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Best Firewood Conveyors You Can Find for Maximum Efficiency

A firewood conveyor isn’t a common machine, but it is one that can make an incredible difference in the way you move firewood along. If you produce your own firewood, you can improve your operation’s efficiency with the right conveyor. We’ve looked at all the firewood conveyors available, and came up with a list of the top picks. Find out which conveyors are best for your operation, and learn how to pick the perfect piece of machinery.

Backyard Boss Top 5 Firewood Conveyors for 2021

Wolfe Ridge MFG - Best Firewood Conveyors You Can Find for Maximum Efficiency Wolfe Ridge MFG
  • 81x chain
  • 90 degree rotation
  • Durable construction
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Multitek Firewood Conveyor - Best Firewood Conveyors You Can Find for Maximum Efficiency Multitek Firewood Conveyor
  • Up to 50 feet long
  • Steel construction
  • 30-inch wide belt
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American CLS Conveyors - Best Firewood Conveyors You Can Find for Maximum Efficiency American CLS Conveyors
  • 27-inch wide belt
  • Works with other processors
  • 100% steel construction
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Brute Force USA Firewood - Best Firewood Conveyors You Can Find for Maximum Efficiency Brute Force USA Firewood
  • Commercial grade
  • Also a radial stacking conveyor
  • 90-degree pivot
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DYNA CON-20CH Firewood Conveyor - Best Firewood Conveyors You Can Find for Maximum Efficiency DYNA CON-20CH Firewood Conveyor
  • Mini conveyor available
  • Commercial-grade metal
  • Quick connect for DYNA wood processor
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Why Trust Us

Machinery is fascinating to us at Backyard Boss. And while we appreciate the complexity of large, industrial machines, there’s something even more intriguing about simple machines, like the firewood conveyor. Understanding how it works piques our interest, and also allowed us to determine what makes a firewood conveyor effective.

We know what it’s like to make big investments, so we realize how important it is to pick the best conveyor for the job. After all, your business is on the line. With that in mind, we took the job of picking the best conveyor very seriously and left no stone unturned while searching for our top picks.

The Best Firewood Converter Overall

Wolfe Ridge MFG
    This versatile conveyor is available in lengths from 16 to 32 feet, can turn up to 90 degrees, and comes with a chute and chip separator grate.



An excellent option for a firewood conveyor is the Wolfe Ridge MFG conveyor. The machine has a top pull hydraulic drive and a single steel 81x chain. Equipped with paddles on the chain, the product is highly durable. It has a Honda GX160 that’s self-contained. In ten hours of run time, the motor only needs one gallon of gas. You don’t need to worry about wasting money on gas when you use this machine.

You can get this belt in lengths from 16 feet all the way up to 32 feet. As a professional grade product, the Wolfe Ridge conveyor was designed to last for a lifetime. One of the more unique features is this machine’s ability to turn 90 degrees from its original placement. The tires turn, which rotates the machine. If you want to save the time and energy that comes from repositioning the whole machine, this is an excellent option.

The product comes with a chute and chip separator grate. It’s made in the US for quality control.

The Best Firewood Conveyor for Great Distances

Multitek Firewood Conveyor
    The longest conveyor on the list has a hydraulic lift and moves up to 80 feet per minute.



Available in lengths from 15 to 50 feet, this conveyor is one of the longest on our list. It was built with tubular steel and has a hydraulic lift, along with an optional gas engine. For ultimate efficiency, this conveyor moves wood at a rate of 80 feet per minute.

There are two basic models available. The 20-foot and 30-foot models are both 30 inches wide. If you get the standard model, you get a tubular steel undercarriage and lightweight side channels. The machine is designed to last.

One of the benefits of getting a conveyor from Multitek is the industry experience. The company has decades invested in the firewood industry, and their experience shows in their products. In addition to being innovative, the company offers excellent customer service. Their products are made by experienced technicians, and that makes for a durable firewood conveyor that lasts.

The Best Conveyor to Connect to a Third-Party Firewood Processor

American CLS Conveyors
    This conveyor is up to 30 foot long, works with any firewood processor, comes with three-inch steel paddles, and is towable.



Known for its reliable log splitting equipment, American CLS also makes an impressive conveyor. Designed to be used every season of the year, their conveyor is 27 inches wide and made of 100% steel. In a harsh winter, the steel can withstand freezing conditions.

Even if you have a firewood processor from a different company, it will work with this conveyor. This versatility makes it easier for you to organize your operation. The motor on the machine is a Honda 160 GX. It features top drive hydraulics and adjusts up to meet your needs. Both sides of the machine have tension adjusters.

The machine has three-inch high steel paddles that are driven by two rows of double T-rod link controls. In addition to moving forward, the conveyor also moves backward. Available in 20-foot, 24-foot, or 30-foot, the American CLS conveyor is towable in all lengths.

The Best Firewood Conveyor for Radical Stacking

Brute Force USA Firewood
    This heavy-duty conveyor comes with a hydraulic raise and lower feature and can turn up to 90 degrees.



Manufactured by Brute Force USA, this firewood conveyor has everything you need to transport your firewood. It has a heavy-duty design that’s ideal for commercial applications. As with most quality firewood conveyors, this product has a Honda GX 160 engine. It’s equipped with a hydraulic raise and lower feature as well as an axle that also doubles as a radial stacking conveyor.

For an added cost, you can purchase a debris separator. With or without the separator, the machine can pivot 90 degrees from its placement. The belt is 18 inches wide, and the product is available in between 15 and 40 feet lengths. If you have your own engine, you can purchase the conveyor without the engine and use your own.

This product comes with a one year warranty. If you experience any problems, the customer service team is always ready to help. The Brute Force USA firewood conveyor is a sturdy machine that gets the job done.

