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Best Hose Nozzles: 5 Practical and Affordable Ways to Keep Your Garden Watered

If you love to garden, then you know that watering your plants regularly, and correctly, keeps them green and growing.

There are various ways to get that essential moisture to your plants, between watering cans, watering wands, and sprinklers, but it’s undeniable that the best way to water your plants is with an adjustable hose nozzle.

Hand watering with a hose nozzle guarantees each plant gets the direct attention it needs to the roots, avoiding the risk of over-watering, under-watering, and wetting foliage.

To help you take your garden to the next level, this complete guide features in-depth reviews on the best hose nozzles, along with tips on how to choose and use your nozzle.


Signature Garden Heavy-Duty Nozzle - Best Hose Nozzles: 5 Practical and Affordable Ways to Keep Your Garden WateredSignature Garden Heavy-Duty Nozzle
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 12.6 ounces
  • 8 Spray Patterns
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Gardena Metal Multi-Purpose Hose Nozzle  - Best Hose Nozzles: 5 Practical and Affordable Ways to Keep Your Garden WateredGardena Metal Multi-Purpose Hose Nozzle
  • 11.2 Ounces
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 7 Spray Patterns
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Dramm-Heavy Duty Brass Nozzle - Best Hose Nozzles: 5 Practical and Affordable Ways to Keep Your Garden WateredDramm-Heavy Duty Brass Nozzle
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 5.6 ounces
  • 3 Spray Patterns
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Why You Should Trust Us

Who’s got the answers when it comes to hoses? Backyard Boss does!

Our dedicated team of gardening experts has used almost every type of hose under the sun, and have written enough guides to prove it.

We have written about the best kink-free garden hoses, how to bury a garden hose for watering transport, how to stop garden hoses from leaking, the best garden hose timers, and the best lightweight garden hoses to name a few of our hose guides.

Personally, I’ve had my fair share of good and bad experiences with garden hoses and know EXACTLY what to look for in a hose to ensure it works and keeps my garden thriving. In this complete guide, I will bestow some of my hose wisdom on you so you can make the best decision for your garden.

Best All-Around Hose Nozzle

Signature Garden Heavy-Duty Nozzle
    This all-around incredible hose nozzle is completely durable, ergonomically designed, and multi-functional.



WHY WE LIKE IT: Everything about this hose nozzle is incredible, from its ergonomic design to its impressive durability to its complete functionality.

It’s simple to use, with a trigger design and 8 watering patterns that you can easily switch to. Having 8 spray patterns gives you impressive flexibility so you can adjust the hose based on your watering needs, whether you want to use it to clean your car or mist your flowers. Made with solid metal and a baked enamel finish, this impressive hose nozzle is much stronger than plastic hose nozzles.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: With a lifetime guarantee, this garden hose nozzle is a great investment for people who want something that will last for a long time, and fit multiple purposes.

Best Garden Hose Nozzle with the Most Patterns

Equinox 10 Pattern Garden Hose Nozzle
    This ergonomically designed hose nozzle has 10 different spray patterns to choose from and adjustable pressure.



WHY WE LIKE IT: With 10 spray patterns to choose from, this excellent garden hose nozzle gives you complete flexibility with how you can use it.

The adjustable pressure makes it perfect for watering delicate flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, while its 10 spray patterns allow you to use it for vehicle washing, screen cleaning, and even washing your pets. With an ergonomic design, that includes a cushioned grip and a locking clip so you can relax your hand if you’re watering for long periods of time, this nozzle is easy to use.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: For people who need a hose nozzle that can excel in numerous different tasks, this is an incredible option.

Best Multi-Purpose Garden Hose Nozzle

Gardena Metal Multi-Purpose Hose Nozzle
    With convenient features and a multi-functional design, this hose nozzle is a great choice for people who want to use it for a range of purposes around their yard and home.



WHY WE LIKE IT: This multi-functional hose nozzle works for tasks all around your yard and house.

The precision of the settings on this nozzle make for quick, and easy work in the yard and garden. The soft grip, and low tension trigger, is comfortable and well placed for all hand sizes. This hose nozzle has some incredible convenient features, including a sliding handle lock which you can lock into place with one hand, and an extra coupler that allows you to easily switch the nozzle to different hoses around your yard.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: This is a great product for people who want a multi-functional hose nozzle that is convenient to use.

Best Brass Garden Hose Nozzle

Dramm-Heavy Duty Brass Nozzle
    Pairing durability with simplicity, this classic brass twist flow nozzle lasts longer than any other on the market.



WHY WE LIKE IT: The strong brass design and simple adjustable twist flow nozzle design incorporated into this product make it an incredible option for people who prioritize durability and simplicity.

Its classic design has 3 settings, simple mist, strong, and steady, all of which you can reach by simply twisting the nozzle. The solid brass design holds up for years through all kinds of weather. Mine is going on 10 years strong and is a great fallback for when a nozzle of less quality suddenly fails.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: For people who need to water large areas or who want many spray patterns to choose from, this isn’t a great option. However, for those who want a simple, long-lasting, affordable hose nozzle you’ll love this product.

Best Pistol Grip Hose Nozzle 

Gilmour Full Size Zinc Pistol Grip Hose Nozzle
    This lightweight hose nozzle has a simple design that makes it perfect for cleaning and gardening.



WHY WE LIKE IT: Pistol grip hose nozzles are wonderful for people who don’t want to deal with a lot of spray pattern and pressure settings but do care if their nozzle lasts through frequent use.

