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Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreader: Large Lawn Coverage

If your dream landscape includes a large, lush lawn, but you are already concerned about the amount of time and care it will take to keep it healthy, pause your thinking for a minute. Sure, a larger landscape will require added time to keep it looking its best and there are many products out there to help you save on both time and money. Don’t turn away from what you envision before researching your options.

One of the most important things you can do for your lawn to keep it healthy is a regular feeding schedule and plenty of water. Watering systems are easy to install, but if you are not keen on hiring a lawn service to fertilize, applying your own is as simple as choosing the best product for your needs.

Professional fertilizer spreaders can hold plenty of fertilizer to be applied in a variety of ways to make quick work of this seasonal chore. The best commercial fertilizer spreader reviews below highlight the various makes and models you may want to consider for your personal needs.

Backyard Boss Top 5 Commercial Fertilizer Spreaders for 2021

Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader - Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreader: Large Lawn CoverageAgri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader
  • Type: Push
  • Load Capacity: 130 pounds
  • Stainless steel and poly
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Agri-Fab 45-0463 Tow-Behind Spreader - Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreader: Large Lawn CoverageAgri-Fab 45-0463 Tow-Behind Spreader
  • Type: Tow-Behind
  • Load Capacity: 130 pounds
  • Metal, poly, and glass-filled nylon
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Brinly BS36BH Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader - Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreader: Large Lawn CoverageBrinly BS36BH Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader
  • Type: Tow-Behind
  • Load Capacity: 175 pounds
  • Aluminum and poly
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Scotts Elite Spreader - Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreader: Large Lawn CoverageScotts Elite Spreader
  • Type: Push
  • Load Capacity: 130 pounds
  • Metal and poly
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Chapin International 8400C Professional SureSpread Spreader - Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreader: Large Lawn CoverageChapin International 8400C Professional SureSpread Spreader
  • Type: Push
  • Load Capacity: 100 pounds
  • Materials: Stainless steel and poly
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Why You Can Trust Us

If your yard looks anything like mine (on the verge of being overrun with various wildflowers and various plants growing amongst the grass), you could definitely benefit from a broadcast spreader. Not only can you spread product to help you kill off the weeds and allow the grass to thicken up, but you’ll also be able to use it for a hauler, and to spread seed, ice-melt, and more.

I may not personally own a broadcast spreader (yet), but I definitely have the need for one and have put in the research necessary for unearthing the best ones. That said, some of the top-rated and reviewed commercial spreaders are highlighted below to provide you with an idea of what sort of features you can look for to make your fertilizing job easy. These options are all popular with consumers due to their ease of use and efficiency over large areas of land.

Best Overall

Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader
    If you're looking for the most ideal and easy to use broadcast spreader for commercial fertilizer, look no further than the Agri-Fab 45-0462.



What We Like: This push-style broadcast spreader is perfect for applying commercial fertilizer in average-sized spaces, like your yard. It is heavy-duty and weather-resistant as well.

The Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader comes with a rustproof hopper, solid rod gate control, and an easy-to-use setup. The spreader also has an enclosed bevel gearbox and taper. Pneumatic tires also make this unit easier to use than others. It is designed for spreading commercial fertilizer, ice-melt, and other products over half of an acre per load. There is also an optional shield kit that you can purchase for it too.

Who Should Buy It: If you’re looking for an affordable and long-lasting commercial fertilizer broadcast spreader for your small, medium, or semi-large yard, this is our number one suggestion.

Best Tow-Behind

Agri-Fab 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader
    The Agri-Fab 45-0463 is a modified tow-behind version of our number one pick, the Agri-Fab 45-0462 push spreader and has all the same great features.



What We Like: This unit is basically the same model as our top pick, but it features a tow-behind design rather than a push-style one. It pulls smoothly and spreads consistently.

Agri-Fab is a popular brand throughout the agricultural industry and it isn’t hard to tell why. Their durable, long-lasting products are made from quality materials to get the job done. This pull-behind spreader has a 130-pound capacity for large acreage coverage, and the universal mount is easy to attach to your ATV, tractors, and lawnmowers. It also has a 10 to 12-foot-wide spread, making quick work of whatever area needs coverage.

