The Top 9 Best Kids Sleds for Maximum Fun This Winter
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The Top 9 Kids Sleds for Maximum Fun This Year

Once you start to put the snow chains on your tires, you know it’s time to pull out your sleds from the basement. But are you really ready for the winter? If you don’t have some of the best kids sleds, your family won’t be able to enjoy the snow. It may be time to go shopping for some new sleds. We’ve checked out some of the top snow sleds for kids, and have determined which ones reign supreme. Which kids sled do you like the best?

Slippery Racer Downhill Pro Saucer - The Top 9 Kids Sleds for Maximum Fun This YearSlippery Racer Downhill Pro Saucer
  • Sturdy design
  • Fast ride
  • Saucer type
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Slippery Racer Grande XL Commercial Inflatable Snow Tube Sled - The Top 9 Kids Sleds for Maximum Fun This YearSlippery Racer Grande XL Commercial Inflatable Snow Tube Sled
  • Heavy duty cover
  • Sick bottom
  • Tube type
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Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled - The Top 9 Kids Sleds for Maximum Fun This YearFlexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled
  • Durable design
  • Good controls
  • Sledge type
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Yukon Hammerhead Pro HD - The Top 9 Kids Sleds for Maximum Fun This YearYukon Hammerhead Pro HD
  • Precision steering
  • Sturdy frame
  • High performance
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Slippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Toboggan - The Top 9 Kids Sleds for Maximum Fun This YearSlippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Toboggan
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Flexible material
  • Toboggan type
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Zipfy Freestyle Luge - The Top 9 Kids Sleds for Maximum Fun This YearZipfy Freestyle Luge
  • Durable plastic
  • Easy to control
  • Luge type
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Airhead Tie Dye Alien Foam Sled - The Top 9 Kids Sleds for Maximum Fun This YearAirhead Tie Dye Alien Foam Sled
  • Light weight
  • Foam topper
  • Inexpensive
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Winterial Inflatable Snow Sled - The Top 9 Kids Sleds for Maximum Fun This YearWinterial Inflatable Snow Sled
  • Back rest
  • Nylon cover
  • Tube Type
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Airhead Rocket Plastic Snow Sled - The Top 9 Kids Sleds for Maximum Fun This YearAirhead Rocket Plastic Snow Sled
  • Unique design
  • Lightweight design
  • Fast and maneuverable
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Why Trust Us

There’s nothing quite as exciting as racing down a snow-covered hill. As a kid, it was one of my favorite pastimes. I started out on a garbage bag, only to make my way to innertube sleds. But some of my best memories are from my first metal frame sled. Having tried out almost every sled you could imagine, I know a thing or two about sleds.

I use my knowledge to pick out some of the best kids sleds. Although there are tons to choose from, I considered which ones would give kids the most enjoyment. Some had features and qualities that made them stand out from the rest.

Everything You Should Know About Kids Sleds

Before you start shopping for kids sleds, there are a few things you should know. To help make the decision easier, we’ve come up with a guide to choosing a sled. Check out our guide before you get shopping.

Types of Sleds for Kids

kids sledding action shot narrow two childrenon a plastic sled going downhill in snowThere are several types of sleds, and it’s crucial to choose the right sled for your child’s needs. One of the most traditional sleds is the disc sled. With a simple disc design, your kids can get some serious speed. They’re small and lightweight, but offer very limited steering capabilities. Although you can use the side handles to gain some control of the sled, you can’t get any precision.

If you want your kids to be able to fully control their sled, you should get a sled with brakes and a steering wheel. Typically, these sleds have sturdy metal frames. They’re heavier and larger than other options, so transporting them isn’t easy.

Another option is the wooden toboggan. If you have fond memories of your childhood sledding times, you might want this type of sled. It’s vintage, has some steering ability, and can usually hold two people. However, these sleds are rather large and might not fit in the trunk of your car.

For a wild ride, inflatable sleds are the way to go. They allow the rider to go fast, and also provide a comfortable ride. To make transport easy, you can deflate the sled before you leave for the slopes.

Where to Use the Sled

Once you have your sled, you need to decide where your kids can use it. First, look for a hill that’s not too steep. Slopes can be steeper than they seem, so try walking up the hill to determine its steepness. Additionally, make sure your hill has a long and flat area at the bottom. Without that area, there’s no way for the sled to slow down in time. After going downhill, a child could hit an object.

When you pick out a sledding spot, ensure there are no hazards. A pond, tree, or fence could cause a dangerous collision.  Keep an eye out for rocks and bumpy surfaces.

If you’re not sure where you should go sledding, ask around. Your friends, neighbors, and family members may have recommendations. You can also look at social media for more ideas on where to enjoy your new kid’s sleds.

kids playing in the snow wearing full snow gear and sledding down hills

Sled Safety

In addition to buying the right sled, it’s just as important to know sled safety basics. For instance, you should only let your children use a safe sled. If it’s made of low-quality materials or doesn’t have handles, you might want to make a different pick.

Regardless of the type of sled you have, your child needs some protection. Sledding on the smallest of hills can be dangerous, so your child always needs a helmet. While a winter sports helmet is the safest option, they can also wear a bike helmet.

