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37 of the Best Flower Hedge Ideas: #23 is So Easy!

37 of the Best Flower Hedge Ideas: #23 is So Easy!
When decorating a front yard, side garden or even a back outdoor area, the ideas can come all at once or not at all. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with internet searches and landscape ideas, sometimes starting out simple is the best bet.

When it comes to outdoor decorating, utilizing what you have may be the best idea. Hedges are a great, easy way to decorate an outdoor space. You can easily create flower hedges simply by encircling and outdoor area that you want to line with flowers. We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas out there for creating your own flower hedge designs.

1. Traditional Flower Hedges


This traditional scene features flower hedges that make the front yard pop with color. Using any flowering shrub, or in this case, what appears to be periwinkles, you can easily create a gorgeous garden landscape simply by utilizing this wonderful hedge. This kind of design just makes the whole area seem more welcoming and appealing to the eyes. It’s super easy to take care of, too!

2. Stacked Garden Hedge


This stacked garden hedge features plenty of colors and lush greenery to spruce up any type of outdoor garden area. The interesting design will make this area a conversation starter, for sure. You can easily incorporate any blooming shrub you’d like to make this area of your yard as unique as you are. Better yet, a watering system can be incorporated to ensure the water trickles down and saturates the entire area.

3. Snaking Hedges


Make some interesting designs in your outdoor area by creating rows of snaking blooming hedges. Not only will the designs be unique, but the colors you use will be extra interesting since they will maintain an interesting shape. Rows of periwinkle flowers and the like would look fantastic in this setup. The more interesting the colors, the more interesting the design.

4. Lush Hedges


These lush hedges feature a blooming hedgerow toward the outer rim of the garden that leads into a greener and lush interior line. The contrast of the flowers against the lush green makes each row stand out in their own uniqueness. This would be the ideal setup for a quaint side garden or a courtyard space that needs a little extra sprucing up.

5. Brilliantly Vibrant Rows


These brilliantly vibrant flower hedges stand out gorgeously under the bright sun. The more vivid the flower, the more amazing it will look once incorporated into the garden area. Adding a solid row of green or a darker foliage color will help these colors stand out and shine on their own. You could also add some filler rows such as tile or pebbles for spacing purposes.

6. Flowered Stairway


This flowered stairway cold lead right up to heaven by how gorgeous it looks. The light pink flowers cascade gently against the darker, more rugged backdrop. The stairs are made of natural wood, which makes the scene serene and gorgeous from the natural look of it. Using pale flowers for a concept like this one would be the best bet, especially surrounded by so much dark wood.

7. Hedge Bushes


These hedge bushes feature larger white flowers that open up above the broad-leaved bush below it. This is a great idea if you have space and can easily utilize these larger flowering bushes. You can find several different plants that will give you the same effect, you’d just need to research which plant would grow well in your climate.

8. Hydrangea Hedges


Hydrangea hedges not only look super great to have in the front yard, but they are relatively easy to take care of, as well. The flowers bloom up in clusters and make the whole area look ethereal as these flowers are as delicate as clouds. Since these plants come in lighter, pastel colors, the darker the surrounding foliage the better when this design is concerned.

9. Hedged Perimeter


This hedged perimeter looks gorgeous against the lush green grass. Taking on this rectangle shape, this outdoor design concept mixes traditional flowers with a fresh take on a modern outdoor area. This would be perfect for an outdoor sitting area or even a backyard area that sees a lot of parties or family outdoor activities. Add some string lights and you’ve got the location to the next patio party.

10. Purple Hedges


These purple hedges look gorgeous against the blue sky. This hedging just goes to prove how versatile the flowers in your design can be. Have a favorite color? Try finding the perfect flower to incorporate the color into. Create your own customized backyard scene with your favorite flower and you have a relaxing piece of paradise. The taller the flowers are, such as these purple flowers, the more elegant the whole scene will look.

11. Tulip Hedges


These hedges feature blooming tulips that will perk up even the dreariest of days. Tulips are great because they grow hardy and they come in so many brilliant colors. Plant either one tone for a well-groomed, polished look, or incorporate several different colors to create your own kaleidoscope of color. Imagine a walkway hedged by these beauties?

