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41 of the Best DIY Garden Trellis Ideas: #27 is Awesome!

If you are looking for a great way to help organize or spruce up the garden, look no further! Garden trellises may seem like a scary project to conduct on your own, but these easy to do designs are totally worth the work.

If you are not so much into the DIY thing, but still want to add a bit of lattice into your garden space, then we have plenty of nifty ideas for you to use, as well. It is all a matter of choosing which decorative fence design you find compelling and what you need to use it for.

DIY Garden Trellis Ideas

1. Mini Roses


You do not need a huge elaborate design in order to get the job done. This tiny rose trellis is quaint and sophisticated without taking too much space. This would be the perfect idea if you have a smaller garden or even a side garden area that you want to create a “tea nook” in. Adding a delicate framework like this one will look great and make your garden really stand out.

2. Mosaic Magic


This interesting mosaic trellis is pretty much a work of art all on its own. When people hear the word “trellis,” they more than likely assume that it needs to be a large design. In this case, the design is really just acting as an additional décor option while supporting the plant at the same time.

3. Caged and Gorgeous


These large cage trellises are the perfect way to add some intrigue into the garden without taking too much away from the actual plants. Trellises act as a way to support the plants, so there really is no need to try to incorporate a framework if you don’t need it, but these are quite beautiful.

4. Bike Rim DIY


Create your own trellis by utilizing an old bike rim. This design is perfect for someone who does not really need any extra décor, but specifically needs a functioning trellis for young plants. With this old bike rim and some garden twine, you can easily create a functional design that will not set you back a lot of money.

5. Wall Wonder


This classic trellis design is a nod toward the more traditional trellis designs. In order to get that great creeping vine effect on the side of an outdoor wall, you are more than likely going to need a long framework to help get the plants started. This is a great way to support the plants during the process.

6. Natural Wood Beauty


This natural wood trellis design features long branches to create a more natural looking setup. This is perfect for the garden if you are planning on growing items such as strawberries or tomatoes. It is also an interesting take on a more traditional trellis since its all-natural items you are using.

7. Garden Glory


These garden trellises are perfect for the person who is cultivating a vegetable garden. Using a relatively simple design, these trellises will provide the support your vegetables need without taking up too much space or without being too difficult to set up. Once it is all done, your plants will be supported and your garden will look more professional.

8. Simple but Stunning


This small, simple trellis is made of wood and is a bit smaller than most of the other design concepts we have seen. This is the ideal design if you have a smaller garden space with a plant or two that still need support. This is also a good way to make use of any old wood you have laying around since this framework design is simple to make.

9. DIY Days


This convenient instructable tells you exactly how to make a do it yourself trellis project step by step. This is a great tutorial to follow if you are looking into making your own trellis or simply want to use up some old wood you may have laying around the garden. Might as well turn that old wood into something functional!

10. Background Beauty


This background trellis is quietly supporting the bushes in the background while the potted plant also seems to be growing its own trellis in its own pot. This is a great depiction of just how beneficial it is to incorporate framework designs into the garden. They offer support to plants and look interesting too.

11. Sculptural Wonder


This sculptural trellis is a work of art. It is gorgeous to look at and it doubles as a completely functional addition to the garden. Flowers sprouting out of the top of a trellis like this one would only make the scene more beautiful and interesting to look at. A flowering plant would look best in this design, but vines would work too.

12. Swooping in for Impact


This large, swooping trellis is the perfect setup if you are trying to create a covered canopy effect within your garden walkway. After a few months, this trellis should be covered with vines and flowers that will make the garden look fantastic and smell fantastic too. This is an easy framework to make and the design will help your garden flourish.

13. Willow Wonderful


This willow arch way is a gorgeous way to add some interesting perspective into the garden. How whimsical to incorporate a great willow archway onto a garden trail that leads out into the woods or even a flowered field by a riverbank. Whether you decide to grow flowers on the arch way or not, it is a great design concept.

