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The Best Hammock Chair to Relax Indoors or Outdoors

No holiday getaway is complete without a comfy hammock tucked away for you to rest in. While vacation days are limited, hammock chairs are always within reach for you to enjoy. All you need for a private retreat in your home is to find the perfect hammock swing for you.

The best hammock chairs are welcoming and cozy. They come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be a little overwhelming when you’re on the hunt. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best hammock chairs for you to choose from instead!

Backyard Boss Top 5 Hammock Chairs in 2021

Y-STOP Hammock Chair Swing - The Best Hammock Chair to Relax Indoors or OutdoorsY-STOP Hammock Chair Swing
  • Max Weight Capacity: 320 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 7.28 Pounds
  • Warranty: 12 Months
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Sorbus Macrame Hammock Chair  - The Best Hammock Chair to Relax Indoors or OutdoorsSorbus Macrame Hammock Chair
  • Max Weight Capacity: 265 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 8.49 Pounds
  • Warranty: 12 Months
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SUPER DEAL Spider Web Tree Swing - The Best Hammock Chair to Relax Indoors or OutdoorsSUPER DEAL Spider Web Tree Swing
  • Max Weight Capacity: 600 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 12.23 Pounds
  • Warranty: Lifetime
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Giantex Hanging Egg Chair  - The Best Hammock Chair to Relax Indoors or OutdoorsGiantex Hanging Egg Chair
  • Max Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 67 Pounds
  • Warranty: Not Disclosed
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Barton Deluxe Hanging Egg Chair - The Best Hammock Chair to Relax Indoors or OutdoorsBarton Deluxe Hanging Egg Chair
  • Max Weight Capacity: 265 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 59 Pounds
  • Warranty: Limited 30 Days
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Why You Can Trust Us

Let’s be honest – we all love swinging! When it’s hot and humid, sitting cozy in the best hammock chair is all you need to unwind and relax, isn’t it? We’re no strangers to the call of comfortable hammock chairs, having experienced all kinds of hammocks and swing chairs. This has allowed us to understand the importance of having a personal hammock in the home as a snug place to rest at the end of a long day.

We’ve made sure to explore all kinds of hammock chair options, never settling for anything but the best. To have a more objective eye on things, we also listened to what experts and consumers had to say about their hammock chair experiences. In case you wanted to research things yourself, we also included all our sources!

Best Hanging Swing Chair

Y-STOP Hammock Chair Swing
    This Y-stop hammock offers a comfy place to rest, whether you want to sit down and read after a busy day or if you want to lay down for an afternoon nap.



Why We Like It: This Y-stop hammock can be used as a chair and as a bed, depending on how you position yourself. It’s great for no-fuss relaxation and features a simple polyester and cotton design that blends in seamlessly with most spaces, also using a 40-inch long wooden bar and strategically tied ropes for a well-balanced design. It’s great for indoor and outdoor use and includes mounting hardware for quick setup. It even comes with two cushions and a built-in pocket to store pens, journals, or tablets for relaxing!

Who Should Buy It: People who can’t decide between a hammock bed and chair would find the perfect middle ground in this design.

Best for Tree Hanging

Sorbus Macrame Hammock Chair
    Adding this to your home effortlessly adds charm and comfort to space, especially for the outdoors.



Why We Like It: Lazy day lounging is made complete with this macrame chair! This handmade hammock swing uses 100% cotton rope for its durable boho-chic design and is perfect for hanging on porches and trees. It’s easy to install and can hold up to 265 pounds. Luckily, if it gets too cold to stay outside, you can just transfer it indoors for the winter.

Who Should Buy It: Homeowners who want a comfortable outdoor lounge space would love this for their cozy afternoons.

Best for Heavy-Duty

SUPER DEAL Spider Web Tree Swing
    This hammock swing is great for backyard playtime and can even be brought along to out-of-town camping adventures!



Why We Like It: This heavy-duty rope swing can hold up to 600 pounds thanks to a clever spider web platform disk made of braided polypropylene rope and a 40-inch diameter steel ring. It’s a great way for kids to have fun in the backyard, especially as it can hold up to four kids simultaneously! It comes with adjustable ropes, hanging hooks, tree straps, and rope protectors to ensure easy installment and safe use.

Who Should Buy It: Parents with playful children would love this, especially since it helps kids have loads of fun under watchful eyes.

Looking for serious camping hammocks? We found several light and durable models you can sleep and relax in.

Best for Indoors With Stand

Giantex Hanging Egg Chair
    This hammock chair is incredibly easy to set up and doesn’t consume as much space as stands usually do.



Why We Like It: This egg-shaped chair and stand set is a heavy-duty unit that cocoons you when you need to take it easy. The set also includes a fluffy fiberfill seat cushion and headrest, for maximum comfort. The stand uses a strengthened steel frame and rubber non-slip pads to help protect your flooring while minimizing the occupied floor space. While it’s great for your reading nook, it could also be used outdoors!

Who Should Buy It: Anyone that wants an indoor hammock chair but doesn’t have the time or energy for the careful installation process would love this.

