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Best Invisible Dog Fence

All the best dog fences are far from the same. Take invisible dog fences, for example. They do just as well of a job keeping your dog in the yard, if not better than traditional dog fences. Further, they tend to be quicker and easier to install than standard fences.

In this article, we discuss how the best invisible dog fences work and what to look for in the right one for you, your property, and your dog. We also review and compare five of the very best models currently available.

The Best Invisible Dog Fences

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog - Best Invisible Dog FencePetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog
  • Type: Wired
  • Range: 5 acres
  • Pets: 1+
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JUSTPET Wireless Pet Fence Dog Container - Best Invisible Dog FenceJUSTPET Wireless Pet Fence Dog Container
  • Type:Wireless
  • Range: 900 feet
  • Pets: 2+
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Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation - Best Invisible Dog FenceExtreme Dog Fence – Second Generation
  • Type: Wired
  • Range: 10 acres
  • Pets: 2+
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SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems - Best Invisible Dog FenceSportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems
  • Type: Wired
  • Range: 100 acres
  • Pets: 1+
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My Pet Command Wireless Underground Dog Fence System - Best Invisible Dog FenceMy Pet Command Wireless Underground Dog Fence System
  • Type: Wired
  • Range: 10 acres
  • Pets: 1+
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Why You Can Trust Us

Thanks to the love for dogs that my mom had, I grew up being surrounded by them. We’ve taken in countless strays over the years, as well as volunteering for animal shelters. All of this made me love dogs as equally as my mom does. My mom and I even created our line of dog snacks and opened up a doggie boutique back in Louisville, Kentucky.

Lately, I’ve been researching and writing several guides about dog fences, including wired, wireless, traditional, and even dog gates. No matter what sort of dog fence or pet gate you’re looking for, I’ve probably written about it or am currently in the process of doing so. That’s why I’ve decided to create this guide, so you can easily find the best invisible dog fence for you and your beloved pet.

Best Overall

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog Fence
    If it's a basic in-ground fence that you're looking for, this PetSafe fence may be just the containment system for you and your pet.



Why We Like It: This popular dog fence has been on the market for around three decades and utilizes tried and true technology. 

PetSafe has one of the most popular wired dog fences on Amazon. With almost 30 years of experience, it combines leading pet fence technology with exceptional customer service. The system comes with 500 feet of wire, enough for half an acre of coverage. Additional wire can be purchased to cover up to five acres. Further, if you have any questions about the installation or operation of your fence, you’re free to call the company anytime.

Who Should Buy It: Whether you have a single dog or a small pack of them, this dog fence could be your best bet for keeping your pets safe at home.

Best for Multiple Dogs

JUSTPET Wireless Pet Fence Dog Container
    For owners of multiple dogs, specifically those who don't want to fool with burying hundreds of feet of wire, few systems are more convenient and effective.



Why We Like It: This easy-to-use dog fence doesn’t require lines to be buried, it simply relies on a powerful transmitter instead.

JUSTPET offers a different take on the pet fence. Instead of a wire that needs to be buried, their system consists of a radio transmitter that sends a vibration or shock when dogs wander outside of the radius of the system. 

While a wired dog fence will be more reliable, a wireless one is ideal for those who can’t bury a wire, or only have a small area that needs to be covered. It’s also more cost-effective than most wired options. This particular fence provides a coverage area of up to 900 feet and works for multiple pets of 10 to 100 pounds.

Who Should Buy It: If you have more than one dog, or you’re looking to avoid the intensive manual labor required for burying underground lines, this system will be perfect for you.

Best for Small Dogs

Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation
    This Extreme Dog Fence is truly a cut above the rest, covering a larger area and offers more collar settings than most.



Why We Like It: While this system fits well with most dogs, and can cover an enormous area, it’s a perfect fit for small dogs. The collar is waterproof up to 10 feet.

The Extreme Dog Fence is an alternative to the more popular PetSafe fence and is ideal for those who need a larger coverage area. Extreme Dog Fence offers multiple dog collar options and wire sizes and lengths. The system is as effective for tiny yards as it’s for larger properties. Even more, frequency coding is available to eliminate outside interference, so your neighbor’s fence signals won’t disturb yours. Another noteworthy feature of this fence is the high number of shock settings.

Who Should Buy It: Whether you’re looking to cover a massive amount of area, or you have a small pet, this fence is one of the best products available.

Best for Large Dogs

SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems
    If you have a large dog to contain, few invisible fences are better suited or come with more impressive features and options.



Why We Like It: The SportDog system is built with up to three large dogs in mind, and it can cover up to 100 acres.

SportDOG is the most expensive option on this list but also holds the most excellent features. It’s ideal for larger dog breeds as well as those who would like a flexible training system included with their fence. This system is also designed for larger properties, with the capability of expanding up to 100 acres. 

