Best Craftsman Snow Blower Reviews 2019
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The Best Craftsman Snow Blowers to Stay on Top of the Snowfall

The Craftsman brand is renowned for its high-quality tools. They offer powerful, easy-to-use, efficient single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage snow blowers that will change the way you view winter weather. Frequent snowfalls? Heavy, icy snow? Don’t worry, Craftsman has got you covered.

This comprehensive guide includes in-depth reviews on the five best Craftsman snow blowers, along with helpful snow blower purchasing tips.

Our Top 5 Craftsman Snow Blowers for 2021

Craftsman SB230 21-in 123-cc Single-Stage Snow Blower - The Best Craftsman Snow Blowers to Stay on Top of the Snowfall Craftsman SB230 21-in 123-cc Single-Stage Snow Blower
  • Single-stage
  • 123-cc engine
  • Clearing width/height: 21 by 13 inches
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Craftsman SB450 26-in 208-cc Two-Stage Snow Blower - The Best Craftsman Snow Blowers to Stay on Top of the Snowfall Craftsman SB450 26-in 208-cc Two-Stage Snow Blower
  • Two-stage
  • 208-cc engine
  • Clearing width/height: 26 by 21 inches
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Craftsman SB650 28-in 357-cc Three-Stage Snow Blower - The Best Craftsman Snow Blowers to Stay on Top of the Snowfall Craftsman SB650 28-in 357-cc Three-Stage Snow Blower
  • Three-stage
  • 357-cc engine
  • Clearing width/height: 28 by 21 inches
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Craftsman SB630 30-in 357-cc Two-Stage Snow Blower - The Best Craftsman Snow Blowers to Stay on Top of the Snowfall Craftsman SB630 30-in 357-cc Two-Stage Snow Blower
  • Two-stage
  • 357-cc engine
  • Clearing width/height: 30 by 21 inches
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Craftsman SB210 21-in 123-cc Single-Stage Snow Blower - The Best Craftsman Snow Blowers to Stay on Top of the Snowfall Craftsman SB210 21-in 123-cc Single-Stage Snow Blower
  • Single-stage
  • 123-cc engine
  • Clearing width/height: 21 by 13 inches
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Best Craftsman Snow Blower for Light Snow

Craftsman SB230 21-in 123-cc Single-Stage Snow Blower
    This straightforward, simple single-stage snow blower powers through light snow.



WHY WE LIKE IT: With a powerful engine, and a wide clearing width of 21 inches, this straightforward single-stage snow blower efficiently clears snow up to six inches in height.

Features like its convenient push-button electric start save you time, while its easy chute control allows you to change the direction of where you discharge snow up to 190 degrees. This hassle-free machine has a powerful engine, with a 4-cycle advantage so there is no need to mix oil and gas. The auger design grips give you maximum clearing power, enabling you to efficiently clear snow.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: This single-stage snow blower is perfect for people who receive regular light to moderate snowfalls. It’s easy and straightforward to use, making it great for snow blowing beginners.

Best Craftsman Snow Blower for Regular, Heavy Snow Falls

Craftsman SB450 26-in 208-cc Two-Stage Snow Blower
    Balancing strength with control and precision, this dual-stage snow blower is a good choice for individuals who receive regular moderate to heavy snowfalls.



WHY WE LIKE IT: The powerful 208cc engine, wide clearing width, and tall intake height on this dual-stage snow blower enable you to mow through moderate to heavy snowfalls with ease.

Saving you time, this snow blower features an electric start that can get it going in seconds and a serrated steel auger that quickly cuts through heavy, icy snow. Preserving your energy, this self-propelled snow blower has six forward and two reverse speeds. Maintain complete control with the single-hand control which locks in your speed so you can use your other hand to operate this blower’s extended chute which rotates 200 degrees. While this machine is powerful, it’s gentle on concrete with poly skid shoes that protect surfaces from scuffing.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: With a 26-inch clearing width, this snow blower is great for people who have large areas to clear, while its 21-inch intake height enables it to power through tall snowfalls.

Best Craftsman Snow Blower for Frequent, Severe Snow Storms

Craftsman SB650 28-in 357-cc Three-Stage Snow Blower
    This beast of machine powers through frequent heavy to severe snowfalls with its precision control features and powerful engine.



