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The Best Driveway Alarm in 2021

While home security is steadily becoming more prevalent in the country, most of the focus goes toward camera surveillance. However, many overlook the value of a driveway alarm.

Having a driveway alarm technology surveying your property is a great safeguard against trespassers and vandals, especially if you’re not too comfortable with cameras.

With how driveway alarm systems are designed, they’re able to monitor your property and send alerts of anything coming your way. To find the best driveway alarm for you, keep reading!

Backyard Boss Top 5 Best Driveway Alarm in 2021

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm - The Best Driveway Alarm in 2021Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm
  • Max Detection Coverage: 40 ft
  • Transmission Range: 500 ft.
  • Warranty: Lifetime
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Emacros Solar Wireless Driveway Alarm - The Best Driveway Alarm in 2021Emacros Solar Wireless Driveway Alarm
  • Max Detection Coverage: 30 ft
  • Transmission Range: 2,640 ft. (Half Mile)
  • Warranty: Lifetime
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Easyreen Driveway Alarm - The Best Driveway Alarm in 2021Easyreen Driveway Alarm
  • Max Detection Coverage: 16 ft. Distance at 60º
  • Transmission Range: 500 ft.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
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Hosmart Rechargeable Driveway Alarm - The Best Driveway Alarm in 2021Hosmart Rechargeable Driveway Alarm
  • Max Detection Coverage: 30 ft. Distance at 100º
  • Transmission Range: 2,640 ft. (Half Mile)
  • Warranty: 2 Years Limited
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Htzsafe Solar Driveway Alarm - The Best Driveway Alarm in 2021Htzsafe Solar Driveway Alarm
  • Max Detection Coverage: 50 ft. Distance at 15º
  • Transmission Range: 1,320 ft. (Quarter Mile)
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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Why You Can Trust Us

It is not our first encounter with home security technology. Like many others, we started with standard security systems and quickly realized the benefits of a driveway alarm.

Not only do we have tons of experience researching and trying out various systems, but we’ve also made sure to listen to the opinions of others familiar with driveway alarms. The combination of research, trials, and consumer insights guided us in our search for the best driveway alarms available.

To help in every way, we also included the different factors to consider before purchasing a driveway alarm system and shared our insight for your further research.

Best Self-Installed

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm
    This driveway alarm system reliably alerts you only of people, cars, and large animals.



Why We Like It: This driveway alarm is equipped with a 500-foot transmission range receiver with four security zones that connect up to four sensors. 

When maximized, this system can have unlimited receivers programmed to a total of 16 sensors, each with a 40-foot detection range and two angle modes. These sensors use heat and motion detection in a way that minimizes false alarms caused by leaves, rain, and snow. For peace of mind, this also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Who Should Buy It: It is a huge help for those surrounded by trees and plant life since the alarm doesn’t trigger by falling leaves.

Best for Long Range Wireless Signal

Emacros Solar Wireless Driveway Alarm
    This has impressive long-range transmission abilities and sensors with a wide detection range.



Why We Like It: This wireless long-range driveway alarm system comes with a reliable long-range transmission receiver that can span a half-mile distance and runs on solar power. 

These devices are built using industrial-grade PVC with an IP65 weatherproof rating. The receiver can connect up to four sensors, each monitoring a 30-foot distance with a wide detection angle and two sensitivity settings. This system can have unlimited receivers with four security zones and is great for long driveways.

Who Should Buy It: If you are looking for an alarm system suitable for a long driveway, consider buying it.

Best Number of Sensors

Easyreen Driveway Alarm
    This solar-powered driveway alarm system works with 58 sensors and unlimited receivers, great for maximum coverage.



Why We Like It: This driveway alarm system has a battery-powered weatherproof receiver that can monitor up to 58 sensors within a 500-foot radius. 

These sensors can detect up to 16 ft away and a 60º detection angle that helps focus on specific outdoor areas and minimize false alerts. Each sensor can be programmed to a unique alert chime that helps you differentiate each alert and is great for closely watching specific spaces and outdoor features.

Who Should Buy It: This would be ideal for those who want to monitor specific valuables in different outdoor areas.

Best Sensor Coverage

Hosmart Rechargeable Driveway Alarm
    This alarm fully surveil your property through only a handful of sensors.



Why We Like It: This long-range driveway alarm system has a receiver with a half-mile transmission radius and four security zones that each connect to a fantastic sensor. 

These sensors cover a 30-foot distance with a 100º detection angle. Not only does it monitor a wide field, but it can also be programmed to four different sensitivity settings. These settings help fit the sensor to your needs and minimize false alerts from your neighbor’s property.

Who Should Buy It: These would be ideal for large properties with expansive areas that need surveillance.

Best Solar Powered Alarm

Htzsafe Solar Driveway Alarm
    This has a narrow detection angle which is great for minimizing false alarms.



