Best Expandable Garden Hose Reviews 2019 - Our Top 5 Picks
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The 6 Best Expandable Garden Hoses

You can’t do much around the yard or garden without a good garden hose. Getting water to your plants, patios, and other maintenance chores is generally a necessity, and to make your life easier you should take advantage of current technology in hose materials.

A good, dependable hose is always appreciated, but you don’t have to look to heavy rubberized materials, or awkward coiled hoses anymore. The best expandable hose materials have improved over the years to include durable, quality, long-lasting products for all your outdoor needs.

Read on for our top six expandable hose picks to help make your life less cluttered in the great outdoors.

Backyard Boss Top 6 Expandable Garden Hoses for 2021

Flexi Hose - The 6 Best Expandable Garden HosesFlexi Hose
  • Length: 50 to 100 ft.
  • Material: latex, brass connectors
  • Weight: 2.99 to 4.8 pounds
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Elk And Bear - The 6 Best Expandable Garden HosesElk And Bear
  • Length: 50 to 100 ft.
  • Material: latex, brass connectors
  • Weight: from 2.3 pounds
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GrowGreen Garden Hose - The 6 Best Expandable Garden HosesGrowGreen Garden Hose
  • Length: 25 to 100 ft.
  • Material: polyester, latex, brass connectors
  • Weight: 1.76 to 4 pounds
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TheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose - The 6 Best Expandable Garden HosesTheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose
  • Length: 25 to 100 ft.
  • Material: latex, fabric, brass connectors
  • Weight: 1.8 to 4.5 pounds
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Aterod Expandable Garden Hose - The 6 Best Expandable Garden HosesAterod Expandable Garden Hose
  • Length: 75 ft.
  • Material: polyester, latex, brass fittings
  • Weight: 3.96 pounds
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TBI Pro Garden Hose Expandable and Flexible - The 6 Best Expandable Garden HosesTBI Pro Garden Hose Expandable and Flexible
  • Length: 50 or 100 ft.
  • Material: latex, brass connectors
  • Weight: up to 3.98 pounds
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The Best Expandable Garden Hose Overall

Flexi Hose
    This lightweight, expandable garden hose comes with a multi-setting spray nozzle and drains quickly for easy transport. The lifetime warranty means that you can't go wrong.



This is the hose I use in my garden, and I just ordered another one. Having tried several expandable hoses throughout the years, this is the one that has lasted the longest, with the best trade-off between being both lightweight and sturdy. It’s all about the thick latex core and solid brass connectors.

The model I link to is 50 feet, but there is also a 75-foot version, which is ample for almost any use. It comes with a multi-setting spray nozzle, which is high-quality. The hose drains quickly and shrinks down to make it incredibly easy to transport. No more struggling to coil up rubber that just doesn’t want to go the right direction!

The key to the whole thing is the lifetime replacement guarantee. The company has a solid reputation, and the hose is widely regarded as one of the best expandable hoses available.

Runner-up Best Expandable Garden Hose

Elk And Bear
    If you're looking for a product that you just know is going to last, the Elk & Bear expandable garden hose is your best options. It's portable, expandable, and lightweight, giving you three benefits that you just can't ignore.



Are you tired of changing your rubber hose ever so often? We know that there are lots of products that promise a high-quality experience and benefits in the long run and fail to deliver any of that. With the Elk & Bear expandable hose, you will get a solid product at a very fair price.

It has a total length of 50 feet, which should be more than enough for your yard or vegetable garden. When you order this beauty, you will also receive a spray nozzle, which distributes an even quantity of water to keep your greens fresh. There’s also a convenient carrying bag, really useful for transportation purposes. When turned off, the hose will drain the water in seconds, and then contract automatically.

The connector material is solid brass, which you know won’t break or rust, even after years of intense use. The inner material of the hose is latex, one of the most solid and long-lasting materials used to create… pretty much anything. And if you’re still not sure if this product will last for many years to come, maybe the lifetime replacement guarantee can give you peace of mind.

Most Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

GrowGreen Garden Hose
    This extra lightweight expandable hose never kinks, it includes a nozzle, and the lifetime warranty proves that the manufacturer believes in the quality of their product.



