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List Of The Best Expandable Garden Hoses – Our Top 5 Picks

I abhore trying to drag around and coil up my hose to get it out of the way. Yet, I can’t do much around the yard or garden without a good garden hose. Getting water to your plants, patios, and other maintenance chores is generally a necessity, and to make your life easier you should take advantage of current technology in hose materials.

A good, dependable hose is always appreciated, but you don’t have to look to heavy rubberized materials, or awkward coiled hoses anymore to get your jobs done. The best expandable hose materials have improved over the years to include durable, quality, long lasting products for all your outdoors needs.

Read on for my top five expandable hose picks to help make your life less cluttered in the great outdoors.



Comparison Table

Hose Materials

  • Latex Core
  • TPC Core
  • Nylon Shell

Hose Fittings

Hose Sizes

How To Choose The Expandable Hose For Your Yard

  • What are the use of your hose?
  • Where do you want to store your hose?
  • When are you using your hose?
  • What materials are used in the hose?
  • Does the hose come with care guidelines?

5 Top Rated Expandable Hoses to Consider



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Best Expandable Hose Comparisons

ModelHeightWeightMaterialsWarrantyOur Rating
Green Thumbing
50 feet2.85 lbsTriple layer latex core90 day manufacturer warranty

J. Millman & Sons
50 /100 foot choices3.02 lbsTriple layer latex coreLifetime money back guarantee

Titan Expandable
150 foot (25-100 foot choices available separately) 6.05 lbsDual layer latex core30 day money back, 12 month replacement warranty
TruTec Black
75 foot(50 and 100 foot choices available separately) 4.4 lbsTriple layer latex core30 day money back, 12 month manufacturer warranty
100 feet5.2 lbsDual layer latex core30 day money back, 12 month manufacturer warranty

Hose Materials

To get started I should explain what an expandable hose is exactly. These hoses expand up to five times its length when water is on, but goes back to the original size when the water is off; self draining at the same time. Generally they are much lighter than traditional hoses, they don’t twist or kink, and they are easily storable.


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There are two main materials used that allows this process to occur. Some hoses have a latex core, a mixture of organic materials that is used as rubber. This can be doubled up (or even used in triple layers) for added durability. Hoses with this core are considered longer lasting than those used with other materials.


Other hoses have a TPC core. TPC stands for thermoplastic copolyester, a flexible, elastic material that is used in the creation of tubing and hoses, amongst other things. It is touted as having a high heat resistance and as being very durable over time.

nylon-hoseA nylon shell materials are the most common covering found over the hose core due to it’s ability to shed water easily, dry out quickly, and fold upon itself as the hose retracts after being filled. Nylons are occasionally woven together to provide a thicker, more durable covering that wears slower while still providing the breathability and wicking traits needed to keep from mildews building up when in storage.
hose fittings

Hose Fittings

Brass is the most popular metal alloys used for hose fittings due to its abilities to last through weather and overall strength. The material used in connectors impact the overall performance of the hose due to how the fittings wear over time, or even how they connect to a water source. In my research I was unable to find a hose of this type that didn’t use brass connectors.

Where a hose and the fitting come together, called the coupling, is where there is the highest amount of stress; and since brass doesn’t corrode over time, these fittings stay true to shape year after year. Also, brass doesn’t gall, or stick together like aluminum does, when screwed together in wet conditions. So you can get a lasting, leak proof seal for years to come no matter how many times you connect and disconnect your fittings.

hose sizes

Hose Sizes

Expandable hoses are unique in that they are made specifically for your convenience in mind. Rarely can you find a hose much longer than 100 feet in length, but expandable hoses come in everything from 25 to 200 feet in length (as measured when expanded), yet are only 8 to 66 feet in length when stored. The most common lengths found on the market are 50 and 100 foot lengths, although with a little research you can find the alternate sizes as well.

What I’ve discovered is that the companies that offer the largest range of sizes also happen to have the best expandable garden hose reviews as they are using higher quality materials to meet a wider consumer demand. So when searching out what is best for your needs, look for the products that offer choices.

However, you’ll have to consider that longer is not always better since you will lose water pressure the longer the hose is. If you need length without the hassle of connecting multiple hoses, and trying to coil them when finished, then expandable hoses might be a perfect solution for your needs.

