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The Best Indoor Water Fountain in 2022

For those of us who are familiar with the serenity of an indoor water fountain, there is almost no comparison to the calmness it echoes throughout the home. However, if you are new to the sensation of indoor water features, it’s never too late to bring another element of relaxation into your living space.

The best part? Not only are most models versatile enough to be placed indoors or outdoors, but once you’ve found the right one, it will be a stylish representation of peace within your home decor. So to help you with your choice, we have searched far and wide to bring you the best indoor water fountains.

With such a vast array of options to choose from, it’s only right we narrowed it down just a bit to help with not being overwhelmed by a plethora of products. Follow along as we take you on a journey through the mystical lands of indoor water fountains.

Backyard Boss Top 12 Best Indoor Water Fountain in 2022

    Waterfall Fountain with Stones and Light

    Mirror Mirror, Water Fall...

    Some of the best indoor water fountains are decorative in nature, and should add some intrinsic value to the calmness of your home. This water fountain comes equipped with a beautiful mirror backdrop and tall construction, but is sleek and modern in its character. The added rock display brings about a traditional biophilic representation that completes this contemporary piece of art.
    Faux Stone Water Fountain

    Faux Pillars of Relaxation

    Designed with fiber and resin, this LED fountain created by BBabe will add a bit of European furnishing to your humble abode. With four faux stone pillars cascading water down from them, this water fountain will add a dramatic touch to any designated area, and will radiate tranquility with every drop. Measuring 33 inches high and 10 inches wide this fountain is easy to set up and maintain.
    Resin Water Fountain Decor

    Water Bowls of Peace

    To be a bowl never looked so cool! This stone inspired fountain offers a universal, yet, natural look to your living space, and an acceptable way to show off your interior designing skills. This fountain is a great reminder that having multiple bowls to build with, can help you access the greatness outside of yourself. Standing 40 inches high and 13 inches wide, this fountain will turn heads.
    Sphere Jugs and Columns Water Fountain

    The Sounds of Spheres

    The easiest way to get rock-n-rollin’ is by investing in the sanctity of your mind. This multi-tier stone and ceramic fountain is an easy fix to a woeful evening. Being stylish, durable, and pleasing to look at, the perpetual motion of running H2O will have you jumping into the mosh pit of your dreams. Weighing about 35 pounds, this fountain stands 50 inches tall and 20 inches wide.
    Contemporary Columnar Fountain

    The Ripples you Deserve!

    If you are looking to add a charming piece of luxury within your four walls, look no further than this fountain. The ripple lines designed into this product will give off a very natural sounding waterfall, as well as illuminate the general area when necessary. With an adjustable water speed, built-in pump and hose, and durable fiberglass material, this fountain is a great option for both style and functionality.
    Three Jugs Water Fountain

    Athens… is That You?

    Standing at 33in, this beautiful fountain is a rustic ode to Greek design elements. Falling from one ancient jug to the next, this mixed-material water fountain will leave your guests in awe, and you, in an unbelievably calm state every day. It also comes standard with a 9ft cord for an even more convenient way to introduce a classic feel to your beautiful living quarters.
    Water Floor Standing Fountains

    Expert Mode, Activated.

    Made from Polystone with fiberglass, this water fountain is meant for the true interior designer or art connoisseur. The Rainforest Rock display is a magnificent embodiment of nature and will fill your home with a peaceful ambiance. Standing 40 inches tall and 23 inches wide, this is just the thing you need for a quiet night to yourself with a little tea or hot cocoa.
    6-Cup Tiered Water Fountain

    All Bells No Whistle

    On the artful side of indoor water fountains sits the ever so graceful Bronze 6-Cup fountain. It is a compact water fountain that manages to produce a relaxing water flow and looks amazing while doing it. If you’re looking for something simple and quaint to complement your rustic quarters, this is the perfect product to consider. This metal fountain stands 36 inches tall and 11 inches wide.
    Curved Waterfall Fountain

    Twisted Reality

    Made of stone, polyresin, and fiberglass, the Glitzhome Decorative Waterfall is an innovative design that offers a modern aesthetic and brilliant craftsmanship. The soft sounds of water as it cascades from within this fountain is as soothing as nature itself. The warm glow it radiates at night is nothing more than icing on the cake. It also comes with a planter you can use for your favorite plant.
    Modern Fountain With Light

    Simple and Sophisticated

    The majority of fountains on our list tend to be very eclectic in their design. Where the John Timberland fountain lacks in complexity, it makes up with sheer sophistication. From its cylindrical basin to its purified-by-stone water display, this fountain is a great addition for your house and home. Standing 25 inches high and 13 inches wide, you won’t regret bringing home this stone fountain.
    Shampooing Girl Water Fountain

    The Daughter of Water

    Displaying a beautiful rendition of a girl shampooing her hair, this fountain is one of the most intriguing on our list, and surprisingly, the easiest to set up. Created by Sac Smarten Arts, the Shampooing Girl water fountain celebrates divine femininity in a very soothing way. A perfect gift for your water-loving friends and family! Standing 46 inches tall and 11 inches wide, this beauty is a head-turner.
    Cascading Water Fountain

    If it’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It.

    Artful creations that play the sounds of water on repeat, is an easy way to relax the soul after a rough day. Manufactured by the Jeco company, this Glenville Water Pump will enrich your life both visually and sonically. Enjoying the soothing sounds of flowing water while exposing your stresses to the cure it most desperately needs, is a great way to ensure your days end in ultimate bliss.

Our Top Pick of the Best Indoor Water Fountain in 2022

To categorize one great fountain as better than another great fountain, is no easy task, even for us. However, there are aspects that are very unique within each product individually, that may resonate with different lifestyles and preferences. To help direct you even further towards one of the best indoor fountains of 2022, we have listed the top three fountains and our official pick off of the list.

If you are looking for a classy fountain that will add a ton of visual value to your home, the Lamps Plus 3 Jug Fountain carries a very prestigious look to it but is subtle enough to not take away from the rest of your home’s elegance.

For those of you who want to indulge in the soothing flows of running water, but have a minimal area to make your dreams come true, the John Timberland Fountain is simple and space-efficient so that you can bask in heavenly water glory.

However, if you have a large area for a fountain, but are not looking for something over the top or luxurious, the Alpine Rainforest Rock fountain has all the power and greatness, with less of the frills and craftsmanship.

Now, when it comes to our pick for the best indoor fountain of 2022, we most certainly have to go with the Alpine Indoor Mirror Fountain. This fountain has a combination of the three things we look for in an indoor water fountain. It is a cornerstone piece that can either add to your already peaceful lifestyle or influence you to begin one.

It is modern and sleek, but won’t demand your attention like some of the more artsy fountains. It is one steady stream instead of a multi-level tier design, which mimics the one stream of consciousness we all have within us. To say that this fountain is phenomenal is an understatement, but to be honest, each of our choices is a wonderful option.

We hope this list of the best indoor water fountains helps you choose the perfect one for your home!