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The Best Hammock for Any Occasion

When the weather starts to get warm, there is no better way to soak it up and get some relaxation time in than with a high-quality hammock. By finding the best hammock for your needs and activities, you can always make the most out of good weather and get the maximum enjoyment out of your leisure time.

We found that by looking for a well-made hammock that is comfortable and durable, like the Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock, you can keep enjoying it year after year. We also found some of the best hammocks for different situations, such as camping, backpacking, and tree mounting.

Backyard Boss Top 5 Hammocks for 2021

Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net - The Best Hammock for Any OccasionEverest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net
  • Material: Nylon
  • Length: 10 feet
  • Maximum Weight: 400 pounds
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Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock - The Best Hammock for Any OccasionWise Owl Outfitters Hammock
  • Material: Nylon
  • Length: 108 inches
  • Maximum Weight: Not available
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Vivere Double Cotton Hammock - The Best Hammock for Any OccasionVivere Double Cotton Hammock
  • Material: Cotton
  • Length: 87 inches
  • Maximum Weight: 300 pounds
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Y- STOP 13.2FT Hammock - The Best Hammock for Any OccasionY- STOP 13.2FT Hammock
  • Material: Cotton
  • Length: 13.2 feet
  • Weight Limit: 400 pounds
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Y- STOP Hammock Chair - The Best Hammock for Any OccasionY- STOP Hammock Chair
  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 18 inches
  • Weight Limit: Not available
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Why You Can Trust Us

As a busy author and editor, I am always looking for ways to get up from my desk and enjoy the outdoors. When I finally have free time, I like to be able to take advantage of it to its furthest extent. This means that I don’t mess around when it comes to relaxation.

I recently went on a quest to look for the most comfortable hammock I could find for my own backyard. In the process, I learned everything there is to know about the ones that are currently available on the market. I am thrilled to be able to share this knowledge with you so you can find your own little slice of heaven when you get a chance to kick back and hang out.

Best for Camping and Sleeping

Everest Double Camping Hammock
    The Everest Double Camping Hammock is a high-quality camping hammock with a mosquito net made of lightweight, durable nylon for serious campers who want a reliable hammock for sleeping.



Why We Like It: This camping hammock by Everest is durable and designed to be used in heavy-duty camping conditions. If you want a sleeping hammock that you can take on many trips and be confident that it won’t rip or deteriorate when you need a rest the most, it could be a good option.

The hammock portion is made from rip-proof diamond weave nylon, which is designed to breathe and be flexible, without tearing or shredding as weight is put on it. With a weight limit of 400 pounds, it can hold up to almost any burden you might have to put on it. It also features a strong mesh mosquito net that fits over the top to give you protection from bugs and other pests in the middle of the night.

Who Should Buy It: People who are serious about camping and want a reliable sleeping hammock that they can put up and take down easily. If you camp regularly and don’t want to worry about your gear holding up, this may be a good choice for you.

Best for Backpacking

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock
    The backpacking hammock by Wise Owl Outfitters is a large, light hammock that can be put up almost anywhere, making it perfect for long hikes or rock climbing.



Why We Like It: Wise Owl Outfitters’ camping hammock is a very lightweight, yet still durable hammock made of 210T parachute nylon. What this means is that it can be rolled up incredibly tightly, making it a good choice for backpackers who need to save space in any way they can. Including all the straps and hardware, this hammock only weighs 24 ounces. At a pound and a half, it won’t weigh down your pack on long treks.

It also clips together using straps and carabiners, so you don’t need to know any complicated knots in order to get it mounted to the trees. The straps also extend up to nine feet, so no matter what the arrangement of trees is at your campsite, you should be able to make it work.

Who Should Buy It: Backpackers who don’t want to add extra weight to their gear just to have a place to sleep at night. If you are serious about packing lightly, this might be a good option for your sleeping arrangements.

Best for a Patio

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock
    This cotton hammock and stand by Vivere has a 450 pound capacity and is made of soft cotton for a comfortable relaxation experience.



Why We Like It: This double cotton hammock by Vivere is tightly woven with cotton thread to make it as comfortable and soft as possible. The bright tropical color scheme makes it a nice addition to any patio furniture set and gives you the ability to use it as an accent piece. Not all hammocks are big on style, so this may be a nice opportunity to add some color to your backyard aesthetic.

It comes with its own nine-foot steel stand so you don’t have to have any trees in your yard to get this hammock set up and start relaxing. The stand also adds an element of portability. You don’t have to be stuck with this hammock in one spot if you want to get in or out of the sun.

Who Should Buy It: People who want to add a hint of color and style to their patio furniture. It could be a great choice for those who want something a little more exciting looking than a regular white rope hammock.

Best for the Backyard

Y- STOP 13.2FT Hammock
    The Y-Stop 13.2 foot hammock is a good option for people who want a permanent backyard hammock that won’t deteriorate in the rain or bad weather.



Why We Like It: The Y- STOP 13.2FT hammock is a classic, traditional rope hammock that might be just what you are looking for in backyard relaxation. The hand-woven cotton rope is durable as well as comfortable. If you want a hammock that you can set up and not worry about leaving in the rain or other weather elements, it may be a good choice. The rope design is meant to be a permanent fixture in your backyard and can hold up under all kinds of conditions.

