Best Honda Snow Blowers Review 2019
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The 5 Best Honda Snow Blowers Review

Snow is one of those equalizers among neighbors. When the winter winds blow in a snowstorm, you can bet your next-door neighbor knows who has the best snow blower on the block. And there’s a certain sense of pride in the community that comes with being part of a neighborhood, so chances are whoever has a monster snow-eating machine will lend it out. And there’s probably a good chance that that person has brand loyalty, too.

Honda is one of those brands that offer a variety of outdoor equipment that loyal customers swear by. Whether you’re in need of a powerful gas snow blower or a less expensive electric thrower, Honda has it. This brand has everything you need, one that will fit your budget and the amount of snow you get. To be sure which one is right for you, read through these Honda blowers reviews.

Our Top 5 Honda Snow Blowers in 2021

Honda HSS724ATD Snow Blower - The 5 Best Honda Snow Blowers Review Honda HSS724ATD Snow Blower
  • Throw distance: 49 feet
  • Weight: 243 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years
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Honda Snow Blower Snow Thrower Single Stage - The 5 Best Honda Snow Blowers Review Honda Snow Blower Snow Thrower Single Stage
  • Throw distance: 33 feet
  • Weight: 89 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Honda Snow Thrower Single Stage 20 Inch Wide Hs-720-am - The 5 Best Honda Snow Blowers Review Honda Snow Thrower Single Stage 20 Inch Wide Hs-720-am
  • Throw distance: 33 feet
  • Weight: 82 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Honda HSS724AAWD Compact Two-Stage Snow Blower - The 5 Best Honda Snow Blowers Review Honda HSS724AAWD Compact Two-Stage Snow Blower
  • Throw distance: 45 feet
  • Weight: 306 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years
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Honda HSS1332ATD Two Stage Snow Blower - The 5 Best Honda Snow Blowers Review Honda HSS1332ATD Two Stage Snow Blower
  • Throw distance: 56 feet
  • Weight: 298 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years
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The expert staff here at BYB have years of experience defending their homes from harsh winter snow, unfortunately for them, and fortunately for you. No seriously, quite a few of us were born and raised in the snowy parts of North America. After years of shoveling copious amounts of that horrid white stuff each winter, some of us eventually gave snow blowers a chance. I still remember that glorious first year; what a relief it was for my back!

At any rate, with this snow blower review, and every other product we recommend, we take our responsibility with the utmost seriousness. It is our business to research, review, and recommend nothing but the best products for our readers to consider investing in. And, that is exactly what we do. Each piece we write is passed through several hands (and eyes) before it is published. No pencil-pushing sponsored product promoters here, just real-life folks like you helping others makes the most well-informed purchasing decisions possible.

The Best Honda Snow Blower for People Who Want It All

    If you’re looking for a powerful machine with loads of features and a long warranty, this may be the best blower for you.



When the snow blows in, you might wish you had a two-stage blower like this one from Honda. The HSS724ATD packs a wallop in power, even with its small 198cc engine. The 24-inch wide mouth and 22-inch tall intake are enough to tackle the longest sidewalks, walkways, and driveways. You’ll likely only have to make one pass for paths and sidewalks. The self-propulsion makes this heavy beast a breeze to maneuver, so you’re neither pushing nor pulling. Under the right conditions, i.e. light, fluffy snow, this monster can move up to 1,500 lbs. of snow per minute, and then throw it to your yard, up to 49 feet away.

Of course, not every snowfall is ideal, so you may need to take it slow when you take this snow-munching machine out to chew up banks and whatever the city plow left at the bottom of your driveway. The wheels are covered by a long track, which offers plenty of traction against snow, ice – you name it. And Honda included all sorts of extras, such as a joystick controller that moves the chute in almost any direction, a headlight, and an electric start. Perhaps the biggest drawbacks of this machine are the cost (it is pricey) and that it’s going to require a bit of maintenance. The good news to follow, though, is that you get a three-year manufacturer warranty.

The Best Snow Blower for Light Snowfall

    If you want a lightweight snow thrower to handle inches of snow, rather than feet, this could be a good choice for you.



Not everyone needs a dual-stage blower, and if that’s you, the Honda HS720AA single-stage thrower might be worth looking at. Unlike many of its competitors, this one is gas-powered. That means you get plenty of power, but in a smaller, more lightweight package. Thanks to the 4-stroke engine, you won’t have to mix oil and gas, making this less of a pain maintenance-wise. You won’t get self-propulsion out of this machine, but the auger can pull you along a little. You can change the direction the snow is slung through the chute by joystick, which is convenient.

