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The Best Electric Fireplace Inserts for a Cozy Home

If you want to keep your home warm this winter, you have a few options. One possibility is to use an electric fireplace insert. But why would you use an insert, and which one should you pick? Whether you already own an insert or you’re new to the idea, we’ve compiled a list of the best inserts. Find out which is the best electric fireplace insert for your home, and get ready to stay warm this winter.

Our Top 5 Electric Fireplace Inserts for 2021

Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Insert - The Best Electric Fireplace Inserts for a Cozy HomeComfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Insert
  • 4,600 BTUs
  • LED technology
  • Glowing embers
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TURBRO Eternal Flame EF23-PB - The Best Electric Fireplace Inserts for a Cozy HomeTURBRO Eternal Flame EF23-PB
  • 4,777 BTUs
  • Remote controls
  • Varied temperature range
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VIVOHOME 110V Electric Fireplace Insert - The Best Electric Fireplace Inserts for a Cozy HomeVIVOHOME 110V Electric Fireplace Insert
  • Realistic flames
  • Brick background
  • Safety Shut-off
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Dimplex Firebox 23 - The Best Electric Fireplace Inserts for a Cozy HomeDimplex Firebox 23
  • 5,000 BTUs
  • Vibrant flames
  • Multiple controls
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Flameline 33 - The Best Electric Fireplace Inserts for a Cozy HomeFlameline 33
  • 5,100 BTUs
  • Large size
  • LCD display
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Why Trust Us

No one loves a good fire as much as me. That said, I also know that there are many benefits to using an electric fireplace insert. Not everyone can have a wood fireplace, and the efficiency of a traditional fire makes inserts an appealing choice. In the past, I’ve relied on fireplace inserts to lower my heating bills and create a warmer winter home.

My current home doesn’t have a working fireplace, so my insert is all I have to make me feel cozy in the winter. I love the fact that I can have a fire without actually having a fire. So, finding the best new inserts on the market was a fun task for me. Because I have a fireplace insert, I knew exactly what to look for.

The Most Real-Looking Electric Fireplace Insert

Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Insert
    This remote control insert has a dancing flame effect.



Equipped with a circulating blower, the Comfort Glow fireplace insert puts out 4,600 BTUs. You can control the insert with remote control, which makes it easy to adjust the temperature and settings. If you don’t want it to be too warm in your home, you can use the yellow dancing flame effect with no heat output. On warm summer nights, you’ll appreciate this feature.

This fireplace insert has five varying brightness levels. It depends on LED technology to be highly energy efficient. Thanks to advancements in LED, the fireplace puts out a realistic flame and glowing ember bed. The controls are mounted on the side, which makes this product look realistic. As far as realism goes, this is a top best electric fireplace insert.

Because this insert comes fully assembled, it’s ready to go. You can take it out of the box, install it in your fireplace, and enjoy a fire anytime you want.

The Most Customizable Electric Fireplace Insert

TURBRO Eternal Flame EF23-PB
    With multiple controls, this fireplace insert is powerful and warm.



Measuring 13 x 23 x 9 inches, the TRURBRO Eternal Flame insert has more than just a fire. It also has a pinewood bed of embers and a black grate, just as you would have in a real fireplace. When on, the insert gives you a flickering flame along with 4,777 BTUs. Powerful enough to keep your room warm, this insert is efficient.

The product comes with multiple heat and flame options. With multiple controls, you can set the temperature to be anywhere from 52 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also set a timer, which is ideal for nighttime use. For even more control, the insert allows you to adjust the brightness of the flame. Either use the remote or the controls on the side to adjust the settings on this insert.

The product comes completely assembled. Once you unbox it, you can plug in the insert and watch it work. A CSA certification lets you know that the insert is safe, as does the automatic shut-off feature.

The Best Electric Fireplace Insert for a Small Space

VIVOHOME 110V Electric Fireplace Insert
    This compact insert offers realistic fire effects, multiple controls, and a perfect fit for smaller spaces.



A 20-inch insert, this VIVOHOME product has a realistic 3D flame effect that will wow you with an impressive display. When the product is in use, vivid orange flames dance and flicker. It puts off a glow that is similar to that of a real fire in your fireplace.

This product gives you the ability to adjust both the flame and the temperature. More importantly, you can adjust one without the other and set the insert to a no-heat mode. You can use a remote to control the settings. There’s a timer, five levels of brightness, and a low or high heat setting.

As you heat your home, an adjustable fan heater works to control the temperatures as well as the humidity. The overall design of the insert is classic and works well to replace a traditional fireplace. For safety, the product comes with overheat protection. It shuts off if the product becomes too hot.

The Best All-Around Electric Fireplace Insert

Dimplex Firebox 23
    With its vibrant display of flames, this electric insert looks almost like a real wood-burning fireplace.



A remote control fireplace insert, the Dimplex Log Set has a vibrant display of flames. It uses Revillusion Flame technology to enhance the look of the flames. With a partially frosted acrylic panel, this product can display flames with no reflection. If you’re interested in a realistic display, this product is a prime choice.

The insert has LED lights that give the fire an ember-like glow. For added aesthetic, the lights pulsate. You can use the insert with or without heat, and the insert is always safe. There is also a full heat or partial heat setting. The glass remains cool to the touch, regardless of the heat setting of the insert.