12. Hedged Circles


These hedged garden circles feature small clustered rings of flowers. Much like the concept of hedging a walkway or larger garden line, these clusters fill in smaller areas. They almost act as a garden wall or a small perimeter for trees or other garden plants or décor. Encircling something with flowering hedges is a great way to polish an outdoor area and add plenty of colors.

13. Wide Hedges


These wide hedges feature flowering bushes and standard green bushes that lead up to the front door. This is a great design concept for anyone trying to spruce up the front walkway without having to add too much to space. This is more of a way to enhance what is already there, not really to change it up too much. It’s gorgeous in its simplicity.

14. Color Clusters


These color clusters are a unique way to create a garden perimeter ring. These blooming hedges feature pockets of color instead of just a row of blooms. Interesting in design and completely unique in preference, this awesome garden idea can feature so many textures and colors. It all depends on what you prefer and what you think would look best in your setting.

15. Tall Blooming Hedges


These tall blooming hedges encircle these gorgeous trees. Delicate in white, these glorious bushes brighten up the whole scene. The dark leaves in these bushes make the delicate white flowers only pop more brilliantly against the darker background. Imagine having afternoon tea in a setup like this? The smell of rain in the air only adding to the serenity of it all.

16. Groomed Hedges

These groomed hedges feature a light red flower that stands tall against the strong hedge. This is a great way to depict just how versatile hedging can be. You can easily add color accents to any sort of scene and choose any type of flowering plants you’d like to accentuate it. Hedging ideas do need to be groomed in order to maintain shape, but you can see why it’s worth it.

17. Unique Hedge Design

This unique hedge design almost looks like a starburst. The interesting angles and cut of this hedging idea will most definitely be a conversation starter at your next garden party. You can go with any design type you like, and depending on the season, you can even add some seasonal blooms to make the whole area perfumed and smelling great.

18. Shrub Rose Hedges


Shrub rose hedges are a great way to add some decorative hedging to your garden. Shrub roses always remind me of an English tea garden since the roses come in all colors and are small and delicate. They look like the flowers painted on delicate tea sets throughout England. Bring this traditional feel to your outdoor space by utilizing this concept.

19. Blue Hues


Give your garden area the blues by way of brilliant blooms. Blue is relaxing, delicate and always gorgeous. These blue hydrangeas add so much color to the scene, even if they are decorative hedges. Add any color you’d like to your garden, of course, but his idea gives you some insight as to how great blue hedging would look in real time.

20. Pool Hedging


This pool hedging only makes the pool look better. It’s hard to incorporate some décor into a pool area sometimes, but with a design like this one, you can’t go wrong. The delicate hedging edging the pool makes the area pop with color and becomes vibrant with life. This is a great way to add a little something extra to the scene without having too many plants around.

21. Pink Hedges


These pink hedges encircle the already intriguing garden fixtures. A mix of darker and lighter pink, these tiny hedges make the scene pop with color and contrast. This is a great way to get in some more depth into the backyard area and create a fun visual masterpiece. Flower hedges also add so much character to the scene.

22. Pinks and Purples


These pink and purple flowers add a sweet touch to this traditional scene. This looks like the home front you’d see in the countryside of New York. The delicate pinks and purples just tie the scene together and add a sense of calming to the area. Pastel flowers seem to incorporate that feeling and add a lot of character without overdoing the charm.

23. Pool Garden hedges


This impressive pool with built-in water features offers an impressive sight as-is, but add these gorgeous flower hedges into the mix and you have a scene ideal for a home and gardening magazine. This is a great way to add some natural flowers to an already impressive design scape. The hedges are almost in hedge boxes, which adds to the clean look of the scene.

24. Hedge Garden


This hedge garden features several different plants in once hedging idea. This is an ideal way to add texture, color, and interesting plants into the mix. If you don’t have room for a traditional garden, a hedge garden could provide all the space you need, it’d just be more spread out than clustered like a traditional garden. You could also add veggies and herbs to the mix.

25. Farmhouse Hedges


This scene already has the white picket fence, so adding these delicate flowers makes sense. This is a great way to accent the area without taking away from the already classic scene. The flowers seem to just dance along the edge of the fence in the breeze on this pristine countryside. The long hedge row is impressive as it is gorgeous.