The recoil start is easy enough to use, and most customers had no issue with this thrower starting on the first pull. If you get the ideal conditions of light, fluffy snow and none of the icy, hard-packed stuff, this little monster can move up to 1,800 pounds of snow per minute. And that snow chute will chuck it up to 33 feet away. Perhaps the biggest complaint about this Honda snow thrower is that it’s a bit pricey (you can get another brand two-stage blower for about the same price) and the tires’ tread collects snow, making it a little difficult to control the machine while clearing snow.

The Most Lightweight Honda Snow Blower

    If you want a Honda thrower, but you don't care about how you change the direction of the chute and want to spend a little less money, this might be the one for you.



If this Honda single-stage thrower looks familiar, that’s because you just read about its sister thrower above. The differences between that one and the Honda HS720AM are cost and chute control. This one is slightly less expensive, but still a pricey buy for a single-stage unit. With the lower cost, you sacrifice the joystick control of the chute direction. Instead, you have to manually move it with a bar on the front of the machine.

Everything else is pretty much the same. So, this is a good machine for light snowfall – under one foot. It’s a powerful beast, compared to other single-stage throwers, so you can expect it to spit snow farther, and eat up more snow at once. Powered by gas, this snow thrower does require a little maintenance, but not nearly as much as 2-stroke engines (this one is 4-stroke, so no need to mix oil and gas).

The Best Honda Snow Blower for Tough Jobs and Convenience

Honda Power Equipment HSS724AAWD SNOW BLOWER
    If you’re looking for a powerful machine that can take on snowstorms, but is compact in size, and easy to maintain, you might want to consider this one.



Some manufacturers offer high-priced two-stage snow blowers and claim that they’re beasts that devour snow, but you may be surprised by how much they pale in comparison to Honda’s HSS724AAWD blower. This dual-stage snowblower gives you a 24-wide mouth to chow down on the biggest clumps of snow, and it’s nearly 17 inches high on its intake, which means you can take on feet of snow, rather than just inches. An important tip for all homeowners who buy this machine: Go slowly. Yes, it can take on wet, heavy snow, compacted snow, and even the berms left by the city plow at the end of your driveway. It needs your patience, though. It can become difficult to move this machine when it starts to dig into the snow.

Under perfect conditions, this Honda snow blower is capable of clearing up to 1,500 pounds of snow per minute, which is a lot of snow. In those same conditions (light, fluffy snow) this snow-munching monster can also throw snow up to 45 feet, which is a much farther distance than competitors. To be fair, though, this is quite an expensive purchase – at least twice as much as some competitors. That said, the cost is very much justified. The 196cc gx ohv engine is similar to the one Honda uses in its smallest commercial machines, and it’s easy to start, too.

The Most Powerful Honda Snow Blower

    If you want a snow-munching beast that blows away the competition – and your snow – this might be ideal for you and your large property.



Nearly every manufacturer of blowers offers such a powerful two-stage blower, but Honda goes well above and beyond with its dual-stage powerhouse HSS1332ATD. Sure, it’s only a two-stage unit (there are three-stage units out there), but Honda put all of its efforts into building a strong engine, a wide mouth (32 inches), and added almost every feature you could want. You control the chute with a joystick controller, and it has an electric start, so it starts the first time, every time, even in cold weather.

Still not sure about whether this beast can tackle your large property, driveway, and walkways? Under the perfect conditions, it can clear up to 2,750 pounds per minute. And after it chews and sucks in all that snow, it can throw it up to 56 feet away. The 389cc engine, which is used for commercial machines made by Honda, is enough power for almost any snowstorm and property. The biggest issue with this blower is that it is incredibly expensive compared to other two-stage units. You might also need to buy accessories to make it work for all situations (such as a drift cutter kit to tackle snowbanks taller than its intake).

What’s the Difference Between Honda Snow Blowers and the Others?


Whether you’re a steadfast Honda fan or not, you may have wondered if there’s a difference between Honda and other top name brands in outdoor equipment. The answer is a bit complex because it’s a yes and no answer. In one way, there’s little difference between a Honda blower and a fill-in-the-blank-brand snow blower, as they’re both designed to do the same job: Move snow from a place you don’t want it to a place you do. If you look at specific features, value, quality, and warranty.

