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The Best Macramé Plant Hanger for Your Favorite House Plants

Your indoor plants deserve to hang in style. If you’re looking for an interesting way to hang your plants, you should consider getting a macramé plant hanger. They’re convenient to use, appealing to the eye, and affordable to buy. But there are many options for plant hangers, and you might struggle to find the right one for your home or apartment. To make your decision easier, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best macramé plant hangers. Find out which options made the cut.

GROWNEER 5 Packs Macrame Plant Hangers with 5 Hooks - The Best Macramé Plant Hanger for Your Favorite House PlantsGROWNEER 5 Packs Macrame Plant Hangers with 5 Hooks
  • Eco-friendly
  • Traditional look
  • Set of 5 unique designs
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Mkono Macrame Plant Hangers 4 Pcs Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planter - The Best Macramé Plant Hanger for Your Favorite House PlantsMkono Macrame Plant Hangers 4 Pcs Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planter
  • Holds heavy pots
  • Embellished with beads
  • Set of 4 unique designs
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TIMEYARD Macrame Plant Hanger - Indoor Hanging Planter Shelf - The Best Macramé Plant Hanger for Your Favorite House PlantsTIMEYARD Macrame Plant Hanger - Indoor Hanging Planter Shelf
  • Has wooden shelf
  • Vintage but modern look
  • Geometric design etched into bottom of shelf
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Flber Macrame Plant Hanger - The Best Macramé Plant Hanger for Your Favorite House PlantsFlber Macrame Plant Hanger
  • Hammock style
  • Handmade
  • Can hold many shapes and sizes of planter
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PROTITOUS Macrame Plant Hanger 3pcs Black Indoor Hanging Planter - The Best Macramé Plant Hanger for Your Favorite House PlantsPROTITOUS Macrame Plant Hanger 3pcs Black Indoor Hanging Planter
  • Black color
  • Simple design
  • Set of 3 unique designs
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Types of Macramé Plant Hangers

Macramé is a type of textile work made by knots. A popular style for plant hangers, macramé looks great in a variety of home decors. Because they’re so popular, macramé plant hangers are widely available. There are also tutorials that can help you make one. They come in several types, so selecting a hanger may take some time. Here are a few of the most common types of macramé plant hanger

macrame plant hanger with air plants outdoorsSimple Macramé Pattern

If you’re looking for simplicity, you can opt for the basic macramé pattern. Because the hanger is so simple, it allows your plant and planter to be the highlight of the show.

Colorful Macramé

Traditionally, macramé is done with a white thread. However, you can choose different thread colors to create a unique look. Give your room a bright pop of color or choose a modern black thread.

Different Thread Textures

Although most macramé hangers have a rope-like thread, some hangers have threads made from other materials. For instance, some hangers are made of environmentally-friendly materials.

Macramé with Embellishment

If you’re looking for something eccentric, consider buying a macramé hanger with a few accessories. Some of the hangers have beads instead of knots, while others have jewels.

Plants That Work Well in a Macramé Plant Hanger

If you want your macramé hanger to be a show-stopper, you need to pair it with the right hanging plant. Fortunately, there are many plants that look great in these hangers.

Boston Fern

When most people think of ferns, they don’t usually think of houseplants. However, the Boston fern is a prime choice for a hanging planter. It has feathery fronds that cascade over the edges of a planter.

macrame pplant hangers made of red rope holding philodendron and dracaenaChenille Plant

Although some people choose to place this plant in a pot, it looks great when it’s hanging. It has dark green leaves and fuzzy red flowers that weep down from the pot. The colors make this plant really pop when it’s in one of the best macramé plant hangers.

String of Pearls

If you have a bohemian style of decor, the string of pearls is a great choice. It has bead-like leaves that fall down from a hanging planter, making the plant a perfect accompaniment to a hanging macramé stand. It’s a type of succulent that is drought-tolerant, so you can forget to water the plant.

Burro’s Tail

This plant is a succulent, so it’s very easy to maintain. But more importantly, it looks great in a macramé plant hanger. Due to its whimsical appearance and trailing growth, this plant is perfect for your new hanger.

Golden Pothos

Another cascading plant, the golden pothos is a rapid grower. It has bright, light leaves that make any space more colorful. As an added benefit, it is one of the top plants for improving air quality.

How Much Weight Can a Macrame Plant Hanger Hold?

Every macramé hanger is unique, so it’s impossible to say how much weight your hanger will hold. There are several factors that affect the weight capacity of your hanger.

handmade macrame plant hangers on red wall with glass jar planters and succulentsThread Material

Your hanger weight capacity is directly impacted by the type of thread material. While some materials are strong and durable, others are weak and not made to last. It’s important to consider the type of thread before you buy a hanger.

Hook Type

Your macramé planter will hang from a hook. Perhaps more important than the type of material of your hanger’s thread is the type of hook. While one hook may be able to hold ten pounds, another might be able to hold six pounds. Some of the best macramé plant hangers come with hooks.

Why it Matters

Even heavy plants don’t weigh very much, so why does the weight capacity of your hanger matter? For one, there’s the weight of your pot. If you have the perfect pot picked out, you need to pick a hanger that can handle the weight. Otherwise, you’ll need to find a new pot for your plant.

You should also think about the type of soil you need. If your plant requires a heavy soil, the weight could cause your planter to break. But a plant that needs a light and airy soil doesn’t need a strong plant hanger.

If you don’t choose a hanger that’s strong enough for your plant, you’ll have a problem. Your plant could fall at any time, leaving you with a mess. Before you select a planter, be sure to consider the weight capacity of your macramé plant hanger.

Choosing Your Hanger

When you’re ready to start shopping for your planter, keep a few details in mind. Consider the weight capacity of the hanger, the method of hanging, and the style of the hanger.

