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Best Indoor Firewood Racks & Holders – 2020 Reviews

Your fireplace is a focal point of your room. So, it should come as no surprise that the accessories around your fireplace get a lot of attention. Your firewood holder is one of the most noticed accessories, but does it do your fireplace justice? The right firewood rack can make all the difference. Find out which firewood rack is best for your home.

DOEWORKS 18 Inch Firewood Racks Fireplace Log Holder with Canvas Carrier - Best Indoor Firewood Racks & Holders – 2020 ReviewsDOEWORKS 18 Inch Firewood Racks Fireplace Log Holder with Canvas Carrier
  • Durable design
  • Comes with canvas carrier
  • Matches most decors
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Sunnydaze Firewood Log Rack with Tool Holder Hooks - Best Indoor Firewood Racks & Holders – 2020 ReviewsSunnydaze Firewood Log Rack with Tool Holder Hooks
  • Built-in hooks
  • Tall size
  • Bottom shelf
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1Go High Iron Firewood Log Rack with Fireplace Tool Set - Best Indoor Firewood Racks & Holders – 2020 Reviews1Go High Iron Firewood Log Rack with Fireplace Tool Set
  • Built-in hooks
  • Tools included
  • Iron rolled frame
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Panacea 15208 20-Inch Tubular Steel Log Hoop - Best Indoor Firewood Racks & Holders – 2020 ReviewsPanacea 15208 20-Inch Tubular Steel Log Hoop
  • Hoop shape
  • High Capacity
  • Durable design
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Amagabeli Fireplace Log Holder - Best Indoor Firewood Racks & Holders – 2020 ReviewsAmagabeli Fireplace Log Holder
  • Collapses down
  • Ornate design on side
  • Doesn’t take up much space
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Why Trust Us

Interior design matters to me. I’m the kind of person who believes that every little detail in the home adds to your style. While most people think about their kitchen table and chairs, they don’t think about the napkin holder. The same is true of their fireplace. Most people care about the bricks on the fireplace and the pieces in their mantle, but they don’t consider the firewood rack.

It seems to me that the fireplace rack helps complete your room. I know that style and functionality matter, so I was able to pinpoint which firewood racks are the best for indoor use.

What Should You Look for in a Firewood Holder

When shopping for an indoor Firewood holder, you have a few factors to consider. Making the wrong choice wastes money, affects the look of your room, and makes it inconvenient to start fires. Before you make a decision, consider all of the following:

Air Flow

If you’re looking for an outdoor firewood rack, you probably know to look for a rack that keeps the wood off the ground. Moisture can get to your wood, and your fires will be smoky or your would might not burn. For an indoor firewood holder, moisture isn’t as much of an issue. However, you should still look for a rack that allows for air flow under the firewood.

If your wood is on the ground, moisture could build under your wood. While it won’t be as much moisture as there would be if the rack were outside, there could be enough moisture to affect your fires. Make sure your rack of choice allows for air flow and keeps your wood from touching the floor.

vertical design firewood rack holder beside indoor fireplace


Inside, you probably don’t have too much moisture or cold to break down your firewood racks. However, durability is still an issue. Plastic racks don’t always hold the weight of firewood well, and they could buckle. Some metal racks aren’t rust-proof, so wood with even a little moisture could rust your rack.

You shouldn’t have to be gentle when you put wood in the rack. For that reason, it’s important to choose a firewood rack that’s made to last. Consider the material the rack’s made with as well as the quality of the build.


How much firewood do you want to keep indoors? How much space do you have for a firewood holder? These are all questions you should ask yourself before you decide on a firewood rack. When it comes to buying a fireplace rack, the size does matter.

Every rack has a different capacity. Find out how much weight your holder can handle, or how many logs it can hold. Depending on the design, this number can vary significantly. If you don’t have much space, you might want a small holder. That said, some vertical holders can contain many logs and don’t take up much of your living room.


Unless you plan on keeping your firewood holder somewhere inaccessible, the looks matter. You want your rack to match the style of your room. While some holders are simple and match with any style, others only work with certain decor.

When you’re ready to buy a new firewood rack, think about what your room needs. Would it look good with a simple rack, or an elegant one? Choose a rack that will make your room look better than before.


You don’t need to buy a rack that comes with hooks for accessories, but doing so can save you money. It also takes up less room in your home. If you don’t have space for an accessory rack or don’t want to buy a separate rack, you can purchase a rack that comes with a place for your accessories.


best indoor firewood rack holder tall best overall in use

Often, firewood racks are so large that they require assembly. While some racks have minimal assembly, others require detailed assembly. For those who don’t have much time, a rack that’s easy to assemble is a must.

Why Storage is So Important

Firewood storage is sometimes overlooked. However, everyone who owns a fireplace should have a place to hold their firewood. There are several reasons for this.

First, there’s the issue of creosote. If you use moist wood, it produces a significant amount of creosote. Over time, the creosote could block your chimney and be a fire hazard. If you use wet wood, you’ll need to pay a chimney sweep to clean your chimney frequently. The right rack will keep your firewood dry, and in turn limit creosote build-up. And by keeping some of your wood indoors, you ensure your wood stays dry.

Secondly, there’s the issue of convenience. If you don’t have a firewood holder, you need to go outside every time you want to start a fire. You either need to take the time to bundle up, or head out in the cold. In any case, getting the wood is inconvenient. You can save yourself from getting cold by storing your firewood inside.

