Best Garden Hose Timer Reviews 2019 - Our Top 5 Picks
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The Best Garden Hose Timers

Keeping your garden watered is not always the most exciting job but making sure your backyard has enough water will keep it looking bright and fresh all year round. Dragging out the garden hose and walking around the garden isn’t too much of a chore once a week but doing it every other day can be time-consuming – especially if you’re looking after more than one garden. That’s why finding the best garden hose timers is the perfect way to make sure your plants are getting the hydration they need at the time they need it.

But with so many different types and models out there – which is the right one to choose? I’ve put together a list of things you need to look out for when choosing a model and the best garden timer reviews. Read on and find out everything you need to know before you pick the best solution for watering your plants every day.

Best Garden Hose Timer Comparisons

Orbit 62056 One Outlet Single-Dial Hose Watering Timer - The Best Garden Hose TimersOrbit 62056 One Outlet Single-Dial Hose Watering Timer
  • Outlets: 1
  • Controls: Dial
  • Runtime: 1-240 minutes
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Homitt Programable Water Timer - The Best Garden Hose TimersHomitt Programable Water Timer
  • Outlets: 1
  • Controls: Buttons
  • Runtime: 1-300 minutes
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Kasonic Mechanical 2 Way Watering Timer - The Best Garden Hose TimersKasonic Mechanical 2 Way Watering Timer
  • Outlets: 2
  • Controls: Dial
  • Runtime: 1-25 minutes
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Melnor 65036-AMZ AquaTimer 4-Zone Water Timer - The Best Garden Hose TimersMelnor 65036-AMZ AquaTimer 4-Zone Water Timer
  • Outlets: 4
  • Controls: Buttons
  • Runtime: 1-360 minutes
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moistenland Watering Hose Timer - The Best Garden Hose Timersmoistenland Watering Hose Timer
  • Outlets: 1
  • Controls: Dial
  • Runtime: 1-25 minutes
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Why Trust Us

In the neighborhood I grew up in, nearly everyone had a backyard garden. That’s where I first got my hands on a garden hose timer. Today, I am still an avid gardener and have plenty of use for timers, having owned several water hose timers over the years, from double valve units to the most basic dial-type manual timers for single hoses. For this article, coupled with deep research, I put that experience to use.

Best Overall Pick

Orbit 62056 One Outlet Single-Dial Hose Watering Timer
    The Orbit 62056 One Outlet timer is a quick and easy to use solution for your outdoor watering needs.



What We Like: Simple to install, and easy to use, this timer is heavy-duty but lightweight.

This unit is our top pick for several reasons. Firstly, it is super quick to set up and really easy to use. Secondly, the thing is extra heavy-duty, in comparison to many, and even has a brass swivel. It is powered by two AA batteries, which last for several months. Lightweight, the timer weighs less than a pound, which is excellent for a heavy-duty timer like this one. Even more, it is programmable up to a week in the future and runs for up to six hours at a time as you see fit. There is also a manual override feature as well.

Who Should Buy It: For those looking for something quick and easy to connect your garden hose to, this could be the one for you.

Best for Single Garden Hoses

Homitt Programmable Water timer
    If you're looking for a long-lasting and fully waterproof garden hose timer, look no further than the Homitt Programmable Water Timer.



What We Like: This highly programmable timer comes with a large display, money-back guarantee, child lock, and is highly programmable.

The Homitt Programmable Water Timer is another easy-to-install and use timer that is both heavy-duty and waterproof. In fact, it is even a bit more advanced than our top pick. It comes with a large three-inch LCD display stream and IP65 waterproofing to keep it functioning in all weather conditions and accidental water splashing. The unit has child-lock features as well and comes with pneumatic seals to keep components nice and dry. Even more impressive, it is programmable for several days in advance and runs for up to 300 minutes per watering. The manufacturer even throws in a 45-day money-back and 18-month satisfaction guarantee.

Who Should Buy It: For single watering lines, sprinklers, and drip irrigation, this timer is an excellent solution.

Best for Two Garden Hoses

Kasonic Mechanical 2 Way Watering Timer
    If it's a two-way garden hose timer that you're searching for, the Kasonic Mechanical 2 Way Watering Timer could be your new best friend.



What We Like: This unit from Kasonic needs no batteries, is easy to hook up and use, and best of all connects to two hoses.

Fast and simple to install and start using, the Kasonic Mechanical 2 Way Watering Timer is our top choice for watering setups for two hoses. Whether you are running sprinklers, drip systems, or simply want an extra outlet just in case, this unit has you covered. It sports a durable build that is rustproof to boot. It requires zero tools or batteries, which makes it even more user-friendly. The unit is a dial-type and has manual controls, as well as a stainless steel mesh filter to make sure only water enters your hoses. The valve is a universal outlet and should fit just about any hose as well.

Who Should Buy It: If you are running a double-hose watering set-up in the garden, few timers are more reliable than the Kasonic Mechanical 2 Way Watering Timer.

Best for More than Two Hoses

Melnor 65036 AquaTimer 4-Zone Water Timer
    For those who have extensive watering needs, such as multi-hose sprinkler systems, few watering timers offer a more reliable solution than this unit from Melnor.



What We Like: Four valves, advanced features, and a 7-year warranty make this one stand out in comparison to just about any water timer.