How to Choose the Expandable Hose for Your Yard

There is quite a variety of expandable hoses on the market, and you will want to sift through the many options available to get the best both for your needs and durability in the long run. Many of these hose types need a little more care than your regular, run-of-the-mill outdoor hoses you may be used to, and need to be prepped correctly before use and stored properly. If you are certain you want to explore this option for your watering needs, then consider the following questions when making your purchase decisions:

What are the use of your Hose?

Are you looking for a good all around product to use around the yard and garden for watering purposes, cleaning off patios, and cleaning cars? Or are you simply looking for something to extend to your patio plants and flower beds? You use will determine the sizes and durability ratings you will want to consider before purchase.

Where do you want to store your hose?

Hose storage truly can be problematic, hence the creation of the collapsible garden hose. But even with this perk, you still will be dealing with 8 to 66 feet of hose to store depending on the overall length of your hose. These hoses also should be hung to ensure they get the air circulation needed to avoid mildews within the materials used covering the hose core itself.

When are you using your hose?

Are you looking for a purely warm weather hose, or do you want to be able to use it year-round? Depending on how cold your zone gets, you may want to avoid the use of a collapsible version though freezing weather due to the materials used and the nature of how the hose works.

What materials are used in the hose?

What the hose is made of will make a difference it it’s overall life. Cheaper hoses generally use materials that don’t last as long. If you are looking for a product that will only be used for light use then this may not make much of an issue in your decisions.

Does the hose come with care guidelines?

Ratings state that how you care for these hoses determine the life you get out of them. Filling and allowing to expand multiple times before use, and proper storage seem to be the most commented on needs.

5 Top Rated Expandable Hoses to Consider

Green Thumbing Expandable Garden Hose

Quick Info

  • Height: 50 feet
  • Weight: 2.85 lbs
  • Materials: Triple layer latex core
  • Warranty: 90 day manufacturer warranty
  • Feature: Comes with spray nozzle and hanging hook

Our Rating:

This seems like an affordable deal for those on a budget and who are looking for a an expandable hose. A triple layer of latex covered by a woven nylon shell allows good breathability and protection from the elements. The added perk of included accessories rounds out the value package of this particular hose.

The brass fittings are equipped with its own on/off valve as well, so you can turn the water off to the hose rather than at the source depending on your use of it. It’s popularity with consumers seem to have a lot to do with how light it is and how well it stores, although complaints include how easily it will snag on concrete or other rough surfaces, which ultimately can wear a hole in the materials with too much consistent friction.

This is a good pick for hard to reach garden beds and lawns that you will be watering by hand, and surfaces that are more gentle in nature to the materials used.


  • Very flexible
  • Care instructions included
  • Comes with extra washers and accessories
  • Fittings are leak proof


  • Covering will fray if left lying on rough surfaces
  • Not durable for extended heavy use
  • Length is slightly off (not a full 50 feet)

J. Millman & Sons Expandable Garden Hose

Quick Info

  • Height: 50 /100 foot choices
  • Weight: 3.02 lbs
  • Materials: Triple layer latex core
  • Warranty: Lifetime money back guarantee
  • Feature: Accessories included

Our Rating:

The elastic woven outer covering seems to make a difference in overall durability concerning this hose, and leaking or wear seems to be a thing of the past concerning this particular model. A triple layer latex core and brass cuffs and fittings combined with metal couplings round out the additional toughness this model brings to the table, and to sweeten the deal the manufacturer also includes an accessory set.

Fraying has been recorded when dragged along concrete, but as more of an aesthetic issue rather than a true wear concern that could result in hole eventually. In fact, the only real problem documented concerning this hose was a defect, which was promptly replaced by the manufacturer.

Since this hose comes in two sizes (a 50 foot version, and a 100 foot version), you have your choices for all-around yard and garden work. This product seems to be a decent package deal and is of high, durable, and lasting quality.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to roll up and store
  • Thick nylon covering
  • Comes with instructions
  • Long life


  • Can’t store in direct sunlight
  • Water must be on all the way to reach the full length

Titan Expanding Hose

Quick Info

  • Height: 150 foot (25-100 foot choices available separately)
  • Weight: 6.05 lbs
  • Materials: Dual layer latex core
  • Warranty: 30 day money back, 12 month replacement warranty
  • Feature: No accessories

Our Rating:

The manufacturer of this particular model offers lengths from 25 feet to 150 feet, all with the same fittings and durable woven nylon covering. This means that you can take care of short distance jobs with as much ease as long distance ones! Even though the latex core is only doubled up, reports of bursting or leaking don’t seem to be an issue, even after multiple uses in heat and for more rugged use (such as dragging over concrete and using for long periods of time to wash cars to hose down patios).