26. Colored Hedging


This hedge features bold colors such as orange, purple and gold. The scattered hedging seems to make a mosaic of color and pattern that makes this outdoor area look spectacular. Adding different textures in plants makes the area interesting to look at. Make sure you incorporate plants that will do well in unison and can weather the season together.

27. Hedging Bulbs


These hedge bulbs make the design quite interesting to look at. Adding a unique flower as a hedge can add so much character and texture to a scene. Whether you prefer your hedges shorter or taller, these delicate flowers can make all the difference in design. You can also switch up the colors to go with whatever décor you need.

28. Delicate Edges


These flowers accent the garden as a whole with the delicate edging they provide. The golden flowers definitely do pop out and make themselves known against the darker background. This would be an ideal decorating technique for a large outdoor area like this one. The delicate hedges add a little outline of color so the depth can still be seen.

29. Clustered Hedges

This flowering hedge features so many different colored flowers in one. From the pinks to the white to the reds, this hedge concept is a perfect way to incorporate a kaleidoscope of color to your outdoor area. Again, with all of these hedging ideas, you’d need to be sure that the rows are groomed constantly to prevent any weeds popping up or spillover to happen.

30. Garden Hedge Path

This garden hedge path features delicate rows of flowers against a natural grass path. This would be ideal for the gardener who prefers to keep the décor to a minimum and let nature do most of the hard work. Lining natural paths with flowering hedges not only makes the scene look great, but they are typically pretty easy to maintain and take care of.

31. Seeping Hedges


These colorful flowering hedges feature deep seeps into the design making the hedges look as if they are bleeding out onto the lawn. This is an interesting and more dramatic effect you could take when decorating with hedges. The looks are gorgeous and depending on the colors of the flowers you use, the color scape is just as interesting.

32. Beachy Hedges


This beachy hedge design features plants you’d typically find in a more tropical setting. The broader leaves and hardier flowers mean these types of plants can survive extreme heat and a more salty environment. If you’re trying to incorporeal some beach elements into the mix, adding flowering hedges with some of these plants will do the trick.

33. Landscape Hedging


This fantastic landscape edging idea moves your eyes from once delicate area to the next. The white flowers featured in these hedges almost seem to move naturally and, like most gorgeous landscape designs, is a work of art and we’re just here to enjoy it. This idea is more of a traditional design that mixes the old with the new. You can easily make this a modern concept by the layout and line designs.

34. Aerial Hedges


This design type features hedges along the edge of the actual rooftop of this building. The glorious deep purple of the flowers make for a unique concept and will undoubtedly make guests want to linger in the front courtyard for a little longer than necessary. This unique design creates the illusion that the foliage is everywhere and would be perfect for a country home or western lodge.

35. Antique Hedges


These front yard hedges feature gorgeous antique looking flowers that create a traditional feel. This is a great layout to have in the front of a home since the scene looks more relaxing. Having these types of hedges right up against the wall to the entrance is a classic way of creating décor for greeting guests. Again, the types of hedges can be entirely up to you, but the concept is an old one.

36. Daisy Hedges


These happy daisy hedges will lift your spirits as they lift themselves to the sunshine. Utilizing daisies in any sort of outdoor décor is a great idea, but having them as their own hedging concept will make the entire yard smell great and look inviting. After all, they say daisies are the friendliest flower, so why not extend that feeling into the gardening designs?

37. Patterned Flower Hedges


You don’t have to utilize the same flower when creating a hedge concept. For example, in this photo, these flowers stand out against each other and create a completely unique concept. It’s as if they extenuate each other and make each other look great. This is an easy way to get the most out of your hedging concept and keep the yard looking interesting.

To Conclude

So there you have it – some of the most intriguing design for creating your perfect blooming hedge ideas. Which one do you like best? Did you like a few of these concepts and aren’t sure which to choose from? Make the space unique and create your own using pieces of these designs. Whatever you come up with is sure to look great if they’re anything like these great ideas. Have a special flower or plant you could recommend? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts and comments in the section below so we can all get some inspiration!

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