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Best Expandable Hose Repair Kits in 2021

Whether you are an experienced gardener or a first-time homeowner, a garden hose is one of the must-have tools to maintain your yard and garden spaces. Expandable garden hoses have been gaining popularity in recent years for a good reason.

These innovative hoses are lightweight and portable, using durable latex tubing that expands up to three times its original length during use. They are also known as pocket hoses due to their small size. One of the biggest selling points with these hoses outside of their convenient size is that they never tangle, twist or kink.

If you notice that your garden hose has sprung a leak, you don’t have to rush out to buy a replacement. Instead, you can repair many breaks and rips without breaking the bank with the help of an expandable hose repair kit. Unsure where to start? In this guide, we’re going to look at the different repairs you may need to tackle and share the best products to get you started.

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Why You Can Trust Us

I have long had a love for gardening, especially vegetable gardening. However, in many of our rental locations, we didn’t have the space for a traditional garden. Determined to continue growing our own food, this led us to investigate options designed for smaller spaces. It included vertical gardens and tools for smaller spaces like expandable garden hoses.

While expandable garden hoses, or pocket hoses, are great for storing with limited space, they are also highly susceptible to damage from wear and tear. That means that we had to start learning the ins and outs of repair those hoses. While many expandable hoses can use the same repair kits as a standard hose, this isn’t true for all. 

In this guide, I have combined my knowledge and experience with the rest of the Backyard Boss team to bring you the best products and most up-to-date information available.

Best Repair Kit with Shut-Off Valves

Mudder Expandable Hose Repair Kit with Hose Shut-Off Valve and Rubber Gaskets
    Enjoy the convenience of an easy-to-use hose shut off valve with this durable garden hose connector set designed to fit most ¾ inch garden hoses.



Why We Like It: If you are repairing a garden hose that doesn’t already feature a shut-off valve, why not add one during the process. 

This easy-to-install repair kit includes 4 hose connectors, 4 shut-off valves, and 8 high-quality rubber gaskets. The connectors are designed to attach to your hose with a clean and polished final look using a sleeve and cap design. It means that no additional pieces are sticking out that can catch items around your yard during use.

The shut-off valve is contained on a separate extension that can be added to the hose connector. It allows you to turn the water on and off during use without returning to the tap each time. If you are using the connectors to repair a leak further down the hose and the valve isn’t needed, simply leave that piece out with the two ends of the hose connector coming directly together.

Who Should Buy It: Gardeners that would benefit from shutting off water flow on their garden hose without returning to the tap should consider this hose repair kit.

Best Hard Plastic Repair Kit

SPEQUIX Garden Expandable Hose Repair Kit
    Constructed from high-quality, durable plastic, this kit can be used to repair damage or as a reliable faucet adaptor for your pocket hose.



Why We Like It: These plastic garden hose repair fittings are designed to make the process of fixing your garden hose quick and easy. 

Using a threaded sleeve design, they can be installed with nothing more than a pair of sharp scissors capable of cutting both the fabric exterior and the layers of latex underneath. Some consumers pointed out that they didn’t receive instructions or that instructions were difficult to understand. Luckily, there are easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions included on the product listing at this time.

Not only do these connectors work as a quick repair solution, but they are also a great option for hooking up hose accessories such as a spray nozzle, connecting multiple hoses, or securely connecting your hose to a water tap. Unlike other multi-use connectors that work with garden hoses of all types, this repair kit is designed specifically for pocket hoses or expandable hoses. It allows for easier installation and a smooth overall fit.

Who Should Buy It: If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-install plastic hose connector or repair kit for your expandable hose, the SPEQUIX Garden Expandable Hose Repair Kit is a good option.

Best Brass Repair Kit

Gardeningwill Brass Garden Expanding Hose Joint Male Pipe Adaptor Repair with Quick Connector
    If you are looking for a high-quality and long-lasting fix, this brass expanding hose repair kit will not disappoint.



Why We Like It: High-quality and reliable brass fittings like the ones included in this repair set from Gardeningwill are designed to last a long time with little to no required maintenance. 

The kit also includes a quick connector that works to hold the connector or attach your expandable water hose to the accessories. The connector will also work with most male-end quick connectors if you are already using one for other purposes.

Unlike the other options on this list, there is only one connector set included. However, the quality of the rust-proof, heavy-duty brass used will stand up to the elements over time. The set is designed for a smaller pocket hose, not a traditional hose. For this reason, it is not suitable to use on the standard ¾” thread hoses. It also should not be used on expandable garden hoses with thicker outer cloth layers because it will prevent them from sealing properly.

Who Should Buy It: The Gardeningwill Brass Garden Expanding Hose Joint Male Pipe Adaptor Repair with Quick Connector is a great choice for those that prefer working with brass fittings and hose splicers.

Best Aluminum Repair Kit

Hotop Aluminum Garden Hose Repair Kit with Stainless Steel Clamps
    Offering a simple budget fix, these lightweight aluminum hose connectors complete with stainless steel clamps are available in 3 fun, bold colors.



Why We Like It: The Hotop Aluminum Garden Hose Repair Kit with Stainless Steel Clamps is a great product for those that prefer metal hose fittings without the cost of a brass product. 

Constructed from lightweight aluminum, the fittings are sturdy and reliable. The garden hose connector is held in place on each end by rust-proof stainless-steel clamps. While these clamps are secure and durable, they create additional bulk on the hose around your repair. If they are left exposed, the clamps can catch on to other items in your yard during use. If they are tucked under the cloth outer layer, they can leave a noticeable bump.

