Best Garden Hose Quick Connect Reviews 2019 - Our Top 5 Picks
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Best Garden Hose Quick Connect to Make Your Life Easier

Are you fed up struggling to attach different fittings to your garden hose? Does watering the garden or washing the car turn into a long and frustrating job instead of a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Finding the best garden hose quick connect means you can solve these problems and turn those outside chores into a relaxing and pleasant experience. But there are so many different places out there making and selling fixtures and fittings for all different types, sizes, and makes of garden hose that things can get confusing.

How do you know which fittings are right for your hose and what are the best features to look for when you are choosing the best quick connect garden hose fittings? We’ve aimed to answer these questions and give you all the information you need to make the right choice for your garden hose and make the outdoor tasks easier and quicker to complete.

Best 6 Garden Hose Quick Connect Comparisons

Eley Brass Quick Connect - Best Garden Hose Quick Connect to Make Your Life Easier Eley Brass Quick Connect
  • Materials: Brass
  • Max Flow / PSI: 3/4 inches / N/A
  • Warranty: 10-years
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09QCGT 2-Piece - Best Garden Hose Quick Connect to Make Your Life Easier 09QCGT 2-Piece
  • Materials: Brass
  • Max Flow / PSI: 3/4 inches / 200 PSI
  • Warranty: N/A
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Dixon DGH7 - Best Garden Hose Quick Connect to Make Your Life Easier Dixon DGH7
  • Materials: Brass
  • Max Flow / PSI: 3/4 inches / N/A
  • Warranty: N/A
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Melnor 4-Piece - Best Garden Hose Quick Connect to Make Your Life Easier Melnor 4-Piece
  • Materials: ABS plastic
  • Max Flow / PSI: 3/4 inches N/A
  • Warranty: 7-years
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Orbit 58117 - Best Garden Hose Quick Connect to Make Your Life Easier Orbit 58117
  • Materials: Brass and ABS plastic
  • Max Flow / PSI: 3/4 inches / N/A
  • Warranty: N/A
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Claber 8458 Set - Best Garden Hose Quick Connect to Make Your Life Easier Claber 8458 Set
  • Materials: UV Stabilised Plastic
  • Max Flow / PSI: 3/4 inches / N/A
  • Warranty: 2-years
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Why You Can Trust Us

A gardener is only as good as his or her hose, or in this case, their hose quick connect. Actually, I just made that up….but a good hose quick connect is a super beneficial piece of equipment to have if you spend a regular amount of time outdoors using garden hoses. Without a quick connector for your hose, it can take several minutes to haul hoses from one spigot to another, as well as putting sprayers on and taking them off repeatedly.

I bought a new set of quick connects last year when mine finally gave up the ghost. The seal was missing from one, and the other had a cracked gasket as well. They lasted for over ten years of use before breaking down. Could I have fixed them? Sure, but new ones were cheap enough that it seemed the smarter move to make. Now I have a brand new heavy-duty brass connector on my water pump, as well as a couple of ABS plastic and rubber connectors for my one hundred yards of garden hoses.

Best Overall

Eley Brass Quick Connect
    Our top pick for the best hose quick connect for your gardening and watering needs, the Eley Brass Quick Connect is well-made, long lasting, and easy to use.



What We Like: This connector is as solid as they come, and quite a bit more than most. The 10-year warranty says it all.

The Eley Brass Quick Connect is a high-end connector that connects your garden and water hoses with nozzles, sprinklers, and just about any other water hook-up or accessory. The unit is made of high-quality brass and is machine-made by professionals with excellent precision. The set consists of one male and one female end and features a convenient water stop function as well. All things considered, it is not indestructible, and some units may be damaged from being dropped.

Who Should Buy It: For those looking for the best quick connector to attach a hose to a water spigot, nozzle, or sprayer, the Eley Brass Quick Connect is hard to beat.

Best for Water Spigots

09QCGT 2-Piece Quick Connector
    A durable and strong quick connect set that easily hooks up to garden hoses and sprayers.



What We Like: As far as brass connects go, they don’t come any more solid than this one. And with male and female parts, it connects to just about anything that water flows through.

This two-piece set is a really durable design made from solid brass, putting it above the standard plastic models. It comes with the basic connectors for male and female accessories and will fit a sprinkler, spray nozzle, or any other standard fitting accessory that you may have. The options it provides makes this connector a decent choice for those who have multiple jobs in and around the garden. As this connector is better in quality than most available brands, it’ll last longer and save you money in the long run. However, it may be a good idea to stock up on the rubber seals, if you can. They can be hard to find and do tend to wear over time.

Who Should Buy It: If you want a good quick connect for your water spigot, at an affordable price, and one that has zero plastic in its construction, this could be the one for you.