Bigger and better than most of the timers on our list, it is not our top pick simply due to the fact that is much more than many people actually need. That said, for folks with a serious watering set-up, few timers offer better solutions. It features four valves, is easy to set up, has plenty of advanced features, and works well for any water system that utilizes multiple hoses. The unit is programmable for up to a week ahead of time and runs up to 360 minutes per watering session based on your needs. Best of all, each of the four valves are separate zones and can be scheduled for different watering times and lengths.

Who Should Buy It: For larger watering needs, including two, three, and four hose set-ups, the Melnor 65036-AMZ is one of the best timers for residential use in the industry.

Best Value Pick

moistenland Watering Hose Timer
    As far as basic watering timers go, the moistenland Watering Hose Timer is one of the most durable and easy to use.



What We Like: Simple to install and use with a single valve and manual control; it is simplistic but highly reliable.

Last but far from least, the moistenland Watering Hose Timer is a dial-type timer that is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Simply hook it up to your hose, crank it to the settings you prefer, and let it go. The unit works with drips, sprinklers, hoses, and more. It has delayed time settings, is programmable for 12, 24, and 48 hours with run times of 2, 5, 10, and 15 minutes. The timer also comes with a mesh filter to keep out debris. Oh yeah, we almost forgot to mention that it also includes a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, which if you ask us, speaks volumes about its genuine quality.

Who Should Buy It: If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, low-tech, and affordable timer, look no further than the moistenland Watering Hose Timer.

What to Look For

There are so many different timers and systems out there and all of them come with added extras, details, and features. This can all be really confusing and you might not be sure which features you should be looking at, or what timers would suit your garden.

Here, we look at some of the basic checks you should make before buying your own system.

Know What You Want to Water

Do you have a huge lawn that needs a sprinkler giving it regular doses of moisture? Or do your flower beds need a good soaking once a day? Before you invest in a timer you should take a look around your garden and work out what needs the water and when.

You’ll probably be familiar with your garden’s needs as until now you’ve more than likely been watering by hand, either with a watering can or just your garden hose.

It can seem like a lot of work to get the routine right, and it may take a bit of trial and error, but gardens and plants love routine so once you have it perfect, you will start to see the benefits almost immediately.

Saving Water

Setting the watering time on an Orbit hose watering timer.
Image credits: Orbit via Amazon

The great thing about water timers is they save you water. This is really handy, especially if you live in an area where water usage is restricted. For people who pay for their water based on how much they use, a timed watering system means your plants and lawn gets exactly the right amount of water at the right times and not a drop more.

Think of all the time you’ve switched the hose on and then had to pull it all around the garden while you get to your pots and hanging baskets. Then dropped the hose and walked all the way back to the tap to switch off the water. All that water is wasted!

With a timer, you can adjust the amount of water your garden gets to find the most efficient amount. Monitor your watering to begin with and you can adjust it to make sure your garden is getting the right amount of hydration with no waste. Just watch your bills come down and also feel happier knowing that you aren’t wasting one of the world’s most precious resources.

Number of Watering Times Per Day

Different garden hose timer systems have different amounts of watering times you can set per day. The most common number is four or six periods of watering a day but you may find others with eight or even two.

Knowing how many times you want your system to switch on and water your garden will help you decide which model to go with. If you are planning to water your garden only in the evening and overnight, for example, you may go for a timer which only allows you to set four separate watering times as you won’t need to have it working as often.

But if you live in a hotter climate and need your garden to be kept damp throughout the day, then a six-setting system will be better suited to your garden.

Analog or Digital?

Analog mechanical watering timer by Kasonic attached to an outdoors faucet.
Image credits: Kasonic via Amazon

For a garden that just needs one watering system, once or twice a day, an analog system is the easiest and cheapest way. These simple devices are often controlled by a clockwork mechanism and are less likely to break down.

A digital system is more complex but is usually easy to use with LCD displays and clear instructions. These allow you to set exact times and create a watering routine.

Different Watering Zones for Different Areas of Your Garden


Some more sophisticated models of hose timers allow you to set different times and patterns for different areas. For example, you may want your garden lawn watered just once a day for an hour but you need raised beds to be watered four times.

Investing in a timer with the ability to set different zones can solve this problem. It allows you to choose the settings for lawn or an area that doesn’t need watering as often so you don’t end up either waterlogging one part of your garden and starving the other!


Your garden hose timer will more than likely be exposed to the elements so it needs to be hardwearing. Unless your hose and tap are inside a shed or outbuilding, the timer itself will be outdoors in the frost, sunshine, and everything else mother nature has to throw at it!

Make sure your system is made from a tough material like metal or plastic so it can withstand the outdoor environment.

How We Picked

In order to present our readers with a list of the very best garden hose timers, we rolled our sleeves up and took a plunge into the online world of all things gardening. We started by looking at retailers like Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, Walmart, and Amazon. After we gathered a few potential candidates, we put them through vigorous comparisons looking at quality, design, programmables, run time, and other crucial features like price and amount of water outlets. What we found are five of the most highly rated and recommended timers.

The Right Garden Hose Water Timer for You

All-in-all, the Orbit 62056 One Outlet Single-Dial Hose Watering Timer is our top pick for the best garden hose water timer for your garden. It is made by a well-known manufacturer, has a big display, is waterproof, and, most of all, it’s easy to install and use. So if you’re looking for a good all-round garden hose timer then this is probably the one to choose.