63 Of The Best DIY Concrete Furniture Ideas
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The Best 63 DIY Concrete Furniture Ideas! #27 is Amazing!

For so many, the thought of revamping or redecorating a home can seem daunting, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Although there should be some kind of financial budget involved when planning to redesign a space, you don’t necessarily have to have a heap of money in order to add new furniture to the mix.

One of the most elegant, surprisingly versatile materials you can use is concrete. As surprising as that sounds, concrete has so many decorative properties that can easily transform a space into a piece of artwork. You might need some specialized tools for working with such a dense material; for example, not all wheelbarrows can handle concrete, but overall it’s great for projects.  Here are some of the best DIY concrete furniture ideas we’ve found on the web.

Concrete Tabletop

1. Concrete Tabletop


This gorgeous work of art is made out of cement, not marble. Hard to believe, right? This piece is so easy to do, too. It only looks like an impossible design to achieve. Of course, you’d need all the necessary tools to house and incorporate this block of concrete turned swanky-table into your place, but the trick with this one is all within the polished look.

Concrete Bar Table

2. Concrete Bar Table


This cement table sits high on elegant, thin stilts. This would make the perfect addition to a sitting room bar area or even a covered patio scene. This features a thinner, sleeker design, but the concrete table would be easy to executive, given the appropriate tools. Again, the sleek polished look gives this it’s classic feel.

Concrete Garden Bench

3. Concrete Garden Bench


This cement garden bench can be easy to do as pie. What you need is a sturdy mold in order for the concrete to dry, and well, a bunch of concrete, obviously. This would be a great addition to a side garden or even a courtyard garden. This elegant but minimalistic design will definitely last.

Concrete Shelves

4. Concrete Shelves


These cement shelves are as simple as they come. They are virtually concrete blocks turned shelves since they are fastened onto the wall. In this case, you’d need enough concrete to make a block and sturdy enough fasteners to ensure the nifty shelf doesn’t budge.

Etched Patio Table

5. Etched Patio Table


It’s easy to get inspired when you’re using nature as your guide. These adorable tree trunk tables are entirely made of concrete and are entirely cute. All you’d need is some tools to help etch the almost-dried tables with any type of design you prefer. This is a great idea for a garden patio area.

Polished Patio Table

6. Polished Patio Table


This polished patio table not only looks great, but it is an interesting shape that will have guests intrigued. This is such a great concept that won’t cost a lot of money and will virtually pay for itself since concrete is so versatile and can withstand all kinds of weather elements.

Concrete Side Table

7. Concrete Side Table

This cement side table is a cute addition to any outdoor space. This would look really great around a patio fire pit during the cold winter nights. As you can see, you can easily scale this up or down depending on what type of patio décor you want to incorporate into it.


8. Bench

This is one of the easiest outdoor pieces you can make with concrete. Simply mold a concrete brick large enough to accompany a yard chair and you have an easy, DIY bench. This only looks like more week that it actually is, and there are plenty of tutorials online to help you along the way.

Concrete Furniture Set

9. Concrete Furniture Set

This polished cement furniture set would be easy to execute with the proper molding tools. Although concrete is relatively easy to work with, you’d need to be careful not to injure yourself with the finished products, as concrete can be heavy and hard to move.

Concrete Furniture

10. Concrete Furniture

This article contains plenty of photos and options to choose from when it comes to deciding on concrete furniture. Whether you are working with an outdoor space or you want something funky to place in your indoor living room, there is virtually all kinds of furniture to help you along the way.

Sleek Shine

11. Sleek Shine

No matter how you want to incorporate cement into the new décor, the shinier the cement, the more chic it will look. Polished cement can almost look as elegant as marble if done correctly. Of course not all cement is created equal, so be sure to find the proper compound before mixing, if you are mixing it yourself.

Cement Fire Pit

12. Cement Fire Pit


This fire pit is so gorgeous, the fact that it is made entirely of cement is just a bonus. Once you have all the parts in place, this exquisite fire pit idea is sure to draw in the oohs and aahs. It’s a cozy scene as-is, but can you imagine how great it’d be surrounded by a few of your closest friends enjoying late night conversations?

Rustic Table

13. Rustic Table


This rustic style cement table features that high gloss polished cement table top with some raw wooden legs. This is a great piece for someone who appreciates the minimalist approach to decorating or just someone who prefers to keep spaces feeling simple. This won’t cost much to make at all and will look stunning in any room.

Stacked Coffee Table

14. Stacked Coffee Table


This stacked coffee table is a great way to add some interesting design concepts into space without taking too much attention away from other elements throughout the space. This coffee table could be considered a more minimalistic, but modern approach to the more traditional coffee table.