The lattice layout of the rope works by using each strand as its own support, so it offers good durability, even with heavy use. The included tree hooks screw right into the mounting trees, so you don’t need any extra cord or cabling to get it up off the ground.

Who Should Buy It: People who want a hammock that they can leave up year-round and not worry about deterioration or problems down the line. This hammock is self-contained and self-sufficient, making it a great choice for people who want a permanent solution.

Best Small Hammock

Y- STOP Hammock Chair
    This hammock chair by Y-Stop is a good choice for those who don’t find standard hammocks comfortable. Side pockets are good for storage of drinks or devices.



Why We Like It: Not everyone enjoys the feeling of laying in a full hammock. They can sometimes be difficult to get out of and may not offer the right kind of back support for some people to feel comfortable. If this describes you, a small chair hammock may be your best bet. They offer full back support and are easy to get in and out of without sacrificing any of the comfort that comes with a free-swinging hammock. This Y-STOP hammock chair is a high-quality example that includes all the hanging hardware and mounts you need to get it put up on your back porch.

The wooden crossbar that stretches across the top keeps the chair balanced and makes it safe and comfortable for all kinds of people. It also includes side pockets that will hold your drinks or anything else you might want to keep close by when you are relaxing.

Who Should Buy It: People who want the comfort of a hammock with a little more back support and ease when it comes to getting in and out of it. This could be a good option for people who don’t have the room in their backyard for a full hammock stand.

Types of Hammocks

Camping Hammocks

Most camping hammocks are made of lightweight nylon and are easy to roll up and pack away in a bag. They will also have carabiners that hook to long cords. This makes it easy to mount them on trees at your campsite no matter what their arrangement might be.

Rope Hammocks

Rope hammocks are probably the image that comes to mind when you think of the word “hammock.” Their interwoven design is flexible and able to bend with the contours of your body. This is why they can be so comfortable.

Quilted Hammocks

Quilted hammocks are made of a solid quilted sheet without the gaps that a rope hammock has. They are also usually padded for extra comfort and can feature many different colors or designs.

Brazilian Hammocks

Brazilian hammocks are incredibly colorful and intricately woven with many different fibers. They can make a great accent piece for your backyard and are known for their durability and comfort. If you want a hammock that is more than just a piece of furniture, they might be a good choice for you.

Teardrop Hammocks

Teardrop hammocks have a unique design that is similar to a tent. They feature an entire structure that can hang from a beam or tree branch and can even hold more than one person. If you are interested in rock climbing or mountaineering, you probably want to look into teardrop hammocks for your sleeping arrangements.

How to Choose a Hammock

Image credits: Wise Owl via Amazon

The number one thing you should think about when choosing a hammock is what its purpose will be. Not all hammocks are going to be good for your specific situation, and it’s important that you know how you will be using it before you buy.

For example, a camping hammock will not be a good choice if your backyard doesn’t have any trees. You will need a hammock with a stand that you can place wherever you want. This will even allow you to move it as the day progresses if you want to get in or out of the sun.

If you want to leave your hammock out year-round, you will want one that is very durable. Some of the more delicate weaving of Brazilian hammocks will not hold up in the rain. Knowing how you intend to use it will help you choose the best hammock for you and your backyard.

Are Hammocks Good or Bad for Your Back?

Hammocks are unique in that they can either be good for your back or very bad for it. Hammocks tend to have a lot of flexibility and they can adjust to the natural contours of your body, much like a memory foam mattress does. This can help alleviate back pain, but it must be hung correctly and stretched tight to offer support at the same time.

Hammocks can also be great for sleeping in because they help eliminate tossing and turning. On a regular bed, you have a lot of room to move around and this can cause you to contort your body into awkward positions while you sleep. On a hammock, there isn’t room for this, so people tend to stay in one position throughout the night, promoting healthy sleeping habits.

How We Picked

Some of the things we looked for in the above hammocks were:

  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Aesthetically pleasing design

One of the most important things to look for in a hammock is durability. The last thing you want is for your hammock to fail while you are in it. This could cause serious injury and at the very least will ruin your relaxing afternoon in the backyard. We made sure to look for hammocks that can support at least 250 pounds.

We also looked for hammocks that could be packed up and brought camping or hiking very easily. Portability is a great feature for hammocks since they are one of the only pieces of furniture that can be rolled up and put in a backpack.

We also were sure to find hammocks that looked nice. A hammock is not only a functional piece, it should add a touch of color or accent to your backyard. That way, you will be glad to get it out of storage and set it up every year knowing it will add something to the look of the yard.

The Last Word on Hammocks for Backyard Relaxation

By knowing how you intend to use your hammock, you can pick the one that will last for years and serve you well. The most important thing is to find a hammock that you look forward to using year in and year out. If you can find the best one for your backyard, it will bring you a lot of joy.

Our favorite overall is the Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock for its portability and durable design. Its heavy-duty nylon and stitching makes it a multifunctional and thoroughly usable hammock that will work for all kinds of purposes. No matter where you are going, you can bring your hammock with you and know that you will be comfortable once you get there.