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The Best Outdoor Rugs for Your Deck or Patio

Rugs tie a room together. Most of us are used to having them inside the home, but what about your outdoor spaces? Before you balk at the idea, imagine your favorite outdoor space cozied up with a rug. Now imagine that rug to be made out of element-proof material that won’t get brittle or moldy and can be rinsed off with the garden hose when it needs a clean.

These types of rugs exist and are known as outdoor rugs. They can be an extension of your decor into the exterior spaces of your home and can add that missing element to your deck or patio. Discover 12 of the best outdoor rugs for your deck or patio in this collection below.

    Artificial Grass Rug

    Artificial grass rug

    Who says you can't have grass on your patio? As long as it's this artificial grass rug from Trafficmaster, you won't have to mow this lawn. Play up the idea of your patio being an outdoor living area, without the maintenance of real grass. No mowing or fertilising, only relaxing
    Aloha Multicolor Rug

    Colorful patio rug

    If you're looking for some lively colors and floral motifs to liven up your outdoor space, you've found what you need. This outdoor rug comes in all shapes and sizes to fit any outdoor space. The polypropylene material is both water and stain resistant, because life happens
    Stylewell Outdoor Rug

    Understated Rug

    This understated outdoor rug will bring warmth and a finishing touch to your outdoor space. It won't distract from other aesthetic elements in your space, but will provide warmth and a soft feel underfoot. The best part? To clean, rinse off with a garden hose
    Recife Elephant Rug

    Animal Inspired Rug

    The dark thread in this rug will bring a touch of sophisticated class to your patio. But the funky elephant motifs will bring some fun to this sophistication. The flat weave makes it easy to roll up for storage, too. With this rug, you can have it all!
    Nautical Anchors Rug

    Nautical themed decor

    This is the perfect rug for any nautical themed decor. The blue and white color scheme paired with the large anchor graphics are unmistakably nautical. It comes in a bunch of sizes to fit any space and the polypropylene material is a breeze to clean
    Couristan Saddle Stitch Rug

    Square outdoor rug

    The gradient print on this outdoor rug creates a subtle ombre effect in your space. This brings added visual interest while keeping your feet warm. This rug comes in a range of sizes and colors to fit any theme you may have.
    nuLoom Contemporary Rug

    Contemporary florals

    Are you looking for a rug to fit into your modern outdoor space? Then this is the rug for you. The floral motifs in a modern style will bring your outdoor space together, wheter it's the deck, patio, or balcony.
    Buffalo Check Rug

    Checkered Outdoor Rug

    While checkered patterns are associated with lumberjacks, there's no reason you can't have this black and white checkered rug on your patio. The polypropylene construction is antimicrobial, water, and stain resistant to put up with life outdoors
    Aztec Cream Rug

    Subtle Patterned Rug

    The patterns on this rug are inspired by the ancient Aztec people. But that's the only ancient thing about this rug. The modern materials will stand up to most outdoor living conditions while covering your floor in pleasing geometric patterns
    Foss Unbound Outdoor Rug

    Affordable outdoor rug

    Your outdoor rug doesn't have to break the bank. Take a look at this affordable outdoor rug. Made from 100% recycled bottles, these rugs are unbound. Meaning you can cut them to shape without any fraying!
    StyleWell Modern Outdoor Rug

    Woven outdoor rug

    Designed specifically for the outdoors, this flat weave woven rug has a sisal like quality. This means more comfort and more warmth underfoot, while the rugged construction can handle anything that a life outdoors can throw at it
    Jasper Grey outdoor rug

    Classic Aesthetic

    This minimalist rug follows a classic theme. The thick, square border and earthy colors make it neutral enough to fit into most decor themes, but still interesting enough to liven up any outdoor space. When it needs a clean, simply rinse it with the garden hose

Final Say

With so many excellent options to choose from, we decided to round up our top 3. If you’re looking to extend your lawn onto your outdoor living space, but you’re not so interested in mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and watering this lawn, this artificial grass rug is for you.

Do you need some color to brighten up your deck or patio? If so, take a look at this bright, floral-themed outdoor rug. The bright colors and floral motifs will bring more than a dash of color to your floor.

Not all rugs have to be square or rectangular. They can be round, too. This Recife Elephant Rug is a great choice that serves as a reminder of that safari you went on once. If you’ve never been on a safari, this rug has elephants. Who doesn’t love elephants?

Which of these rugs is your favorite? Comment below and let us know.

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