Superior Features

Many Honda snow blowers include features that are useful or necessary, such as adjustable auger height, wider mouths or taller intakes, impressive snow-throwing ability, electric starts, and variable speeds (on gas-powered machines, anyway). While many snow blowers include puncture-proof tires with traction, at least one Honda snow blower has tracks with two wheels to increase traction and power for slippery situations.

A Fair Price

When you look at the cost of a Honda snow blower, you may see it as comparable in price to other similar blowers. However, there are some Honda models that are priced higher. Before balking at the steeper price, you need to consider the engine quality, part availability, and other features that make these machines an excellent value for any homeowner who needs to keep their driveways and walkways free and clear of snow.

Powerful Engines

The durability of a Honda engine is known among the loyalists. Even the residential machines meant to suck in and blow out snow from suburban and rural homes are built to last. All outdoor equipment eventually breaks down, though, so it’s important that you pick a brand that has a good reputation and parts that are easy to access. You can readily find dealers around the United States of America that can provide you parts and service. If you prefer to work on your blower yourself, you can find parts sold online and at stores everywhere.

Excellent Warranty Options

Outdoor power equipment like snow blowers often come with only a one-year warranty, or even just a 90-day return policy. The manufacturer warranty on Honda blowers is at least two years for residential use, and even longer from some dealers.

When you put all those reasons together, it’s easy to see why many people pick Honda over other brands. So, which one is going to be the best for you? It mostly comes down to your budget, where you live, and how much power you really need.

Which Type of Honda Snow Blower Should You Choose?

Honda offers a variety of snow-munching tools that are designed to get the snow up and off your paved surfaces and onto your yard, where it can be better used for making snow angels, snowmen, or women. To pick the right one for you and your yard, consider how much you want to spend and whether you need a powerhouse or a simple single-stage thrower.

Single-Stage Snow Blower

Honda Single Stage Snowblower Snow Thrower Single Stage 20 Inch Wide Hs-720-am

Honda’s throwers are a bit smaller than their two-stage cousins, but they still pack a punch when it comes to light, fluffy snow. These are the most affordable of all of Honda’s line of snow-obliterating tools, and they’re easy to use. They’re usually powered by electricity, so you’ll have to purchase a long cold-weather extension cord.

The good news is you won’t have to fill a tank with gas or keep engine oil on hand. Maintenance is easier with these throwers, too. They’re most appropriate for those who don’t deal with Snowmageddon. If you get a couple of inches of snow at a time, a Honda snow thrower could work well for you.

Two-Stage Snow Blower

Honda HSS1332ATD 389cc 32 inch Track Drive Two Stage Snow Blower, Electric Start

If you’re getting some serious piles of snow in your town, then you might want to consider a bigger machine that’s capable of clearing wider paths and taller banks at an incredibly quick pace. Honda’s two-stage blowers are gas-powered, and they include features, such as all-wheel drive, variable speeds, and they’re self-propelled.

They also come with a hefty price tag, so purchase one of these if you really need it. For example, if you live in a snow belt and regularly get three to four feet of snow dumped on your driveway, you might want to consider a machine like this.

What to Look for In a Honda Snow Blower

Scoop/Intake Housing

The scoop, also known as the intake housing, is the part of the snow blower that works like a snow shovel by scooping up snow. It should come as no surprise that it is one of the most significant features to look at any snow blowing machine you are considering investing in. The wider, and taller, that the intake housing is, the more snow the machine can handle in a single pass. Likewise, it also determines whether or not the blower will function properly when up against tall snowdrifts.

Number and Type of Augers

Once the snow is scooped up into the front-end of the machine, the first augur passes it on into the next auger, at which point, depending on how many augers the snow blower is equipped with, the snow is either moved on up and out of the chute, or it is chopped up extra-fine by an extra auger with sharp blades first and then passed onto the chute and up into the air. The number and type of augers also affect what consistencies of snow and ice the machine is capable of processing and throwing. The fewer augers your machine has, the lighter the snow needs to be for it to function properly – and vice-versa.