The right clothing is also essential. If a child isn’t dressed properly, the cold snow could cause frostbite. Keep them warm with gloves, snow pants, snow boots, and a thick jacket. Avoid the temptation to put a scarf on your children, because the accessory could get caught on something.

Before you let your kids out to go sledding, make sure an adult will be around. Any children under 12 need constant adult supervision while sledding. They should always be forward-facing and remain seated. By teaching your children the rules of sledding, you can keep them safe and prevent injuries.

kids playing in the snow wearing full snow gear and sledding down hills tube sled on hill with bys in background

How to Keep Your Sled in Good Condition

Regardless of the type of sled you have, you can take some steps to make it last. First, teach your kids to respect their sled. They shouldn’t use it to ride over rocks or other rough surfaces. If they do, the bottom of the sled will get scratched or dented.

It’s also important to transport your sled with care. If you place it on the roof of your car, make sure it’s fastened securely to your vehicle. Sleds in the back of a pick-up truck should also be secure. If your sled is loose, it could get thrown around the bed of the truck.

Before you use the sled, read the directions. There may be some information about proper care in the directions. If you don’t follow the instructions, your sled won’t last long. You also could void the warranty, if it has one.

Finally, store your sled properly. Don’t just throw your sled in the attic, unprotected and exposed. Instead, keep your sled in a container where it’s safe from the elements and pests. The best sleds will last for many winters.

Top Kids Sleds

Check out our top picks for children’s sleds.

Best Saucer Sled

A disc sled, this Slippery Racer product is designed for speed. It’s made with coated plastic, which gives the sled a slick bottom that flies down slopes. In addition to being slippery, the material is also durable. It was given a cold-resistant treatment that keeps the sled from snapping in the icy weather.

Equipped with handles, this saucer sled gives riders some control. To prevent accidents from happening, the sled’s handles are made to resist cracking. The sled even comes with a one year warranty. This product is made to last, and has a flexible construction that allows it to handle rough terrain.

Although the design of this sled is simple, it’s the little details that make it stand out. Because it’s lightweight, the sled is easy to carry up hills. Your kids won’t tire out after one trip uphill. Because it’s durable, the sled will last for longer than one sledding session. In fact, it should last for years.

Slippery Racer Downhill Pro Saucer
    A traditional disc sled, the Slipper Racer Saucer is a fast and sturdy sled for kids.



Best Pink Sled

When it comes to wild sledding, snow tubes are the way to go. This inflatable snow tube is exactly what your kids need to go down hills with speed. Used in ski resorts, this type of sled is made for fun. It has a slick shell of polyethylene on the bottom that makes for a fast and smooth ride. Because it’s commercial-grade, this tube can handle whatever it encounters. The shell doesn’t puncture easily, like some low-quality sleds.

As far as the handles go, this sled features double reinforced nylon grips. No matter how tight you might hold onto it, the handles should remain intact. If your kids want to more than just go down hills, they can use the included tow rope. At 42” in diameter, this tube fits kids of all sizes. When your kids get tired of sledding, the adults can join in on the fun.

Slippery Racer Grande XL Commercial Inflatable Snow Tube Sled
    This inflatable snow tube features a heavy duty cover and a slick bottom.



Best Vintage Sled

If you’re nostalgic, you’ll love this Flexible Flyer sled. It’s the vintage old metal runner sled with wood slats. Equipped with steering capability, this sled gives you control of where you go. If you want to steer the sled, simply push the steering bar in one direction. You can use your feet to steer it, or attach a rope to the bar for hand control.

The size of this sled is what makes it perfect for kids. It’s large enough for them to spread out, or to go sledding with an adult. In total, it holds up to 250 pounds and is 60 inches long. Because the sled is made with birch wood and powder-coated steel runners, it’s built to last. The company has been around since the late 1800s, so they create a quality product. If you want to give your kids a chance to experience sledding the way you did, consider getting this kids sled.

Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled
    A take on the classic Flexible Flyer sled from years past, this wooden and steel sled is fun for kids of all ages.



Best Steering Sled

If your kids take sledding seriously, there’s only one sled they need. The Yukon Hammerhead isn’t your typical kids sled. Instead of going wherever the sled takes them, your kids can control the sled with extreme precision. This product features steel leaf spring steering, which gives the rider extreme accuracy.

Despite featuring a sturdy frame, this sled is lightweight. It’s made with a powder-coated aluminum frame, which makes it light but durable enough to handle abuse. It comes with a carry strap to make it easy to carry the sled up hills. Thanks to the slick rear skis, the Hammerhead takes your kids down the hill as quickly as possible.

Because this sled has a 230-pound weight limit, your kids can use it for years to come. While this may not be the most affordable of the best kids sleds, it is one of the longest-lasting. It’s made of quality.

Yukon Hammerhead Pro HD
    If you want your kids to have a professional sled that turns on a dime, this Yukon Hammerhead sled won’t disappoint.



