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9 Best Hummingbird Feeders For Your Backyard

Having an immaculate backyard that can make heads turn can be a difficult task. You will have many things to consider – from the type of soil and fertilizer to the plants you will grow and the decors you will put up. However, where there are flowers, there are birds, and, in many cases, these birds happen to be hummingbirds.

Creating the perfect backyard for hummingbirds is a task, but if they turn up, you’d want to ensure they’re happy in your yard. You’d want to start by planting the right plants to attract hummingbirds.

Apart from being adorably fast and cute, hummingbirds play a major role in pollination, thanks to their long, slender bills and tube-like tongues. Did you know that hummingbirds can remember and recognize the people that feed them? When they’re comfortable around you, don’t be surprised to see one flying around to alert you about their food! 

But before that can happen, you need the best hummingbird feeder to keep your tiny, hardworking pollinators happy and fed. You can DIY hummingbird feeders from recycled materials, but if you don’t have the time, we created this list of the nine best hummingbird feeders for your backyard!

Backyard Boss 9 Best Hummingbird Feeders For Your Backyard

1. A Piece of Hummingbird Paradise


The 16 oz. hanging hummingbird feeder from Perky-Pet is great for those who have a lot of hummingbirds frequenting their yard. It is easy to put up, refill, and clean up with its wide-mouth design. The feeder can accommodate up to eight of our feathered friends and provide them with unpolluted nectar, due to the built-in nectar protector. If you are looking for a fairly simple but still good-looking option, this hanging hummingbird feeder is the right choice for you.


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2. Elegant and Practical

With its polished copper accents and red glass body, this 24 oz. the hummingbird feeder is an elegant and gorgeous choice for your backyard. It has been designed in red to attract more hummingbirds. It has a high nectar capacity, and it is easy to maintain. However, avoid cleaning it in a dishwasher. Unlike our previous contender, it can only accommodate five hummingbirds. Last but not least, putting it up and taking it down is extremely easy, so if you need to clean it or change its location, it is only a matter of a minute.


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3. The Small but Viable Option


If you are a little short on money but still want to have a hummingbird feeder in your backyard, go with this hummingbird feeder. It is a small but viable option for those who don’t want to extend their budgets. It has a fairly small 8 oz nectar capacity, but it comes apart very easily when it’s time for cleaning. Moreover, it is fitted with protectors against beer and other insects. Unfortunately, it can only fit four hummingbirds at a time.


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4. The Crown Jewel

This feeder is quite similar to the second on this list. However, there are some key differences. This model has a higher nectar capacity at 23 oz. but can only fit four hummingbirds simultaneously. The glass part is a gentle green color, however, the feeder remains red to attract more birds. As with the other similar model, you should refrain from washing it in a dishwasher.


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5. The More the Better

This hummingbird feeder comes with one of the largest nectar containers at 30 oz. It has a see-through glass bottle which makes following the nectar levels fairly easy. It can accommodate up to six hummingbirds. Similar to its smaller brother that we covered earlier, it is very easy to pull apart to clean it. However, to put it up, you have to buy hooks separately.


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6. The Option in Between

At 16 oz, this plastic hummingbird feeder is the option in between in terms of container size. Like the other options we covered from this company, the bottle is see-through to monitor nectar levels. It features a wide mouth opening which makes refills easy and not messy. It can be assembled and disassembled fairly quickly. This hummingbird feeder is a bright red color which can attract more hummingbirds but can only fit four on it.


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7. The Sapphire in the Backyard

This feeder is a beautiful addition to any garden. The blue hummingbird feeder features a silver feeder and a glass nectar container which comes in different colors. It can fit up to 16 oz and accommodate up to four hummingbirds. If you want to have a luxurious and elegant vibe throughout your backyard, this is a perfect choice.


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8. A Step Toward the Vintage

This hobnail glass feeder by Perky-Pet is quite similar to the previous one we reviewed. However, there are still a few subtle differences. It comes in red and cranberry colors and has a smaller container at 16 oz. Similarly, it can only fit four hummingbirds. It is very easy to fill up because of its wide neck opening. Moreover, it is uncomplicated to clean.


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9. A Bottle of the Good Stuff

This hummingbird feeder by Perky-Pet is quite lovely. It features a 16 oz bottle with a hummingbird inscribed on it, which essentially plays the role of the container. The feeder has four flower feeding ports. It is a beautiful addition to any garden, especially ones that feature antique, farmhouse, vintage, or rustic decor. The feeder is very easy to put apart and put together and doesn’t require an additional purchase of a hook to be put up. Unfortunately, it is a little more challenging to fill up due to the narrow opening of the bottle.


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In Summary

If you are looking for the best looking non-plastic option, the Perky-Pet Red Hobnail Vintage Glass Hummingbird Feeder would be perfect. It has a large container and is easy to clean up and fill up.

If you don’t care much about looks, but want to have a bigger nectar container, then the best option for you would be the Perky-Pet 209 B Glass Hummingbird Feeder would be the best choice. With its astonishing 30 oz container and insect-protected feeder, it is a very viable choice for bird lovers.

If you want to be able to feed as many hummingbirds as possible, then the Perky-Pet Hummingbird 16 oz Plastic Nectar Feeder is the best choice for you. While it only can fit 16 oz, it is easy to clean and fill up. Moreover, it features a nectar guard, which prevents the nectar from being polluted.

As for our favorite choice, it would have to be the Perky-Pet Hummingbird 16 oz Glass Nectar Feeder. Not only is the color mystifying, but so is the fact that this hummingbird feeder looks like a lost treasure! It may not feature the largest container, but it sure can make heads turn.