WHY WE LIKE IT: If you live in an area with frequent, severe snow storms, you need a tank of a snow blower to stand up to them. With a powerful 357cc engine, an extra-wide 28-inch clearing width, and a strong three-stage design, this is the snow blower you’ve been waiting for.

Three-stage snow blowers have an extra impeller on their front which enables them to break up ice and snow at a rate this is 50% faster than their dual-stage counterparts. Because of its strong design, this snow blower can power through snowfalls up to two feet in height, and can even work through the pesky, icy lumps snow plows leave at the end of your driveway. While heavy, this snow blower is self-propelled with six forward speeds and two reverse speeds. Making a tough job easy, this snow blower also features power steering, 4-way chute control, and poly skid shoes.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: Only buy this if you live in an area with notably severe snowstorms that occur frequently.

Best Ultra-Wide Craftsman Snow Blower

Craftsman SB630 30-in 357-cc Two-Stage Snow Blower
    This premium two-stage snow blower efficiently clears wide areas with its impressively large 30-inch clearing width.



WHY WE LIKE IT: If you have a particularly large area to clear snow from, there is no better snow blower to use than the Craftsman SB630 with its ultra-wide 30-inch clearing width.

With strong steel serrated augers, a powerful 357cc engine, and a durable frame, not only is this machine capable of taking on wide areas, it excels at it, easily clearing away thick and heavy snow. With a 21-inch intake height, this snow blower can handle snowfall that’s almost two feet tall. The 16-inch tires that support this machine offer deep traction in the snow, allowing it to easily maneuver on uneven terrains. It has additional premium features like heated handgrips, bright LED headlights, and poly skid shoes.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: This two-stage snow thrower is best suited for people with large walkways and driveways who experience regular, heavy snowfalls.

Best Affordable Craftsman Snow Blower

Craftsman SB210 21-in 123-cc Single-Stage Snow Blower
    This super simple, straightforward snow blower has an affordable price and efficient system that powers through light snowfalls.



WHY WE LIKE IT: While this snow blower is a lot simpler than the other Craftsman snow blowers, its affordable price makes it an attractive option for people who receive regular, light snowfalls.

Ideal for up to six inches of snow, this snow thrower has a 13-inch intake height, which paired with its 21-inch clearing width enables it to mow through sizable banks of snow efficiently. Its 123cc 4-cycle engine is both powerful and easy to use, eliminating the need for combining oil and gas. With a compact size, this single-stage snow thrower is ideal for small storage spaces.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: This snow blower is perfect for people looking for an affordable single-stage snow thrower that can efficiently power through frequent, light snowfalls.

What Makes Craftsman Snow Blowers Great

What makes Craftsman stand out is their performance, ergonomic design, and convenience. Pairing affordable prices with high-quality designs, Craftsman snow blowers are some of the most highly-rated snow blowers online. With long warranties and durable constructions, these snow blowers blow other brand’s models out of the, well, snow.

Craftsman Snow Blower Safety

When it comes to safe operation, Craftsman has some of the safest snow blowers on the market, which makes them great for beginners new to snow blowing.

However, all of their snow blowers are still power tools so you have to still treat them as such, keeping safety in mind at all times. The higher the model number the more power and the more risk.

How to Pick the Right Craftsman Snow Blower for You

Now you know that Craftsman snow blowers are the best, but which one is the best for you?

One of the best ways to narrow down the options is to determine which stage snow blower is right for you. Whether you should choose a single-stage, two-stage, or three-stage snow blower depends on a few factors, the most important being how much snow you receive each season.

Single-Stage Snow Blowers

Craftsman 88780 single-stage snow blower

Single-stage snow blowers are the simplest and most straightforward kind of snow blower. They are typically much smaller than two-stage and three-stage models, which is a good thing if you are looking for a snow blower that will fit into a compact storage space. Of course, that’s not always the rule, there are some excellent, compact two-stage and three-stage options.

Single-stage snow blowers are best for those who regularly deal with about six to 12 inches of snow per storm. Their intake heights tend to be around ten to 16 inches tall.

These snow-throwing tools usually touch the ground below, so they’re suitable for paved surfaces or even wooden decks, as the bottom of the machine is normally protected by plastic, so there won’t be any damage done to surfaces. One advantage of them is that because of this they clear snow all the way down to the ground.

