Best Greenhouse Kit - 2020 Reviews
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The Best Greenhouse Kits Money Can Buy

Building a greenhouse is a lofty dream for some, especially when it comes to having the right amount of space and the green thumb to go along with it. One way to ease into the process of having a greenhouse is to start with a kit you can build in your own backyard. With a range of sizes and prices available, you can easily find greenhouses that meet your needs and offer you the chance to grow a variety of plants you would otherwise never be able to cultivate. Take a look at some of the best greenhouse kits available today.

4 Best Greenhouse Kits Comparison

  • Size: 6 x 8 feet
  • Materials: rigid polycarbonate
  • Warranty: 5 year limited
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  • Size: 6 x 8 feet
  • Materials: powder-coated steel, polyethylene
  • Warranty: not specified
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  • Size: 6 x 6 feet
  • Materials: aluminum, rigid polycarbonate
  • Warranty: not specified
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  • Size: 10 x 20 feet
  • Materials: powder-coated steel, transparent polyethylene
  • Warranty: not specified
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How to Decide on a Kit for You

Determining which greenhouse kit is going to work best for you can be daunting since there are hundreds of them available today; all best rated, best selling, and top choice. And with bargain options as well as expensive, professional models, you’ll want to understand what each one offers and why that’s important. Start by considering what values you have and what you’re looking to do as you consider your greenhouse options.

A Starter Greenhouse or a Grower?

Do you love the benefits of gardening? Are you thinking about starting a greenhouse due to weather and other constraints that make it difficult to maintain a garden full of variety? Does your climate keep you from growing the flowers and plants you find most satisfying? Or are you already a heavy gardener who wants to expand your capabilities into a self-sustaining home and need the extra power offered by a greenhouse to grow everything you need to eat fresh? These sorts of questions arise and help you decide the size and style of your greenhouse.
Sizing is important for two reasons:  size

  • You have to choose a greenhouse kit that fits comfortably in your available area. If your garden area is very small, you should make sure not to oversize your greenhouse, or you won’t be able to fit it in the yard.
  • Size actually has a lot to do with not just pricing but the activity. You can start as small as a 4’x4’ walk-in greenhouse or, if you have space, opt for something much larger. Just remember that however large your greenhouse, you’ll have to assure that you have everything set up properly and the time and interest to maintain everything inside.


Choosing the panel type for your greenhouse is important because opaque panels offer different benefits than clear panels. For example, if you’re starting seedlings within the greenhouse and plan to move them out to the garden, you should consider something like a clear polycarbonate panel, since this creates an environment with direct lighting that promotes sprouting.


On the other hand, diffused light helps mature plants better, so if this is your goal, you should think about a twin- or multi-walled polycarbonate panels to assure you’re getting that diffused light for your plants. If you’re looking to both start new plants and mature them, there are also options for semi-diffused light that can be a compromise for your purposes. Still, it’s essential to determine what your purpose is as you search for the right greenhouse kit to purchase.

Another consideration is your local climate. If you have a heavy winter, you’ll want to have greater insulation in your greenhouse to assure that the bitter cold doesn’t seem in. On the other hand, you may have a very mild winter that doesn’t require additional insulation and can weather the storms, so to speak. Be generous; if you feel there’s a chance that your winters are too harsh for a standard insulation and design, look into something made to withstand your particular climate.

While greenhouses may appeal to you as something beautiful to erect in your yard, your neighbors may not feel the same. Be sure to measure the area where you plan to put the greenhouse and mark it off with some sort of zoning tape so that you can try to picture the structure in the space. Questions you may want to consider include:Depositphotos_24502675_m-2015

  • How does the addition of the greenhouse here affect my ability to enjoy other activities in my yard?
  • Does the greenhouse obstruct a particular view in a way that would displease my neighbors?
  • Does the structure interfere with my view?
  • What are the zoning limitations in my city and neighborhood regarding outbuildings? Does it have to be below a certain size or height?
  • Do I need a permit before putting up my greenhouse?
  • Is this the best place to locate my greenhouse, or should I consider multiple spots to determine the best?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be better prepared to choose a greenhouse that meets your needs, doesn’t get in the way, and adheres to any regulations you have to follow in order to keep the red tape at a minimum.