At optimal heating, this product puts out just under 5,000 BTUs. It has a stylish black finish, which allows it to fit seamlessly with your specific decor. Easy to install, this insert is great for existing fireplaces.

The Best Electric Fireplace Insert for Heating Your Home

Flameline 33
    This electric fireplace insert powerful enough to heat a room. With its extra safety features, you can run it all night long.



At 35.6 x 9.05 x 27.5 inches, this insert is a suitable size for most living rooms and bedrooms. It has three light color options and five varying intensities of flames. With a realistic appearance, this insert even comes with a brick sidewall. You can use a timer setting to automatically shut off your insert for up to nine hours from when you start it.

An added safety feature is the automatic shut down. This LED fireplace is extremely safe and reduces emissions. With 5,100 BTUs of heat energy, this insert is one of the most powerful. It can heat an area as large as 450 square feet. Thanks to a one-year limited warranty, you can trust that your insert will last.

If you like the crackling of logs, you’ll enjoy the option for speaker sound. An LCD display makes your settings clear. As a result, this product looks great and is easy to use.

Things You Should Know About Using an Electric Fireplace Insert

Before you begin the journey of buying a new fireplace insert, there are a few things you should know. The process isn’t as straightforward as you might think. If you compare products, you’ll see a significant range of prices. It can be difficult to determine which inserts are best for your home and your needs.

What Is an Insert?

If you’re interested in buying an electric fireplace for your home, you have two main options. You could either buy a large standalone unit, which contains the mantle and electric fireplace all in one structure, or you could buy an insert.

An insert is a box that is usually made of steel or cast iron. In front of the box, there’s insulated glass that allows you to see a fire and feel the heat. Some inserts are designed to use as-is, with no other cabinet or fireplace. Most inserts are designed to be placed in an existing fireplace or a fireplace structure.

Why Get an Insert?

Many people use an insert in their existing fireplace, as it’s a more efficient way of heating your home than a traditional fire. In a traditional fireplace, approximately 80% of the heated air is lost into the chimney. If you use an electric fireplace insert, instead, you can eliminate most of that heat loss.

On a cold day, this makes all the difference. You can cuddle up in front of a fire and not worry about all the heat escaping through your chimney. Although you might enjoy the crackle and smell of a real fire, the benefits of an electric insert don’t stop with its better energy efficiency.

Clean Burning

A fireplace insert uses a closed combustion system. Even if you use natural gas or another type of energy source, you’re not releasing as much ash and smoke into the environment.

Saves Time

Using an insert also saves you time. Think about all the work that goes into using a traditional fireplace. First, you need to source the wood and load it into your outdoor firewood rack. Then, you need to head outside to fetch wood and store it inside. Every time you light a fire, you need to replace your wood. You also need to deal with sweeping the chimney, removing ash from the fireplace, and cleaning the fireplace. One fire creates a great deal of work.

Fireplace Customization

If you have an existing fireplace, customizing it takes a great deal of work. It’s not cheap or easy to remodel a fireplace. Once you have a fireplace, you’re stuck with the way it looks until you save enough money to replace or remodel it. When you buy a fireplace insert, you can quickly change the look of your home. The inserts are available in a variety of styles, which allows you to customize your decor.


With a fireplace insert, you can lower the cost of your heating bill. Every time you use the insert, turn down the thermostat. An insert won’t replace the need for a heater, but it will decrease your energy bills.

Are Electric Fireplace Inserts Safe?

Perhaps the most important detail to consider in your insert is safety. Is using a fireplace insert safe, or does it put you in danger? The first thing you should know is that using a traditional fireplace is dangerous. If the flu isn’t open, the gas that enters your home could be fatal. There’s also the risk of sparks coming inside and starting a fire. While there are ways to safely use a traditional fireplace, there are potential dangers.

Fireplace inserts are safe if installed by a professional. Before you purchase your insert, do some research and make sure your chosen insert fits your fireplace or cabinet. Some inserts are made for very specific fireplace dimensions.

One safety consideration should be the glass on the insert. If you have an older insert, the glass could be hot to the touch. However, newer inserts have Safe-Touch technology. Although the insert puts off heat, the glass temperature itself remains low. You don’t need to worry about your kids burning themselves on the glass.

How We Picked

To choose the best electric fireplace insert, we had to dig deep. There are many inserts available, to find the ones that stood out. First, we considered the heat output. If an insert doesn’t get very hot, it won’t do you much good. You need the insert to be warm enough to heat a small room, or it won’t replace a traditional fireplace.

Second, we also looked at realism. An insert that looks like a real wood-burning fire will make your home feel cozier. With today’s technology, achieving that look is easier than you might think. We only picked inserts with fires that looked genuine.

Our Favorite Electric Fireplace Insert

Between all the inserts we chose, Flameline is our favorite. At 33 inches, it’s large enough to demand attention, and it can warm a room as large as 450 square feet. If you use the Flameline electric fireplace insert properly, its significant heat output can offset some of your heating costs.

If you don’t have a good spot to put your fireplace insert, consider getting a standalone electric fireplace.