The third item on our list of top picks is the GrowGreen Garden Hose. This product is super space-efficient, easily stored, and stretches up to three times its regular size when water is flowing through it. One of our favorite aspects of this hose is that it never twists or kinks. This hose definitely makes watering the garden and flowerbeds a whole lot easier.

Another great benefit of this particular expandable hose is that it comes with a spray nozzle. Even more, the nozzle is high-quality and includes eight diverse patterns. The purchase even includes all the brass connectors needed to hook it up and get to work immediately. The connectors are not cheap either. They are long-lasting thanks to their corrosion-resistant materials.

The hose itself is also high-end, consisting of high-pressure-resistant latex that lasts for years and years. That said, the hose is designed to work with water pressure levels of 43.5/3-6Bar to 145PSI/10Bar. All in all, the hose is suitable for anything you could possibly need one for. Even more, it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer as well.

Best All-Purpose Expandable Hose

FitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose
    This expandable garden hose comes in four different sizes and includes a nozzle. When not in use, it contracts to as little as 9 ft. in length, making it super easy to store.



The FitLife Expandable Garden Hose is another excellent choice, and an extremely lightweight one at that; it only weighs 1.8lbs. The hose stretches to three times its normal length of 9 ft. when in use. It is designed for water pressure of up to 145 pohnds. The hose returns to its original length for a couple of seconds after the water passes through it.

This hose is one of the easier to use on our list, and easiest to store as well, due to its 9ft length. That said, it may not be the best choice for folks who have a giant yard or garden, though you could buy one of the larger and slightly more expensive versions of this product.

The hose is made of three layers of inner-wrapped latex and strong interwoven elastic fabric. It comes with standard US-standard three-quarter-inch brass fittings. There is also a brass valve at one end that lends superior control of the flow of water. Even more, the purchase includes a spray nozzle with eight output patterns for all of your various watering needs. In addition, this hose is available in four sizes; 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, and 100ft.

Best All-Season Gardening Hose

Aterod Expandable Garden Hose
    While this hose takes a little longer to expand or extract, it does offer an extra durable build, and it comes with a superior nozzle.



The Aetrod Expandable Garden Hose is another model that begins at 25 ft. in length and stretches up to 75 ft. long when in use. This one takes a few minutes to contract back to its regular size after the water stops flowing. Also, you will need to create a good bit of water pressure to get the hose expanded to its fullest length possible as well.

That said, this hose is still a great choice even though it takes a bit longer to contract and only hits its maximum size when the water is blasting through the hose at full capacity. It comes with a nine-function spray nozzle which is better than the one that comes with many of the other hoses on our list (if they even come with one at all).

Dual-layered latex and solid brass fittings lend the hose extra strength and usability. The hose also contains a high-strength woven casing for added protection and durability. That means you never have to worry about rips, tears, or cracks in this product.

The hose is easy to use and store, as well as being lightweight and highly flexible, and portable. It takes very little space to pack away, but should not be stored in direct sunlight if you want to get a long life out of the product. Another little perk that comes with this unit is a hose hanger for more convenient storage.

Best Budget Expandable Hose

 TBI Pro Garden Hose Expandable and Flexible
    This budget-friendly hose is durable and lightweight, but it includes neither a nozzle nor a good warranty.



The last entry on our list is the TBI Pro Garden Hose, a product that is both expandable and extra flexible. The hose is made of four durable layers of latex and therefore the unit is extra-long-lasting compared to similar expandable hoses. This particular unit begins at approximately 17 ft. long and expands up to 50 ft. in overall length when water is flowing through it.

This product includes an anti-leak system made of high-end connector-protectors that make sure you waste zero water. There is also a high-quality brass shut-off valve included. Further, this hose never kinks or twists while using it. Likewise, it is practically tangle-proof (unless your five-year-old is the one watering the garden – then all bets are off).

A storage bag and hose hanger also come with this purchase. However, there is no sprayer included as with some of our other top picks on this list. But, it is still a great choice regardless. Chances are you already have a favorite spray nozzle anyway!

What Are Expandable Hoses Made Of?

Expandable garden hose expanded and contracted.

To get started I should explain what an expandable hose is exactly. These hoses expand up to five times their length when water is on, but go back to their original size when the water is off; self-draining at the same time. Generally, they are much lighter than traditional hoses, they don’t twist or kink, and they are easily storable.