The Most Affordable Firewood Conveyor

DYNA CON-20CH Firewood Conveyor
    With its modular design, this machine is easy to transport or repair. Hydraulic height and speed controls make it easy to maneuver.



Out of all the firewood conveyors, this may be the most affordable. Available in a length as small as 12 feet, this machine isn’t only for use on large scale operations. That said, it works for large firewood production lines and is available in a length as long as 40 feet. The DYNA conveyor has heavy-duty chains and paddles, which are designed to handle anything.

The conveyor is made with commercial-grade metal for years of use. It’s a rugged piece of equipment that has hydraulic height and speed controls. If you have an external power source, you can use that to power the hydraulics. However, the conveyor also works with the SC-14, 15, and 16 hydraulics.

This machine is easy to tow around. If you have a DYNA Firewood Processor, there’s a quick-connect that allows you to attach with ease. With a modular design, the machine can be disassembled for repair or transport.

All About Firewood Conveyors

A firewood conveyor is a simple machine. It’s a conveyor belt or steel track that moves firewood along from one point to another. Typically used for firewood that has just been split, a firewood conveyor can make your operation either highly efficient or a waste of money. The right conveyor belt is essential to the success of your split firewood production.

How They Work

These machines vary in design, but most use a small engine that powers a hydraulic pump or chain and sprocket. Once running, the engine powers the belt to move forward or backward. The amount of energy needed to power the belt is minimal, so most firewood conveyors run for hours on one gallon of gas.

Under most circumstances, firewood conveyors are adjustable. They rely on hydraulic cylinders that lift or lower the track. You may be able to find a conveyor with a hand crank instead of the hydraulic cylinder. Although hand cranks require more work, they make the conveyor belt more affordable. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly conveyor, a hand crank option could be the right choice.

In any case, the ability to adjust the height makes it possible for you to use your conveyor to fill trucks of varying heights, or to create large piles of firewood. After your firewood processor splits the wood, the belt carries the logs to the location you need them. Whether you keep the wood in a firewood rack or a pile, this machine can help.

Benefits of Firewood Conveyors

Wolfe Ridge MFG firewood conveyor with a mountain of split logs

While the average homeowner won’t have much use for a firewood conveyor, someone looking to start a firewood business would benefit. Instead of moving a little firewood at a time, the conveyor belt allows you to move a lot of split wood from your log splitter at once. And because running a business is all about efficiency and productivity, a conveyor is one of the keys to success in a firewood business.

The drawback to using a firewood conveyor is the high initial cost. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a cheap firewood conveyor. They all cost thousands of dollars, and you might not think you could justify the expense. However, the conveyor is an investment that comes with a significant return. By dramatically increasing your productivity, a conveyor pays for itself.

Important Details to Consider

One thing you should know about the conveyor is that it’s a heavy piece of machinery. Usually, conveyors measure somewhere between 20 and 28 feet long. Moving the conveyor takes more than one person, and it takes time. When you position your conveyor, you should plan on keeping it in one place for quite some time.

Although you might think that all firewood conveyors are the same, there are some details that vary. For one, there’s the length of the conveyor belt. Before buying a product, know your ideal length. This means planning out your operation and determining the most efficient set up for your business.

Another crucial detail is the gas usage. If you’re spending more money on gas than your profit, your business won’t succeed. To maximize your profits, you should look for a machine that is energy efficient. You can usually find details about gas usage in the product description.

Other Factors

One often overlooked detail is the belt. When considering which conveyor to buy, think about the durability of the belt. What is it made of? Does the manufacturer have a warranty on the belt or other parts of the conveyor belt? If your conveyor doesn’t have a well-made belt, it might break and slow down your production line.

As important as the belt of your conveyor may be, the chains are equally important. Without the chains, your belt won’t run.  They get some serious use and abuse, so you may want to find out what size and type of material your belt uses.

Making the Right Choice

Because a firewood conveyor is such a major purchase, you should take the time to research your options. While you might be tempted to pick the first conveyor you come across, be discerning and take your time. Look for a conveyor made by a reputable company, and only work with a company that creates a durable and reliable product.

While you should consider many of the details mentioned above, also consider the size of the motor and the customer support offered by the company. If you make the wrong choice, you could end up sinking thousands of dollars into making repairs. Don’t rush into anything, and take your time selecting the best machine for your needs.

Used Options

To save money, you can buy a used firewood conveyor belt or an agricultural conveyor. Typically, you can find these for sale on Craigslist and other selling platforms. You can also go to farm auctions and bid on the equipment. There are a few retailers who sell used conveyors.

DIY Options

You can make your own firewood conveyor by using old farm equipment. If you can get your hands on an elevator or gravel conveyor, you can modify it to meet your needs. You don’t need to be an expert mechanic to make your own firewood conveyor.

How We Picked

To determine which conveyors belonged on our list, we first looked at the manufacturer. There are some companies that have been in the industry for decades. Those tend to be the manufacturers that produce high-quality conveyors. They also seem to offer the best customer service, which can help when you need a repair.

In addition to considering the manufacturer, we also looked at the materials used to construct the conveyors. We considered the type of motor that powers the belt and the length of the belt. A variety of lengths was the preferred option. Finally, we looked at the speed of the conveyor as that will increases the efficiency of your operation.

Our Favorite Firewood Conveyor

After looking at all the conveyors available, the Brute Force USA firewood conveyor was our favorite. It’s one of a few conveyors that can pivot at a 90-degree angle, which makes it more flexible and easy to use. Additionally, the ability to use this machine as a radial stacking conveyor makes the product even more appealing.

Because the belt is available in both short and long lengths, it’s appropriate for all types of operations. It’s durable, reliable, and efficient. When it’s time to move your split firewood, the Brute Force USA conveyor can get the job done.