Elegant Table

15. Elegant Table


This elongated elegant dining room table is absolutely breathtaking, especially when paired so nicely with the chairs and other gray/metallic elements throughout the scene. This, again, would make a great piece into a home that adheres to that modern sort of décor.

Polished Cement Chairs

16. Polished Cement Chairs


These interesting chairs are made entirely of cement. Although they could technically double as works of art as standalone, these chairs are highly functional and would sit nicely in an office or even in the lobby of a museum. This just goes to show how versatile cement is and how great it can look.

Basic Garden Table

17. Basic Garden Table


This standard concrete furniture garden table can easily be done up with all kinds of interesting tabletop patterns. In the picture, for example, the table is being adorned with broken bits of porcelain, typically referred to as a mosaic pattern. Use varying colors for a brighter, more intriguing look perfect for spring.

Cement and Glass Table

18. Cement and Glass Table


This cement and glass coffee table is just the right amount of modern and elegance. This would make a fantastic addition to a swanky office space or even a minimalistic home. The cement and glass pair so well together, it’s surprising you don’t see more of this combination together.

Rough Cut Table

19. Rough Cut Table


This roughly cut cement coffee table adds a rustic feel to the space. It’s a gorgeous concept that will definitely draw intrigue to any space. What’s best about this design is just how inexpensive it is to not only maintain, but to create in the first place.

Block Bench

20. Block Bench


This interesting concept to a bench features cement blocks that interlock with each other. Although this looks like something a child would want to play with at LEGOLAND, be assured that concrete is definitely not a suitable plaything for children and children should not be allowed to play with concrete blocks.

Curved Concrete Bench

21. Curved Concrete Bench


This curved concrete bench is a perfect addition to an outdoor pool area or even a wet deck leading up to an area with a pool or hot tub. Since concrete is malleable once wet, you could easily bend a concrete bench to any given shape depending on your décor preferences.

Concrete Tabletop

22. Concrete Tabletop


With a solid concrete tabletop, you can easily create an adorable outdoor patio space that will not only intrigue guests, but will only look more expensive than what it really is. A marble tabletop can cost you thousands of dollars where this tabletop will cost you around $750 to $800 depending on the size.

Concrete Short Table

23. Concrete Short Table


Even if you just need a table and chairs set for a small area, you just can’t go wrong with a concrete set. There is just something about concrete furniture that is intriguing, maybe because you don’t see too many table sets entirely in concrete these days. Concrete furniture will soon be the norm, however, given how beautiful it is.

White Concrete Table

24. White Concrete Table


This white concrete table gives a different look to the already intriguing concrete tabletop. This is a more unusual spin to the modern day furniture piece. This just goes to show that you could incorporate different color schemes into the concrete furniture set and that you don’t have to stick to the usual gray.

Concrete Block

25. Concrete Block


It may just seem like a pretty standard block of concrete, but in reality, this nifty little block could become a myriad of things. The versatility of concrete is endless, as you can use this block as either a side table, coffee table, or even a stool if you adorn it with an outdoor cushion.

Concrete Fire Pit

26. Concrete Fire Pit


This concrete fire pit is pretty simple to make, all you need is that concrete block to start with. You’d need to make sure the concrete you use is solid concrete and not comprised of any by-products since anything other than concrete can be flammable. Executed correctly, this fire pit is as cute as they come.

Interesting End Table

27. Interesting End Table


This interesting end table features an intriguing design that can easily be done with a type of mold. Given the DIY tutorials online, you can easily find all the materials necessary in order to create this type of end table. You can even customize the design and create your own shape to match with pre-existing décor.

Thin Tabletop

28. Thin Tabletop


This long and thin concrete tabletop is the perfect addition to this kitchen. The rustic color to the concrete makes it easy to incorporate all kinds of other colors into the mix and won’t take away from the already deep gray color of the concrete. Add lighter or brighter colors into the mix for a color pop.

Concrete Shelves

29. Concrete Shelves


These concrete shelves are the minimalist’s dream. They are not only intriguing to look at, but offer a completely different design for a shelf and will no doubt catch plenty of attention from guests. The almost marbled look of the concrete will go well with all kinds of home décor, including a variety of colors and textures.

Limestone Concrete

30. Limestone Concrete


This limestone concrete round is the perfect shape and size for an adorable coffee table. As seen in the picture, you can easily incorporate a few of these rounds in order to create a unique space. You could always make these end tables, as well, if you don’t have room for a coffee table space.