Best Plastic Sled

Remember those old wooden toboggans that left you with splinters? This toboggan is a much more painless, plastic version. It’s made out of heavy-duty plastic but is flexible enough to go over uneven terrain. Additionally, it has a cold-resistant treatment that prevents damage in freezing temperatures. At 48” long, this kids sled can fit two children comfortably. It could also fit an adult and a child if your child is nervous to go sledding alone.

Longer than saucer sleds, this sled has a pull rope to make it easier to tow up a hill. With a one-year factory warranty, the toboggan sled is unlikely to fail you. The flexible plastic can almost bend in half without cracking. It’s highly durable and reliable for even the toughest kids. For speed, this sled has an aerodynamic design. This is a sled that gives kids a fast ride on bumpy or smooth surfaces.

Slippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Toboggan
    Designed for speed, this toboggan sled also has a flexible plastic shell that makes it highly durable.



 Best Luge Sled

Any child or adult over the age of five can enjoy this luge sled. With a capacity of over 250 pounds, the Zipfy sled is great for adventurous winter spirits. It makes sledding a true winter sport. Designed to have a low center of gravity, this sled goes fast. Instead of needing to steer with a wheel or steer bar, this sled changes direction as you lean one way.

Unlike many other winter sleds, this one has a seat. You can sit comfortably on an anti-skid seat that’s made of vinyl. To increase safety and comfort, the sled has a handle on it. Despite the intricacy of the design, the Zipfy sled is still easy to carry. It’s not too heavy, so your kids won’t get too tired as they haul the sled up the hill.

With two bold colors, this sled stands out. It’s bright and fun, which will please your kids. More importantly, it’s a rugged sled.

Zipfy Freestyle Luge
    This sled offers a comfortable ride and provides riders with significant control.



Most Stylish Sled

Whoever said that kids sleds need to look boring? While most sleds are one color, this sled has a fun design. It features aliens and spaceships, as well as very bright colors. Your kids will enjoy looking at this sled as much as they enjoy riding it.

This sled is made of foam, which makes it a comfortable ride. Whether one or two people ride on this sled, they won’t feel too many bumps. At 39x20x1”, this sled is long enough for your kids. It has side handles to give you something to hold onto as you speed down a hill. To give you a fast enough ride, the sled has a slippery HDPE covering on the bottom.

The lightweight of this sled is one of the highlights of it. Because the sled is made with foam, it’s much lighter than other options. You can transport the sled easily, and your children will have no issues carrying the sled up the hill.

Airhead Tie Dye Alien Foam Sled
    Made of foam, this kids sled is lightweight, comfortable, and features a stylish design.



Best Inflatable Sled

And the winner for the best inflatable sled goes to the Winterial Inflatable Sled. With a solid and smooth bottom, this sled gives a comfortable and fast ride. Little bumps won’t jar your kids as they do on thin, plastic sleds. Because the sled has a backrest, your kids get added security. They’re unlikely to fall out of the tube and get more comfortable. Grip handles add to the support and make for an even better ride.

With a built-in shoulder strap, this tube is easy to carry up hills of all sizes. There’s a thick nylon cover that protects the tube from popping. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the tube breaking easily.

The Winterial inflatable sled deflates and inflates quickly, which makes transporting the sled a simple task. After the winter, you can store the sled with ease. Although it’s 50 inches in diameter, the tube folds away into a small, neat shape.

Winterial Inflatable Snow Sled
    When it comes to comfort, this inflatable sled is hard to beat. It has a back rest and padded handles for the ultimate ride.



Best Lightweight Sled

Made of high impact plastic, this Airhead Rocket sled is light but durable. It’s a one-person sled that doesn’t weigh much, which makes it easy to carry the sled up the hill. In the cold weather, the plastic won’t crack. It’s durable enough to handle tough winters and kids that like to push the limits.

Measuring at 34x20x4, this sled is just right in size. It fits most kids, regardless of their height or weight. It has molded plastic handles for both comfort and steering. When you place your hands in the handles, you can direct the sled in certain directions. It’s not full control, but it’s just enough control for your kids.

The plastic of this sled is slick, so your sled can speed downhill. If your kids have a need for speed, they’ll enjoy this sled. It has a unique design that makes it a great addition to your winter collection.

Airhead Rocket Plastic Snow Sled
    A small, plastic sled, the Airhead Rocket has a unique design that makes it light and fast.



How We Picked

To determine which were the best sleds, we did significant research. We paid close attention to several details before deciding which was the best kids sled for each category. For one, we looked at comfort. No kid wants to be uncomfortable on a sled. A good kids sled should have handles and a way for kids to stretch their legs.

We also looked for sleds that were durable. You can’t expect a kid to be cautious while sledding. Accidents will happen, and the terrain will take a toll on your sled. For that reason, durability matters. We only picked sleds that were made to last.


So, which sled deserves to be crowned as the best sled for kids? While they all have their merits, the Zipfy Luge is our winner. Although it’s light enough to carry around, the sled’s plastic build makes it highly durable. It will last for years, even if you use the sled every time it snows.

The Zipfy is extremely unique in its design. Because kids can sit on it and steer with their bodies, the sled is comfortable and fun to use. It’s unlike any other kids sled, and it’s a great way to make winter fun. Which sled do you want to try?