Best MTD Snow Blower Reviews 2019
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The Best MTD Snow Blowers to Get Through Winter

Don’t let winter snowfall break your back, invest in a dependable snow moving machine, like one from MTD, one of the most well-known snow blower companies in the world. We’ve compiled their best models, so you can easily compare and pick the one that meets your needs.

Looking for a single-stage MTD snow blower? We prefer the Yard Machines 26 by MTD. For heavy-duty snow blowing, we highly recommend considering the MTD Pro 28. You can read more about these models and why we like them below.

Top 4 MTD Snow Blowers for 2021

MTD PRO 21 - The Best MTD Snow Blowers to Get Through Winter MTD PRO 21
  • Motor Size: 208cc
  • Clearance width/height: 22 x 12+ inches
  • Drive System: One gear self-propelled
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Yard Machines 26 by MTD - The Best MTD Snow Blowers to Get Through Winter Yard Machines 26 by MTD
  • Motor Size: 208cc
  • Clearance width/height: 26 x 21 inches
  • Drive System: six forward, two reverse gears, self-propelled
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Yard Machines 22 by MTD - The Best MTD Snow Blowers to Get Through Winter Yard Machines 22 by MTD
  • Motor Size: 208cc
  • Clearance width/height: 22 x 12+ inches
  • Drive System: 6 forward, 2 reverse, self-propelled
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MTD PRO 28 - The Best MTD Snow Blowers to Get Through Winter MTD PRO 28
  • Motor Size: 243cc
  • Clearance width/height: 28 x 12+ inches
  • Drive System: 6 forward, 2 reverse
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Best MTD Single-Stage Snow Blower

    This is the perfect single-stage snow thrower for homeowners who experience only occasional heavy snowfalls but deal with regular lighter snowfalls. The 90-pound weight and compact design make it easy to use and store as well.



This machine is one of the very best single-stage snow throwers that MTD produces, under any of its brand names. Compact, lightweight, and powerful, the machine’s efficient PowerMore 4-cycle engine is capable of taking care of everything from lighter snowfalls to moderate snowfalls and tossing it well out of your way.

The snow blowers wide housing is designed for snowfalls of over half a foot in depth. Further, it can clear a clean path across driveways, sidewalks, patios, and decks with minimal effort. Auger driven, the snow blower chute is able to be manually rotated up to 190-degrees to ensure you get snow where it is needed. You can also adjust the chute head for height control as well.

To make your job even easier, it comes equipped with a reliable electric push-button start. Simply plug it in after use for an easy start-up the next time you need to use it. On another note, the wheels have excellent treads for superior maneuverability and traction, regardless that they are smaller than many models.

Best MTD Dual-Stage Snow Blower

Yard Machines 26 31AS63EF729 by MTD
    This snow blower is perfect for home-owners with a bit more snow to clear than a single-stage snow blower can easily handle. It is also a very user-friendly machine for seniors due to its large intake, powerful motor, and one-push start button.



Another powerful MTD snow blower is this Yard Machines 26 model, which throws snow up to 35 feet and easily clears up larger areas than single stage machines. It features self-propel settings, with forward and reverse gears, making it ideal for use on large sidewalks, patios, and driveways. The unit even clears snow during heavy snowfall and winter storms.

Further, this particular MTD snow thrower comes with a Powermore engine that promises efficient, reliable, and dependable power. With this type of motor, there is no need to mix oil and gas continuously, which is a huge plus. The tall and wide housing helps you quickly blow snow from your property even if the snow is packed or covered with ice.

Another great feature of this snow blower is the EZ 180-degree chute rotation. The rugged polymer chute is easy to adjust and resists freezing, rusting, and clogging. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Best Compact MTD Snow Blower

Yard Machines 22 MTD
    Because of its compact design and relatively lighter weight, for a two-stage model snow blower, this machine is best for residential use in areas that receive lots of snow. It also works well for homeowners that have large areas to clear of lighter snowfalls as well as wet heavy snow from time to time.



As one of the smaller two-stage throwers offered by MTD, don’t let this size fool you. This compact snow blowerdesign includes a strong gas-powered engine and can handle moderate to heavier snowfalls up to a foot or more in depth. With a big and wide housing, even deeper snow is easily sucked up and spit out wherever you want to put it.

Able to throw 35 feet in distance, which is impressive enough alone, the chute also has a 180-degree radius with a basic crank control that you can manually adjust while you work. Plus, you can manually adjust the height of the snow being thrown too.

With a self-propelled drive system that uses only one gear, all you have to do is steer to get the 12-inch serrated steel auger chewing up what lies in its way. The machine’s Snow Hog tires keep you well on track even in icy conditions and provide the traction you need for gravel and uneven surfaces as well.

Best Heavy-Duty MTD Snow Thrower

MTD Pro 28
    This is the perfect machine for homeowners, and business owners, with large areas to clear of heavy snowfall, and is capable of working in even the coldest icy winter-conditions. Even more, the gears allow this machine to work well on virtually any terrain, including pavement, dirt, tile, gravel, and wood.



This machine’s impressive PowerMore OHV engine is more than capable of getting through a heavy, wet winter full of snow. This model is amongst one of the largest offered by the company. It’s housing, which is bigger and taller than most, can chew through deep heavy snow with the help of the self-propelled engine that boasts 8 powerful gears.

Even more, the heavy-duty serrated steel auger and big steel impeller can easily pick up a full foot of snow, or more, and sling it over 40 feet away. The chute is controlled by an overhead mounted crank, so you don’t have to stop working to adjust it. It rotates up to 200-degrees, which is more than most snow thrower chutes can adjust.