Best Swing Chair With Stand

Barton Deluxe Hanging Egg Chair
    This swing chair set is a sleek modern take on hanging egg chairs and maximizes style without sacrificing comfort.



Why We Like It: This swing chair is designed to look fantastic in your backyard! It comes with a sleek C-shaped stand and an extra-large egg chair that dresses up any empty outdoor space and can hold up to 265 pounds. It has a minimalist basket design and uses weather-resistant rattan resin wicker and steel materials. The plush cushions included are also UV-resistant, making them look great even after prolonged sun exposure.

Who Should Buy It: This would be a great choice for those with modern outdoor spaces that need a little bonus comfort.

How to Pick a Hammock Chair?

Great hammock chairs come in all shapes and sizes, but how do you pick just one? To help you decide, answering these questions about hammock chairs could help!

Why Are You Getting One?

Various designs cater to different needs. You can find hammock chairs for indoors or outdoors, kids or adults, lounging or sleeping, outdoors or indoors, and so much more. Knowing your purpose for getting one, no matter how silly, is your best guide.

Where Will You Have It?

Hammock chairs can be made with materials that won’t always be compatible with all environments. The rule of thumb is to get something weather-resistant for outdoor chairs and to look for space-saving designs for indoor ones.

Who Will Be Using It?

Knowing who will be using it is also essential. When kids are the main users, something with multiple built-in safety features gives peace of mind. Looking at weight capacities can help larger frames decide while checking materials used could help avoid irritating sensitive skin.

What Style Are You Looking For?

Hammock chairs come in many styles, designs, and colors. Not only would you want a chair that matches the vibe of your space, but even chair dimensions could affect the area’s overall style.

Are You Willing to Purchase Additional Hardware?

Not all hammock chairs come as a complete set. Depending on the product and how you’ll install it, additional hardware purchases might be needed for your plans. This is important, especially in terms of budget and safety.

Wicker hanging egg chair on picturesque seaside
Image credits: Quang Nguyen Vinh via Pexels

How to Hang a Hammock Chair

Hammock chairs can sit anywhere but different methods come into play depending on if you’ll be hanging it from a stand, a tree, or from a ceiling with rope or chains. In general, when mounting your hammock, you’ll need these tools on-hand:

  • Measuring and marking tools
  • Stud finder
  • Eye-bolt screws
  • Swivel hook
  • Electric drill
  • Heavy-weight chain connectors (carabiners or S-hooks)
  • Rope or chain

Hanging From a Stand

The simplest method is to hang your chair from a stand; just assemble it in place. For added security, you can replace some parts with higher-quality alternatives. Find the right hammock placement by checking it doesn’t block pathways or swing into nearby fragile items before assembly.

Hanging From the Ceiling With a Chain

Whether it’s from your porch or bedroom ceiling, the key is to use a wood stud rather than a metal one to avoid costly structural damage. After installing a heavy-duty eye screw, hang your chain and connectors and attach the hammock chair.

Hanging From the Ceiling With a Rope

When you’re hanging a chair from the ceiling with heavy-duty rope, you’ll typically need two wood studs. These anchor points should be spaced around two feet wider than the chair itself. With rope, always use secure knots and materials, attaching the chair with its sagging height considered. If you’re not confident in your rope knotting skills, a chain might be safer.

Hanging From a Tree

Hammock chairs hung from trees require much care and planning during installment. Only use a branch you’re sure is strong enough to withstand your weight, ideally one with a six to eight-inch diameter and a vertical clearance measuring six to eight-foot tall. You can either use strong tree straps or wrap the rope twice around the branch before attaching the hammock with secure knots.

After hanging your hammock chairs, test it out by setting weights on it, tugging the straps, and checking how high it hangs off the ground with weight.

Pro Tip: Before you sit on your newly installed hammock chair, test to see if it’s installed correctly to avoid unwanted situations. Start by planting your feet firmly on the ground as you sit on the chair. Gradually shift your weight from your feet to the chair, while carefully observing sounds and movement. If the hammock chair holds your weight, the installation is complete. Avoid using your hammock chair to max capacity!

How We Picked

While choosing our favorite hammock chairs, we made sure to explore every avenue by combing through dozens of pages of a wide assortment of hammock chairs. We focused on curating a list that would suit a variety of uses, keeping a close eye on those with comfortable designs, durable materials, included hardware, bonus accessories, as well as those that can be used indoors or outdoors.

We narrowed our list further by focusing on those that offered easy assembly and maintenance. To finalize everything, we carefully listened to what other consumers had to say about each item in their unbiased reviews. In the end, five fantastic products came out on top, all of which we believe can be the newest addition to your home!

Which Hammock Will You Choose?

If we were to choose, our top pick would undoubtedly be the Y-Stop Hammock Chair Swing.

This chair swing is a great entry point for having a personal hammock at home. It offers all the comfort and charm of traditional rope hammocks without compromising on style and durability. It has an incredibly versatile design, allowing for it to easily settle into most outdoor and indoor spaces while also giving you the option to lay down or sit back!

This chair can easily find a home with most people but, we must admit, the other hammock chairs are also fantastic and might be better depending on your specific needs and purposes.