Further, SportDOG is a runner-up to PetSafe’s fence system in terms of popularity, according to many pets owners. Finally, the two main cons of this otherwise great system are the expensive price and the thinner wire in comparison to other popular designs.

Who Should Buy It: For big dog owners, and those who live on farms, ranches, and larger than average properties, this product is a perfect match. 

Best Wireless

My Pet Command Wireless Underground Dog Fence System
    When it comes to reliable wireless dog fences, the My Pet Command Wireless Dog Fence System is one of the most tried and true currently available on the market.



Why We Like It: When it comes to convenience, few dog fence systems come close to the ease and efficiency of this wireless dog fence.

My Pet Command offers a fence option that is both cost-effective and simple to use. It’s a more affordable alternative to SportDOG’s system and can cover an area of up to 10 acres. However, My Pet Command’s fence and training system combo isn’t as popular as SportDog’s system, but still offers some great features that make it worth the consideration. For example, it comes with a hand-held remote control and, even more impressive, you can add as many collars as you want.

Who Should Buy It: No matter the size of your dog, or yard, this wireless system is going to be a smart investment for you.

How Does an Invisible Dog Fence Work

Golden Retriever lying on green grass field during day time
Image Credits: Photo by Ben Pitasky on Unsplash

Invisible dog fences have wires buried inside the set boundary, such as a lawn or yard, but they can also be wireless. A transmitter emits a radio signal that travels throughout the underground wire.

The other key component is the receiver which is tied to the collar of the dog. It detects the radio signal that would travel along the buried wire. When the dog with the receiver collar approaches the underground wire, it will first hear a warning sound that only it can hear. If it continues to walk through the wire, then the receiver will supply vibrations or small electric shocks called static correction which tell your dog to go back.

Static correction is a mild, harmless electric stimulus that gets the dog’s attention to go back. The best thing is that these shocks are harmless. Now it’s obvious that your dog would have to train for that.
During training, dogs are taught to stop when they receive a warning sound. How do they know where the boundary line is? There are special methods to teach that to your pet.

What To Look For In Invisible Dog Fences

Two dogs playing in their yard
Image Credits: Photo by Mathew Smith on Unsplash

Now that you understand how they work, there are several important factors that you must look at before buying an invisible dog fence.

How Much Area Does It Cover?

Transmitters come in different ranges, some have a range of only one acre, others may be powerful to occupy about 25 acres or more. Remember to first calculate the area in which you want your dog to stay.

How Big Is The Receiver Collar And How Much Does It Weigh?

The receiver collar is one of the most important things to consider before buying an invisible dog system. If you want your dog to be comfortable while wearing the collar, you need to know that it will fit around its neck.

Below we listed important questions regarding the collar to consider:

  • Is it waterproof?
  • Does it have a safety timeout?
  • Is it durable?
  • Are batteries rechargeable or durable?
  • Does it have a low battery warning?
  • Are other collars compatible with this system?

How Reliable Is It?

Try to understand the difference between in-ground systems and wireless systems. The in-ground systems are usually more reliable than wireless systems for larger areas like terrains or fields. However, the wireless systems work better for smaller areas like yards or lawns.

Can I Have Multiple Dogs On The Same System?

Most systems allow an unlimited number of dogs as long as they have their collars. You also need to be assured that your system has compatible collars for all sizes of dogs. Dogs have different personalities, so it’s recommended to tailor the static correction level on each collar according to the needs of each dog. 

How Many Levels Of Static Corrections Are There

woman sitting with her dog in the grass
Image Credits: Photo by Marc Pell on Unsplash

Old-aged collars were very powerful, had few levels of static correction to choose from, and had even fewer safety features. Today’s modern collars are much safer and come with as many as three or more levels of static correction, as well as safety features that prevent your dog from getting hurt. However, you should also check the level of static corrections and safety features of collars if you want your pets to be safe.

How We Picked

We set out to research and review the best invisible dog fences currently available for this guide. But, first, we had to track them down. We did so by looking them up at popular retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and pet stores. After careful consideration of a couple of dozen systems, we whittled our list down to less than 10 units.

Lastly, we compared each invisible dog fence against one another. We looked at cost, collars, settings, range, and more. That said, we have full faith that the five fences we reviewed are truly the best products on the market. Further, we kept in mind that there isn’t just one system that works best for all types or sizes of dogs, and we made sure to pick something for everyone.

The Best Invisible Dog Fence for You

Choosing the right invisible dog fence for you, your dog, and your property is not easy. If you have a large dog, you need a system that can handle it. Likewise, if your dog is small, or you have multiple pets, your system should be capable of safely containing them. Hopefully, our guide helps you to make the best decision.

Our top choice is the PetSafe Basic In-Ground Dog Fence. Whether you have a small, big, or more than one dog, this invisible dog fence is widely considered one of the best. It also works well for both small and large properties.