Best Gas Snow Blower - 2020 Reviews
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Best Gas Snow Blower Reviews

It doesn’t take long to discover in your search for the best gas powered snow blower that there are many brands, makes and models to choose from. Everything from compact single-stage residential blowers, to dual-stage commercial beast can be offered by any one company, so it can be quite a chore to narrow down the choices that best fit your needs.

In our research, we have read through many best gas blower reviews, and have narrowed down a list of our top 5 picks. These come from the many single and dual stage blowers we’ve taken a closer look at to provide a quick overview of what each company, and product, has to offer. Our reviews can be found below.

5 Best  Gas Snow Blower Comparisons

Husqvarna-ST224 Husqvarna ST224 Two Stage Snow Thrower
  • Motor Size 208cc
  • Clearance width/height 24 inch x 20 inch housing
  • Drive System 7 gear
  • Warranty 5 year
Remington RM2140 Boulder Single-Stage Snow Thrower Remington RM2140 Boulder Single-Stage Snow Thrower
  • Motor Size 179cc
  • Clearance width/height 21 inch x 13 inch housing
  • Drive System auger assist
  • Warranty 2 year limited
Ariens-Compact-Track-24-Two-Stage-Snow-Blower Ariens Compact Track 24 Two-Stage Snow Blower
  • Motor Size 233cc
  • Clearance width/height 20 or 24 inches x 20 inch housing
  • Drive System 8 gear
  • Warranty 3 years +2 year extension
Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower
  • Motor Size 243cc
  • Clearance width/height 26 inches x 21 inch housing
  • Drive System 8 speed
  • Warranty 2 years
Briggs & Stratton Light Duty Model 1696610 Dual-Stage Snow Blower Briggs & Stratton Light Duty Model 1696610 Dual-Stage Snow Blower
  • Motor Size 208cc
  • Clearance width/height 24 inches x 20 inch housing
  • Drive System 8 speeds
  • Warranty 3 years

What is a Gas-Powered Snow Blower?

A gas-powered snow blower is run by a 4-stroke cycle engine. This is an engine that uses 4 different stages of work: the intake, compression, power, and exhaust, to complete a single cycle of operation. This is one of the most common small engines to be used both residential and commercially and can be found in many home yard equipment.

Run by gas, it requires a separate oil level, as well as other various maintenance cares- such as a cleaning of the carburetor, proper spark plug placement, and replacement, and belt care- to name a few. But the most important thing to note is that it is a reliable engine and easy to take care of with a little basic knowledge. Plus, most parts are easy to replace if called for with very little effort or expense.

Why Choose a Gas Powered Snow Blower?

Gas powered blowers fall into one of two categories: a single or dual stage system. This means there are various choices to choose from depending on the amount of power, and size, of a machine that you need for the job you have at hand. This also means you have a wide variance of affordability, as compact, residential versions are just as readily available as larger, more commercial choices.

Although there are many dependable electric and cordless powered snow blowers on the market, there is a much larger variety of gas blowers available to sift through in your search for the best blower. These are durable machines that are built specifically for the movement of large amounts of snow to help cut your workload, and time, by more than half. Plus, with a gas powered version you are not limited in the space you can cover by cords or run time.

Types of Gas Blowers

As mentioned, gas blowers fall into one of two categories: single stage, or two stage. There is a marked difference between the construction of these two and what jobs they are built for- although both are made to move snow more efficiently than what you can manage with just a shovel.

Single Stage Snow Blowers

RM2100 Boulder

Single stage blowers are usually smaller in design and built specifically for home use. They are driven by a single auger- hence the name- that both propels the machine forwards to take up snow in its way, and to toss it through the chute to clear a path. Usually measuring up to approximately 21 inches in width, they can usually handle up to around 8 inches of new, light snowfall or more with ease. These are powerful, usually compact, tools that are easy to use and store. Plus, their lighter weight makes them more maneuverable to clear a wider variety of surfaces, such as decks and patios. They are preferred for smooth drives and walkways as they clean straight to the ground surface without leaving a layer of snow behind.

Dual Stage Snow Blowers

Yard Machines

Dual-stage blowers can be found in a wide variety of sizes, and range from compact versions specific to home use, to powerful, tracked machines for use over larger, uneven yards or commercially. Two-stage blowers are driven by both an auger and impeller to take up and throw snow, and also include a drive system complete with gears for even further control and power.

Dual blowers can be anywhere up to 40+ inches in width and have a housing of up to 23+ inches to take on the worst of your packed, drifted snow. Most are much smaller in order to meet the wider variety of needs of homeowners. They also leave behind a thin layer of snow, but only because they are built to be used over uneven terrain, and gravel drives without getting caught up by too low a profile.


Gas powered engines are typically larger, and have more components than an electric blower. This means they also require the typical maintenance an engine of this type means. This includes using the correct types of fuel and oil, as well as belt, spark plug, and carburetor care- to name a few. Although it sounds like a lot, it isn’t any more care than you provide to a lawn mower- just take care to store your blower through the warmer months correctly to keep from gumming up the system.