This high-quality pistol grip hose nozzle was created with a durable metal design, that can withstand frequent use, however, may rust over time. The threaded front on this hose nozzle allow you to attach other cleaning tools, making this nozzle multi-functional. The simple flow control dial allows you to easily customize the force of your water stream.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: This lightweight hose nozzle is perfect for people who want a lightweight nozzle that’s great for cleaning and taking care of their garden.

Why Use a Hose Nozzle Instead of a Sprinkler?


Sprinkler systems are perfect for covering large areas and lawns, however, they are not designed to directly water the roots of your garden.

Sprinklers apply water to the foliage of the plants, a definite no-no in the heat of the summer, especially for vegetables since this can lead to diseases like powdery mildew and leaf spots developing.

Preferably gardens should be watered in the early morning or evening so any water that does come in contact with leaves and maturing fruits and vegetables can dry naturally. This prevents the spread of bacterial infections blown in from neighboring sources.

Each plant should be watered individually so you can cater to its specific needs and monitor whether it’s being overwatered or underwatered. Watering your plants by hand provides you with an opportunity to make sure they are getting the proper amount of moisture, also allowing you to gain intimate knowledge on the health of each plant.

Benefits of a Good Hose Nozzle

When watering plants you’ll want a good nozzle to direct the flow and shape of the water so your plants receive the best, customized watering for them.

Hand watering your garden is beneficial for a variety of reasons, the number one being that you can directly control how much water is being applied to each plant to avoid overwatering.

Other Benefits of Using a Hose Nozzle

Obviously, a hose nozzle doesn’t need to be used specifically for watering your garden!  A hose nozzle can be used in a variety of manners around your home and yard as well.

They are extremely useful in directing water towards hard to reach places like your roof, washing vehicles, providing a strong stream for the cleaning of screens and other objects, and even cleaning pets.

Not to mention, having a good hose nozzle can give you the ultimate advantage in a water fight!


How Much and When to Water Your Plants

The best way to ensure that your plants thrive is to water them properly. Take your plant into account when watering, customizing how you water based on the plant.

Obviously, delicate plants shouldn’t receive a high-pressure stream, while sturdier plants can withstand more than a misting.

Over-Watering Plants 

Over-watering a plant essentially drowns it as the air pockets between the soil at the roots fill up with water. Root rot is one of the worst diseases a plant can contract, often killing plants, and it occurs because of a water flow that is too strong.

Hand watering allows you to see how much water is being applied, and how your soil type utilizes the water so you can determine if more, or less, is needed.

withered plants due to under wateringUnder-Watering Plants 

Under-watering your plants can be equally as destructive to your plant’s health because water carries nutrients to your plant that it relies on for proper growth and flowering.

When under-watered, plants begin to wilt, their growth becomes stunted, they can’t produce flowers and fruit, and their leaves start to die off.

Plants located in well-drained soils, or in dry climates, will need more water than those located in humid conditions.

How to Choose the Best Hose Nozzle For You

When you purchase a hose nozzle you’ll want to take into account the shape and size of it, materials used, personal ease of use, and the cost of the nozzle, to name a few factors.


Shape and Size

What shape and size a hose nozzle should be depends on what you’re going to use it for, how often you plan to use it, what features you want to be included, and how big your hands are.

Different types of grip, and materials, will feel and fit differently for each hand size and shape. If you have a large garden and will be holding the nozzle for extended periods of time, this is definitely something you will want to take into consideration.

Almost every garden center provides a variety of different nozzles to choose from, so if comfort is important to you, handling the products in advance will give you an idea of your preference to narrow down your needs.


Materials Used

The materials used are also important to take into account. For example, metal nozzles wear very little over time compared to plastic nozzles, and nozzles containing inner plastic working parts are going to have a different life as opposed to those that do not.

Most products on the market today come with warranties included in the price as well, so it is prudent to also check if your choice comes with a warranty replacement or guarantee.


Price is always a deciding factor in considering what is best for me. The most expensive item doesn’t always equal the best product, however, and it is important to consider all factors before making a final choice.

Spray Patterns and Pressure Settings

If you want a hose nozzle that will function for a wide range of tasks around your home and garden, then you’re going to want to purchase one with adjustable water pressure and different spray patterns that range from fine mist to a powerful stream. You definitely will not want to use the same spray pattern and pressure to clean your car as you use to mist your flowers.

How We Picked

In picking the best nozzles on the market in 2020, we looked for those that were the most high-quality and highly-rated online.

Each nozzle represents a different hose nozzle category, including the best multi-functional hose nozzle, the best brass hose nozzle, the best hose nozzle with the most spray patterns, and the best pistol grip hose nozzle.

While we wanted to represent the multiple categories of hose nozzles available, some features were included across the board in each nozzle we reviewed. For example, each nozzle we reviewed had metal parts instead of plastic ones, since metal is far more long-lasting than plastic. We also only reviewed nozzles with more than one spray and pressure setting, since the flexibility of multiple spray patterns is the main advantage of having a hose nozzle.

While every nozzle we reviewed is incredible, only one can reign supreme as the best hose nozzle on the market.


The ultimate goal is to find the best hose nozzle for your everyday needs in your yard and garden. My top choice for both yard and garden work is the Signature Garden Heavy-Duty Nozzle due to its quality, durability, and versatility when it comes to garden and yard maintenance.

Of course, every nozzle we reviewed is an excellent choice when it comes to tending to your garden, yard, and home. If you loved another one on the list, go for it. We would love to hear what you chose in the comments below.

As always, if you found this guide helpful, be sure to share it!