Perhaps as you narrow down the field to a few specific greenhouse kits you’ll be choosing from, you should take the manufacturer into consideration more closely. You’ll want to make sure that the provider of your greenhouse offers good customer service and holds to high standards with their products. You should check the warranty information and the reviews from other buyers to assure that you aren’t diving in headfirst to something you’ll later regret, should something go wrong, and you have to return to the company with a complaint or a repair.

The 4 Best Greenhouse Kits

Best Rigid Greenhouse Kit

If you’re looking for a simple, easy-assemble solution that will allow you to start growing your seedlings into full-grown plants, the Palram Nature Harmony Greenhouse is a great option. It’s got a powder-coated aluminum frame and clear polycarbonate panels that easily slide together, making the assembly process pretty simple. It’s a good size for most backyards, measuring 6’ x 8’ and tall enough to walk in without being an eyesore to the neighborhood. The base is a rust-resistant galvanized steel that withstands the elements and gives the entire structure solid support.

    Crystal clear virtually unbreakable polycarbonate roof and walls panels that provide over 90% light transmission directly onto plants



Best Collapsible Greenhouse Kit

If you have a space that you would like to make use of for a single season, or want a greenhouse that’s easy to disassemble for storm season, you might want to consider the Abba Patio Walk-in Greenhouse, whose transparent fabric PE is waterproof and UV-treated over a steel frame. The manufacturer is actually an expert in all things patio and outdoors, from awnings and canopies to greenhouses, so you can trust their product will be sturdy and satisfying. You don’t have to worry about stability with foot plates and pegs included, and zipper doors, as well as mosquito-netted window, allow easy access for you and excellent ventilation without access for pests.

    Strong durable reinforced transparent PE cover protect plants and allow sun to pass through



Best Small Greenhouse Kit

For a starter greenhouse in a small space, especially on a budget, the Outsunny 6’L x 6’W x 7’H Polycarbonate Portable Walk-In Garden Greenhouse is a great option. With a choice of 6’ x 4’ or 6’ x 6’, you can fit this portable greenhouse in almost any corner of your outdoor space without compromising your ability to enjoy the rest of your yard. UV resistant paneling coupled with steel framing make this greenhouse durable and long-lasting, despite its low price. The sliding door is convenient to use and leads to even less space required to open the greenhouse for entry and exit. While this isn’t considered a heavy duty greenhouse, it’s sturdy enough to get the job done and is excellent for simply assuring you can stay in the soil year-round without trouble from weather and elements.

    This Outsunny polycarbonate mini walk-in greenhouse kit is perfect for the home gardening enthusiast who is looking for a way to stay in the soil all year-round. It offers all the protection your plants need to thrive without having to spend a great deal of green yourself.



Best Large Greenhouse Kit

Not only is the rounded design of the ShelterLogic GrowIT High Arch Greenhouse aesthetically appealing – its height is airy and welcoming. The fabric covering is translucent and UV protected so that heat and sunlight get to your plants appropriately without the harmful effects of UV rays, and the steel frame is heavy duty for continued performance throughout the years. The large size means you have room for delicious vegetables as well as gorgeous blooms if you want, and the auger anchors included will assure that you never have to worry about the wind blowing over your precious nursery. The design of the space allows you to grow even the tallest of plants while providing the right diffused lighting for smaller shrub growth.

ShelterLogic 10' x 20' GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box
    This easy access greenhouse delivers quality construction, easy assembly, and best-in-class value.




It’s hard to define a clear winner since different people have a different idea of what they need a greenhouse for. Depending on the size of your usable area, the regulations in your neighborhood, whether you are looking to grow seedlings or mature other plants, and a number of other factors, you may change your mind about what you really want to purchase.

However, as a general comparison, we’d have to declare the Palram Nature Harmony Greenhouse as the winner. It’s a great size for starting out and fits almost anywhere at 6’ x 8’, and it’s reasonably priced at a mid-range amount. It also has a great 5-year warranty. It comes complete with the anchoring stakes, is relatively easy to assemble, and is weather resistant for a good, long use year after year. It’s also short enough not to anger onlookers by blocking the view while also being tall enough to walk in and enjoy.

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