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The Best Outdoor Flood Lights for Your Home

JJC LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Flood Light - The Best Outdoor Flood Lights for Your HomeJJC LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Flood Light
  • Bulb: LED
  • Power: 20 W
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
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LEONLITE 6-Pack 5W LED Outdoor Landscape Light - The Best Outdoor Flood Lights for Your HomeLEONLITE 6-Pack 5W LED Outdoor Landscape Light
  • Bulb: LED
  • Power: 20 W
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
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Onforu 2 Pack 60W Color LED Flood Lights - The Best Outdoor Flood Lights for Your HomeOnforu 2 Pack 60W Color LED Flood Lights
  • Bulb: LED
  • Power: 60 W
  • Waterproof rating: IP66
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LEPOWER 100W LED Flood Light Outdoor - The Best Outdoor Flood Lights for Your HomeLEPOWER 100W LED Flood Light Outdoor
  • Bulb: LED
  • Power: 100 W
  • Waterproof rating: IP66
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LED Flood Light, Dusk-to-Dawn Photocell - The Best Outdoor Flood Lights for Your HomeLED Flood Light, Dusk-to-Dawn Photocell
  • Bulb: LED
  • Power: 50 W
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
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You have your solar lights, your outdoor lights, your spotlights, your post lights, but floodlights? Or what about flood lights with cameras? Floodlights are common for outdoor use, particularly when you want to illuminate a large area. Because of how powerful they are, floodlights can be used to light up an entire stadium, but they can work just as well if you have a really big yard. Let’s look into that, shall we?

What Is a Flood Light?

Floodlights have a broad beam that is very powerful. If you have ever been to a sports stadium but the light conditions were not favorable, then the floodlights most definitely have been turned on. In fact, it is mandatory for sports stadiums to have floor lights in order to ensure illumination when there’s no daylight.

Floodlights are usually categorized by how they’re used or by the type of bulb they use. Here are some of the main categories you should know:

  • Metal-halide lamps have a very powerful and bright white light.
  • Sodium-vapor lamps are known for their high lumen-to-watt ratio and are very commonly used during sporting events.
  • LED floodlights are known for their lower power consumption and the fact that they light up instantly. That makes them more efficient after a power outage because there is no delay in lighting up the area.
  • Incandescent light bulbs are common as well, but they aren’t that efficient as other types. They have a really short lifespan and quite a low light output. However, their popularity arises from the fact that they are less expensive and will turn on immediately, which makes them efficient when they are installed on motion sensor security lights.
  • Fluorescent lights are good for both home and commercial applications. There are not that often chosen for floodlights because they take longer to warm up compared to LED lights, for instance, which makes them less efficient for motion sensors. However, they go really well with floodlights that are used to illuminate streets, signs, gardens, yards, or fountains. They are efficient in terms of how much power they consume and have a rather long lifespan as well.
  • Halogen lights are also commonly used on floodlights, even though they are not very different compared to incandescent lights. They are, however, more efficient and render better light.

More About Outdoor Security Lighting

As you can imagine, buying flood lights for your yard that could actually illuminate an entire sports stadium or the stage of a concert hall is a useless investment. Here are some more facts that you should know before you adventure in purchasing floodlights for your home:

  • In general, floodlights that are suitable for home use are typically those that come equipped with motion sensors or those that can illuminate or showcase different points of interest in your garden or yard.
  • You shouldn’t mistake home-use floodlights with those designed for commercial or stadium use. Commercial use floodlights are really powerful, and stadium lights are designed for really large areas and consume a lot of power.
  • You can buy solar-powered floodlights. The operating mechanism of such lights is very similar to that of a regular solar light: you have a solar panel that absorbs the energy of the sun during the day, converts it into electricity, stores it inside an internal battery and then uses that stored power to turn on the lights during the night.
  • There are also floodlights that require an electrical outlet to function. Alternatively, you can buy floodlights that are battery-operated. The tricky thing about floodlights that operate on batteries is that you have to get a really battery-to-light bulb combination if you want to avoid buying batteries all the time. For example, if you pair LED flood lights (which are known for consuming less power to function) with a good rechargeable battery, you might actually get a bang for your buck.

Top 5 Flood Light Reviews

Let go on by looking at some of the best flood lights that money can buy right now. We have a few models here that are suitable for different needs (because all customers are different, right?), so stick with us as we briefly run you through the specifications.

Customer’s Choice Flood Light

What makes the JJC lights some of the most praised ones on the market? This is a fixture containing two lights that are powered by LED bulbs and deliver exception brightness for a fraction of the cost of more expensive lights out there. considering the price you pay, these lights have more than what you could have asked, for.

They are waterproof IP65, so you know they’re protected in several weather conditions. They have photocell sensors that can detect the outside level of light and turn on the fixture at dusk and turn it off at dawn. They are equipped with motion sensors that can pick up movement within a 30-feet distance and at 150 degrees radius.

