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The 7 Best DIY Firewood Rack Plans You Can Build Today

Are you the hands-on type? If so, you’re going to love our list of the best firewood rack plans to build today. We’ve put together a list of 7 firewood rack plans that anyone with basic hand tools and little to no experience can easily follow. Want to be stacking firewood on a new rack by the end of the day? Read on!

Best Firewood Rack Plans to Build Today

To keep firewood secure, dry, and close at hand, there is nothing better than a sturdy firewood rack. Building the firewood rack yourself is a reward of its own, plus it saves you money (as well as a trip to the store or waiting on the mail).

Here are our picks for the 7 best firewood rack plans you can build today:

Free Firewood Rack Plans

Firewood rack plans are easily obtainable. That said, not all of them are free. The following picks are free plans that are easy to follow and will have you stacking wood on your new rack in no time.

free build plans for firewood racks
Credit: Ugly Duckling House, The Woodgrain Cottage

Ugly Duckling House’s Small and Mighty Firewood Rack Plan

The Small and Mighty Firewood Rack Plan is a great little plan that we came across via Ugly Duckling House.

This DIY plan is for a simple, small, and sturdy firewood rack. Despite the fact that it’s smaller than other picks on our list, the Small and Mighty Firewood Rack actually stacks quite a large amount of wood.

The rack works best when set up in covered areas like porches, sheds, or barns.

In addition to the step by step plan, there is also a really good instructional video for this nifty firewood rack.

The Woodgrain Cottage’s Rolling Firewood Cart

One set of plans for a particularly convenient firewood rack that we came across while researching for this piece is the Rolling Firewood Cart from The Wood Grain Cottage.

The free plan instructs you in building an 18in by 45in firewood rack for outside use. However, the most unusual and helpful aspect of this plan is that it includes adding a set of wheels to the bottom of the firewood rack.

Few free firewood rack plans offer so much in such a little package. Not only is the rack super useful, but it’s also diverse and aesthetically pleasing as well (finishing details are included in the plan so you rack can look just like the one in the plan’s images).

DIY Firewood Rack with Roof

What’s the only thing better than a DIY firewood rack that’s cheap and easy to build? One that includes a roof. Here are our favorite picks for DIY firewood racks with roofs that you can build today.

pretty handy girl diy forewood rack plans
Credit: Pretty Handy Girl

Pretty Handy Girl’s Wood Storage Shed

If you’re looking for the plan with the most space for your firewood, Pretty Handy Girl’s Wood Storage Shed Plan is an excellent option to explore.

Do you have (or can otherwise get your hands on) some salvaged wood, and a few basic tools? If so, you may well be looking at a new firewood storage by the day’s end.

More than a rack, albeit, this little shed helps you keep your wood above the ground level, dry, and well organized. The plan has two shelves. One is down low, for logs and larger pieces of wood. The other shelf is higher and designed to hold smaller wood such as kindling.

This plan includes everything you need to know, including a materials list, instructions with diagrams, as well as images and video.

log store with and without firewood little house on the corner DIY plans
Credit: Little House on the Corner

Little House on the Corner’s DIY Log Store Firewood Plan

Another decent sized firewood rack plan with a roof included is this DIY Log Store Firewood Plan we found over at the Little House on the Corner. For those who have a larger amount of wood to keep organized and dry, the plan for this 6ft by 6ft rack design may be the best selection.

With plenty of room to store your wood, there’s also space for basic fire-tending tools. So, if you plan to keep this rack near an outdoor fire pit, you’ll have all your firewood and supplies in one convenient area next to your firepit.

More or less, the plan details how to build a base, back and side frames, and a roof. Few tools and little time are required for carrying out this firewood rack plan.

Metal Firewood Rack Plans

As popular as wooden firewood racks are, metal firewood racks take firewood storage to another level altogether. Typically sturdier and longer-lasting than wood, metal firewood racks are simply heavier duty than wood racks.

Here is our pick for the best metal firewood rack plan that you can build today.

instructables aluminum over gravel firewood rack diy plan
Credit: Instructables

Instructables’ Aluminum Over Gravel Plan

This Instructables plan for an aluminum over gravel firewood storage system is one of the neatest metal firewood rack plans we came across.

The plan clearly lays out all the necessary details including what preparation work is required for building the aluminum frame.

If you’re ready to try your hand at creating and installing a DIY metal firewood rack, this plan takes you to the finish line step by step.

An aluminum L bracket and U channel are required for this build.

Full Cord Firewood Rack Plans

To store more than a mere few cubic feet of wood, (such as a full cord of firewood, or more), these next couple of plans are great choices for DIY firewood rack plans you can build today.

garden firewood rack bench for full cord diy plans
Credit: Instructables

Garden Fireplace With Bench

This beautiful garden fireplace with bench plan is admittedly a bit elaborate compared to others mentioned here on our list. However, when it comes right down to it this plan is deceivingly simple to complete.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary materials, including stone, wood, and tools, you’ll quickly be on your way to building one of the most gorgeous and accommodating free full cord firewood rack plans we’ve ever seen.

If you have a fire pit in the backyard or plan on adding one any time soon, there are very few firewood rack plans that are more impressive than this Garden Fireplace With Bench as laid out on Instructables.

firewood rack diy needs only wooden pallets and a cord of firewood

Basement Log Stack Plan

Last but far from the least, another excellent free firewood rack plan that you can build today via Instructables is the Basement Log Stack Plan.

This genius plan is designed for homes with a bit of extra space in the basement. That said, it works well in garages, outbuildings, and even that spare bedroom that no one’s using.

One of the most attractive aspects of this plan is how simple and useful it is. All you need to get started is willpower, a handsaw, and some 2ft x 4ft pallets.

This plan is made to hold as much as 400 cubic feet of firewood. For most, it’s enough storage space for an entire winter’s supply.

Which Firewood Rack Plan Are You Going to Build Today?

firewood on wood backgroundChoosing the best firewood rack plan you can build today can be a pretty challenging decision. That’s why we kept folks with all skill levels and experience, including zero DIY experience, in mind while choosing the 7 best plans.

For those who make their own firewood, our best log splitters review may be interesting as well.

Hopefully, our list helped you narrow down your decision or inspired you to create a firewood rack plan of your own!

Do you know about a great DIY firewood rack plan that you’d like to share with our audience? If so, we’d love to see pictures, videos, or links in the comments section below.

Good luck finding and building out a firewood rack plan today!