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7 of the Best Firewood Shed Plans You Can Build Today

A firewood shed can provide ample storage space for every last branch, log, and piece of kindling. And with a little bit of skill and sweat, you can build it yourself. Combined with a firewood rack, you’ll be set for keeping that campfire, wood stove, or fireplace going all year long.

We’ve compiled the best firewood shed plans you can set up yourself. To make the job easier for you, we’ve broken our list down into subsections determined by the amount of wood the sheds hold.

2-Cord Woodshed Plans

For many folks, a two-cord woodshed is big enough to get them through the coldest months of the year, especially if they have an additional firewood rack holding even more wood. Here is our favorite two cordwood shed plan.

Easy Firewood Shed Plan

Sketch of a two-cord wood firewood shed.

For beginners and those working with tight budgets, this two cordwood shed plan is as easy and affordable as it gets. With a handful of basic tools and common building materials, this project takes little time or effort than other firewood shed plans.

The Easy Firewood Shed Plan is laid out in eight easy-to-follow steps. The foundation of this particular shed is one of the simplest you can get; cinder blocks, meaning no mixing or pouring cement required.

3-Cord Woodshed Plans

Need a bit more space than a mere two cords worth? Check out this tremendous three-cord woodshed plan that we dug up!

8 x 8 Firewood Shed Plan

iCreatables 8x8 Garden Firewood Shed

If you need a little extra space for your firewood, or maybe some room for tools, the 8 x 8 ft. firewood shed plan may be the one for you. The shed stores no less than 385 cubic feet of firewood, which is precisely three cords. A roof (16-inch overhang) is included in the plan if you prefer more protection from the elements. Following this plan’s simple steps will have you well into building this firewood shed before the day’s over.

4-Cord Woodshed Plans

Were you looking for a four-cord wood shed plan? iCreatables has a plan for that, too.

8′ x 12’8″ x 12′ Firewood Shed Plan

iCreatables 4-Cord Garden Firewood Shed

An equally large shed as the DIY Garden 8 x 8 ft. mentioned above, this 8 x 12 ft. firewood shed plan is another to consider building today.

Technically, the shed has enough room for up to 768 cubic feet of firewood. That’s a full six cords of wood. Following this plan is simple, and you’ll only need essential tools and materials. The design of this firewood shed includes a 16-inch overhand on the front side that helps protect your wood from bad weather conditions like rain, snow, and sleet.

For storing four cords of wood, you won’t find a plan that offers so much extra room in addition to keeping four full cords. A small wood stove fits along with the wood, making it a highly functional outbuilding.

10-Cord Woodshed Plans

Sometimes, a lot more space is necessary for storing firewood. If you have upwards of 5 to 10 cords, you need one of these ten-cord wood shed plans that we tracked down.

10 x 15 Pallet Shed Plan

A lot can be done with old pallets and a few hand tools—this 10 x 15 ft. pallet shed plan, for example.

Recycling pallets clears up space around the place and saves you money on building materials.

If you have less than ten cords of wood to store, this plan is a great option that offers plenty of room for additional storage of any sort.

Cheap Alternatives to Building a Firewood Shed

Not feeling the whole build-you-own firewood shed thing, but don’t want to buy one either? Here are a few cheap alternatives to consider before forcing yourself to build a firewood shed you don’t want.

Under Deck or Porch

If your property has a front porch, back porch, or deck, you may already have plenty of room for storing wood. Many patios and decks have ample space underneath for storage purposes.

Stash your wood under the deck or porch and then conveniently grab a handful whenever you need it.


Do you have a patio, balcony, or space in your yard itself to work with, or even just the side of your driveway? You can stack your wood in a stable manner and cover it with a heavy-duty tarp. Be sure to add weights around its edges to hold it down.

If you want to get creative, tarps are also great for building make-shift lean-to and car-port-like tents for storing wood. With poles and heavy canvas tarps, it is even possible to create a basic “building” much like what mountain-men and old-time fur trappers used to winter in out in the mountains.

7 of the Best Firewood Shed Plans You Can Build Today - Multipurpose Tarp

    Multipurpose Tarp

  • 10 by 12 feet
  • 16 x 16 weave count
  • 8 oz per square yard


Wooden Pallets

If you have space but don’t have the desire or need to build a shed, simply stacking your wood on wooden pallets will suffice.

You can even make walls and a make-shift roof out of pallets as well.

Using a tarp or two in addition to wooden pallets does just as good of a job keeping your wood nice and dry as most firewood sheds.

7 of the Best Firewood Shed Plans You Can Build Today - Hard Wood Pallets

    Hard Wood Pallets

  • 48 by 40 feet
  • lot of five
  • 2,800 pound capacity


Plastic Crates or Totes

Crates and totes, such as those used by delivery services or found at department stores can also serve as firewood storage.

If you stack and lock crates together with zip-ties, you can build a sort of cubby/shelving system that works perhaps better than a simple shed by giving you numerous squares to not only keep your wood but to keep it well organized, too.

This sort of DIY storage area works well for storing much more than firewood. Tarps and plywood work well as makeshift roofs.

7 of the Best Firewood Shed Plans You Can Build Today - Plastc Crates

    Plastc Crates

  • 13.19 x 13.19 x 11 Inches
  • Holds up to 50 lbs
  • 3-pack


Large Drums

Water barrels and other large drums (55-gallons or more) are designed to keep liquids in, but they also work great at keeping water out. That means they keep firewood dry as a bone, especially the ones that come with sealable lids.

The best part about storing firewood in large drums is that they are easy to maintain and can even be moved (while full of wood) quite easily using a small dolly.

Large rain barrels and drums can also store a wide variety of other items, everything from dog food to clothing and other household items that need storage.

7 of the Best Firewood Shed Plans You Can Build Today - Rain Barrel Drum

    Rain Barrel Drum

  • Holds up to 55 gallons
  • Made from food-grade polyethylene
  • Comes with a lid

The Best Firewood Shed Plan for You

Selecting the best firewood shed plan you can build today is both fun and rewarding for those who enjoy DIY projects. Hopefully, our list of the seven best firewood shed plans you can build today helps you out with the process.

If you’re interested in creating your firewood, you may find our best log splitters reviews helpful as well.

Do you know about a great firewood shed plan that you’d like to share with our audience? If so, please let us know all about it in the comments section below (including photos, videos, and links).