How to Choose the Best Gas Powered Snow Blower For You

Because of the many available gas blower models, you need to first define your specific needs of use. It is easy to become overwhelmed with brand names and the different types of blowers they offer, but if you first consider how you will be using your machine, you can better narrow down your search.

Do you get regular, deep snowfalls?

Regular, deep snowfalls will call for a more durable two stage machine in order to better handle the conditions these types of climates bring. Dual stage blowers can more easily handle packed, heavy, and icy snow better than a single stage blower as well. If deep snow is something of a rarity, then you probably will want to consider a single stage model. Larger machines often use more gas, and there is no sense in running something more than what you need.

Do you own a commercial business?

If you plan on using your blower commercially, you’ll want to look into what sort of warranty coverage the company offers on their products for such usage, and which models are covered. This is due to how much more use the machine will get compared to residential use only. These will always be dual stage designs, and most likely be larger, more expensive models.

Do you have limited storage?

If you have limited storage you will want to look at both single and dual stage compact designs made specifically for storage solutions. Small sizes rarely mean less power, as some pretty strong engines are often found in many small housing models. Folding handles are also a detain to look for if you are concerned about space.

Are you on a budget?

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you have to look for a cheap, unrated model. Many snowblowers can be had for under $500, especially if you are looking for a single stage design- many which often have unexpected power and high quality ratings. There is no reason to sacrifice a decent choice because you feel you can’t afford the best for the money. Many large models have similar versions through the company that sells them that are worth looking into.


Top 5 Gas Snow Blower Reviews

Husqvarna ST224 Two Stage Snow Thrower

Husqvarna ST224 Two Stage Snow Thrower
  • Motor Size: 208cc
  • Clearance width/height: 24 inch x 20 inch housing
  • Drive System: 7 gear
  • Warranty: 5 year
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The wide range of thrower models manufactured by Husqvarna are numbered in series according to size and power. The 200 series are the smallest of the two-stage machines offered by the company, and are created to provide powerful home use products. The ST224 may be the lowest in this particular series, there is nothing weak about it. With a 208cc engine, this is a machine built for moderate to heavy snowfalls, and can clear large areas quickly. The adjustable skid shoes allows you to work over uneven surfaces, plus the 24 inch wide, 20 inch high housing can take on larger snow drifts with relative ease. The auger is serrated to help get into packed snow, especially the kind left behind after the plow comes through, and is capable of tossing snow up to 30 feet or more to ensure it is well out of your way. This product also comes with some awesome details to help make your work more comfortable. Heated handle grips keeps you toasty warm, and an adjustable handle height allows anyone of any stature take advantage of this machine. Plus, headlights allow you to work through any conditions, or at any time of day- or night.


  • Works well in wet, slushy snow
  • Clears down to concrete
  • Huge 23 inch intake


  • Easy assembly, but poor tools- use your own
  • Impeller may dent with the uptake of rocks


This is a seriously powerful little blower made specifically for residential use but with the power to double for professional work. The ST224 is specific to clearing large areas, and if you have regular heavier snow falls, or need to move a lot of snow all at once but cannot justify the need of an even larger machine, this may be a good choice for you.


Remington RM2140 Boulder Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Remington RM2140 Boulder Single-Stage Snow Thrower
  • Motor Size: 179cc
  • Clearance width/height: 21 inch x 13 inch housing
  • Drive System: auger assist
  • Warranty: 2 year limited
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The Remington Company is well known for their product quality and longevity, and their series of snow blowers are no exception. Constantly evolving with new technology, the RM2140 is a fairly newer model, but as a less expensive, single stage blower – it is quickly becoming a homeowners favorite.

The compact design and powerful 179cc Powermore OHV engine has a 21 inch wide and 13-inch high housing which is perfect to help clear regular 3 to 8-inch snowfalls (or more) with ease. Plus, like most single stage blowers, it has a polymer shave plate to ensure you have a clean pass to your concrete surface after every pass. Research into initial reviews also shows how well it can handle slush and lighter wet snow falls. The auger drive assists also keep it moving forward with ease, and durable 7-inch rubber tires help you keep your traction.

A durable polymer chute can be manually adjusted for both distance and height. And, for your convenience, the machine can power right up with just a push of a button as long as you plugged it in the night before. The handles are also adjustable and foldable, making it truly compact to store. Plus, as it weighs in at just 90 pounds it can be easily transported, or used on decks and patios with ease.


  • Electric start
  • Powerful engine for heavy snowfalls
  • Can handle light, wet snow falls as well


  • Limited clearance for engine power


This is truly a model built for residential use and boasts a powerful engine that is limited in its workload only by the size of the housing. If you live where small to moderate snowfall is a regular occurrence, and need a compact model for storage – this is an excellent choice.