Latex Core

There are two main materials used that allow this process to occur. Some hoses have a latex core, a mixture of organic materials that are used as rubber. This can be doubled up (or even used in triple layers) for added durability. Hoses with this core are considered longer lasting than those used with other materials.

TPC Core

Other hoses have a TPC core. TPC stands for thermoplastic co-polyester, a flexible, elastic material that is used in the creation of tubing and hoses, among other things. It is touted as having high heat resistance and as being very durable over time.

Nylon Shell

A nylon shell materials are the most common covering found over the hose core due to its ability to shed water easily, dry out quickly, and fold upon itself as the hose retracts after being filled. Nylons are occasionally woven together to provide a thicker, more durable covering that wears slower while still providing the breathability and wicking traits needed to keep from mildews building up when in storage.

Hose Fittings

Brass is the most popular metal alloy used for hose fittings due to its ability to last through weather and overall strength. The material used in hose connectors impacts the overall performance of the hose due to how the fittings wear over time, or even how they connect to a water source. In our research, we were unable to find a hose of this type that didn’t use brass connectors.

Where a hose and the fitting come together, called the coupling, is where there is the highest amount of stress; and since brass doesn’t corrode over time, these fittings stay true to shape year after year. Also, brass doesn’t gall or stick together as aluminum does, when screwed together in wet conditions. So you can get a lasting, leak-proof seal for years to come, no matter how many times you connect and disconnect your fittings.

What Sizes Do Expandable Hoses Come In?

a closeup shot of an expandable garden hose.

Expandable hoses are unique in that they are made specifically for your convenience in mind. Rarely can you find a hose much longer than 100 feet in length, but expandable hoses come in everything from 25 to 200 feet in length (as measured when expanded), yet are only 8 to 66 feet in length when stored. The most common lengths found on the market are 50 and 100-foot lengths, although with a little research you can find the alternate sizes as well.

What I’ve discovered is that the companies that offer the largest range of sizes also happen to have the best reviews as they are using higher quality materials to meet wider consumer demand. So when searching out what is best for your needs, look for the products that offer choices.

However, you’ll have to consider that longer is not always better since you will lose water pressure the longer the hose is. If you need length without the hassle of connecting multiple hoses and trying to coil them when finished, then expandable hoses might be a perfect solution for your needs.

How to Choose the Expandable Hose for Your Yard

There is quite a variety of expandable hoses on the market, and you will want to sift through the many options available to get the best both for your needs and durability in the long run. Many of these hose types need a little more care than your regular, run-of-the-mill outdoor hoses you may be used to, and need to be prepped correctly before use and stored properly.

If you are certain you want to explore this option for your watering needs, then consider the following questions when making your purchase decisions:

What do you use your hose for?

Are you looking for a good all-around product to use around the yard and garden for watering purposes, cleaning off patios, and cleaning cars? Or are you simply looking for something to extend to your patio plants and flower beds? Your use will determine the sizes and durability ratings you will want to consider before purchase.

Where will you store your hose?

Hose storage truly can be problematic, hence the creation of the collapsible hose. But even with this perk, you still will be dealing with 8 to 66 feet of hose to store depending on the overall length of your hose. These hoses also should be hung to ensure they get the air circulation needed to avoid mildews within the materials used covering the hose core itself.

When do you use your hose the most?

Are you looking for a purely warm weather hose, or do you want to be able to use it year-round? Depending on how cold your zone gets, you may want to avoid the use of a collapsible version through freezing weather due to the materials used and the nature of how the hose works.

What materials does the hose consist of?

What the hose is made of will make a difference in its overall life. Cheaper hoses generally use materials that don’t last as long. If you are looking for a product that will only be used for light use then this may not make much of an issue in your decisions.

Does the hose come with care guidelines?

Ratings state that how you care for these hoses determines the life you get out of them. Filling and allowing to expand multiple times before use, and proper storage seem to be the most commented on needs.

Choosing the Best Expandable Hose for You

Our top pick is the Flexi Hose garden hose. It’s the kind of hassle-free product you need. You won’t have to stress about it being too heavy to carry around, or too difficult to store. It’s the kind of product that you just know is made of long-lasting materials, like brass and latex.

It’s literally the kind of product that does the job for you: all you have to do is connect it to the faucet and walk around the yard, letting it do its work. What really sets it apart is the lifetime replacement guarantee that you can’t get with other hoses.