Concrete Chair

31. Concrete Chair


A little off the wall, but incredibly unique, this concrete chair would sit pretty in any type of décor setting. Whether you have an outdoor patio bar you need to furnish or you’d simply like to add some interesting elements to your home décor, you can’t go wrong with these swanky concrete chairs.

Dark Gray Accent Table

32. Dark Gray Accent Table


This dark gray accent table resembles the accent table we saw before in ivory. They were both etched and both resembled tree trunks. These would make adorable end tables or even small side tables for an outdoor patio setting. You could use two or three of them to make the space look extra homey.

Concrete Beach Glass Table

33. Concrete Beach Glass Table


This gorgeous beach glass table is comprised entirely of concrete, sand and beach glass. This would be the perfect DIY project for an outside bar or even patio area facing a beautiful beach. The photo comes with an easy to follow DIY so you can easily make your very own beach glass table.

Versatile Side Table

34. Versatile Side Table


This versatile side table can easily be made into a stool. This just goes to show how much you can do with concrete and how easy it is to design multiple pieces of furniture that have multiple uses. If you want to mix it up and are tired of using this piece as a side table, switch it up into a stool, instead, and vice versa.

Dark Gray Short Table

35. Dark Gray Short Table


This dark gray short gray table is the perfect addition to an outdoor garden area. The height is perfect for either sitting on some fluffy pillows around it or simply using the table as a coffee table. This is the ideal size and height for a smaller space that will add elegance throughout the room.

Mushroom Accent Table

36. Mushroom Accent Table


This adorable little mushroom table is the perfect piece for an outdoor setup. It’s modern yet retro feel incorporates plenty of style with functionality. You could even find this cute little table in various colors to match whatever theme you want. It’s a great, sturdy table that will definite draw attention.

Ivory Accent Tables

37. Ivory Accent Tables


This table is almost a drum shape with some interesting texture. This would be a perfect accent table for a swanky living room or even an outside side garden sitting area. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this type of end table.

Cube Coffee Table

38. Cube Coffee Table


This cube coffee table is a funky way to incorporate a table into the living room or dining room area. Its unique design will certainly draw attention in a very positive way. This is a great way to stand out from the norm but while using plenty of modern class.

Contemporary Table

39. Contemporary Table


This concrete contemporary table is the perfect design for a modern living space. Whether it is to be used as a dining room table or simple as a table in a sitting room, this table will definitely fit the bill as it’s luxurious as it is spacious.

Crackle Table

40. Crackle Table


This gorgeous end table has been finished with a crackle finish that leaves the table etched with cracks in black and white. What’s super great about this table design is that it’s entirely made of concrete, but the outer layer is finished by that gorgeous lacquer.

Concrete Dining Bench

41. Concrete Dining Bench


This rustic concrete dining bench only looks like a plank of wood. This bench is actually full comprised of concrete and is etched to resemble a piece of wood. The natural color of the cement makes this bench a sight to see and a perfect addition to an outdoor sitting area.

Recycled Concrete Table

42. Recycled Concrete Table


This concrete coffee table is comprised of recycled materials including an old table frame and interesting bits of glass and stone. This family project turned into a pretty fun DIY and an even better looking end product. Concrete is, after all, very versatile and can be used to spruce up something old like this tutorial has demonstrated.

Retro Concrete Table

43. Retro Concrete Table


There’s so much to love about this retro style table. From the shape, to the construction to all the decorative elements, this table is definitely one of a kind. Not only will it bring in some of that great 50s nostalgia, but it will look incredible in any given setting.

Concrete BBQ Table

44. Concrete BBQ Table


This concrete slab makes the perfect BBQ side table for anyone who loves to cook outside. This would be ideal for a patio area or a covered outdoor kitchen. Since concrete is just as durable as marble, as but more than half the price, it’d be easy to incorporate this type of table into the BBQ area.

Pedestal Coffee Table

45. Pedestal Coffee Table


This pedestal style coffee table is the perfect table for almost any setting. Whether it’s for an outdoor patio area or inside a den, this interesting coffee table will surely look exquisite. Its tiered design brings a level of class to the table that is unsurpassed.

Cement Hall Console

46. Cement Hall Console


This cement hall console is perfect for keeping all the pieces of the entertainment system together or even making a fashionable side table look jealous. This table is incredibly versatile and be a simple decorative piece or a functional table, it just depends what you want to use it for.

Concrete Bench

47. Concrete Bench


This concrete bench can go both ways – it can be a really great decorative table or it can work as a functional bench. You know what? Why not just have the best of both worlds and have a table at one end and a bench at the other? Think outside the box.