14. Decorative Design


This decorative trellis is both functional and cute to incorporate into your garden space. This particular trellis is shaped like a house and is able to hold pots for plants. It is a great all-in-one tool for any garden space. You could probably even hang garden tools on it to act as a mini storage area.

15. PVC Pipe DIY


This PVC pipe trellis is another great example of the DIY trellis idea. Since it is PVC pipe and garden twine, it should be relatively easy to construct and will not cost you too much either. These are even materials that you may already have around your house – you just need to search a bit and see.

16. Arched Awesomeness


This arched trellis looks as if it could have already existed as part of the fencing area, but simple garden twine was added to help provide support to growing plants. This is a great example of how versatile a simple garden framework can be and how easy they are to create. If you already have a curvature in the fence, you might as well put it to good use.

17. Natural Wood


This gorgeous natural wood trellis looks as if it could have sprouted from the very pots it is standing in. Using natural wood like this makes the area just seem more natural and gives off an extra whimsical touch. You can use this method in a potted plant setting like this one or even incorporate a larger trellis in a bigger garden space.

18. Bicycle Wheel Coolness


This bicycle wheel trellis is another demonstration on how to create your own trellis with refurbished items. Especially if you are more of the outdoorsy type, finding old bicycle tires may be relatively easy for you. You can string them together to make a creative trellis area that will look completely modern and interesting.

19. Mood Lighting


This super cute trellis design would look great in someone’s dorm room or even in a small apartment. This is a funky way to keep live plants in the apartment while adhering to the bohemian feel. These simple little lights go a long way when it comes to being intriguing. The plant will benefit from the support of the framework, too.

20. Twigs and Twists


This super adorable twig trellis is exactly as described: a trellis made out of twigs. This is another great way to incorporate all the benefits of nature while creating an entirely functional trellis design. The thin twigs may not seem as if they could support the weight of a creeping vine or plant, but it will definitely get the job done.

21. Under the Canopy


This trellis canopy looks as if it was constructed by something as simple as chicken wire. The intricate design will not only promote plant growth, but once it’s all filled up with growing plants, the blooms will look amazing in this setting. It’s a quaint way to add interesting flair to the garden and make the yard smell amazing.

22. Rough and Tough


This interesting trellis design features a rougher design than some of the previous concepts we have seen, but it still looks great. This is a more rustic take on the traditional trellis, but it definitely adds plenty of character to the scene. This would be a cute idea for a farmhouse or even a country cottage somewhere in the woods.

23. Round and Round


This interesting trellis design features a curved concept that is perfect for hanging vines or even some vegetables such as tomatoes and strawberries. This trellis will give these types of produce the support they need while maintaining that marvelous, eye-catching shape. It is a definite more modern concept and will draw attention to your garden.

24. Tomato Cages


These tomato cages are actually super cool trellis designs. They almost look like they are actual cages keeping the tomatoes at bay, but fear not. The only danger these framework cages will emit is the danger of being stolen by envious neighbors. This is a great, geometric design that will support the plants on top of looking fabulous.

25. Large Cage Sculpture


This larger caged sculpture doubles as an interesting art piece and could even be seen as a focal point in the garden. This offers the same sort of idea as the caged tomato plants, only this one acts better as a standalone because of its large size and shape. This would be ideal for any type of flowering vine you may have.

26. Wooden Planter


This wooden planter doubles as a pretty cool trellis. The wire structure may seem a bit thin, but can definitely sustain the weight of a creeping vine or other flowering bush that may need support. This would make a super cute addition to the front porch or even in a side garden.

27. Squash Arch


This squash arch trellis has a squash vine growing on to it. This is a great idea for growing any type of vegetable with a vine since it can easily get support and all the sun it needs in the garden. What is even better is that squash plants, including pumpkins, grow gorgeous orangey blossom that are quite the eye-catcher.

