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63 of The Best Landscape Hedge Ideas: #39 is Awesome!

63 of The Best Landscape Hedge Ideas: #39 is Awesome!

When it comes to sprucing up the garden, there are a lot of different options you can utilize in order to create a whole new feel to space. Whether you have a large backyard or a simple front yard area you’d like to change or start, using hedging is a great way to help make things look polished and organized.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, we have a plenty of ideas for you to choose from. Applying hedge ideas can be an easy process once you know exactly what kind of design or landscape idea you want to choose from.

1. Simple Edging


This simple edging designs features delicate, brightly colored flowers peeking out from the boarded edging. Simply by keeping the flowers behind the edging in this flower bed, you can create a polished space that will keep your plants all organized. It’s a simple detail that will add a whole lot of character to any sized outdoor space.

2. Grandiose Hedges


Who says that hedges need to be kept at a minimal? These grand hedges cut across the yard in brilliant green. Even the smaller plants at the base are doing their own hedging job lining that great pathway in between the larger hedges on either side. This would be a nice design concept for a larger yard or a garden space that can withstand these larger hedges.

3. Hedged Garden


Fence in your garden with you garden. These giant hedges are the perfect addition to a garden in order to encircle the whole space. You can make the space as intricate as you’d like. For example, in this design concept, there are varying levels of gardens. The hedges, the flower beds and the surrounding foliage all coincide to create a truly unique outdoor space.

4. Patio with Hedging


This is an adorable outdoor sitting area design concept. This design even has an area for a fire pit. This is a great idea for a beach house or a house within a wooded area. The space is inviting, and you’d be sure to draw all your friends into this unique space. The small hedges provide that cute barrier that makes you feel at peace with the surrounding garden.

5. Side Hedge


You don’t necessarily have to utilize hedges as a perimeter to a garden. You could easily turn a hedge wall and garden scene into a work of art. The focal piece is comprised of that hedge wall, barrier hedges and gorgeous tiny white flowering bushes. Imagine floating along inside that pool, and as you reach for your cold lemonade, get a gander at that scene? Gorgeous.

6. Varying Hedges


This design features different types of degrees of hedges. You have your perimeter hedging and the various pop up hedges throughout the actual landscape. This is a functional way to give that feeling of strategy, as the hedging in the back and the tiny pop up hedges are almost the same type of plant, if not the exact same type of plant.

7. Boxed Hedges


This cool boxed in hedge design features a 3D look that seems more complicated than it is. You can easily create this for your own yard space, you just need to make sure it is executed properly before doing so. Make sure you have a general plan for the design before you start to make sure that all lines are even, and the planting is precise.

8. Maze Hedges


This design looks like a maze. This is a perfect concept if you feel like having some fun with a space and want to do something entirely different. Again, planning is key when it comes to a design like this one. You need to make sure everything is done with precision otherwise messy planting could cause for some backyard chaos.

9. Hedges and Topiaries


This fun concept features that great hedge wall that shields all these fun sculptures and topiaries. It feels very “Edward Scissorhands” in this concept and you can virtually create any kind of topiary you want. You can use the same kind of bush that is used to create that back hedge since they are easy to maintain and shape. Create fun and extraordinary designs that will leave guests in wonderment.

10. Stacked Hedges


This cool concept features brick like hedges that are descending the garden staircase. This is a great design for a modern side garden or courtyard. This design is interesting because it uses these block like hedges almost as puzzle pieces. This gives the area an interesting look and guests will be sure to recognize the work put into this concept.

11. Hedge Designs


Who says a hedge has to be a straight, vertical wall? Create an intricate border in the garden by utilizing hedging to create intricate designs. In this design concept, the hedges are pruned in such a way that it looks like designs interweaving in to each other. Almost like clouds, these ornamental hedges easily create an interesting, flowing space.

12. Hedge Planters


These hedge planters are a great way to incorporate hedging into the garden in a different kind of setting. These planters will create the perfect touch if you’re trying to incorporate more of that hedging bush into the actual garden. Since hedges are easily pruned, these garden or planter boxes would not be a hard concept to pull off.

13. Elongated Garden Boxes


These hedges are shaped into elongated garden boxes to keep the garden plants in order. This is a great way to create a garden box without having to use artificial tools such as plastic or rubber. This way, you can keep the garden as natural as possible by using these easily pruned hedges. It may require a little extra maintenance work, but well worth it.

14. Hedge Walls

These hedge walls are an interesting way to close off or separate the garden. You can use multiple levels of heights to create that cascading effect. The deep green of the hedges contrasts with the lighter green of the grass to create an interesting space all around. This is also an easy way to incorporate some decorative flair in the garden without spending too much money.