An on/off control makes it easy to use, it is considered easy to maneuver, and the large wheelbase keeps it rolling smoothly behind your vehicle. The pneumatic tires allow for it to easily move over rough terrain as well. Optional accessories also allow for all-season use as well as more control of various materials.

Who Should Buy It: This huge pull behind is an excellent choice for large acreage and the durability makes it perfect for commercial use.

Best for Hopper Capacity

Brinly BS36BH Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader
    This tow-behind type broadcast spreader is excellent for those who plan to use an ATV or tractor.



What We Like: This convenient spreader is made of high-quality metal, poly, and glass-packed nylon. It also has a huge load capacity.

This tow-behind commercial fertilizer broadcast spreader has a big 3.5 cubic feet hopper and a durable design made from genuinely high-quality parts and components. It features a patented autoflow that keeps the spread consistent while you tow it around the lawn as well. Calibrations are easy to do as well. The spreader is equipped with a universal hitch also which means that it works with most riding mowers, tractors, and ATVs. The 6:1 ratio glass-filled nylon gears allow for a widespread with a low speed.

Who Should Buy It: For those who are looking for a tow-behind spreader with a large load capacity, they don’t get much better than the Brinly BS36BH.

Best for Broadcast Spreading

Scotts Elite Spreader
    The Scotts Elite Spreader is a well-known product from a well-trusted brand, made for large yards and accurate spreading of commercial fertilizer and other product.



What We Like: This unit is easy to assemble, is usable during all four seasons, and has some of the most accurate spreading coverage on the market.

Scotts is another dependable household name for those who prefer to take care of their own property. Considered an industry leader in lawn care, the Scotts Elite Spreader can carry enough fertilizer for up to 20,000 square feet of coverage at a time. The use of dual rotors creates a 6-foot-wide spread which is perfect for large lawns that may have more narrow areas.

It also includes an edge guard to help block the flow from spreading against buildings or walkways, helping to reduce waste. Features such as ergonomic handles for spread control, easy dial for flow amount, never-flat tires, and a cell phone holder makes it an ideal residential option with a large capacity hopper.

Who Should Buy It: This is a great residential choice for those large properties that are located behind fences, run up against buildings, and have narrow areas to cover. The control allows for a reduction of waste, and it is comfortable and durable for heavy use.

Best Multi-Purpose (and Value)

Chapin International 8400C Professional SureSpread Spreader
    When it comes to getting the most value possible out of your hard-earned dollars; behold the Chapin International, our number one pick for best value purchase.



What We Like: It may not have the largest capacity, at 100 pounds, but not everyone needs a 175-pound capacity either. That said, it is super easy to push and to use in general.

Our top choice for value is the Chapin International 8400C Professional SureSpread Spreader without a doubt. This unit comes with a high-end hopper, stainless steel frame, and enclosed gearbox that houses metal alloy gears. It has big 14-inch pneumatic tires that make it even easier to push than others. In addition, it has convenient spread pattern controls, finger grips, and comes with a rain cover as well. It is made in the USA and has high spread accuracy as well.

Who Should Buy It: As far as money for value, you’d be hard-pressed to find another commercial broadcast spreader with so much to offer at such an affordable price.

Healthy Lawn Care

Large lawn care may seem daunting at first, but don’t let size dissuade you. All lawns need the same basic care and once you have a good grasp of what is expected, the task won’t seem so immense. Grass needs sun, water, and basic nutrients to grow lush and green. It also needs a regular trimming schedule that removes approximately one-third of its height to stimulate healthy root growth and nutrient uptake.

Watering schedules should be based on the type of grass you are growing, and if you are unsure, take a sample into your local Extension Office for identification. Some are more tolerant of drier conditions than others, but having a plan in place for water coverage is a great place to start for healthy growth.

