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The Best Flocked Christmas Trees You’ll Find in 2021

Trends come and go, but some design concepts stay loved by households forever when it comes to Christmas decor. Flocked Christmas trees are one such design concept that can add a classic flair to just about any living room during the holidays. If you’re in the market for a new Christmas tree for Christmas 2020, a flocked variety might suit your specific aesthetic.

So what exactly is a flocked Christmas tree? To put it very simply, a flocked Christmas tree is an artificial Christmas tree that has been treated with a paint-like material to give it a more natural, snow-covered appearance. Flocked Christmas trees have come in and out of style through the years, but you simply can’t deny that once they’re dressed and decorated, these trees really pull a room together!

If you’re looking for a new flocked Christmas tree for the upcoming holidays, remember that not all flocked Christmas trees are equally good. It’s very important to do a little research ahead of time, as these trees can be pricey. Luckily, we’ve put together an awesome list of flocked Christmas tree products so you can take the guesswork out of shopping. Check out these incredible flocked Christmas trees! (And stick around until the end to see which one we picked as our #1!)

5 Best Flocked Christmas Tree Comparisons

What is a Flocked Christmas Tree?

A flocked Christmas tree is an artificial tree that goes through a process called “flocking.” Flocking is an old process of building texture on a tree (or another type of object, such as yarn, canvas, and other textiles) by attaching very small fibers to the tree material. When it comes to flocked Christmas trees, the process of flocking involves attached a white powdery mixture to the branches to make it look as if it is covered in snow.

FLOCKED CHRISTMAS TREE NEEDLES CLOSEUP DETAIL OF FLOCKINGThe flocking process can add some texture and dimension to a Christmas tree. If you want a slightly more natural-looking artificial Christmas tree but don’t want to deal with the hassle of a real tree, flocking could add an elegant touch to your tree.

What is Christmas Tree Flocking Powder Made Of?

The powder used to flock Christmas trees can be made from a wide range of materials. One of the biggest flock manufacturers in the United States has claimed that their flock recipe is made of paper pulp, corn starch, and boron. That last bit is a flame retardant– so if you’re worried about the flammability of flock, it can actually make your tree less of a fire hazard!

Some DIYers will make their own flock to freshen up an old Christmas tree. Some recipes will look very similar to the one above, while others will involve materials like white soap shavings, white glue, and water. Nevertheless, if you plan on purchasing a pre-flocked Christmas tree, there’s a good chance that tree will have been treated with Peak Seasons flock or at the very least a cellulose flock. You won’t have to worry about any strange, toxic materials creating fumes on your tree.

Are Flocked Christmas Trees Toxic?

Since flocking material can be made of a pretty wide range of materials, it’s hard to say whether or not it is toxic. Peak Seasons flock is non-toxic. Many DIY flock is non-toxic as well. While cellulose isn’t explicitly toxic, eating large amounts of cellulose-based flock could cause serious stomach upset to humans and pets. To put it simply, flock should be treated the same way as tinsel, garland, ornaments, etc. If any of these products are consumed by children or animals, they could pose a health risk.

flocked prelighted decorated christmas tree closeupOur recommendation would be to avoid flocked Christmas trees that are cheap and tend to “shed” their flock without much movement. It’s impossible to avoid some fallout when installing a tree, even if that tree is of high-quality. Make sure that once you have installed and dressed your tree that you vacuum and sweep the area below the tree accordingly. If possible, do not let babies or pets get too close to your flocked Christmas tree.

If you plan on flocking your own tree with a DIY concoction or a bottle of flocking spray you’ve pre-purchased, you should always flock your tree outside and wait for it to sufficiently dry (around 1-2 days) before bringing it inside. You should also avoid putting tinsel, ornaments, or lights on your flocked Christmas tree before it is completely dry.

Are Flocked Christmas Trees Popular?

If you do a quick sweep of Instagram, flocked Christmas trees have definitely come back in style. However, they’ve come in and out of vogue more than once.

The concept of flocking Christmas trees (both artificial and real) has been around since the 1800s. Back in the day, original DIYers would try to get that snow-like effect by mixing cotton, flour, and glue together to create flock. The modern version of flocking started becoming popular back in the 1950s and 1960s. During these two decades, flocking powder began to be mass-produced, marketed, and advertising. Consumers didn’t have to make flock themselves anymore– they could simply buy a bottle at their local hardware store or buy a pre-flocked tree from a department store.

Top 5 Best Flocked Christmas Trees

Best 7.5-Foot Flocked Christmas Tree

It doesn’t get much better than this all-in-one classically styled flocked Christmas tree! This tree features more than just medium-coverage flocking. It also boasts pre-strung Christmas lights (approximately 550 warm white bulbs for the 7.5 foot variety) so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of dressing the tree or fixing broken string lights. This beautiful tree is flocked perfectly—not too much, not too little. The look is extremely natural and captures the wintry feel many consumers look for when it comes to a flocked Christmas tree. Plus, this tree is extremely easy to set up and comes with an easy-to-use foldable stand that provides fantastic stability. The company has also noted that the flock used for this tree is flame-resistant and relatively mess-free. This tree is 52 inches in diameter and 90 inches in height. In most households, a 7.5 foot tree will be the most appropriate in terms of ceiling height.