15. Long Hedgerows

These long hedge rows make for an interesting design scape in the garden. This is a great idea for incorporating all kinds of plants into the mix. Whether you have a large or smaller space you’re working with, this garden landscape idea is the perfect solution for any kind of design strategy. Not only will it make your garden look neat, but everything will be organized.

16. Tiny Hedges

These tiny hedges dot the walkway up to the house. This is a really cute idea to add some decoration to a space without having to worry about purchasing actual décor. What’s really great about these tiny hedges is that you can easily decorate them with lights or holiday accents for each holiday if you wanted to. It’s a simple way to get festive.

17. Round Hedges

These rounded hedges idea is a really cute way to add some decorative accents to the front yard or garden area. Since hedges are so easy to shape and prune, gardeners have been using them for years to add to the overall look of outdoor spaces for years. You can easily customize hedges to take the shape of anything you’d like.

18. Labyrinth Hedges


Kind of like that maze hedge look we saw earlier, this concept follows the same idea. You can easily create intricate designs and shapes into the hedges due to their easily molded, hardy bodies. Hedges are easily pruned in to any kind of shape or design desired. In this case, this intricate model depicts just how intricate you can go when it comes to pruning.

19. Circles and Boxes


This hedge design features several planter boxes and circles. The hedges swirl or box around the trees to create a cool effect that would look great in any type of yard setting. The lamps just make this yard concept look even better. This is a great way to add some depth perception and intrigue into any outdoor space.

20. Hedge with Archway


This is a great concept that combines hedges with an archway. This would be the perfect setup for a country garden or a hidden side garden. It only adds to the mysticism of the place and draws in some intrigue. It’s also effortlessly stylish in that the plants will simply grow over the top of the arch to help create that flourishing space.

21. Hedges with Trees


These hedges look super great with these long, tapered trees growing out of them. This is a good way to incorporate some of your favorite backyard elements. The trees don’t need much fussing over, but the hedges will need to be trimmed or pruned every now and then. Just keep that in mind when preparing a yard scene with hedges.

22. Hedge Twists


This yard features some of the best parts of hedging, the wall hedges and the decorative hedges. This is a concept that will look great as a standalone but adding some great patio furniture can’t hurt at all. This kind of a setting will beckon for backyard barbecues and plenty of cocktail hours with family and friends.

23. Hedging with Fountain


Talk about a tropical getaway – who needs to leave home when you have this setup in the backyard? This gorgeous outdoor fountain scene is paired with decorative hedging which includes a swan. Hedges can virtually be shaped into almost anything, so it’d make sense to have a swan near the fountain with crystal clear water.

24. Elaborate Hedging


So, remember when we talked about how important it was to keep up with hedge grooming in order to maintain a certain look? This is a great example of why that is so important. All these hedge elements are going to need grooming in order to maintain their cut appearance. These elements would need to be groomed at least once a week to maintain the look.

25. Hedge Shapes


These hedge shapes feature intricate blocked designs that cut out against the lawn grass and really tie the space together. You can go as intricate as you’d like, just remember to keep these hedges groomed otherwise they’d quickly lose those sharp edges and interesting swoops. If the space in maintained, you’ll have an interesting garden all year long.

26. Bricks with Hedges


This brick pathway just cuts nicely against the yard with the help of these simple hedge walls alongside of it. This is a great idea for a front yard space that has a winding pathway. It just makes the yard look more polished and put together. Add some interesting lighting into the mix and you’ll have a front yard that will make the neighbors envious.

27. Checkerboard Hedges


This hedge concept features a sort of checkerboard appearance with a different plant in each square. This is a really cool, unique concept that will certainly draw plenty of attention to the space. You could interchange the plants within the board to fit the seasons. Imagine some poinsettias growing out of one square?

28. Giant Space


This concept kind of follows that checkerboard concept we described in the previous post. This is a great idea when it comes to organizing multiple plants at once or when you need to box plants in. Not only is this idea unique, but it looks absolutely breathtaking and you can easily change up the plants to fit each specific season.

29. Modern Concepts


This modern concept design features mod style topiaries with accenting hedges. This is a great design for someone who prefers to keep things modern, minimalistic, and clean. This would be a great concept to execute in the front or back yards, it just depends how much space you need to fill. If you have a smaller garden, you can just scale down.

30. Hedges with Brick Garden Wall


This hedge concept mixes well with that strong brick garden wall in the background. The neutral tones of the stone make the green hedges stand out even brighter in this natural setting. The complementing plants on either side of the path only add more intrigue into space and create a one-with-nature feel overall.

31. Step Hedges

These step hedges are a great way to utilize a garden wall while adding your own unique spin to it. It looks as if you could actually go up these garden hedge steps, although if you tried, it probably wouldn’t end very well for the plants or for the person using them as stairs. This is pretty to look at but shouldn’t be considered functional.

