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Best Garden Hose: 6 Kink Free Choices to Consider

It never fails: you roll out your hose, turn on the water, and nothing comes out. The frustration of having a kinked hose, especially if you are on the opposite side of a fence from the kink (like I usually am), never fails to drive a person absolutely nuts. And by the time you have the kink straightened out, and get back to the hose end- you have a puddle of water to walk through in order to complete your watering chore.

Going on the hunt for the best garden hose that doesn’t kink seems daunting at best, because as soon as you begin to read through kink free garden hose reviews, all you read is about how the hose does, in fact, kink after all.

Enter my own personal research that doesn’t promise a complete lack of kinking complaints, but does promise a variable overview of the best kink-free performances under different situations to help you make the best purchase possible.

**In a hurry? Our top choice is the Eley Polyurethane hose. **

Best Kink Free Garden Hose Comparisons

LengthWeightFittingsMaterialsSizeWarrantyOur Rating

Eley Hose
25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 foot options7 lbs for 50 ft dry.Brass fittingsPolyurethane5/8th inch10 years

Lawn Pro Expanding
50 feet2.35 lbsBrassDenier woven fabric5/8th inch12 months

Zero-G Kink-Free
50 feet4.7 lbsAluminumPolymer and Nylon fiber covering5/8th inch5 year

Legacy Flexzilla
3, 5, 10, 50, 75, 100 foot lengths8.0 lbs (50 foot)AluminumPolymer 5/8th inch1 year

Neverkink Heavy Duty
50, 75, 100 foot choices (other lengths available separately)7.7 lbs (50 foot)AluminumReflex Mesh patented material5.8th inchLifetime

Craftsman Premium Rubber
50 feet10 lbs Nickel plated brassRubber5/8th inchLifetime

What Hose Material Won’t Kink?

The most dependable hoses on the market used to be made of rubber and vinyl, but with the advances in technology, and the growth of unique consumer needs, fabrics, nylons, and plastic all are regularly found in their construction. All season, flexible, compact, expanding, and lightweight hoses are all made from different material combinations, although they do tend to have one thing in common: more often than not they kink.

Is there a dependable non-kinking material from which hoses are made of? Is there a true never kink hose material currently in use? In my search for the (almost) 100% non-kinking hose, I found a variety of hose materials and types that aide in preventing kinks through the life of the hose. My conclusion? There is not one single type of hose material that will keep a hose from kinking, but there is a variety of construction designs that most certainly are anti-kink.

How to Test For Hose Kink-Ability

Trying to find a true kink-free hose is definitely a daunting task, but there are a few things you can do either in the store before purchase, or as soon as you receive an online buy to determine if a particular hose is a keeper. The following test pertains to traditional, round, rubber or vinyl hose types and will not work with expandable, or nylon and polymer hose hybrids.

First: remove about 2 feet of hose from the packaging if you can (generally hoses are tied together so you can remove the tie and then replace it). Second: coil the hose back against itself to see if it kinks. If it kinks immediately then it’s a given that it is going to that much easier once warmed from the sun. If it flexes and loops, then you have a hose that is going to kink a lot less easier. Third: try to bend it at a 90 degree (no more) angle. Most hoses will always bend, but those that resist the most are made of a heavier material and will hold up much longer than those that bend easier.


Remove about 2 feet of hose from the packaging if you can (generally hoses are tied together so you can remove the tie and then replace it).


Coil the hose back against itself to see if it kinks. If it kinks immediately then it’s a given that it is going to that much easier once warmed from the sun. If it flexes and loops, then you have a hose that is going to kink a lot less easier.


Try to bend it at a 90 degree (no more) angle. Most hoses will always bend, but those that resist the most are made of a heavier material and will hold up much longer than those that bend easier.

Hose Fittings

The fittings at the end of the hose are generally a universal 3/4th inch diameter in order to be able to use any standard water spigot, and connection to hose nozzles and other hoses. Fittings are generally made of one of two materials: brass, a strong, copper and zinc alloy, or aluminum, a silver metal element that is often used for both it’s strength and difficulty to crush.

Many people often prefer brass fittings over the slightly stronger aluminum versions due to the fact that they will not bind, or stick, when wet and are easy to attach and reattach to various ends with ease. Despite aluminum fittings being strong and less likely to flatten under pressure (say like a by a vehicle tire), they can bind up when wet and be difficult to unscrew from one another without the use of tools to loosen the connection.

Hose Lengths and Diameters

Hoses come in many lengths, but are most commonly found in 25, 50, and 100 foot increments, although anything from 10 foot to 200 foot lengths can be found with a little bit of research. Depending On what you need your hose for, consider always buying a longer length than what you expect in order to use it for more than just one job. You can also almost always connect hoses together to provide more length due to universal fittings.

Hose diameters are often as variable as their lengths, and although are generally most found as a 5/8th inch opening, can span from other popular sizes: such as 3/8ths, ½, and 3/4ths. The wider the hose diameter, the greater the water flow rate will be. Other, more narrow, sizes exist as well, but are not as easily found in traditional hose designs.