Runner-up Best for Spigots

Dixon DGH7 Brass Quick-Connect Fitting
    Need a fitting for high water pressure? This brass connector works with a max PSI of 200 and in degrees of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.



What We Like: Many otherwise solid brass quick connectors fall short of this particular model due to its strong and long-lasting design which is capable of withstanding a max PSI of 200.

This brass fitting has a listed maximum psi of 200 and it will work at temperatures up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit so it is worth bearing this in mind if you live in a hot climate. It has a push and pulls ring to make connecting and disconnecting the hose really easy and as it is made of brass it is very durable. Plastic versions tend to soften and leak in extreme temperatures, so definitely choose one such as the Dixon brass quick connect if that’s an issue for you. It’s well known for being leak-free. However, like most brass fittings, the rubber seal tends to wear over time, so be sure to stock up on a few if you can.

Who Should Buy It: Looking for a solid brass connect that can stand high water pressure from your garden hose and/or sprayer? You may have just found it.

Best Universal

4-Piece Garden Hose Quick Connect Kit
    If you're looking for a connector set that is a bit more flexible than most, this 4-piece from Melno could be the solution for you and your watering needs.



What We Like: This connect set includes several different sizes/types of pieces, so it is sure to work with not only your spigots and nozzles but with sprayers, hoses, and other accessories as well.

This is a four-piece set that has a tap adaptor so you can put it straight onto your tap and then just pop your hose on quickly as well as a separate adapter to use with accessories like sprinklers, nozzles, or other garden accessories. It also has a male and female coupling and the water stop feature means you can change accessories while the water is still switched on saving you time and effort. The rubberized grip design is comfortable to hold for long periods. All of these options set this model above its competition and make it one of the most versatile and multi-use garden tool accessories on the market. Because of this, it tends to run a little pricier than the rest but is worth every penny according to online users.

Who Should Buy It: If you are looking for a set of connectors that is multiple-purpose by design, you will be hard put to find a genuinely suitable set like this one.

Best Heavy-Duty

Orbit 58117 Quick Hose Connect
    This heavy-duty brass connector features a durable built including long-lasting seals, making it more than ideal for your garden hoses and accessories.



What We Like: This unit is truly heady-duty. Not only is it constructed from brass, but it also comes with high-quality gaskets and protectors that make it virtually leakproof.

This leakproof and rust-proof design fits all standard garden hoses with a comfortable grip and a male and female connection. Made from brass, it is durable and made to be used all year round. Because of its rust-proof construction, it can be left outside in the elements, if need be. And you never have to worry about leaving water in the hose. This model doesn’t have a water shut-off feature which means you would manually have to switch off the water supply if you wanted to change accessories. That makes it less appealing than other options, but it does make it less expensive. So, depending on your needs and budget, this can be a great option. It’s perfect for a cabin or small tasks around the house.

Who Should Buy It: If you are searching for a great connector that will work with all of your various hoses and water-source hook-ups, that will last the test of time, and rust, and grime, this could be the one.

Best Brass Alternative

Claber 8458 Quick Connect Set
    Not a fan of heavy brass connectors? The Claber 8458 is a high-end and long lasting UV stabilized plastic connector designed to fit most all hoses and nozzles.



What We Like: This connector is lightweight but doesn’t lack the heavy-duty nature of a solid brass connect. Further, for a non-brass quick connect, this one comes very well-rated by consumers.

This garden hose quick connect easily attaches to an outdoor tap with a male faucet adapter and a female hose connector. It is interchangeable with most other systems and snaps together using spring compression. The piece itself is made from UV stabilized ABS and PP plastic and has been pressure tested for leaks up to 145psi. It cannot be left in temperatures below 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit so in colder climates the fitting should be stored inside overnight and through the winter to avoid cracking and breaking. Because of this, it may not be the best choice for those who live in colder, northern climates. But because this particular model is very cost-efficient, it’s a good option to have as a backup or for a summer cabin.

Who Should Buy It: If you aren’t a fan of the brass connects, but still want something that attaches and detaches from hoses and nozzles quickly and easily, this unit could be an excellent choice for you.

What Is a Quick Connect Fitting on a Garden Hose?


These handy little fittings might not look like much but they can totally transform the way you use your hose. The fixtures go onto the end of your hose which is attached to an outside tap or water source. They can attach two lengths of hose together so you can increase the length of your hose overall without buying a huge length (saving on storage space and packing away time) and they can make it super quick and easy to attach nozzles and spray accessories onto your hose.

