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The Best Indoor Garden Starter Kit in 2021

When it comes to gardening, the hardest part is often getting started. Besides the planning and designing phase, getting the actual plants started and growing can be tricky. Particularly if you have cold winters that encroach into prime seed starting weather.

That’s where an indoor garden starter kit comes in. Whether you’re planning on using it to give your spring seedlings a head start at the end of winter, or you’re planning a full-on indoor winter garden, one of these kits will make things easier for you. Another thing that will shorten your learning curve is our guide on exactly how to start an indoor garden for beginners.

Spruce up your windowsills with some fresh herbs or dedicate a whole kitchen bench to an indoor garden. You could even use these to start your seedling before they get moved to an outdoor space. The choice is yours. Explore the collection below to discover the best indoor garden starter kit for you.

    Herbal Tea Indoor Garden

    Herbal tea garden Starter Growing Kit

    This indoor herb garden kit comes with everything a tea lover would need to start their very own herbal tea garden. The tea lovers in your family will be blown away by the variety of herbs growing right there on the kitchen counter. Don't hesitate to try them now!
    Indoor Vegetable Garden Starter Kit

    Starting seedlings indoors

    Certified organic and GMO-free, you can be sure that you're growing the highest quality vegetables with this vegetable starter kit. The seed packets include cherry tomatoes, lettuce, carrot, radish, and green bean seeds and the included plant markers will keep you organized.
    Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

    Starting herbs indoors

    Get a head start on your fresh herb garden this season by starting your seedling indoors with this indoor herb garden starter kit. Some seeds included in this kit are Genovese basil and curly parsley. It also comes with plant markers and biodegradable plant pods for an easy indoor herb garden.
    Window Garden Seed Starting Kit

    seedlings on a windowsill

    Put your windowsill to use. Get your garden started on a sunny windowsill with this seed starting kit. The included drip tray will prevent any mess and the soil pods create the perfect environment for seed germination. This product comes in the perfect size for your windowsill for easy watering and monitoring.
     Moistenland Hydroponics System

    Hydroponic indoor garden kit

    This kit comes with everything you need to maintain an indoor garden all year round. It's also the perfect way to help your seedlings destined for outdoor gardens get a head start on the growing season by sprouting them indoors. The built-in LED lights on the light panel will turn any indoor space into a growing area.
    Gardzen 5-Set Garden Propagator Set

    Simple garden starter

    Experienced home gardeners will know that you don't need anything fancy to get your seeds started indoors. These simple seedling trays with domes included are all you need to get your hands dirty. Whether you're growing homegrown herbs from seed or some leafy greens and light veg, these trays will keep things simple.

Wrap Up

The benefits of indoor gardening go far beyond providing you with fresh food all year round. While that topic is beyond the scope of this post, you can be sure that these kits will provide you with all the benefits of indoor gardening. If you’re wondering where to put all these new plants, let our round-up of the best indoor planters give you some guidance.

Indoor garden starter kits can reduce the time and effort it takes to set up an indoor garden. They are also helpful in starting spring seedlings when it’s still too cold outside. For those that don’t want anything too fancy, this indoor vegetable starter kit is the one for you. It’s a nice selection of organic, GMO-free seeds to get you through winter.

Where are all the tea lovers? How about a fresh herbal tea garden, growing right inside your house. This herbal tea garden kit will put a new spin on tea parties.

Or if you’re looking for a full kit, with lights and everything, that will allow you to grow food indoors all year round, Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System is the one for you. The fact that this comes with absolutely everything you need in one kit makes this my top pick for indoor garden starter kits.