming this combination can be! Combine a palette of orange, gold, and deep blue with natural elements such as evergreen boughs and grapevine wreaths for a rustic decorating scheme with a pop of color. If you want to create a space that has a little more personality and pizzazz, you can always brighten the orange and blue shades that you are using to completely reinvent the palette in a new and fun way.

White, Purple, Blue and Green

Christmas Ball and Toy with Green Tree in the Snow on Purple
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

Bright, bold colors like blue, purple, and green aren’t usually considered when putting together a color palette for holiday decorating, largely because people are unsure of how to incorporate these statement pieces without feeling like it’s ‘too much’. What if you threw caution to the wind and just ran with it? By combining these colors with white, you can create a color palette that will really bring fun into any space. If you’re interested in trying these colors but nervous about how they will look in your home, you can decorate heavily in a white theme with a few small accents of the colors, adding more color as you grow more comfortable with them.

Various Shades of Green

Green Christmas Ornaments on Sheet Music
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

Have you ever considered decorating your Christmas tree with nothing but shades of green? If not, you’re not alone. This single-color palette is one that wouldn’t come to mind for most people, largely because they would assume that the decorations would disappear with the tree itself, however, there are so many different options within the green family that you can stick to a single color and still make a beautiful statement his season. Combine deep, dramatic shades like forest green and hunter green with lighter, whimsical lime greens and yellow-greens to create depth in your decorating.

Mixed Metallics

Beautiful metallic Christmas decorations
Image credits: encrier via Canva

Many of the color palettes on this list incorporate a metal tone or two, adding some glitz and glam to your space. However, if you’re looking to make a big statement, you may want to consider ditching the other colors entirely and embracing these beautiful, shiny metallic colors including gold, silver, copper, and brass. Each of these colors is eye-catching on its own but combined they create a truly magical aesthetic both indoors and outdoors. Pair your decorations with some subtle fairy lighting for a stunning look that will leave everyone in awe.

White and Neon Pink

Christmas Gift and Decor on Pink Background
Image credits: nadianb via Canva

On its own or combined with other bold colors, neon pink may feel a little overwhelming for those that are hesitant about too much color. However, if you have a love of neon pink, you don’t have to give up on incorporating your favorite color into your holiday décor. Try pairing this flashy color with an anchor of white to tone it down just enough to complement your regular home décor. Decorate a bright-pink tree with soft white ornaments and garland or reverse the colors to add a little personality to a white tree.

Green, Burgundy, and Gold

Five Gold, Red, Green, Christmas Candles
Image credits: kokophoto via Canva

This is arguably the closest color palette on this list to the traditional holiday color themes, but the subtle changes give it a beautiful and unique feel. Trade in the bright Christmas red for a deeper burgundy hue and add some flash with gold and you will have a color scheme that manages to combine both the warm comfort of the winter season with the flash and excitement of the holidays. The fact that traditional green is included in this mix makes it easy to include holiday greenery in the tree itself, your holiday garland, and (of course) a beautiful festive wreath.

White on White

White christmas decoration
Image credits: egal via Canva

For this last option, we’re going to strip everything away and truly embrace the peaceful feeling of winter by decorating using nothing but white on white. While this may sound boring at first, there are many examples available across social media that prove it’s anything but. With the absence of color, you have to look at the textures of your decorations to create dimension. You can combine textured flocking for snow with smooth white glass ornaments and soft cable knit blankets for a real winter wonderland.

Have Fun with Your Decorating this Holiday Season

The truth is that any color palette can be used to decorate for the holidays if you’re willing to have fun and be creative. You can carry the same color scheme from indoors to outdoors for a unified look or change it up by choosing a different palette for each space. If you really want to go all out, you can even change colors from room to room. The choice is yours!

What are your favorite Christmas color schemes? Did they make the list? Let us know in the comments!