Water pressure seems to be an issue for some using the hose without a nozzle, which might be occurring due to the fact that the core isn’t as narrow as many other traditional hoses or similar models. A nozzle seems to take care of this problem well though as it allows pressure to build behind it during use. Concrete snagging has also been reported as a common occurrence with the materials used to cover the core, but the thickness of the weave keeps it from damaging the hose itself.

This hose is a likely choice for anyone looking for a simple space saver for watering, to more active outdoor activities. The length choice makes it a good contender for a top rated product.


  • Strong brass fittings
  • Durable, thick covering
  • Good all-around yard use
  • Holds up well in sun and heat


  • Pressure doesn’t stay consistent
  • Snags easily on concrete

TruTec Black Expanding Garden Hose

Quick Info

  • Height: 75 foot(50 and 100 foot choices available separately)
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Materials:Triple layer latex core
  • Warranty: 30 day money back, 12 month manufacturer warranty
  • Feature: Accessories included

Our Rating:

Available in multiple size choices, this hose expands up to three times its original length to get to where you need it without compromising both storability or weight. The strong braided outer covering breathes for quick drying, and also keeps rough surfaces from wearing on the core.

Triple layered latex provides flexibility and the solid brass fittings keep your connections from leaking. Hose valve also allows you to adjust pressure so you don’t have to allow the hose to expand to its full length for jobs closer to your water source. It also comes with accessories, including a storage bag for added ease of storage once your watering season is complete. Simply pack away until spring!

Complaints, as with every other expandable hose, include how easily the nylon covering snags on rough concrete surfaces. However it seems durable enough to keep the core well protected through the life of the hose. This is a good choice hose for somebody looking for a good multi-purpose design, or added lengths to reach long distances without the added weight and frustration of hose entanglement.


  • Easy to combine for further length
  • Good water pressure
  • Strong braid nylon covering
  • Excellent customer service concerning issues with ordering and defects


  • Snags on concrete
  • Leaked fittings within a few months (replaced under warranty)
  • Cannot be left in sunlight

Geniusway Expandable Garden Hose

Quick Info

  • Height:100 feet
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs
  • Materials:Dual layer latex core
  • Warranty:30 day money back, 12 month manufacturer warranty
  • Feature: Accessories included

Our Rating:

It’s hard to find much wrong with this hose other than with other similar products storing in full sun is a definite no-no, and that it only seems to come in one length. A dual layer latex core and incredibly durable nylon covering rounds out the overall durability of this hose.

As a newer product on the market it seems to have the added technology that has corrected similar problematic issues in the past, and the 12 month warranty is certainly helpful if you are willing to try out something that is this recently hitting consumer sales.

Unlike other hoses, complaints concerning snagging seems to be obsolete, so dare I venture the guess that maybe this issue has finally been resolved as well? I’m sure time will tell, but current reviews certainly boast of a high quality item. This is a good choice for anyone looking for a good all around hose for hard to reach distances!


  • Extra thick woven nylon braid covering (compared to parachute cord)
  • Fills and drains quickly
  • Doesn’t snag on concrete
  • Easier to stretch without a complete fill


  • Do not store in full sun


The expandable hose market has certainly stepped up its game! A great idea that until recently didn’t seem to be able to compete with a good old fashioned rubber hose has certainly provided some competition. Strong brass fittings, layered latex cores, and durable woven coverings have allowed the expandable hose to hold its own with consumers.

Keep in mind that expandable hoses are not considered as long lasting as a rubber hose, they should not be stored in the sun, and freezing temperatures can (and most likely will) damage them. But all that aside, they seem to be a great alternative and a growing popular choice for those shopping for a lightweight and tangle free hose.

Despite all the great choices I dug through, my pick for this particular article is going to have to be the J. Millman & Sons Expandable Garden Hose, despite the struggle it took to come to this decision. What won me over concerning this particular model was the available length choices, how long it’s been on the market, and the overall ratings on the life of the hose.

Whether you are looking for a simple watering solution, hose storage solution, or are just tired of dragging around heavy hoses, considering an expandable hose should definitely be part of your search when looking for a new product. Afterall, it never hurts to look does it?

What’s your favorite? We would love to hear your opinions, or comments on what brands have worked best for you. Please share below, and of course if you’ve enjoyed this article, please like and share it with your friends!

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