Ariens Compact Track 24 Two-Stage Snow Blower

Ariens Compact Track 24 Two-Stage Snow Blower
  • Motor Size: 233cc
  • Clearance width/height: 20 or 24 inches x 20 inch housing
  • Drive System: 8 gear
  • Warranty: 3 years +2 year extension
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Ariens snow blowers have a long history of use within the Midwest and have become a very popular series of models elsewhere through the years. The company ranks their models according to size and ability, with various choices offered within each series. The Compact Series has a total of 3 models with varying widths of 20 to 24 inches and a housing height of 20 inches to allow you the ability to get at deep snowfall with ease.

The Compact Track 24 is their tracked model built for maximum traction and maneuverability in a smaller, more compact design for residential use and easy transportation. Plus, the handlebars fold for even easier storage. The remote chute and cap rotation keeps you working without pause as well, and allows total control over where the snow goes.

Able to throw up to 40 feet away with a powerful 233cc engine, and up to 59 tons of snow an hour, this is a powerful beast of a machine built to handle icy, uneven terrain, and large yard sizes. The cast iron gear casing and all steel design provide peace of mind for long life and durability.


  • Easy assembly
  • Great power
  • Good on uneven surface
  • Choice of sizes and tires


  • Snow may stick- spray with lubricant


This is the perfect machine for those yards that have hilly driveways or uneven terrain that needs clearing. It is also a good choice for commercial use due to its durability. If the track system is not for you, the same model is offered with 15 inch, x-track rubber tires as well.


Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower
  • Motor Size: 243cc
  • Clearance width/height: 26 inches x 21 inch housing
  • Drive System: 8 speed
  • Warranty: 2 years
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If you’ve been looking for something a little bit more powerful, the Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 two-stage blower is an excellent compact option for residential use. Troy-Bilt has a long-standing respected name in the outdoor power equipment industry and offers a wide range of single, dual, and even three stage (includes a third high-speed auger) snow throwers for consideration. The Storm 2625 falls in the small to mid-size of their two-stage models for residential use.

The very powerful 243cc engine supports a large 26 x 21-inch housing and 8-speed drive system. With 6 forward speeds and 2 back, you can maneuver this more compact machine into and through just about anything a winter storm can throw at it. Patented Xtreme augers, remote 200-degree chute control, and one hand operation capabilities make this an easy to use, durable product.

15-inch track tires ensure traction, while the chute and 12-inch serrated steel auger combination allow for a clog-free experience, even in the wettest, stickiest snowfall. An electric start engine lets you get started with just a simple push of a button as well.


  • Clears snow quickly and efficiently
  • Handles deep, wet snow well
  • Fairly quiet for powerful engine


  • Improper draining of oil and gas will clog carburetor
  • Chute may rattle loose


This is great compact, yet powerful choice for homeowners who experience regular moderate to heavy snowfalls, and drifting. Capable of handling all sorts of snow, this is a good choice for more extreme winter conditions.


Briggs & Stratton Light Duty Model 1696610 Dual-Stage Snow Blower

Briggs & Stratton Light Duty Model 1696610 Dual-Stage Snow Blower
  • Motor Size: 208cc
  • Clearance width/height: 24 inches x 20 inch housing
  • Drive System: 8 speeds
  • Warranty: 3 years

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Briggs and Stratton is another long-standing name brand that specializes in both outdoor equipment and replacement parts used across the industry. Synonymous with durable, long lasting products, their line of snow blowers is created to help consumers get their yard cleared quickly, no matter whether you get only a little, or a lot, of snow each season.

This light duty model is nothing to scoff at, and with a 208cc engine, and huge 14 x 20-inch housing, it can power through regular moderate snowfalls with ease. This is their smallest dual-stage design and is made specifically for residential use. Although they do offer a slightly larger version of the same design for more medium duty work, most reviews state that this model stands up to its specs and more.

6 forward speeds, 2 back, and large 13 x 5-inch tires help get your moving over almost any terrain with ease. You also get free hand control, side manual chute rotation, and an electric start good to temps well below zero. Plus it can throw up to 35 feet with ease.


  • Great for deep, light snow
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy electric start


  • Can be difficult to assemble
  • May not handle deep, wet snow well


This is a great machine to have for areas that receive regular, moderate snowfalls and for those who need a sturdy, smooth running product.


Choosing a snowblower for your specific needs can become easily overwhelming with the many choices available in the current market. Therefor it is important to know exactly what sort of weather your area typically receives, what needs you have personally, and what storage capabilities you have to keep your blower put up through the warmer months. Of our top 5 choices we’ve provided some picks popular with many residential owners looking for powerful, useful models that can help get your walks and driveway cleared quickly and efficiently.

If you have any best gas snow blower choices that you’d like to share, or have any experiences with the ones we’ve shared with you, we’d love to hear about it below! And, as always, please share!

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