The huge X-Track tires are also capable of getting you through deeper snow, so maneuverability never becomes an issue. And, to sweeten the deal, even more, this snow blower starts right up with the single press of a button due to an easy electric start system.

Who Makes MTD Snow Blowers?

The abbreviation “MTD” stands for the Modern Tool and Die Company. The company has been around for nearly a century now (more than 80 years and counting) as a tool and die supplier. During this time MTD has been a major supplier for many leading brands worldwide.

Based on innovative ideas, hard work, and integrity, MTDs basic brand-principles of respect and ingenuity have led it to become one of the most trusted names in the outdoor power equipment market. Their experience and expertise has also led them to not only supply MTD snow blower parts, but also carry leading brands of equipment, as well as create their own line of products to aide in the outdoor home and commercial care industries.

MTD currently manufactures parts, and whole pieces of equipment, such as snow throwers, for Cub Cadet and WOLF-Garten, as well as Yard Machines, MTD, and possibly more. Bottom line? They make high-end machines that work.

Why Choose an MTD Snow Blower?

MTD 22

MTD has been making replacement parts for longer than many brand names have been around, and with warehouses all around the world, it’s safe to say they are well trusted and respected.

Since their own products are made with their own parts, you pretty much can assume you are getting a quality product that should be efficient, durable, and long-lasting – not to mention backed by a great warranty.

MTD Snow throwers are offered in both single-stage and dual-stage designs, and in a variety of powerful options for both home and commercial use. They also are considered extremely tough and reliable by many consumers, and working without issue in even the harshest of winter-weather conditions.


Gold vector guarantee sign, warranty label

A 2-year limited warranty is available for all MTD thrower products, which includes a full repair or replacement of parts that are defective. Since machines are sold through various retailers, services may vary depending on where it is purchased and may include further coverage, in-store repairs, or specific MTD repair shop suggestions.

Always be sure to review the manufacturer warranty and the coverage provided by the store you buy it from. Some MTD-brand products may even come with more than the standard 2-year warranty.

Types of MTD Snow Blowers

All of MTD’s snow throwers are gas-powered, meaning they have a 4 cycle engine to help you power through the winter weather. These types of engines do require regular maintenance and proper warm-weather storage when not in use.

Both single-stage and two-stage blowers are offered to provide choices dependent on your specific snow-moving needs. Homeowners looking for occasional snow throwing options are well covered by the choices provided by MTD, as are commercial businesses needing larger, dependable machines.

Here’s a break-down of the most significant differences between single-stage and two-stage snow blowing machines:



Single-stage blowers are generally used for lighter snowfalls, to moderate snowfalls, and occasional wet heavy snow accumulation through the winter months. They are driven by a single auger that both lifts and throws snow through the chute.

The single-stage blowers are often popular homeowner picks because they can get snow cleared down to the cement of your driveway and walks without leaving any residue behind to melt and refreeze. They are also much easier to handle than larger machines.


MTD Pro 28

Dual-stage blowers are pretty much the single stage’s bigger and stronger brother. These machines use an auger and impeller to lift and throw snow. They are more popular in areas that receive much more frequent heavy snowfall to moderate snowfall. They also tend to come with way better features than single-stage snow blowers.

Additionally, they are great for parking lots, long driveways, and exceptionally large yards. The dual-stage snow blowers are generally larger and heavier machines and depending on the model you have, you may even be able to use yours for commercial snow clearing purposes.

How to Choose the Best MTD Snow Blower for You

Although MTD is a distributor of high-end brand snow blowers and throwers, they take pride in their own manufacturing and offer a smaller, but varied selection of quality products. This is to help you narrow down your choices easily without a large list of minute details to confuse you.

But despite that, having knowledge of your needs prior to purchase is always a frugal approach to any sort of investment. Consider the following to help you decide which model would be best for you:

What are your yearly snowfall averages?

Areas that receive regular snowfall weekly, or even daily, through most of the winter are probably best served with a dual-stage thrower. Occasional snowfalls or just lighter snowfalls may not need the power of a dual-stage system. In this case, a single-stage snow blower is more than enough.

Are you looking for home or commercial use of a snow thrower?

Residential use doesn’t create the wear-and-tear on a machine the same way a product able to withstand commercial use can. Bigger isn’t always better, and this often reflects in your pocketbook savings as well. That said, for home use, single-stage and dual-stage blowers are equally useful. But, for commercial use, two-stage snow blowers are a must.

Do you have a larger yard to clear?

Large yards require more frequent snow clearing, no matter how much snow you get each year. Larger engines can clear more snow per minute than smaller ones, making your job that much quicker with a two-stage machine. Even if you don’t get a lot of snowfall, smaller dual-stage throwers will make much quicker work of larger areas than single-stage blowers.

Is the area you need to clear paved or gravel?

Single-stage throwers are great in that they clear snow right down to the pavement, leaving behind a clean looking drive. Unfortunately, many dual-stage throwers leave behind a slight layer of snow that you may have to clean up with a shovel, broom, or leaf blower. On the other hand, single-stage snow blowers are not designed to work on uneven and gravel-covered surfaces, making a two-stage machine necessary if you have dirt, gravel, or actually yard to clear of snow.

Which MTD Snow Blower Is Best for You?

Looking for a snow blower doesn’t have to be such a hassle if you have an idea of what to look for and stick with dependable and well-known brands.

For residential use and occasional snowfalls, we prefer MTD’s Yard Machines 26-inch snow blower. It can clear large driveways and it’s easy to handle for any fitness or skill level. For heavy-duty snow blowing, you’ll want to go with the MTD Pro 28. This two-stage snow blower can clear large areas and will power through heavy snowfalls and tough winter weather with ease.