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The Best Firewood Shed Kits You Can Find in 2021

So you just finished a long session with your log splitter and now your wood needs to properly dry before you can burn it. You can either build your own firewood shed with the right plans or, if you’d rather save that time, you can buy a whole shed in a DIY kit. We have compiled a list of the best firewood shed kits.

Backyard Boss Top 5 Firewood Shed Kits for 2021

Basics Shed Kit With Barn Roof - The Best Firewood Shed Kits You Can Find in 2021 Basics Shed Kit With Barn Roof
  • Size WxDxH: up to 10' x 22'
  • Material: galvanized steel connectors
  • Storage capacity: depends on frame provided
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Firewood Storage Shed Project Plans - The Best Firewood Shed Kits You Can Find in 2021 Firewood Storage Shed Project Plans
  • Size WxDxH: 8' x 10'
  • Material: wood
  • Storage capacity: 80 square feet
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Factor Plastic Storage Shed - The Best Firewood Shed Kits You Can Find in 2021 Factor Plastic Storage Shed
  • Size WxDxH: 8' 5'' x 5' 11 1/2'' x 7' 11 1/2''
  • Material: plastic
  • Storage capacity: 285 cubic feet
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Newburgh Metal Storage Shed - The Best Firewood Shed Kits You Can Find in 2021 Newburgh Metal Storage Shed
  • Size WxDxH: 10' 3 1/4'' x 7' 11 1/4'' x 5' 10 7/8''
  • Material: galvanized steel
  • Storage capacity: 401 cubic feet
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Rubbermaid Plastic Firewood Shed - The Best Firewood Shed Kits You Can Find in 2021 Rubbermaid Plastic Firewood Shed
  • Size WxDxH: 7' x 10' 6'' x 7' 11''
  • Material: plastic
  • Storage capacity: 400+ cubic feet
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The Best Bargain Firewood Shed Kit

2x4 Basics Shed Kit with Barn Roof
    If you're looking for a firewood shed kit and you have your own lumber to construct the walls and the roof, then this kit is a cost-effective option that will help you put the basis of the project together.



If you’re looking to put together a firewood shed kit without spending too much money in the process, we’d like to show you this 2 x 4 Basics shed kit. This is basically just the “skeleton” of the barn and you will still be required to purchase the 2×4 lumber to put everything together. It might be a useful purchase for those of you who already have to wood needed to build the structure and are basically looking for ways to put together the supporting beams.

There are assembly instructions that will be delivered with your kit and they are the plans that will create a 7 x 8-foot shed. There are also 39 connector brackets included in the package. You won’t need any angle cuts to put the beams together, thanks to these included connectors.

The Best Firewood Shed Project Plans

8' X 10' Firewood Storage Shed Project Plans
    These plans are perfect for those of you who already have the materials to build a firewood shed but lack the plans to see this project through.



In some cases, you just need someone to tell you how to build the shed and aren’t looking to purchase the actual components needed. If it’s guidance that you’re looking for, then maybe you just need a plan to teach you how to put everything together. If that’s the case, take a look at this firewood storage shed project. Sold by Plans Design, this is like a comprehensive manual that will guide you through the steps and the materials needed to see this project through.

Some of the specifications for the end result include a saltbox-type roof style, a skid foundation, an 8-foot roof span, a door opening that measures 60 x 73 inches, and an overall structure size of 8 x 10 feet.

The Best Plastic Firewood Shed Kit

    Those of you looking for a firewood shed kit that's easy to assemble, looks good, and can be used for other storing purposes should definitely take a look into this product.



People tend to run away from plastic sheds, which is a real shame because some of these are actually built to last. This one by Factor is a firewood shed kit with a full plastic construction that looks really good and focuses on providing you with just enough storage space for your firewood needs; provided you don’t have way too much firewood to store. If you don’t, maybe consider a firewood rack instead.

This shed covers an area of 50.15 square feet and the walls are 1.5 inches thick. The window measures 1′ 5” W x 2′ H, while the door is 4′ 6 1/2” W x 6′ 3 3/16” H. There is also a shelf that you can mount inside the shed in case you want it to cover some of your other storage options, so we can certainly say this is one versatile shed kit.

The Best Metal Firewood Shed

Newburgh Metal Storage Shed
    If plastic and wooden sheds aren't your thing, how about storing your firewood under the protective construction of a metal shed, such as this one?