DIY Wooden Garden Trellis Ideas

28. Wooden Lattice Panel


This wooden lattice panel is helping to support this plant in a completely unique concept. It is a good idea for anyone who wants to add some different elements into the garden without taking too much space. It is also a neat way to use a trellis without having to make a huge structure or find a place to put it.

29. DIY Giant


This do it yourself large trellis tutorial will give you all the steps you need to take in order to create your own, unique trellis space. This would be ideal for a side garden or a piece of the yard that you can utilize a trellis of this size. The bigger the trellis, the more plants you can put into it.

30. Contemporary Cool


This contemporary trellis design is sleeker and smoother than the traditional trellis concepts we have seen. This unique idea uses painted wood to give that gorgeous purple color and smooth texture. This would be a great concept for those modern backyards of California or even a chic country getaway.

31. Large Wall Trellis


This large wall trellis is an easy enough project to accomplish one weekend. This tutorial lets you in on helpful tips and tricks you need to take in order to create your own concept. This could even be fun for the whole family, if you’re willing to have a little patience.

32. Ladder Lovely


This DIY is for a ladder trellis, which looks exactly how it sounds – like a ladder. This design concept features almost step-like breaks within the design, to offer support. This would be ideal for a side garden design or corner garden accessory.

33. Creative Trellis Idea


This creative trellis idea features several trellises compiled into one concept. This would be an interesting piece to look at under a garden patio or even against a garden wall in a porch. This may look like a complicated design, but the DIY will help you figure out how to accomplish this on your own.

34. Trellis Structure


This wooden structure is a trellis but with some more interesting elements. The design, shape and size are definitely different compared to the more traditional trellis ideas we have seen. This is a large enough structure to serve as a focal piece in any type of garden area.

35. Trellis Bench


This trellis doubles as a quaint garden bench. This would be the ideal setup in a country garden or an outdoor area where teatime would happen. I can imagine this concept being utilized in an area where garden parties take place or as an outdoor venue. You could also utilize this to sit people attending a fancy event.

36. Chevron Lattice


This idea features a DIY on how to execute your own chevron lattice concept. It is a great way to get that trellis structure in a completely original concept. You could easily scale up or down depending on the size of the area you are working with. It all depends on your space and time limitations.

37. Pyramid Trellis


These trellis designs are not actual pyramids, but they definitely resemble them. These longer, tapered trellis concepts are a great way to keep your plants growing to their fullest potential while maintaining that clean, groomed look that trellises help provide into the garden.

38. Fence Trellis


This concept looks like a cute piece of fence. This is a great idea that would not be too hard to create on your own – you would just need all the necessary materials and the time. The color and even materials you could use can be totally up to you to make this a custom item.

39. Simple Trellis Design


This simple trellis design requires a lot of wood. The type of wood, the color, the size and even the shape could be entirely up to you. This is a simple do it yourself concept that leaves a lot of it up to the builder. Want a trellis using thicker wood? Go for it. The possibilities are endless with this nifty concept.

40. Japanese Wood Lattice Trellis


This idea features a Japanese wood lattice trellis that looks as elegant as it does beautiful. This could be an easy project for someone to execute if you have the necessary time and patience for it. You will definitely appreciate a project a lot more after it’s all done, then you can stand back and admire your handy work.

41. Traditional Trellis


This slanted trellis is more of a traditional take on the concept. The slant is pretty cool on its own, but you can easily make this a hovering trellis if the slant is not something you want to execute. This would be ideal for growing pumpkins or tomatoes and would definitely be an interesting concept to add into the garden.

To Conclude

So, what will it be? Which trellis idea stands out the most to you? With so many great garden design concepts, it could be hard to choose just one to stick to, but why limit yourself. If you see a few that you like, why not mix and match or even create a few trellis concepts within the space? You could even create smaller indoor garden designs!

Whatever you choose, you simply cannot go wrong with a trellis element into the garden. Have any experience growing plants on your own trellis or have you built your own trellis before? We would love to hear from you! Let us know how it went for you in the comments.

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