Grass has a vigorous pattern of growth that extends through the growing season. Even in winter dormant roots are still reaching and growing and so a good feeding schedule is a must. Soils can only hold so many nutrients at a time, and they can be quickly leached through the soil or washed away- so it is important to consider the fertilizers you use and their applications.

How to Keep a Fertilizer Schedule

Just like a watering schedule, your fertilizer schedule should be based on the types of grasses you grow and the climate you live in. Knowing your grass needs is where you want to start when choosing the type of fertilizer you apply, and the next step is deciding when this application should occur. Even though there is quite the science behind this all, fertilizer companies make this easy for homeowners to interpret.

Stick with a specific brand that will provide you with your grass needs and application schedules – often printed right on the bag for your convenience. Extension offices also have this information readily available, and can even provide more detail to help you find what works best for you. In general, you will fertilize two to four times a year depending on need, rainfall (which can quickly wash away nutrients), and climate.

What Is a Commercial Fertilizer Spreader?

A Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader in action

Even though fertilizers are readily available in both liquid and pelleted forms, pelleted options are much more varied and can provide both instant and delayed nutrient release for a more convenient schedule. Because of this they also are more varied in their options and popular with consumers due to how easy it is to get a nice, even spread for lawn uptake.

Spreading your fertilizer can be done by hand, but if you want to avoid over and under application, your best course of action is investing in a good spreader. A spreader can evenly broadcast your pellets over the lawn in a quick, efficient manner. Commercial spreaders are designed for larger areas, can hold large amounts of solid fertilizer, and often broadcast in a wider radius than their smaller counterparts. These may be of a push variety, that requires you to walk with it, or pull- requiring an ATV, lawnmower, or tractor that has a small, universal hitch.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreader for You

The purchase of a commercial spreader is specific to your personal care of your lawn. Although most spreaders are fairly similar in design, there are various features you may not know exist. Before purchasing a product, you may want to take into account a few of the following details to help narrow down the choices that might be best for your situation.

Square Footage

Just how much lawn you need to cover is especially important to consider. You want to purchase a spreader that can hold the amounts of fertilizer that you need to get as much done as possible without having to refill. Commercial spreaders are large and sometimes are not the best choice if you have narrow lawns or smaller lawns than what they are designed for.

Seasonal Use

Tailgate salt spreader shown during winter and summer use.

Most fertilizer spreaders are multi-functional and can handle spreading much more than fertilizer. They evenly distribute grass seed, certain types of composts and mulches, and even ice melt for all-season use. Commercial-sized hoppers can also hold a wide variety of materials for easy transport from one place to the next.


Larger lawns often have varied terrains and you want to ensure your spreader can handle the changes. Look for durable tires and treads for those areas that may require you to move over uneven, rocky grounds. More aggressive tires are also helpful in slippery winter conditions.

How We Picked

Here at BYB, we take our research and reviews of products seriously. After all, our reputation as a brand relies on the quality of our content and how helpful it is to our audience. That is why we always go the extra mile when picking and reviewing products for our readers. That said, we’ve been looking at and reviewing spreaders for several years now.

For this particular list, we had a look at our past recommendations as well as what consumers are saying about the newest models to hit the market. The five products we decided on, in the end, consist of two spreaders we’ve reviewed previously as well as three newer spreaders that we think you should absolutely know about and consider buying this year.

Picking the Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreader

Designed for large areas of lawn and a wide broadcast range, the options presented here can handle a wide variety of all-season applications making them the perfect picks for landscape maintenance. Whether you have a vehicle to tow them with, mount to, or simply prefer to push, this selection highlights what sort of features are available for your use.

Our top choice is the Agri-Fab push broadcast spreader because it offers a happy medium between commercial-grade build quality and residential-grade ease-of-use. With a hopper capacity of 130 pounds, it can cover over half an acre per load with fertilizer or whatever else you need to spread. If you need something slightly bigger, we recommend the Brinly BS36BH two-behind broadcast spreader, which has a capacity of 175 pounds.

If you have used any of these models, or something similar, we’d love to hear how these have been working for you.