Concrete Hearth

48. Concrete Hearth


This concrete hearth adds the perfect elegant touch to an already romantic setting. The natural polished gray of the hearth adds an exquisite tone to the room and melds well with the surrounding decorations. This would be the perfect setup for a cozy winter’s night in with a loved one.

Small Bedside Table

49. Small Bedside Table


This small bedside coffee table is a cute addition and a great change from a standard bedside end table. This tiny table adds a sort of delicate class to the room that is sure to give the room an antique feeling. This would be a good addition for a child’s room or a more rustic boutique bedroom.

Concrete Bar

50. Concrete Bar


This gorgeous end table has been finished with a crackle finish that leaves the table etched with cracks in black and white. What’s super great about this table design is that it’s entirely made of concrete, but the outer layer is finished by that gorgeous lacquer.

Concrete Fire Bowl

51. Concrete Fire Bowl


This concrete fire bowl is super easy to make, thanks to this incredibly detailed DIY video tutorial. You’ll be cozy by the fire with friends in no time – that’s how simple this awesome design is to build. The bowl itself is relatively simple, so plan on using some type of pedestal to go along with it.

Danyal End Table

52. Danyal End Table


This incredible Danyal end table is such an interesting shape and design. This nifty little end table will certainly bring a whole new level of intrigue into the space and will look great while doing it. It’s sure to draw plenty of attention, as this shape overall is not a very common one to find.

Square Coffee Table

53. Square Coffee Table


This square coffee table has an interesting cut-out design into it. The darker parts of the construction and the lighter part are still entirely made of concrete – just different colored concrete. This is an incredibly beautiful design and will go well with any type of modern décor.

Cement Decorative Table

54. Cement Decorative Table


This fancy table features a cement plank which sits atop these cast stone pillars. This would be the ideal setup in a garden corner or even under a covered patio area. For indoors, this could easily be used in a foyer or even in an entranceway to a large hall space.

Concrete Stools

55. Concrete Stools


These concrete stools are the perfect addition to any space that needs some emergency seating options. Whether it’s an outdoor garden area, a patio area or even a den playing table, these nifty little concrete stools will definitely be of service and come in handy.

Modern Blocked Fire Pit

56. Modern Blocked Fire Pit


This fire pit is stunning. The modern design is only paralleled by the unique blocked feature which makes this setup all the more intriguing. This is a perfect example to demonstrate just how versatile concrete is and how absolutely elegant it came make a design appear.

Six-Legged Table

57. Six-Legged Table


This interesting six-legged table is truly remarkable and inspiring. It can double as a functional art piece, as its interesting design and functionality are both interesting pieces to this artwork. This would make a fantastic dining room table or even an outdoor sitting area table.

Round Concrete Table

58. Round Concrete Table


This outdoor table set is perfect for a small side garden or even a courtyard area. It’s cute and functional, which makes for a perfect piece of garden furniture. You could even incorporate this piece into an outdoor tea area that involves more antique furniture.

Concrete Tree Ring Fire Pit

59. Concrete Tree Ring Fire Pit


This unique design features concrete tree rings in place of a customary fire pit. This is another way to make a fully functional fire pit and it’s also a way to recycle old materials. Since tree rings are typically found in most garden areas, you could make this design in a breeze.

Rubber Mold Concrete Table

60. Rubber Mold Concrete Table


This nifty DIY demonstrates on how to make a concrete table from a rubber mold. As you can see, this is a funkier design from some of the previous concrete tables we’ve seen. To make something different and a piece that stands out, try using a rubber mold.

Portable Concrete Fire Bowl

61. Portable Concrete Fire Bowl


This nifty DIY video demonstrates how to make a portable fire bowl that you can take from party to party. What’s great about this design is, aside from being fully portable, you can easily make the fire bowl as intricate as you’d like. The pieces of glass really add to this design.

Short Concrete Bench

62. Short Concrete Bench


This super cute bench idea features strong, squat legs that are perfect for any garden setting. I can just imagine a cute garden troll using the bench to take a breather from an especially long trek back to the woods. This would be a cute design concept to do with kids, too.

Blocked Concrete Bench

63. Blocked Concrete Bench


This blocked concrete bench features three blocks as legs. The bench is a thinner model than what we’ve typically seen in garden benches, but it is definitely still functional and super easy to make. Try painting it for a pop of color and eye-piece in the garden.


So, which pieces of concrete furniture were your favorite? Think you want to test your might and start on a glass and concrete outside table, or do you want to start easy with some small cubed benches? The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to concrete furniture because it’s so easy to do!

Have any experience with working with concrete? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave your insight in the comments so that we can all learn a little more about working with concrete.

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