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7 of the Best Flowers To Plant in Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a beautiful way to grow flowers, even when you don’t have a garden. You can get a variety of baskets in unique styles or made from different materials. They’ll look amazing and last long so you can use them again next year. With proper care, many flowers can survive in hanging baskets.

Since plenty of flowers grow and thrive in containers and hanging baskets, it’s hard to choose just one! The blooms look gorgeous inside and outside your home, making it easy to decorate and find the perfect place. It can be an overwhelming task sometimes but that’s why in this article, we will go over the seven best flowers to plant in hanging baskets that are low-maintenance and long-lasting.


Pink begonia flowers
Image credits: Rebecca Niver via Unsplash

Begonias are the perfect flowers to put in hanging baskets because their flowers look “droopy”. They hang nicely over the sides of the basket, making it look full and lush.

They are known for their bright flowers and don’t mind the high heat that beats down on them during the summer. Begonias come in several colors, ranging from vibrant reds to yellows and cool oranges and pinks.

These flowers bloom yearly in outdoor baskets but die off as soon as the first frost hits them. Although, if you bring them inside and keep them in a sunny spot, they will continue to grow year-round.

2. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia maritima) in garden, Moscow region, Russia
Image credit: Nick Pecker via Shutterstock

Sweet Alyssum is a great basket filler and produces continuous blooms starting at the end of spring and the beginning of summer.

Not only are they beautiful to look at, but sweet alyssum also smells incredible with blooms that have a sweet honey scent. These flowers require a bit of work because they grow large and lush. For this reason, you need to properly prune them.

When hanging these plants, provide them with moderate sunlight and water them regularly to keep them blooming.

3. Petunia

Red, purple and white petunias in hanging basket
Image credits: mschiffm via Pixabay

Petunias are known for being beautiful, easy to grow, and the most popular of the hanging flowers. These plants can survive inside or outside in their swinging baskets. They can grow quite large, so they are always a favorite as their colors pour over the edge of pots. Petunias come in a variety of shades, including purple, pink, white, and red.

When planting your petunias in your hanging baskets, use soil with good drainage and only slightly acidic. They will do fantastic if you hang them in a place with full sun.

If you have them hanging outside, be prepared with bird feeders! Petunias are known for attracting hummingbirds.

4. Pansy

A white and purple pansy in a hanging basket.
Image credit: Christian Bird via Shutterstock

Pansies are easy to grow and need very little attention, even with the abundance of flowers that bloom and cover your hanging basket.

When growing pansy, hang your baskets in areas that receive moderate sunlight and water them regularly.

When you grow your pansies in baskets outside, they will flower from spring through summer, but when you grow them inside in hanging baskets, they will keep blooming much longer.

5. Fuchsia

Fuchsia plant in hanging basket
Image credits: HansLinde via Pixabay

Fuchsias have lantern-shaped bright two-toned blooms that are a favorite for hanging baskets. The flowers attract hummingbirds outdoors and can brighten up any room inside your home. However, place them in a spot that receives partial to full shade. Your front porch or a spot near a window always works best.

Fuchsia grows all summer long outdoors, but it is not very heat tolerant. If you live somewhere with high summer temperatures, your fuchsia might thrive best indoors, or if it is outside on your porch or around the back yard, you may want to “mist” your plant each day to keep it from burning.

Fuchsia also needs regular fertilizing and a lot of deadheading or pruning.

6. Lantana

Lavender Trailing Lantana
Image credits: EuToch via Canva

Lantana is a wonderful flower to grow in your hanging baskets. It comes in small weeping varieties such as, Patriot Weeper Popcorn or Patriot Rainbow. It is easy to take care of, and it comes in a variety of colors, including red, orange, yellow, white, and pink.

Lantana will tolerate just about any soil, but prefers full sun and only requires minimal water, so if you hang it outside, you may not need to water as much if it receives a lot of rain. If you hang it inside, test the soil every few days to make sure it is not being dried out.

This gorgeous flower is known for attracting bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds! These lovely pollinator will help your entire garden thrive!

7. Lobelia

flowers Lobelia (Lobelia)
Image credits: arkady2013 via Canva

Lobelia flowers bloom beautifully and grow so lush that they look like they are cascading out of hanging baskets.

Lobelia comes in purple, blue, red, pink, and violet, growing best in full sun or partial shade. It doesn’t require a lot of watering but likes being moist. It does best in early spring and will thrive in cooler temperatures before the summer heat kills it off.

If you grow it inside, you can keep it blooming even longer.

Just Pick A Color

Many flowers make our gardens look incredible, but not all of them do well in hanging baskets. However, the seven flowers included in this article will make your property look gorgeous and spectacularly grow when hung in the baskets.

They are beautifully simple and thrive inside and outside, so you can hang them just about anywhere as long as they receive enough sun. Have you picked a spot for your hanging plant? Let us know in the comments below!