It’s also crucial to consider the quality of your product. Although a hanger might look great in pictures, it may look cheaply made in-person. A low quality planter also won’t last. Over time, the rope will fade or appear worn.

Top Five Best Macramé Plant Hangers Reviews

Best Macrame Plant Hangers for Traditional Potted Plants

For a traditional macramé hanger that fits most pots, this set is an excellent option. The thread is made of natural cotton, and the product is eco-friendly. If the rope gets dirty, you can place it in your washing machine.

Using the hanger is simple, as the set comes with a hook for each hanger. The hook is easy to install and durable. Once you hang the product from the hook, you expand the four legs and place your pot in it. Unlike some hangers, this one fits most pot sizes and shapes. However, it’s best suited for plants that have diameters of ten inches or more.

There are five hangers included in this package, so you can arrange them as desired. You have the flexibility to place one in every room or to create an collection of several plants in one space. Either way, you’ll have a beautiful display.

GROWNEER 5 Packs Macrame Plant Hangers with 5 Hooks
    For a traditional macramé hanger that fits most pots, this set is an excellent option.



Best Embellished Macrame Plant Hangers

Made of jute rope, this set of plant hangers is ideal for the bohemian look, or a hippie vibe. It has a square pattern and a vintage appearance. However, the planter also looks elegant.

The hanger is embellished with wooden beads, which makes for an eye-catching appearance. It’s not a hanger that sits idly in the background. Instead, it’s one that demands attention and highlights your plant. It’s durable and strong enough to hold a heavy flower pot. Typically, this hanger works best with a round or square pot. It’s ideal for 10″ pots, but works with other sizes.

Because this hanger can be hung by a ceiling hook or on a wall bracket, it’s versatile. You can get creative and position your planter in a unique way. When you buy this product, you get four hangers. This gives you more freedom to place all of your favorite plants in a creative method.

Mkono Macrame Plant Hangers 4 Pcs Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planter
    Made of jute rope, this set of plant hangers is ideal for the bohemian look, or a hippie vibe.



Best Macrame Hanging Plant Shelf

This macramé hanger is different in that it has a built-in shelf. Like traditional macramé hangers, this one has a cotton cord. The cord is twisted and adorned with wood beads. Made with an oiled chestnut wood, the shelf has a refined appearance.

The shelf has side protection, which makes it more stable than some options. You can hang it from the wall or ceiling, as long as you have the right hooks. For a bohemian look, place your favorite succulent or plant on this hanger. This product was made handmade by an artist. It has a stylish look that combines vintage with new age.

One of the highlights of this products is the customer support. A well-known brand, TimeYard stands behind its products. They have a customer support team that’s available 24 hours and seven days a week. If you ever encounter quality issues with your hanger, you can trust the company to repair it.

TIMEYARD Macrame Plant Hanger - Indoor Hanging Planter Shelf
    This macramé hanger has a wooden shelf built-in to the design.



Best Nontraditional Macrame Plant Hanger

If you like the hammock style of macramé plant hangers, you’ll love this product. Made of 100% cotton, this hanger measures about 30 inches long. The platform is about 12×12 inches.

If you have a modern or bohemian decor, this product will work well in your home. It also works with hybrid decors, as it’s not too bold or ornate. The product is made in a studio that creates handmade macramé products, and you can tell. The product is simple, but artistic.

This hanger fits pots of varying sizes, but is best with smaller pots. If you have a pot under 8.5 inches, it will fit well in the hammock. However, the weight of your pot doesn’t matter much. The rope is durable and doesn’t stretch or fray easily. For that reason, this pot is an excellent option for those with small plants that need a stylish hanger.

Flber Macrame Plant Hanger
    This hanger is handmade and features a unique hammock style.



Best Contemporary Style Macrame Plant Hanger

Measuring about 37 inches long, this plant hanger is long enough for most spaces. It has four legs that hang from your ceiling. Because the product comes with hooks, you don’t need to worry about sourcing your own. Each of the three hangers fits most pot shapes and sizes. You can position them however you want to display your plants with modern or conventional style.

This hanger is made of a strong and durable cotton. Because it’s made with natural materials, the product has no chemicals in it. Appropriate for indoor or outdoor use, you can place the hanger on your patio or inside your home. Unlike many of the other best macramé plant hangers, this one isn’t white or cream colored. It’s a bold black color that gives the hanger a more modern look. If you’re looking for a clean, simple design, this plant hanger is a great choice. The black stands out well on a white pot and adds style to your space.

PROTITOUS Macrame Plant Hanger 3pcs Black Indoor Hanging Planter
    A black macrame hanger, this product is elegant and stylish.



How We Picked

We looked at all the best macramé plant hangers and picked these five based on a few criteria. For instance, we looked at the quality of the rope. Cotton ropes seem to be durable, as do jute ropes. Another important detail was the style. Everyone wants something different for their home, so we tried to pick hangers that worked well in a variety of spaces. We also looked for some products that weren’t your typical plant hanger. Finally, we considered the value. Why get one plant hanger when you can get several for a great price? After evaluating all the details, we decided which plant hangers earned a spot in our list.

DIY macrame plant hanger with christmas cactus on green wall


So, which plant hanger reigns supreme? Although all the options are great, the TIMEYARD Macrame Plant Hanger was our favorite. In addition to being stylish, it’s unique. The built-in shelf makes it easy to display your plants in an interesting way. It’s also a durable product that comes backed by a company with a positive reputation. The wooden features and the macrame pattern make it a stylish addition to your home. No matter what your decor may be, this hanger should match. Is it the right hanger for you? The best way to find out is to try it out with your favorite plant.