The hose fittings themselves are available in three different bold colors including a more traditional brass look, blue, and green. Not only is this a great way to add a little fun if your house is transparent or partially transparent, but it also makes it easier to find your extra fittings in your toolbox at a later date. The design of these fittings offers flexible sizing, making it a suitable choice for both 3/4” and 5/8” hoses. The repair kit includes 6 aluminum connectors and 12 hose clamps.

Who Should Buy It: The aluminum construction of these hose fittings makes them a great option for homeowners looking for a durable metal hose repair option on a budget.

Best Budget Repair Kit

Gardeningwill Expanding Hose Female Male Repair Kit
    These budget-friendly hose connections are easy to install and suitable for all standard sized expandable hoses.



Why We Like It: While garden hose repair kits are generally a low-cost item, the cost can add up if you have multiple hoses requiring work. 

Expandable garden hoses are more susceptible to damage after the protective outer layer has been damaged. One great way to help keep your costs down is to purchase a high-quality and low-cost hose repair kit like the Gardeningwill Expanding Hose Female Male Repair Kit. Designed to fit the standard 3/4″ US thread connections, this kit will work to repair most standard expanding garden hoses. However, they are not suitable for those with extra thick outer fabric layers.

The kit comes with everything necessary to repair 3 garden hoses, including female connectors, male connectors, and O-ring seals. Easy-to-follow instructions are included with the repair kit, including pictures to illustrate each step. Not only is this a great solution to fix your expanding hose, but it also works to provide a connection for a water tap, hose gun, spray nozzle, or other accessories.

Who Should Buy It: This 3-pack garden hose connector repair kit is a great choice for budget-friendly gardeners and homeowners.

What Repairs May Be Needed on Your Expandable Garden Hose

a child playing with a water hose
Image Credit: Phil Goodwin on Unsplash

Nozzle End

As with any hose, there are two nozzle ends for you to be concerned about the one connecting your hose to the water supply and the one that releases the water. Either one of these nozzle ends can be damaged from wear and tear, which often leads to leaking. A small leak may be nothing more than a minor inconvenience. However, a larger leak can lead to bigger problems such as water damage near your water tap, loss of water pressure, or the inability to use accessories that attach to the hose, such as a spray nozzle or a quick connector.

Your hose nozzle will be made from one of two materials. Hard plastic hose nozzles are commonly used on budget products as they are lower cost. However, they are more susceptible to damage. Metal hose nozzles are more expensive to purchase and repair, but they generally have a longer lifespan. Each nozzle is held in place with a connector fitting. If you notice that your hose is leaking, the problem could be either of these parts or the rubber washer within the nozzle. Luckily, replacement kits contain all parts necessary to ensure that you can tackle the problem, whatever it may be.

Latex Interior

The actual waterproof tubing of an expandable garden hose is made from durable latex tubing. It allows to expand during use and contract back to its original size. The number of layers of material used can differ depending on the brand. More layers will cost more to manufacture, making the hose more expensive, but they are less likely to be damaged. If you notice a leak along the length of the hose, that is a clear indication that the latex inner layer(s) have a cut or tear that needs to be addressed.

Exterior Covering

You may be wondering – if the tubing of your hose is made from latex, why do you not see any latex? To protect the inner tubing, creating a more durable design, each expandable hose also features a fabric covering. It is usually made from polyester that is either bunched up around the inner tubing or constructed using coils that stretch out as the hose expands.

A tear in the fabric on this layer won’t immediately cause a problem, but it is more than a cosmetic repair. If the fabric is ripped, its ability to protect the latex interior is then compromised. It can quickly lead to leaking from a broken hose. It is recommended to address any rips in the exterior covering of the hose as soon as they are discovered.

What is the Best Way to Store My Expandable Hose to Prevent Damage?

a woman watering her garden with a garden hose
Image Credit: Sir Manuel on Unsplash

While there are many great garden hose repair kits readily available for purchase, the best approach is to prevent damage from occurring. One of the best ways to do this is to store your hose safely when it’s not in use.

Any time you are not using your hose, make sure that the water supply is completely turned off and disconnected, allowing the latex hose to self-drain and contract back to its original size. It will help to remove the pressure on the hose material, reducing unnecessary wear and tear. The hose can then be stored either on a hose hanger hook, hose cart, or in a hose storage bag.

Make certain that your hose is stored free from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures (hot or cold) as they can compromise the material. It is recommended that your hose be stored in the garage if you have access to one. If properly cared for, an expandable garden hose can last years before needing to be replaced.

How We Picked

With so many different garden hose repair fittings available, it was difficult to identify the best products. To do so, we had to focus on the details of each of the options. We looked at the ease of use, durability, price point, and versatility. With all this information, we were able to narrow our list. However, we still had a long list of options to consider.

After looking at the product details, we then dug into the firsthand experience of the Backyard Boss team and the other customers that have reviewed each of the options that we are considering. It helped us to understand the way that each product works in real life. With all these facts considered, we were able to identify the top 5 products that will suit any gardener or homeowner.

The Best Expandable House Repair Kit For Your Next Repair

While we are confident that any of the repair kits on this list would handle the repairs necessary for your expandable garden hose, there are some important details to consider when choosing the best option for your next project. Each product on this list is easy to use, allowing you to tackle your home DIY project. However, there is one that stood out above the others for the team here at Backyard Boss.

The Mudder Expandable Hose Repair Kit with Hose Shut-Off Valve and Rubber Gaskets is a great option to address your broken expandable garden hose. It is also a reliable solution for connecting your hose with the various accessories in your home and garden projects. The shut-off valve adds to the convenience by allowing you to control the water flow without having to return to the water tap repeatedly.

If you are looking for the best solution to address an unwelcome water leak or make your gardening chores easier, we highly recommend you give it a try.