We’ve gone through plastic and wood, so let’s continue by exploring one of the best firewood shed kits made out of metal. This is a kit that contains the sliding door, the double door, and the actual shed, but doesn’t come with the foundation, the floor, and the door lock. It has a galvanized steel construction that goes really well with the baked-on polyester enamel finish. When put together, you will end up with a firewood storage shed that covers 80 square feet.

The water and UV resistant structure are pretty standard in this type of product because no manufacturer would sell something that doesn’t withstand nature’s elements. The beautiful eggshell color of the steel construction makes it compatible with a lot of different garden decors and results in a firewood shed that can double as a storage shed whenever needed.

The Most Sustainable Firewood Shed

Rubbermaid Plastic Storage Shed
    This is one product that we definitely recommend to those of you that want to spend more money on a quality firewood shed kit, with a large opening that can serve you if you want to deposit larger logs.



The last firewood shed kit on our list is yet another plastic-constructed product with an impressive choice of durable materials at your disposal. When assembled, this kit covers 73.5 square feet. Made from recycled materials, this is a kit that includes double doors, the shed, two windows, a floor, a skylight, and proper ventilation. The door locking mechanism is something that you will have to handle separately.

Some of the features that make this firewood storage shed a regular powerhouse are the double doors that allow you to deposit large logs, but also other large items that might require a greater opening. The plastic is sturdy and weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about durability even if you live in areas with harsh climates.

Why Should You Store Firewood?

Basics Firewood Shed with just the frame.

When you’re working with dry firewood, it burns better, creates less emissions, and has a higher heat output compared to wood that has too much moisture. When wood is freshly cut, it has a moisture content of about 50 percent. Wood that is properly dried has a moisture content that can go as low as 15 percent.

The right way to store firewood depends on its freshness. Always avoid putting fresh wood indoors and take into account the following firewood storage tips:

Rain and Weather

Firewood must always be protected from the rain, even if you’re using something as basic as a tarpaulin cover. However, the tricky thing about covering your firewood like that is that air doesn’t circulate. So that’s a really good reason to opt for a shed instead of a cover.

Off the Ground

Make sure that your firewood isn’t stored on the ground because soil traps moisture. Even if you use something as basic as wooden pallets to stack firewood on top of them, it is still a much better alternative to putting logs directly on the ground.

Room to Breathe

When you place the firewood inside a designated shed, leave a little bit of space between the logs and the wall. This will allow wood to properly ventilate and discourages wood pests (such as termites) from turning your logs into their next target.

Benefits of Firewood Shed Kits

Factor Firewood Shed with open doors

There are tons of reasons why you should consider buying a firewood shed kit, aside from the obvious one which is wanting to keep your firewood dry. There are so many different options to choose from, it only makes sense for you to understand what these products have to offer so you can decide for yourself if they are worth your money.

Easy Set-Up

A firewood shed kit is easier to set up compared to what it would take to build on from scratch. Not only does it require less effort on your behalf, but it’s also less time-consuming and doesn’t require you to use as many tools in the process either. Some of the kits that you find on the market might be easier to set up if you have one more person helping you, but it’s not impossible to set it up on your own either. Most of these kits require the use of a hammer and a screwdriver. All the good ones also include a comprehensive manual, so there should no trouble having to figure out which part goes where.

Replacement Parts

In case something should break down, parts should be relatively easy to replace. You are very likely to find parts to replace the broken ones but know that these kits are fairly easy to maintain, so the likelihood of them requiring replacements is pretty low.


Firewood shed kits can range from very basic to pretty complex structures. Some of them are literally a roof supported by four pillars, while others include sheds that you can use to store your tools or maybe even more firewood. The idea is that you have great control over your budget and if you don’t need something too complicated and that uses too many materials, you can opt for basic firewood shed kits that still manage to get the job done without costing a fortune.


Sheds will provide your wood with a raised platform that keeps it off the ground. This way, your firewood will be stored away from moisture, making a shed the best way to store your firewood, allowing it to dry, and keeping it away from the elements.

Do You Need a Firewood Shed Kit?

There isn’t a single scenario where your firewood should be left randomly outside without proper coverage. Moisture diminishes the burning properties of wood and that’s something you want to avoid if you rely on wood to heat your home. You can always build your own firewood shed from scratch, but kits make it super easy to put one of these babies together.

You will have to pay really close attention to what is included in each kit. As you might have noticed from our round-up, some of these are pretty complete, while others are mere plans.