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The Best Concrete Molds For Your Next Garden Project

If you’re looking for an affordable DIY project for your garden, concrete molds have a special place in construction and have recently been all the rage in DIY spaces. The development and use of concrete is considered to be one of the biggest trademarks of the 20th century, with designers and architects developing different techniques to test its limits with different molds. Molds come in various shapes and sizes.

Larger ones are called forms and are made of wood. Molds used for smaller projects can be ornamental and have design details on their bottom and sides, which get imprinted onto concrete once it has dried. Concrete molds are a great way to add character to your garden. Check out the best ones for your next project.

Backyard Boss Top 9 Best Concrete Molds for Your Next Garden Project

    VanSmaGo Store Walk Path Maker

    Make Your Path

    Mark your concrete path with this geometric mold that is easy to use and imprints a chic design. This mold is 18.9 inches wide and 1.8 inches thick, which is the perfect fit for narrow garden paths between hedges or engraving grass block pavers. You can also mold different colored concrete tiles, which you can pave to embellish your garden. The mold is also made of strong and reusable plastic and is easy to clean.
    HapWay Turtle Mold

    Turtle Shell Path

    Give your garden a reptilian spin with this turtle mold. Made of easy-to-use PP resin, there is no experience required to imprint this design into your concrete. Marvel at the details, this concrete mold has to offer, from the shell pattern to the stubby fours and head. This stepping stone is sure to animate your garden. Given their design, you can place the turtle molds around your garden, maybe some on your lawn or a few by a water feature to create a greater theme for your garden.
    Avalution Concrete Silicon Mold

    Mini Molds for Flowers

    Have a go at this pair of concrete molds made out of silicone. They come in two shapes, square and round, and make seamless flower pots for small plants. Despite their color being a pallid grey, you can customize your mini pots however you like, either with paint after the concrete sets or with readily colored concrete for a more solid color. These molds are reusable, easy to clean, and most importantly, easy to de-mold with a simple peeling back of the silicon.
    KOLODOGO Store Oval Concrete Oval Mold

    Oval Silicone Mold

    Sizing down further, you can use this oval concrete mold to make mini pots for miniature plants such as; mini aloes and ferns. This pint-sized mold makes oval-shaped pots measuring 6 inches in width and 3 inches in height. Producing smooth-surfaced pots that are easy to demold is a guarantee with the clay-plastic material the mold is composed of, which makes it great for beginners.
    LOYOBTE Store Square Mold

    Square Silicone Seat for Succulents

    We’re keeping it strictly cubic with this concrete mold which is composed of a sturdy resin shell and a flexible silicone inner. This structure combination ensures an even surface and a hassle-free demoulding. Along with the mold’s durability and reusability, you can add anti-slip stickers to your square pot to ensure its stability as it houses your plants.
    CJGQ Store Jumbo Walk Maker

    A Walkway Maker to DIY For

    Comprising a pattern of 10 rectangles, this large mold measures 23.6 inches in length, 19.7 inches in width and 1.8 inches in height. Its sizable measure can allow you to cover more space, which saves you time during the molding process. The rectangular mold is made of heavy-duty polypropylene, which is a safe and durable complex plastic anyone can use. It is easy to clean and has no active dyes, which means it has no potential to leave unwanted marks on the final design.
    LOYOBTE Store Octagon Mold

    Octagon Silicon Molds

    Usually concrete molds are oiled before imprinting as they stick onto concrete, which ruins the design when it gets removed. Fortunately, this mold consists of a hard resin shell and a silicon inner, which ensures easy de-molding and defined design. There’s no need to cut corners with this easy-to-use mold that also features drainage holes and anti-slip stickers for your finished pot.
    Autumn's Paw Print Mold

    Paw-some Stepping Stone

    This concrete mold creates adorable paw print stepping stones and is a great way to pay homage to furry friends. The finished piece will measure 15.75 by 14.5 inches and 1.75 inches in thickness, making them visible enough to place on a stretch of lawn without standing out. You can fill the reusable plastic mold will any coloured cement to create a unique pathway through your garden.
    Guffman's Patterned Mold

    Flower Power Pathway

    Trust this floral mold to engrave details comparable to an artisanal design. Its measurements are 15.6 inches in length and 3.36 inches in height, so its imprints are deep-set. Made of reusable plastic, this sizable concrete mold can be used to engrave cobblestone, which can be used to pave a walkway in your garden. This concrete mold is proof that achieving an ornate look is an imprint away.

In Summary

Now that we’ve gone over the various molds you can consider to enhance your garden, let’s narrow down to the top three picks:

Regarding walkway molds, a gardener who’s looking for a design that is somewhere between simple and decorative should consider the VanSmaGo Store Walk Path Maker. This walkway mold has an intriguing geometric design that creates fragment-like pieces that you can arrange to your liking.

For gardeners who want a distinguishing element in their garden, we recommend the HapWay Turtle Shape Stepping Stone Mold to create stunning stepping stones to place around your garden. Not only is the design adorable, but it goes well with the natural setting of a garden.

From all the pot molds presented, the Square Silicone Planter Mold is our top pick, especially for gardeners who like uniformity in their garden. This mold guarantees smooth-surfaced, cubic molds which you can arrange or customize to complement your garden.

With that being said, our favorite pick would have to be the Pedal Stone Pavers Path Mold for its beautiful design and the multi-purposefulness of the pieces it molds. You can imprint this elegant pattern on concrete to make cobblestones which are used to pave roads or pathways. They can be used as decorative tiles to add more character to an outdoor patio, or they can be used as stepping stones to lay over a lawn. There’s no need to dye your concrete as the design stands out on its own.

Nevertheless, the molds presented can help you create pieces and designs that can enhance your garden in many ways. Depending on your taste, choose the mold that captures the vision you have for your next garden project.