This last one makes it easy to switch between a mister setting for your plants or a directed spray nozzle to wash your car, for example. They are readily available from loads of retailers and each come with their own pros and cons as well as special features to set them apart from each other. The connectors attach quickly and have an easy quick disconnect. With just a simple twist or a pull, you can take the fitting straight off and then just pop a new one on. It saves all the struggling with screwing on a new attachment when you’re in the middle of washing the car.

Things to Look For

Pressure Tolerance, aka Psi

Psi is short for pounds per square inch and basically means the amount of water pressure the valve or connect fitting can take before it breaks. This is worth considering if your water pressure is high or even if it is particularly low so you can ensure you get the right fitting for your hose.

Heat or Cold Tolerance

Another thing to bear in mind is the temperature your hose and fitting will be exposed to because you’ll need to water your garden in the winter as well as summer. If you live in a hot climate, or your hose and fixtures will be stored away in a shed or outbuilding overnight, then you don’t need to worry about cold weather affecting the fitting.

But if you live in a colder climate and see temperatures drop to freezing or near freezing, then you want to think about the design and material the quick connect is made from. Equally, if it is going to be in full sunlight or outside a lot then it could be affected by the opposite extreme of weather. Knowing how your hose will be used and stored will make sure you get the right fixture for your setup.

Built-In Water Stop

This is a really handy feature if you are all the way to the end of your garden and you want to change the attachment. Rather than having to walk all the way back to your tap, turn off the water supply and then wait for the water to drain out and empty from the hose, you can simply pull off the attachment and fit on the new one – without getting sprayed with water! This is because a water stop function has a valve within the quick connect which stops water from getting through and makes it easier to use while you’re on the go.


Another thing to keep an eye on is the length of the warranty. Some cheaper designs aren’t under any warranty while some have an incredibly long guarantee – as long as six years! This is worth thinking about if a product seems more expensive. There’s a good chance the more expensive design will come with a long warranty to help you keep using your hose connect if there are any problems.

There are also some great YouTube videos out there explaining the basic differences between the fixtures and fittings.


There are two main materials that the external part of your hose fitting will be made from – metal or plastic.


dixon-dgh7-brass-quick-connect-fittingThe most commonly used metal is brass although you can get brass-colored fixtures that are actually made from aluminum or a weaker metal and then colored to look like brass, so it is important to know the difference when buying. A solid brass fitting is usually the most popular as they are rust-resistant, very durable, and easy to use. The metal casing can be completely solid with the only other material being rubber or synthetic rubber washer inside, but some connects have a metal outer casing but then have a plastic inner. This again will affect the durability of the product so it is worth checking the attachment clearly before buying.



The second main material a garden hose connect is made from is plastic. While there are many durable plastics that are treated for UV resistance and made from combinations of material that can tolerate low temperatures, it is generally the rule that plastic is not as hard-wearing as metal. This is particularly true if your quick connect will be dropped onto the floor (hard surface) often as it may cause it to crack and distort over time.



You can use loads of different accessories with a garden hose quick connect. Some fit right onto the end of the tap so the hose doesn’t have to be screwed on each time, you just simply push it onto the connect and then pull it off when done. A sprinkler “gun” which has a trigger mechanism is also a good accessory to use as you can change the stream of water to suit the task you are completing. From a mister over your plants to a watering can-style design that gives your lawn a good soak to a strong jet for blasting dirt off your car tires – this accessory has it all!

How We Picked

Most of us here at BYB have had a quick connect or two for our garden hoses. I myself have had several over the years. Picking the best ones wasn’t so challenging as it was time-consuming. That’s because the market is so oversaturated with products all claiming to be the best and do a great job. But the truth of the matter is that all quick connects are far from similar quality.

To find the best quick connects for our reader’s garden hoses, we rolled up our sleeves and hit the internet to do our preliminary research. After we found several products that stood out from the others, we further slimmed down the selection by matching them up against all the features we like to see in a great hose connector. These features include long-lasting construction with and durable materials like brass, rubber, and ABS plastic, as well as a water stop and quick release function.

Picking the Best Hose Quick Connect for You

The clear winner of this review is the four-piece garden hose quick connect set. It has a range of features including a water stop feature which means you don’t have to stop what you are doing and change the accessory you can just pop off the one you are using and put the other one straight on. Although it is made of plastic, it has a rubberized grip for more comfortable use and as it is made by Melnor, it is guaranteed to be a quality product because this company has been making accessories for homes and gardens for more than 60 years.

Unlike the other brass designs, this one a lot more versatile; and can be used for a variety of things, not just attaching to an outside tap. Although it is a little more expensive than some of the other options listed here, this package also comes with a two-year warranty for your peace of mind. Remember to think about where you are storing your hose and connector, what it will be used for, and how it will be used to make sure you get the most amount of use from your product without it breaking down.