These snow throwers tend to be the most affordable option. They handle fluffy, light snow well but if you’re hoping to chew up icy compacted snow, you might need a more powerful blower.

Dual-Stage Snow BlowersCraftsman two-stage snow blower

These middle-of-the-road blowers are the most popular among homeowners who need to clear driveways and walkways. Usually, these machines can handle up to 24 inches, or even more, of snowdrifts, banks, and even the compacted, icy snow that snowplows gift you at the end of your driveway.

They feature two augers that work together to chew up snow and send it to an impeller, which then shoots the snow out to your yard and away from slick surfaces that you walk and drive on. Two-stage blowers are best for those who deal with wet, heavy stuff, and those compacted white drifts and banks that seem to turn to ice in just one wintery day.

These can work on light snow, but they might just end up plowing sometimes. The good news is that these snow blowers usually sit on “shoes” that glide along the snow and make them easy to maneuver; they’re also adjustable, so if you have a gravelly surface, you can move the mouth of your tool up slightly to avoid picking up rocks.

Triple-Stage Snow Blowers

Craftsman 88874 three-stage snowblower

The three-stage snow blower is a snow-eating beast that can make quick work of piles of wet, heavy, or even icy snow. If you live far up north, three-stage models might be the only good option for you.

These machines have three augers with one auger placed sort of perpendicular to the two standard augers. This part spins quickly and chomps into snow and ice at a much faster pace. All that icy snow gets broken down fast, and then it’s pushed along to the impeller, which then spits out all that snow to a better spot far away. You can expect about a 50% faster snow-clearing experience with these compared to two-stage blowers.

Like its dual-stage cousin, a triple-stage blower unit can be adjusted so it glides just above a surface, which is helpful when you’re clearing stuff from uneven surfaces or gravelly paths. While these are an excellent buy for someone with a large area to clear, they’re usually about 30 to 50 percent more expensive than a two-stage unit.

How to Choose the Best Craftsman Snow Blower for You

Still unsure about which snow blower is right for you? Consider the questions below to further narrow down your search for the perfect snow blower.

How much snow does your area receive?

Frequent, deep snowfalls will require a more heavy-duty machine, so either a two-stage or three-stage snow blower. If the heavy snowfalls you experience often are slushy or icy, it might be worth the investment to go with a three-stage model.

If you experience infrequent, light, fluffy snowfalls you may want to stick with a one-stage model, or even settle for an electric snow blower, which is much more environmentally friendly.

I wouldn’t recommend leveling up your snow blower just for the hell of it, because larger snow blowers are more expensive and tend to use more gas. Not to mention, two-stage and three-stage snow blowers are actually ineffective against light, fluffy snow, merely pushing it around.

Are you using a snow blower for commercial or residential reasons?

If you’re hoping to use your snow blower commercially, I would definitely recommend going with a two-stage or three-stage model. Other features to look out for include an impressive commercial warranty, a durable design, and comfort features like heated handgrips.

What’s your snow blower budget?

Intuitively, single-stage snow blowers are the least expensive models while three-stage snow blowers are the most expensive. The less snow you need your blower to mow through, the less money you’ll have to go through.

However, don’t be discouraged if you have a small budget and big snowstorms to deal with. There are many high-quality Craftsman models that can be had for less than $500.

How We Picked

These models represent the best of the Craftsman brand. We picked only Craftsman’s most highly-rated snow blowers, which was no small feat considering all of Craftsman’s snow blowers are highly rated.

These selections represent the best in their category, whether their category was the best single stage snow blower, the best two-stage snow blower, the best three-stage snow blower, the most affordable snow blower, the best snow blower for large areas, and so on.

Every snow blower on this list was a winner, but only one can be the champion.

And the Best Craftsman Snow Blower Is…

The best Craftsman snow blower is the Craftsman SB450 26-in 208-cc Two-Stage Snow Blower. Balancing precision, power, and an easy-to-maneuver design, it represents everything you would expect from the Craftsman brand.

Whichever Craftsman snow blower you choose, you’re getting a good product that’s backed by a two-year warranty. It’s important to remember to keep up the maintenance on your machine, or else you’ll be paying for some hefty repairs.