The Best Garage Door Christmas Decorations in 2021
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The Best Garage Door Christmas Decorations in 2021

As Christmas time approaches, the neighborhoods start to change with the Christmas time cheer, including decorations on the outside of all the houses.

When you live in a neighborhood that dresses up their house for Christmas, you don’t want to be the only one left out. Show off your decoration skills with these awesome garage door Christmas decorations.

We’ve rounded up the best of the best so you can be the brightest house on the block.

Backyard Boss Top 12 Best Garage Door Christmas Decorations in 2021

    Party Banner - Christmas Holiday Garage Door Banner

    Wrapped up Pretty

    This Christmas garage door banner will turn your plain garage door into a fun, bright, striped gift box. When people walk by your house, it’ll look like there’s a giant gift waiting right in your driveway. This holiday garage door decoration comes in a 6 x 13 ft size and is made of a durable, thick polyester fabric so that it’ll stay safe in the coming winter weather. Everyone will be wanting to take selfies in front of your Christmas gift box garage door backdrop.
    Tevxj - Outdoor Christmas Holiday Garage Door Banner

    Santa in Action

    Another fun full-coverage option for your boring garage door includes this color, fun, Santa Claus backdrop. The full cover banner looks as if anyone walking by is taking a peek into a warm, cozy home where Santa Claus is delivering presents. This easy to assemble holiday garage door decoration is made out of thick polyester fabric with vibrant printed colors. It’s lightweight and nonfading, which means you’ll be able to enjoy it all season long. Another wonderful choice for all the neighbors to stop and take pictures.
    Tribello - 30 Merry Christmas Garage Door Magnets

    Merry Sticky Christmas

    A great option to spread the holiday cheer comes in the form of these Merry Christmas garage door magnets. Magnets are a great option for decoration, because they’re durable, sturdy, and easily moved around. You could make a new design every day if you wanted! These weather-resistant magnets are easy to use, effortlessly put up in minutes. You’ll get the letters to spell “Merry Christmas”, along with a variety of images to decorate around the rest of your garage door.
    Party Greeting - Outdoor Christmas Holiday Garage Door Banner

    Happy Extra Large Holidays

    If you’re looking to spread some non-denominational holiday cheer, why not try out this Happy Holiday Garage Banner? This big, holiday-blue banner boasts the words Happy Holidays across the front. Great for both decoration and some memory-making pictures. It’s a 6 x 13 ft banner, and the material is made with polyester fabric and some bright, vibrant printing. Like many of the other choices on this list, it’s durable enough to last you the entire holiday season.
    Victory Corps - Red Ornaments Garage Door Banner

    Bright Red Cheers

    Another beautiful garage door decoration that’ll have the whole neighborhood stopping to take pictures, this beautiful red ornament banner boasts Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, with big, vibrant ornaments decorating the words. The 7 x 16 ft banner can hang up all the way through the New Year and show off your spirit throughout the entire holiday season. This is made out of durable material so you can hang it up year after year.
    CCINEE - Christmas Santa Claus Face Outdoor Decoration

    Peek a Boo!

    This CCINEE Santa peeking over your doorway will ensure that you always remember to be nice this holiday season! And, it’s such a cute decoration to boot. You can hang him up over your outside garage door, your front door, or even a doorway in your home. Of course, it’ll look best on your garage door where your neighbors can see! This water resistant and durable PVC material measures at 15 x 22 in, and is a perfect addition to your festive home.
    Creative Mind Designs - Outdoor Decoration Nativity Scene

    Blast From the Past

    Show your holiday spirit from where it all began, with this Nativity Scene Decor Banner. The beautiful, realistic artwork and the vibrant colors will make it look like your garage has been transformed. Awe your entire neighborhood with this 7 x 16 ft banner, made of durable vinyl that will keep your beautiful nativity scene weatherproof through the entire holiday season. Don’t be surprised if you find your neighbors taking pictures!
    Victory Corps - Outdoor Christmas Candy Garage Door Banner

    Candy Cane Christmas

    What is the quintessential Christmas decoration if not the candy cane? This holiday mural from Victory Corps is the perfect Christmas candy outdoor decoration. Transform your garage door into a delicious pile of peppermint candies with Merry Christmas across the front. This easy to assemble banner doesn’t interfere with rolling garage door functions and spreads across a 7 x 16 ft garage door. These bright, fun, red and green colors will show off your true Christmas spirit.
    Victory Corps - Outdoor Nativity O Holy Night Garage Door Banner

    O Holy Night

    If you really want to stand out with a unique decoration outside your home, this beautiful nighttime nativity decoration is one to keep an eye out for. This O Holy Night banner showcases the nativity scene backlight by a beautiful night sky. The bright star in the middle of the 7 x 16 ft durable garage door banner will tell all your neighbors exactly where to stand when they’re taking selfies with your stunning Christmas decor.
    Victory Corps - Santa's Reindeer Barn Banner

    Reindeer Garage

    Want to stand out from the rest of your neighbors? Then this Santa’s Reindeer Barn banner is just the thing. It’s such a unique and fun scene, making your garage door look like passersby are peeking into a reindeer barn with Santa’s magical flying reindeer. This high quality 7 x 16 ft banner will be all the talk among your neighbors, and it’s quick and easy to assemble. You’ll be the envy of the entire neighborhood with this interesting and silly outdoor mural.
    Whaline Store - 25Pcs Plaid Christmas Garage Decoration Magnet Stickers

    Gift Wrappings

    These fun garage magnets from Whaline are sure to show off your holiday spirit: with all the letters to spell Merry Christmas, along with classic Christmas patterns. Decorate your garage door with wrapped gifts, reindeer, and even a Christmas tree on the back of a pickup! These magnets are durable and easy to put up. You’ll have fun with the whole family deciding how to arrange them on your garage door. They’ll stay up even through all the chilly winter weather.
    Zonon - 2 Sets Christmas Garage Door Decoration Stickers

    Sunglasses Snowman

    Last, but most certainly not least, is the fun and unique Snowman with sunglasses. These stickers come in a set of two so you can switch it up whenever you’re feeling creative and to always keep your neighbors entertained. These PVC stickers come with a unique snowman with mittens and silly sunglasses, as well as a Merry Christmas set, with fun stickers that showcase all of the best Christmas decorations, like mistletoe, wreaths, and gingerbread men.

Which One’s Our Top Pick?

There are a lot of great decorations on this list, but one of the best has to be the unique and fun Santa’s Reindeer Barn by Victory Corps. It shows off your holiday spirit while also allowing you to stand apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

The Nativity scene by Victory Corps is also a beautiful decoration, one that’ll have your neighbors lining up to take pictures. It turns the front of your house into a picturesque and realistic-looking nativity scene.

But, if you’re just looking for something simple and fun, you can’t go wrong with the peekaboo Santa by CCINEE Store. Whatever your choice, these top garage door Christmas decorations are sure to bring joy to the whole neighborhood.