    7.5ft Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Artificial Christmas Pine Tree Holiday Decor w/ 550 Warm White Lights

7.5ft pre-lit flocked Christmas tree with warm lights
    A beautifully pre-decorated flocked Christmas tree with medium flock coverage for average to tall ceilings.

Best 6-Foot Flocked Christmas Tree

Another excellent flocked Christmas tree from Best Choice Products is this lovely, simple 6 foot tree. Covered in medium-coverage flock, this tree looks extremely natural. The combination of the classic pine tree shape and meticulously placed flock makes this tree ideal for consumers who want something very natural or rustic looking. Nobody wants to deal with the pine needles, insects, and general messiness of a real pine tree, even if your aesthetic is very close to nature. this artificial flocked Christmas tree is an excellent alternative. Plus, the included steel stand is small but subtle, and offers just enough balance and stability to keep your tree standing tall. The dimensions of this tree are 42 inches (diameter) and 72 inches (height.) There are also 4.5 foot, 7.5 foot, and 9 foot varieties of this tree to better suit the ceiling height of your home. However, a 6 foot or 7.5 foot tree will fit most residential living rooms.

    6ft Premium Snow Flocked Hinged Artificial Pine Christmas Tree Holiday Decor w/Metal Stand

6ft Premium Snow Flocked Hinged Artificial Pine Christmas Tree Holiday Decor w/Metal Stand
    A medium-height Christmas tree in a classic shape with medium-coverage flock.

Best Flocked Pencil Christmas Tree

Are you a fall of the skinny tree shape? The pencil style of Christmas trees is a modern, minimalist approach to the typical full and fluffy pine tree. This uniquely-shaped flocked Christmas tree boasts a medium-coverage amount of flock and has a very natural look. It also comes with a significant number of tips (about 641 tips for the 7.5 foot variety), so you know you’re getting a very thick, natural-looking tree. The diameter of this tree is about 25 inches and the height is at about 90 inches including the stand. This tree also comes in 4.5 foot and 6 foot varieties.

    7.5ft Snow Flocked Artificial Pencil Christmas Tree Holiday Decoration w/Metal Stand

7.5ft Snow Flocked Artificial Pencil Christmas Tree Holiday Decoration w/Metal Stand
    A seven-and-a-half pencil-style Christmas tree with medium-coverage flock and an average height for most living rooms.

Best 9-Foot Flocked Christmas Tree

Do you really love the flocked look? If so, you might love this 9-foot jumbo Christmas tree, which comes with a whopping 2,094 heavily-flocked tree tips that provide a very natural look. Each tip is packed with flock and has an overall stark white appearance. Even better, this tree is extremely easy to set up and, if you’re not a fan of putting up Christmas lights, you’re in luck: this tree comes pre-lit with 900 warm white twinkle lights.

    9ft Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Christmas Tree

9ft Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Christmas Tree
    A nine-foot tall flocked tree for rooms with tall ceilings. Comes with a hefty amount of flock, huge number of tree tips, and 900 white lights.

Best Flocked Mini Christmas Tree

We’ve covered a lot of huge trees on this list, so why don’t we give a little bit of love to the tiny flocked Christmas trees out there? If you live in a dorm, a small apartment, or just want a mini Christmas tree to keep on your desk at work, this Northlight mini Christmas tree is an excellent choice. This itty bitty tree stands at only two feet and is lightly flocked for a natural, subtle look. The base of the tree is made of burlap for a rustic, holiday-appropriate look. While this tree doesn’t come with lights, you can easily decorate it with small baubles and mini string lights or fairy lights.

    Northlight Pine Artificial Christmas Tree in Burlap Base, 24 inches

Northlight Pine Artificial Christmas Tree in Burlap Base, 24 inches
    At a tiny height of two feet, this rustic and cute mini flocked Christmas tree is great for small spaces.

Bottom Line

There was just too much good to pass up when it comes to this beautiful classic 7.5-foot flocked Christmas tree from Best Choice Products! This tree is appropriately priced, this size fits in most homes, the tree is covered in flame-retardant flocking material, and comes with twinkle lights that make setting up so much easier. Plus, this tree has a beautiful classic shape that will be aesthetically pleasing for years to come. You simply can’t go wrong with a classic flocked Christmas tree that comes with the convenience of easy setup and pre-installed lights. Once you’ve spun some tinsel around this tree and speckled it with ornaments, we bet it’ll take your breath away!

Choosing the right flocked Christmas tree may take some time and adequate investigating. We think that if you choose one of these excellent flocked tree products that we’ve covered in our guide, you’ll be happy with your decision! Just be sure to keep your flocked tree away from babies and pets, and ALWAYS flock your artificial tree outside or in a well-ventilated area before bringing it into your living room.

How was our guide to buying the best flocked Christmas trees out there? Drop us a line below to let us know which one was your favorite!