32. Hedge Outline

This concept features green hedges outlining spans of grass. Although you could easily turn the spans of grass into a garden by planting different crops, this idea is kind of a neat one. You don’t always see so much green on green, so this idea can be considered unique and a bit modernise. This is great for someone who wants a polished yard without all the work.

33. Hedge Shapes

Again, you can easily cut hedges into any shape you might want. In this design concept, hedges have been pruned to feature various shapes. The most recognizable shape in this picture is that of the heart, but the topiary tree is also really interesting to look at. It just depends on what you need or want in an outdoor space.

34. Gumdrop Hedges

Ok, so although these aren’t actual gumdrops, gumdrops are what come to mind when you see a dotted driveway with these kinds of hedges. These round little cuties line the driveway perfectly and you can only imagine how adorable they’d look dressed up as actual gumdrops come Christmas time. This is an easy way to add some décor to a driveway setting.

35. Tire Hedge

Just because these aren’t actual hedges doesn’t mean you can’t use them to line a garden. These tires are a great garden concept because not only are they entirely versatile, but you are basically repurposing an old object to make it a new concept. Plus, old tires can virtually be found anywhere – ask friends and neighbors for some.

36. Intricate Garden Hedges

This garden concept features so many different kinds of hedges. If you aren’t careful, your eyes may just miss one concept over the other. Since everything is green, it’s hard to determine which concept ends and which one begins. Maybe try to mix an idea like this one up with different colored bushes or flowering hedges.

37. Snaking Hedge


This fuzzy hedgerow is snaking across the front yard creating an interesting design concept that looks clean, polished and absolutely stunning. Add any kind of decorative flowering plant to help add some depth to the scene. I can also picture a great small water feature such as a fountain or maybe even an intricate bird bath.

38. Dotted Hedges


These dotted hedges are flatter and more round than your typical front yard hedging. Instead of solely being used as a barrier for other plants, these hedges seem to be more of a decorative item. These hedges are also intermingled with other plants, which adds a layer of texture and intrigue into the space.

39. Blocked Hedgerows


I don’t know why, but the concept of building blocks came to mind when viewing this wonderful hedge masterpiece. Maybe because the walkway looks as if it’s made of blocks by the intricate cuts of the hedge designs. This would be a great concept for a larger garden space that needs a little intrigue without too much fuss.

40. Ornate Garden


This ornate garden features blocks of hedges with interesting statues placed throughout the scene. This looks like a stately garden you’d find in an English countryside home or maybe even a design you’d see driving throughout upstate New York where gardens seem to just flourish. This is a great design that would need a lot of space to be executed properly.

41. Driveway Hedges


Again, you can’t go wrong utilizing hedges for the driveway. There’s just something about the way the hedges snake alongside the bricked path that makes the whole scene seem so elegant and put together. No matter the size of the driveway, you can easily get this design concept going, you’d just have to scale up or down depending on size.

42. Beachside Hedges


This lovely scene features the use of multiple types of hedges to create a truly intricate and appealing space. Imagine sipping some iced tea in this setting and watching the sunset over the ocean? This whimsical paradise only beckons for admiration with all these great designs and elements utilized throughout the whole scene.

43. Simple Hedge Garden


This simpler design features hedges being used as garden boxes. These great little hedges can really add some interesting design concepts to even the tiniest of gardens. You just need to make sure to add some really great blooms, such as tulips, orchids or ferns in order to create an intricate space that is visitor ready.

44. Side Garden Hedges


This front yard is utilizing the space by creating an intricate design into the garden with hedges. This is proof that hedges can add so much more than being a border wall or even a garden box. You can cut the hedges to fit almost any type of garden concept. This adorable, quaint concept features hedges as a complementary instead of the star of the show.

45. Wall and Topiaries


This great garden concept features a large hedge wall accompanied by some adorable hedge topiary accents such as that bird. This is the perfect design for a large courtyard area or even a side garden design that could use some bolder elements. If you have a smaller space you’re working with, simply scale down to fit.

46. Green Span


This green span of space features hedge rows and some simpler cut hedges that act as topiaries. This is a great design concept for a particularly large space that needs some breaking up without too much distraction. With all these great shapes and cut-outs, there’s really no need for garden statues or other decorative elements.

47. X marks the spot


This garden concept features a giant hedge X right in the yard. This is an interesting way to incorporate decorative hedging into the garden and a great way to add some interesting designs. Even if you have a smaller garden space, this kind of design would fit in nicely if you were to scale down appropriately. It’s really pretty cool.

48. Minimal Hedging


Although the presence of hedges is not as strong as in previous garden designs, this concept features very small hedge elements throughout the scene. In the garden bed, for example, you can see tiny hedge bushes peeking out of the lush bed. This is a great way to maintain a space without too many prominent features.