Type of Starter

It may seem like a no-brainer, but for those who have never owned and operator a piece of outdoor power equipment like a Honda snow blower, looking for the type of starter that a machine is equipped with is something easily overlooked. That said, even though most high-end machines come with an electric start these days, it is not always the case. Plenty of snow blowers come with standard pull-starters like the one on a lawnmower. Which type of starter is best, well, that is up to your personal opinion. However, most people prefer not to have to yank and prime their machine in the freezing cold.

Tires or Tracks

The majority of residential snow blowers come with tires. Typically, the best snow blowers come with tires of 6-inches or larger. And, in some cases, the manufacturer includes chains with the purchase. Or, at the very least, after-market chains are usually available for adding on and giving your machine’s tires extra traction. On the other hand, some commercial units, and a small handful of residential snow blowers come with tracks rather than tires. Tracks are similar to what you would find on a military tank – and they can power through just about anything including snow, slush, and ice.

Engine Type and Size

Another major consideration to think about before deciding on any given snow machine is the size of the engine that it has, as well as what sort of fuel it takes. In addition, there is the cost of upkeep associate with the engine. Larger engines often take more maintenance and extra fluids like oil or transmission lubricant. Electric motors, though a bit less powerful for the most part, take much less work to keep them in working condition.

Steering and Propulsion Systems

Among the major considerations to make before buying a snow blower, having a look at the steering and propulsion systems is a must. From single and dual joysticks to handlebars, there are numerous versions of possible steering systems on these machines. Likewise, looking at propulsion systems is crucial as well. Smaller machines are pulled forward by the intake auger and your pushing power. Larger machines typically have self-propelled systems installed that keep the machine rolling forward with no extra effort from you.

Other Brand Specific Features

Beyond the obvious features, such as chute control and tires with good traction, Honda offers some extra handy features on some of its machines that might tip you over the edge in your decision. Some of Honda’s blowers include electric starts, which means you won’t have to stand in the cold pulling on a cord to start the engine up. Hydrostatic drive is available on some of the more powerful machines, which lets you control the speed of your blower, whether you’re backing up or plowing forward.

Some chutes on blowers can only be moved manually one way or the other, but a few of Honda’s machines include an electric joystick chute control. Just move the controller to the left or right to change the direction the snow shoots, and then up or down to choose how high or low the snow blows.

Honda HSS724ATD 198cc Two Stage Electric Start Track Snow Blower

Other features, typically found on the two-stage machines, include skid shoes that allow you to adjust the auger’s height, a powerful headlight, and a large gas cap. An adjustable auger means you can set the auger higher, which allows you to snow blow gravelly driveways or uneven pavement more easily. The extra-bright headlight is useful when the sun is slow to get up, or if you need to clear paths at night. A large gas cap is one of those details that Honda considered for its cold customers wearing gloves while they plow, making it easier to loosen or tighten the cap.

To make the best decision on the best Honda blower, you should read through reviews. This is probably the best way to get an idea of which one will work for you – otherwise, you could just buy every Honda snow blower (ha)!

How We Picked

To come up with a list of nothing but the five best current Honda snow blowers, we did the long and tedious work of sorting through each Honda machine on the market. We read the descriptions from retailers as well as the manufacturer, took notes, and moved on to customer reviews and ratings. Comparing the descriptions against the reviews and popular consensus regarding each model, we slimmed down our list until we discovered what we believe to be the best models.

After selecting the best five Honda snow blowers available we wrote an in-depth review on each individual machine based on our research. That said, during the entire process we kept in mind that our readership is most likely interested in residential units, so we kept the heavy-duty and commercial machines to a minimum, rather we focused on smaller blowers. However, we did include a couple of units that are much larger than the first few items on the list. That way, we picked a unit for everyone.

Which Honda Snow Blower Is Best for You?

Finding the best snow blower comes down to personal needs and preferences. Not everyone likes hydrostatic drive, and some people don’t really care about moving the chute with a joystick on the dashboard. Considering cost, performance, maintenance, and features, the best blower from Honda has to be the Honda HSS724ATD 198cc Two-Stage Electric Start Track Snow Blower.

Although it isn’t as powerful as a couple of other machines by Honda, it definitely handles big banks. It’s not nearly as expensive as the big snow-eating monsters available from the manufacturer, and it includes many of the same features. Plus, you get an electric start, which will set some minds at ease. And it includes that coveted three-year warranty, which isn’t always available with the smaller machines. Don’t let its size fool you, though. The 24-inch wide mouth is big enough to clear good-sized paths in one pass, and the track drive makes it easy to maneuver.