How to Choose the Best and Lightest Garden Hose for Your Yard

What are you using your hose for?

The purpose of your hose plays an important role in deciding which hose to purchase. Not only will it determine your hose length, but also overall durability. Hose used only for simple patio container watering may not need as much of a sturdy design in comparison to a hose you may want to use for multiple purposes. For example, I use my hoses to water potted plants, water garden plots, wash cars, and drag across asphalt to fill stock tanks.

Year round use also requires a different hose than just one that only handle certain temperatures. This is an important consideration, because some hoses cannot handle the heat of sun warmed water, or are made of materials that can become compromised if temperatures approach or drop below freezing. Misuse of a hose that specifies a temperature range will often void any existing warranty.

Do you have any weight limitations?

Some of the heaviest hoses are the most sturdy and are the least likely to kink easily. But if you need to have a lightweight hose for easy maneuverability, or because of restrictions with your grip, then you may want to consider a light hose for your comfort level. Alternatives to traditional hoses that are touted as kink-free might be a good alternative: such as coiled, or collapsible hoses.

Where do you want to store your hose?

Some hoses tolerate heat and cold differently, or will kink if not taken care of properly and rolled up after each use. Consider where you want to store your hoses, and read up on hose capabilities and their tolerances for storage in different conditions in order to keep your hose lasting as long as possible.

5 Top Rated Kink Free Hoses to Consider

Lawn Pro Expanding Garden Hose

Quick Info

  • Length: 50 feet
  • Weight: 2.35 lbs
  • Fittings: Brass
  • Materials: Denier woven fabric
  • Size: 5/8th inch
  • Warranty: 12 months

Our Rating:

Non-seamed woven denier is one of the strongest fabrics on the market, and this expandable hose is one of the toughest you can buy due to this fact. The great thing about an expandable, or collapsible hose, is that they shrink to approximately a third of their expanded length when emptied of water.

Because this hose ‘deflates’ when emptied of water, and can essentially fold back upon itself, kinks can arise in this state. However when filled, it becomes kink free as it unfolds and stretches out with the water pressure. It is also considered very difficult to twist or rekink in this state since the pressure keeps the hose length fairly consistent during use.

Downfalls of most expandable hoses surround the fact that they should not be used in freezing conditions, nor should they be stored in direct sunlight due to how UV rays can break down the fibers of the materials used over time.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • 12 month warranty
  • Expandable/collapsable
  • Cannot kink when filled with water


  • Occasionally needs an extra washer to seal correctly
  • Small percentage of defective tubing (covered by warranty)
  • Weak pressure rate
  • Cloth covering can fray on snaggable surfaces

Recommended for

This is a great kink-free choice if you are looking for a lightweight, medium duty hose. Since the hose, emptied, only weighs in at 2.5 pounds, this is also one of the lightest hoses you can purchase.

Zero-G Kink-Free Garden Hose

Quick Info

  • Length: 50 feet
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs
  • Fittings: Aluminum
  • Materials: Polymer and Nylon fiber covering
  • Size: 5/8th inch
  • Warranty: 5 year

Our Rating:

This is an interesting new take on the traditional hose design using a polymer (plastic) and nylon waterproof shell to create a flexible, lightweight, and foldable hose that can stand up to pretty rigorous work around your home and garden.

The 5 year guarantee, and newly designed fitting ends to keep them protected from accidental crushing, is a pretty good selling point when trying out a fairly new product. It is also labeled as drinking water safe and lead free, which is a great selling point when you have pets and children, or are using the hose to water plants that bear edibles.

Rated as a durable, non-snagging hose (unlike many other hoses that have a fabric-like outer covering), the Zero-G is able to be stored either rolled or folded, and also tolerates heat fairly well. It is not 100% kink-free, especially when emptied of water due to it’s collapsing nature, but when filled with water, kinks unfold easily with seemingly no memory and definitely no lingering damage. Kinks are few and far between, however, and it really does seem to hold up to a kink-resistant rating.


  • 5 year warranty
  • Fittings are durable
  • Long-lasting design
  • No-slip hold
  • Lightweight and easy to move around


  • Will not roll up unless filled with water, easier to store when folded
  • Kinks unless pulled out and filled with water
  • Leak defect on a small percentage of purchased hoses (covered by warranty)
  • Not for freezing temperatures

Recommended For

This is a good hose for anyone looking for medium to heavier duty work in both the yard and garden and doesn’t plan on using their hose once temperatures drop below freezing.

Legacy Flexzilla Hybrid Garden Hose

Quick Info

  • Length: 3, 5, 10, 50, 75, 100 foot lengths
  • Weight: 8.0 lbs (50 foot)
  • Fittings: Aluminum
  • Materials: Polymer
  • Size: 5/8th inch
  • Warranty: 1 year

Our Rating:

Whenever I write a review for hose types, this hose keeps popping up over and over, regardless of whether I am researching for durability, lightweight, drinking water safe, or in this case: kink-free-ish. So by this point I think it’s safe to say it’s one of the better hoses for your buy on the market for a variety of reasons.

