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The Best Expandable Hose Reel and Holder in 2021

Expandable hoses make storing your garden hoses a breeze. As long as you remember to allow the hose to shrink by draining the water out before storage. Garden hose reels and hose hangers keep your standard hoses off the floor and out of the way, but if you mount them in the right spot, the hose will be easy to reach when you need it. You can even store the expandable garden hose with the hose nozzle still attached for the most hassle-free operation. Just make sure to squeeze the spray nozzle to drain the hose before stowing.

To get the most out of your expandable hose, you need to follow a few best practices when storing it. Firstly, it’s vital that you drain the water out of the hose before you store it. If you don’t, your hose won’t shrink, will be difficult to store, and may be in danger of bursting. Secondly, when it’s time to use your hose, don’t turn the water on when the hose is still wrapped around the reel. This will cause the hose to expand while it’s still on the reel and will lead to problems. Rather unwind the hose fully first (this is a cinch due to the lightweight nature of expandable hoses), and then turn on the water to expand the hose.

With a garden hose reel in your backyard, you can say goodbye to coiled hoses that take up so much room. If you’re short on storage space, then you’re going to want the hose reel and expandable hose reel combination to free up some real estate. You can even store your lightweight hose on a hose hanger because they are compatible with many types of hoses. Take a look at our best expandable garden hose reviews for our top picks. 

    Rolio Expandable Hose With Reel

    Hose And Reel In 1

    With the included reel attached to this expandable hose, say goodbye to kinks, coiled hoses. and dragging heavy hoses around your yard. A space-saving hose solution in one product. The high-quality brass fittings and adjustable spray nozzle are a nice touch
    Good Directions Key West Hose Pot

    Stealth storage

    For those who want to store their hoses in an aesthetic holder in an easy to use location. No need to try and squeeze your hose into the corner of your patio when you're not using it. Squeeze it into this pot instead and use it as a decoration
    Liberty Garden 710 Navigator Garden Hose Reel

    Decorative hose reel

    This decorative expandable water hose reel will keep your hose out of the way and look great while doing it. The bronze reel is a stylish and practical addition to your backyard. It's compatible with both an expandable water hose as well as standard hoses.
    Liberty 703 Steel Garden Hose Reel,

    Industrial hose reel

    Since hose reels live outside and are exposed to cold weather and direct sunlight, you may as well get an industrial grade one so that it lasts. This industrial hose reel will do just that. It has no frills besides extra length hose capacity (200ft), but it has everything you need and will do the job for years to come.
    Liberty 713 Revolution Garden Hose Reel

    Vintage hose reel

    Collapsible hose reels don't have to be boring pieces of hardware that you want to keep hidden. Take this bright red vintage hose reel, for example. This thing deserves to be on display. Besides, it's functional too, with its 360-degree brass swivel for effortless use, no matter the angle.
    TomCare Garden Hose Holder

    Standalone storage

    Are you looking for some standalone storage for your expandable garden hose? This product is free standing and comes with 3 spikes on the feet so you can position this hose holder anywhere the ground is soft enough.

Last Call

As you can see from the list above, expandable garden hose reels come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you’re storing a 50-foot hose, a soaker hose or a high quality hose, there’s something for you on the market. Even cheaper hoses should have a spot on the hose reel. If you want the hose and reel as one product in a kit with everything you need, the Rolio Garden Hose Reel is the one for you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a no-frills expandable garden hose reel with space for an extra-long hose, you may need to go the industrial garden hose reel route. In that case, look no further than the Liberty 703 Hose Reel. This tough garden hose reel will last for ages and has that extra space for longer rubber hoses. As always, make sure you have solid brass connectors for best results. The thread on plastic fittings will wear out quickly with repeated use. 

And finally, if you’re looking for a garden hose reel that’s a bit more of a head-turner, the Liberty 713 Revolution Garden Hose Reel is the one for you. The bright red paint and oversized hardware will give that old-school charm to your hose hardware. The aesthetics, paired with the sturdy bronze swivel for 360-degree rotation make this hose reel our top pick for today.