Finally, your small firewood rack limits your chance of pests in your home. Many types of common house pests are drawn to large piles of firewood. Your small indoor pile is unlikely to contain pests, which protects your home from unwanted invaders. In many ways, having a firewood rack can make a difference.

Top Indoor Firewood Racks & Holders

Here are the best of the best firewood racks.

Indoor Firewood Racks & Holders: Best Modern Design

This firewood rack is about 18 inches long and 16 inches high. Inside the rack, there’s a removable canvas sling. You can pull out the sling and use it to transport your firewood from outside to inside your home. Once you have the wood in your home, you can place the sling back in the holder.

This product leaves less mess than other holders. Made with a heavy duty steel, the product has a powder coat finish to prevent rusting. Because it’s relatively small, the rack won’t take you much room. You can position it next to your fireplace without creating a disturbance in your room.

With a simple design, this rack works with most decors. However, it’s perfect for homes with a modern flair. The assembly of this product is simple, and the screws for it are included. All you need is a ratchet wrench to tighten some bolts.

DOEWORKS 18 Inch Firewood Racks Fireplace Log Holder with Canvas Carrier
    This rack comes with a canvas sling, which makes for no-mess storage and transport of your wood.



Indoor Firewood Racks & Holders: Best Vertical Design

At 32 inches tall, this is one of the tallest firewood holders. It’s only 13 inches across, which allows it to fit well in tight spaces. Weighing in at only 12 pounds, the holder is light enough to move around your home as needed.

The design of this vertical rack is very simple, and this gives it a sleek look. It works with practically any decor. Made with durable steel and finished off with a powder coat, this product is sturdy. Even when you stack it full of wood, the frame won’t give in. You can even use this product for your outdoor firewood storage.

Four hooks are built into this holder. You can hand your fire tools from the hooks for easy access. On the bottom of the holder, there’s a shelf for you to store other accessories, like newspapers or fire starters. It’s also easy to assemble and comes with all of the hardware needed for assembly.

Sunnydaze Firewood Log Rack with Tool Holder Hooks
    With a vertical design, this tall firewood rack is ideal for small spaces.



Indoor Firewood Racks & Holders: Best with Fireplace Tools Included

Measuring almost 28 inches tall and 18 inches across, this firewood rack has plenty of space for your logs. It also comes with four tools that make controlling your fire easy. There’s a poker, shovel, broom, and tongs. The tools hang from hooks on the side of the frame, and take up almost no space. If you have a small home or living room, this holder is ideal. You get enough space to hold your firewood and accessories without losing living area.

With a black powder coat finish, this product has a long lifespan. The rolled iron frame is durable and also holds up to outdoor use. The powder coat is environmentally-friendly, so you can trust that you’re not harming the environment.

As far as value goes, this product is hard to beat. In addition to getting a firewood rack, you also get all the accessories for it. You can enjoy a stylish firewood rack that comes with a budget-friendly price.

1Go Iron Firewood Log Rack with Fireplace Tool Set
    In addition to having a good capacity for logs, this product also comes with all the tools you need for a great fire.



Indoor Firewood Racks & Holders: Best Circular Design

This rack is a circular shape, which makes it rather unique and aesthetically pleasing. The whole product weighs under ten pounds, but is large in size. The total height of the rack is just under 60 inches, and the width is just over 50 inches. If you want to fit a lot of logs in one place, this holder is a great choice.

The product originates from the United States and is shaped like a hoop. Thanks to its design, the rack allows air to flow through to your wood and dry it. If your wood is moist, it shouldn’t take long for it to dry on this indoor rack. It’s made with heavy duty steel and has a powder coat, like other quality log holders.

The assembly of this holder is easy, and all the parts are included. Once assembled, the rack is a beautiful addition to your living room.

Panacea 15208 20-Inch Tubular Steel Log Hoop
    With a traditional hoop design, this product has a large capacity for logs.



Indoor Firewood Racks & Holders: Best Overall

Although this isn’t the largest of the firewood holders, the Amagebeli log holder measures over 15 inches tall and 21 inches long at the top. The dimensions make it large enough to hold logs for one or two fires at a time. What makes this holder unique is its ability to fold down. You can collapse the sides to make this holder portable. Use it to hold up to 25 pieces of wood back into your home.

To add flair to your home, this holder is highly decorative. It features a leaf design on the side, which gives the product a rustic appearance. In addition to being stylish, the holder is durable. It’s made of powder coated steel. Although this rack doesn’t come with a canvas wood carrier, it does work well with them. You can use the holde with a canvas carrier to eliminate all mess.

There is no assembly whatsoever with this rack. Because it has a vertical design, the rack doesn’t take up much space.




How We Picked

To determine which product is the best firewood holder, we considered several factors. For one, we looked at the durability of a product. If it was durable enough for outdoor use, the product was designed to last. All of our choices were made of some type of metal and had a powder coating. As a result, you don’t need to worry about them falling apart.

Functionality also matters. Every one of our choices is highly functional, making it easy for you to store and get wood. They also all allow for good air flow, which enables your wood to dry off before you start the fire.


The Amagabeli Log Holder was our favorite of all the firewood holders. Next to almost any fireplace, it will fit right in. The ornate design on the side of the rack makes it like a work of art. Furthermore, it stores just enough firewood to light your fires. Because it doesn’t take up much space, this rack fits in practically anywhere. The lack of assembly is also a benefit, and means you can get your firewood loaded up right away.

What do you look for in a firewood holder? Let us know what matter to you, and which firewood rack you like the best. Comment below and share with your friends and family.