Why We Like It: This driveway alarm is a solar-powered system with batteries that can survive bad weather and extreme weather, anywhere from -22ºF to 158ºF. 

With a two-year warranty, this has an IP66-rated weatherproof construction. Its receiver has a quarter-mile transmission range that can connect to 32 sensors. These sensors have three adjustable sensitivity settings and can keep track of a 50-foot distance with a narrow 15º angle. You also have 35 alert tones to choose from to program a unique chime to each sensor (customizable alert), and fortunately, these come pre-programmed to each device in a kit.

Who Should Buy It: This would perform remarkably in areas that experience intense four seasons.

Benefits of Driveway Alarms

A driveway alarm is a home security device meant to alert you of any movement on your property. Depending on the type of driveway alarms and the types of sensors, these subtle security cameras can detect incoming humans, animals, and vehicles, giving your home complete coverage.

Having a driveway alarm is a great security feature that helps you be sure of what comes and goes near your home. It prepares you for any situation, be it a stranger invading your space, a neighbor unexpectedly dropping by, or a large wild animal messing with your plants.

What To Consider Before Buying A Driveway Alarm

the best driveway alarm for 2021
Image Credit: Guardline Store via Amazon

Avoid purchasing and installation of a driveway alarm without studying a few key features first. These features will affect how ideal it is for your home.

Type of Alarm

A driveway alarm can be easily categorized between wired and wireless. Wired driveway alarms require professional installment and rely on your home’s power source. Wireless alarm systems are easier to install, upgrade, and customize to your preferred settings and often run on replaceable or rechargeable batteries.


It’s crucial to find a driveway alarm with the proper range for your property before installation. While strategic installment is vital, a reliable receiver range is also important to ensure you get your sensor’s signals even from afar.


Outdoor sensors have different coverages, depending on the sensor’s detection angle and distance. Be aware of your sensor’s capabilities, how many you need to cover your home, and what type of sensor you prefer. You may want to look at investing in an additional sensor to cover your home. These systems mainly use four kinds of sensors:

  • Electromagnetic Probe Driveway Sensors – These detect movement from metal objects and are good for monitoring car traffic on your property.
  • Infrared Driveway Sensors – These motion sensors use heat to detect movement and are common in wireless systems.
  • Photo Beam Sensors – Photo beams only send out an alarm when two or more sensors are broken simultaneously, minimizing false alarms from animals.
  • Rubber Hose Driveway Sensors – These are used for vehicle detection, and are enclosed in a rubber casing on the ground and sends an alarm when pressure is applied.


Many receivers keep track of several security zones. Each security zone keeps track of sensor signals from different parts of your property. Often, these are programmed with different alert tones to help you easily and quickly identify each zone and sensor alarm signal.

Hardware Durability

Driveway alarms need high weatherproofing abilities with, at the very least, an IP55 Rating. Checking that an alarm system can match your home’s climate is necessary for maximum longevity.

Questions About Driveway Alarms

Htzsafe Solar Driveway Alarm System
Image Credit: HTZSAFE Store via Amazon

How do I choose my transmission range?

Transmission range performance is based on perfect and unobstructed conditions. As a failsafe, choose something that’s at least 100 ft. more than what you need. If you have a larger property or if your property is full of trees, buildings, and similar obstructions, choose a range that’s at least 500 ft. more than needed.

Will my landscaping affect its performance?

Depending on your garden and driveway landscaping ideas, it shouldn’t affect performance when properly positioned. Before you permanently mount it, test if the natural movement of your landscaping triggers false alarms or blocks the sensor coverage.

How do I prevent false alarms?

While false alarms are common, they can be avoided by adjusting the mounting height and sensitivity of your sensors. Additionally, avoid pointing your sensor at the sun. The asphalt vs. concrete driveway debate also comes into play thanks to asphalt’s heat-absorption tendencies that could affect the reliability of heat-triggered sensors if angled low enough.

How We Picked

We approached our search for the best driveway alarms of the year using unbiased research, feedback, and trials.

We started by thoroughly studying the market and identified the different designs with potential. We then relied on what previous consumers of each alarm system had to say. Additionally, we also sought advice from other home security experts. After funneling down our list to the most promising and consistent alarms, we combed through the many reviews online to check for performance.

Finally, we were able to find five fantastic driveway alarms that we know will be a huge help in keeping your property and your family safe.

Our Pick of the Best Driveway Alarm in 2021

Installing an alarm system might be an amazing driveway idea, but that depends on how well you’ve chosen your driveway alarm.

Our most preferred alarm is the Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm. It has a wide transmission range and can be expanded to 16 sensors that strategically monitor your property and are easy to install. It also comes with a lifetime warranty that does wonders for your peace of mind.

However, we understand this isn’t the best fit for everyone, and your home might have different needs. In that case, we’re still confident that the five we’ve recommended are the best driveway alarms for you to choose from.