49. Backyard Hedges


These tinier hedges are rounded and adorable sitting pretty at the end of the yard space. The lights help cast interesting shadows from the hedges across the lawn which make for an interesting space altogether. This is a great concept for someone who has a lot of space to work with but doesn’t necessarily want clutter.

50. Colorful Hedge Bushes


These multi colored hedge bushes are the perfect addition to this intricate garden space. If unique was the name of the game, this garden is just as unique as you can get. Hedges don’t necessarily need to be used to line anything, in this design, the hedges are only adding to the color and intrigue of the whole design.

51. Backdrop Hedges


These giant, rounded hedges act as an appropriate backdrop for the great fountain feature in front of them. The lush green makes the natural color of the bricks on the water feature stand out and looks elegant with that great lighting. This is a great concept on how to utilize hedges as accents instead of the main focal point.

52. Rounded Plant Bed


This rounded plant bed is encircled by a sturdy row of hedging. This is another great concept when it comes to utilizing hedges as a flower box. These purple flowers are particularly radiant and bright against the cooler green of this particular hedge. This would look great in a front yard concept or even a backyard design.

53. Formal Garden


This formal garden design just seems more put together with all these great hedging accents. The hedges trail off and showcase all kinds of plants of flowers while keeping each element neatly organized. This would be a great concept to pull off if you have a particularly large or ornate garden that needs some organizing.

54. Front Porch Concept


This design features a great coinciding concept to showcase that fantastic porch. The hedging off to the sides promotes the expanse of the garden and helps reel in all the intriguing plants and flowers. This is a great design for a smaller garden area, a side garden or even a smaller backyard garden that needs to help spruce up a main focal piece.

55. Large Garden Concept


This design concept would be perfect for a larger garden that can accommodate such large planter boxes. Of course, the boxes are actually lined by hedges and only accent the plants that are growing in the center of each boxed in area. This is a great design concept for a coastal garden or a garden that has a lot of plants to use.

56. Circle Planters


These adorable little circle planters are made entirely from hedges. Just like those great planter box ideas we’ve previously seen, these round planters are the perfect accent for trees, shrubs, flowering bushes or even crops. This is a great way to organize a garden space without adding too many fake elements like plastic.

57. Long Rows of Hedges


These long, ornate rows of varying colored hedges is a great way to add some intrigue into a garden space. You don’t typically see hedges in different colors, so being able to create a hedge from a different colored shrub adds some uniqueness into the whole scene. Instead of being used as a flower box, these hedges act as a main focal point.

58. Low Fence with Hedges


This concept features a lower fence with a hedge accent right next to it. This is a great design concept that features some pretty great elements that all work in conjunction. No matter the size of the garden, this would make a great design concept for any type of garden. If you have a larger space to fill, you can easily scale up.

59. Squiggles and Circles


This intricate design utilizes hedges cut into circles and squiggles. This is a great way to mix up the space and create your own unique design. This also goes to show just how versatile hedges are and how easily they can be made into any shape or design you’d like. This whole centerpiece acts as the main focal piece and does well as a standalone.

60. Assortment of Hedging


This design concept features hedges galore. Whether it’s the bordering hedge wall or those tiny little hedge topiaries, this home knows how to use these hedges to their fullest potential. This is a great concept for a larger home that needs some intriguing elements without too much fuss, as hedges are hardier plants that do well alone.

61. Hedges and Pines


This fantastic idea features plenty of hedges with pines. The hedges act more as accents than the main focal points to this great concept. This is a way to incorporate hedges into the mix to add to the overall design of the yard. This is a beautiful scene that makes the best out of hedging and the way they can compliment other design concepts.

62. Boxwood Hedges


These boxwood hedges are the perfect kind of hedge when it comes to making the most of a space by using an intricate design. These hedges are easy to prune, easy to maintain and can act as a lone focal piece or an easy accenting piece. This whole lawn concept looks even better thanks to the accenting boxwood hedges that line the area.

63. Lush Hedges


This lush hedged garden idea features some of the deepest green hedges you can find. This is an incredible simple, yet incredibly beautiful design that beckons to sit and stay for a while, basking in all this design’s charm. Introducing a great sitting area would be a definite option for this scene in order to take in all nature has to offer.


It may be hard to choose with so many great design concepts in one article. Whether you have a larger outdoor space or a smaller one, you can easily utilize a design concept to fit the scale of your outdoor area, it just depends on how well you structure it out.

So which design did you like best? Have a few concepts you liked? Feel free to incorporate some of your favorite elements with each other in order to create your own unique design space. Have any experience with using hedges in your garden landscape? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you to get a little bit more insight on the subject.

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