The Best Outdoor Curtains For Added Privacy
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The Best Outdoor Curtains For Added Privacy

If you love outdoor spaces but appreciate some privacy, a great solution that’s more flexible than most privacy walls or screens is the outdoor curtains. They are made specifically to withstand weather conditions like rain or wind, and they’re intended for use on spots like patios and gazebos or outdoor living rooms.

If you’re ready to add some privacy that’s easy to open up, check out these beautiful outdoor curtains below.

    Sun Zero 53088 Valencia UV Protectant Curtains

    budget-friendly outdoor curtains

    These gorgeous curtains are designed for outdoor use for your patio, backyard gazebo, deck, or balcony. Wherever you need a little privacy, they work. They’re also super budget-friendly and easy to install, making them a great choice for folks looking for some added privacy on the cheap.
    Taupe Solid Tab Top Room Darkening Outdoor Curtain

    outdoor curtain for patio, deck, or outdoor living room

    Coming in a wide range of colors from navy, to olive, ivory, mineral, red, taupe, or yellow, these gorgeous, thick curtains work perfectly for your outdoor spaces. They're darkening and opaque for true privacy but light enough you can adjust easily to give partial or full shade or none at all.
    Bonzer White Outdoor Sheer Curtains for Patio

    Beautiful White Outdoor Curtains

    These waterproof, breezy white curtains are perfect for your outdoor spaces needing just a hint of privacy without the full wall effect that opaque curtains offer. They're lightweight, breezy, easy to install, and affordable. An all-around great option for many spaces.
    Sun Zero Outdoors White Solid Grommet Room Darkening Curtain

    Outdoor living room, decks, patios - solid white for sun and privacy protection

    These beautiful, solid white curtains come in at a budget-friendly price while providing you thick, solid protection from the sun and potentially prying eyes. The thick curtain material is opaque enough to darken a covered space while being lightweight enough you can adjust them easily for convenient use.
    NICETOWN 2 Panels Waterproof Ombre Sheer Outdoor Curtains for Patio

    Sheet curtains for outdoor use on patio or deck

    These beautiful ombre curtains come in green, gray, taupe, and turquoise shades to match your outdoor space. They're lightweight, somewhat sheer, easy to install, and lovely. If you need a hint of privacy without losing your sun, these are a great option.
    Anjee Outdoor Curtains for Patio Waterproof with Moroccan Print

    Outdoor privacy for your favorite spaces around the pool and home

    These beautiful Moroccan print curtains are a colorful alternative to the more standard outdoor curtain options we generally see. They're colorful, fun, and just as opaque and quality made as we find with the other waterproof curtains. So, if you're looking for a hint of an international feel, these are a great option.

Your Best Outdoor Curtains Are Right Here

Whether you want to grab some Moroccan print-colored shade curtains or sheer, breezy white curtains to dress up your space and add some privacy to your yard or pool area, these options are all great choices for a neat, easy upgrade for your outdoor space. Attach them with hooks or slide them over poles – whatever you need to get the right fit and functionality you need.

Both the sheer curtains from Bonzer and the room-darkening taupe Elrene curtains add both levels of privacy and mood and lighting changes that could be particularly valuable for your outdoor space. Consider pairing them for the fullest effect with both light streaming in with a hint of privacy or drawing the light-blocking curtains for more shade protection and privacy. The perfect setup for an outdoor space you use frequently.

Whatever you choose for your outdoor space, be sure the curtains truly meet your needs – whether you’re seeking full privacy, shade protection from the sun, or some atmosphere.