Made from a premium polymer hybrid, this is a hose that stay flexible and generally true to shape in both extreme hot and cold weather, meaning it’s good to go in below freezing temperatures. Extremely durable for a variety of heavy duty jobs around your yard, this is a hose you’ll probably have around for quite some time.

The biggest complaint by far is that it seems to have a severe case of memory, so it is probably best stored rolled on a hose reel in order to keep it’s shape consistent from one use to the next. Improperly stored hoses, or those just left coiled on the ground seem to be the most complained about concerning random kinks with both water running and not running. The conclusion? Take care of your hoses to make them last longer and stay as kink free as possible.


  • Durable in high and low temperatures (below freezing)
  • Flexible and easy to roll
  • Lightweight
  • Can handle intense direct sunlight


  • Will keep a curvature memory
  • Kinks if not first spread out and filled with water

Recommended For

This is a great hose for anyone no matter what sort of work load you have lined up in any type of season.

Neverkink Heavy Duty Garden Hose

Quick Info

  • Length: 50, 75, 100 foot choices (other lengths available separately)
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs (50 foot)
  • Fittings: Aluminum
  • Materials: Reflex Mesh patented material
  • Size: 5.8th inch
  • Warranty: lifetime

Our Rating:

A mesh reinforcement in this hose is supposed to be the secret technique to keep the this particular brand from ever kinking. Rigid sleeves at the fitting ends also helps to keep folds where faucet connections occur from happening, as well as providing additional protection to the crush proof aluminum connectors.

Despite it not being durable below 45 degrees, and shouldn’t be used in freezing weather, this hose is reposted to be fairly durable and reliable for a variety of chores around your yard and garden for the remainder of hte year. Helpful tips include laying the hose out in a straight line in the sun for a few hours after removing packaging to get rid of any hose memory (probably a good tip for ANY hose), to store it on a hose reel, and to also pressurize it before dragging it around for use as well.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fittings tight and durable
  • Does not kink when full of water
  • Easy to wind up for storage


  • Not to be used with hot water
  • Not to be used in freezing weather (loses flexibility below 45 degrees)
  • Will kink, but does reform (areas of original kinks weakened)

Recommended For

This hose seems to be a favorite of gardeners, despite the fact it is more kink-resistant rather than kink-free. And so this particular product is a good choice for seasonal waterers and also for anyone looking for a dependable, easy to use, lightweight hose that with proper care has relatively few kinks through the life of the hose.

Craftsman Rubber Garden Hose

Quick Info

  • Length: 50 feet
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Fittings: Nickel plated brass
  • Materials: Rubber
  • Size: 5/8th inch
  • Warranty: lifetime

Our Rating:

With all the new technology making it’s way into the consumer market. It’s hard to find traditional items made from simple materials, but the Craftsman rubber garden hose delivers in this aspect. Manufactured from rubber with brass fittings, this is a sturdy, dependable, all-weather hose that can deliver year round with little worry of heavy wear or kinking if stored and treated correctly.

The downfall of an all rubber hose is that it can weigh in on the heavy side, but since it can be left out in the elements with no worry of breakdown, you won’t have to move it around too often from place to place. It also hold it’s shape and spools up well on a reel, and on the rare occasion it doe kink, reviews state it pulls out easily with no memory.

Helpful hints to get started with it include laying it out after unpackaging and filling it with water before using regularly.


  • Low toxins
  • Heat and freezing temperature tolerant
  • Solid construction
  • Durable and reliable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Black rubber will leave marks on surfaces, especially in heat
  • Kinks if not stretched out first
  • Is not 100% lead free

Recommended For

This seems to be a great all-around, heavy duty hose for anyone looking for a durable product. It also has a lifetime warranty which is always a great selling point.


In the search for the best no kink garden hose, I came across a plethora of hoses claiming to be kink-free when they in fact, did kink, and rather horribly at that. But there were a few gems that stood out to make the grade. The five choices I listed seem to be some of the best on the current market, and a common denominator between all of them is that they resist kinking and leakage very well, and if treated and stored correctly, will be a long lasting, dependable product.

My favorite of the choices I listed is the Eley king resistant garden hose due to it’s smart construction, 10 year guarantee, and tolerance for both heat and cold. I’m not a fan of rolling up my hoses for storage and prefer to leave them stretched out when not in use, and this hose seems like a good fit for my variety of tasks I employ a hose for daily. The material is built so that if you DO want to kink it, it’s possible but with its special design, it won’t “remember” that kink and will work as normal when you want it to do so.

Whereas it seems that no hose can truly promise 100% kink-free performance, there are some great ones on the market that certainly try. If you found this article helpful, or have somehow discovered the perfect kink free hose brand- we’d love to hear from you below!

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