The lights have a small control panel that allows you to set the range perimeter, adjust the brightness of the lights, but also the on-time duration, which automatically grants you more control over how much power the fixture will consume. The cap can be rotated at a 360-degrees angle, and the sensors can also be adjusted depending on what area you’re looking to cover.

JJC LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Flood Light
    Once again, the customers have spoken. Are you looking to buy floodlights that have received a huge number of positive reviews from the target market? Then these products will surely draw your attention.



Best Motion-Sensing Flood Light

Sometimes, a fixture with a motion sensor is the best idea, even if it’s just a way to keep track of the raccoons that keep knocking over the trashcan. The Leonlite 6 pack is a reliable set of flood lights that comes equipped with a motion sensor that has a detection angle of 180 degrees and a sensing range of 70 feet (which is nothing short of impressive).

It has three modes of operation: one of them that gives you full control of the light, an auto mode that will detect the outside light intensity and adjust the settings accordingly, and a feature that makes the light so on in the evening and turns it off in the morning. Powered by LED lights with 20 watts consumption, Leonite claims that the lifespan of this light can save you $715 (while also promising a lifespan of 50,000 hours).

The light comes with a waterproof construction (IP65, to be more exact), which is precisely one of the features that you should always look for in lights that you plan on installing outdoors. The dual heads that are on this fixture can be rotated to your maximum convenience.

LEONLITE 6-Pack 5W LED Outdoor Landscape Light
    If you’re looking for a secure way to spot intruders during the night, a floodlight with a motion sensor is just what you need. Leonlite swoops in to save the day by offering you this quality motion light that illuminates your yard when detecting movement.



Best Color-Changing Flood Light

We just had to include something with more color in here, because who doesn’t love colored lights? They are excellent for people who are trying to add a drop of magic to their yard by creating a unique ambiance during the night. The fixtures each have a total of 16 colors and four different lighting modes.

The Onforu lights are actually a pack of two fixtures that comes with LEDs that can change color. Each of the two fixtures in the package comes with its very own remote control equipped with 21 buttons that will grant you full control over the settings of the light. The working distance for the remote control is between 20 and 26 feet.

Like all other good floodlights, these also come with an IP66 waterproof rating. The chassis is made from aluminum and has a cooling design that prevents overheating which might lead to internal component melting. The body of the lamp can be adjusted at an angle of 180 degrees, which means that you put in on the ground or mount it on the wall/ceiling.

Onforu 2 Pack 60W Color LED Flood Lights
    Those of you looking for floodlights for decorative purpose, perhaps to showcase the beauty of your garden during the night, will absolutely love how these lights make everything in your yard look like a page out of a fairy tale book.



Best Flood Light on a Budget

When you look at the size of LED lights equipped in this fixture, it doesn’t really seem like much, yet the Lepower floodlight is really good considering its rather low cost. As promised, this light will replace a 500 W halogen bulb which, while efficient, is very high on power consumption, so you probably don’t want that for your front yard.

While the light itself comes with an IP66 waterproof rating, the plug itself is not waterproof, so you’re going to have to be really careful with where you plug this light in to avoid any potential hazards. The light itself promises to save you about 80 percent on your electricity bill, although we are not sure what they’re comparing that consumption with exactly.

It features a 120 degrees beam angle which is a pretty generous illumination range. The casing is made from aluminum and temperate glass, which is a hint that this will be quite durable considering it comes at a lower cost that the other lights we’ve looked at today.

LEPOWER 100W LED Flood Light Outdoor
    The Lepower floodlight is one of the least expensive products of its kind, without compromising quality in the favor of price. It’s good for all those who want a decent floodlight without having to spend a small fortune on one.



Best Flood Light for Pole Mounting

The Kadision lights can be mounted on top of a flagpole and use the power of LEDs to light up your yard. It comes with an integrated hood which is meant to reduce glare. The drainage notch is also a nice feature, preventing water build-up that you absolutely should not have on a light fixture. But not to worry; the fixture was IP65 rate anyway, which makes it waterproof and safe to use outdoors.

The built-in photocell is located at the top of the fixture and it is responsible for detecting the outdoor light conditions and turning on the lights as dusk approaches. It will also make sure that the lights are automatically turned off during the day. the fixture can be adjusted at a 180 degrees angle, which might prove to be a useful feature for some of you. Because it comes equipped with LED lights, this fixture is quite efficient in terms of power consumption and has an output of 6,000 lumens.

 LED Flood Light, Dusk-to-Dawn Photocell
    If you have some flagpoles that could use a fixture like this, the Kadision delivers great results in terms of power consumption and lumens output.



Bottom Line

The variety of options that you have at your disposal in terms of floodlight is extremely generous. While it’s true that we can’t give you an absolute best of light because it really depends on what you’re after, we do hope that the information we’ve given you in the buyer’s guide will help you tell the different types of lights apart from one another.

For home use, it’s always best to switch to something more economical, like floodlights that come with LED bulbs, as this will save you money in the long run. Also, you don’t really need lights that have a gigantic range and coverage angle, because your yard is most likely not the size of a stadium. Oh, and always remember that waterproof lights are the way to go when you’re looking for an outdoor fixture.