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The Best Outdoor Solar Spotlights

Have you ever heard a noise in the front yard, but it was too dark and creepy to check it out? Have you ever gotten back home at night searching for your keys in the dark? Are you trying to reduce your energy consumption and can take every bit of energy-efficient advice you can get? Then outdoor solar lights should be the next thing on your shopping list.

We’ve reviewed outdoor solar spotlights so you can make an informed shopping decision.

Backyard Boss Top 5 Outdoor Solar Spotlights for the Summer of 2021

URPOWER Solar Lights - The Best Outdoor Solar SpotlightsURPOWER Solar Lights
  • Lights: 2, 4 LEDs each
  • Runtime: 6 - 9 hours
  • Warranty: n/a
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LITOM Solar Landscape Spotlights Number of lights: 2 lights x 6 LEDs each - The Best Outdoor Solar SpotlightsLITOM Solar Landscape Spotlights Number of lights: 2 lights x 6 LEDs each
  • Lights: 2, 6 LEDs each
  • Runtime: 6 - 12 hours
  • Warranty: 45-day money back guarantee and 2-year warranty
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InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights - The Best Outdoor Solar SpotlightsInnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights
  • Lights: 2, 4 LEDs each
  • Runtime: 4 - 12 hours
  • Warranty: n/a
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Nekteck Solar Lights - The Best Outdoor Solar SpotlightsNekteck Solar Lights
  • Lights: 2, 10 LEDs each
  • Runtime: 6 - 10 hours
  • Warranty: 90-day money-back, also 2-year warranty
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ROSHWEY Solar Landscape SpotLights - The Best Outdoor Solar SpotlightsROSHWEY Solar Landscape SpotLights
  • Lights: 2, 22 LEDs each
  • Runtime: up to 10 hours
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
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Why You Can Trust Us

I’ve been fascinated with solar energy products since I was a kid and I first learned they could help the environment. At just fifteen or sixteen years of age, I started researching solar energy use, the kinds of products we need to make the world a better – and safer! – place and started investing in solar-powered projects and products as soon as I could.

Since that time, I’ve researched hundreds, if not thousands, of solar products for my own use, for the use of my friends and family, for clients, and for my readers. I use many of these products myself to light my own garden, patio, and indoor greenhouse, and I know what to look for for the best possible outcome.

Most Versatile Solar Spotlights

URPOWER Solar Spotlights
    If you trust best-selling, customer-approved, and good price-to-quality ratio types of products, the URPOWER delivers pretty much everything you need from a product of its kind.



Why We Like It: With a perfect balance between price and quality, URPOWER delivers its two-pack solar lights with specifications that are worthy of the “best overall” label.

Available in cold white, warm white, and a multicolored version, each of the packs include two solar lights with four LED lights each. The in-ground lights are installed by simply sticking the pointy end in the ground, which means that you won’t require any additional tools to install these. However, the lights also come with screws that allow you to mount them on the wall if need be. Each of the lights has its very own solar panel attached to it. The construction is entirely waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about durability in harsh weather conditions.

They feature automatic lighting sensors, so that the lights will turn on automatically in low-light conditions, and they will automatically turn off at dawn. It takes about four or five hours for the lights to fully charge, and they have a total runtime that varies between six and nine hours. The adjustability feature allows swiveling of the solar panels (at 180 degrees) and of the light heads (90 degrees angle).

Who Should Buy It: Anyone needing a little versatility in their outdoor solar spotlighting usage will find these handy.

Most Popular Solar Spotlights

LITOM Solar Landscape Spotlights
    Adjustable, multi-mount solar spotlight for garden and patio.



Why We Like It: Here is one of the market’s most favorite outdoor solar spotlights at the moment, with 12 LEDs that have a brightness of 600 lumens.

But what else can you expect to get from this product? You have the possibility to select between two lighting options: the low-light mode has a runtime of about twelve hours, while the high-light mode will drain the battery in about six-hours’ time. It features a light sensor that detects the outdoor light levels and powers the lights on or off, depending on the conditions. The lights are made with waterproof ABS plastic, which means that you can use them in the colder and rainier seasons throughout the year.

As with the lights we spoke of earlier, these two also give you the possibility to stick them into the ground, but they can also be mounted on walls, acting pretty much like a security warning. Upon ordering, you will receive a package that contains the two lights, the ground stakes for each, six screws, six wall plugs, and a user manual.

Who Should Buy It: Anyone looking for quality-made solar spotlights with a solid reputation.

Best for Long Nights

Innogear Upgraded Solar Lights
    Versatile, durable outdoor solar spotlights with two installation options and light sensors.



Why We Like It: When buying the InnoGear outdoor lights, you will receive a pack of two lights with pre-mounted solar panels attached to each of them. They have multiple installation methods, as they can be fixed on the wall or in the ground. Each of the lights comes with four individual LEDs, which have a runtime of about four to six hours in low light mode, and up to twelve hours in a brighter light setting.

The lighting sensor is definitely worth mentioning because it can help you have battery power with the instant power up and shut down features. The solar panel and the light head can both be adjusted, while the entire construction is waterproof and meant to resist both hot and cold weather.

Who Should Buy It: Anyone who needs to keep their yard lit up for up to twelve hours, especially during low light seasons.

Most Durable Solar Spotlights

Nektech Solar Spotlights
    Two pack of solar spotlights with two lighting modes (high and low).



Why We Like It: The Nektech spotlights are basically lights on a stake that can be stuck in the ground and can illuminate your driveway, your pathway, or your overall yard. It’s an excellent way of showcasing the flora in your yard/garden. Alternatively, you can mount the lights on the walls of your home, since you will also receive the required hardware to do so. You can adjust the angle of the lights, but take note that the solar panel should still be left in sunlight in order for the batteries to charge.

The package contains two lights, each of them equipped with 10 LEDs. There are two brightness settings and a lighting sensor that can detect darkness and turn the lights on automatically. It takes about six to eight hours for the batteries to charge fully, and on a full charge, you can get about six to ten hours of runtime.

Who Should Buy It: They are an excellent choice for those who want to illuminate driveways, showcase the beauty of their yard at night, or even to shed light on porches or the sides of the house.

Best 2-in-1 Option

ROSHWEY Solar Landscape SpotLights
    The Roshwey solar spotlights are the perfect outdoors beasts with plenty of light power and coverage.



Why We Like It: Each of the two lights packs 22 LEDs and you can mount them either on a wall or on the ground. They’re also popular on Amazon with real-life users, meaning they live up to their reputation. Plus, after a full day’s charge, they’ll stay lit up to ten hours.

The solar panels rotate at a 180-degree angle, while you can adjust the lights at a 360-degree angle horizontally and 90-degrees vertically.

Who Should Buy It: These lights are perfect for anybody who needs lights for both illuminating the landscaping from the ground or wall mounting.

What to Look for in Solar Spotlights

URPOWER solar spotlights with low and high light mode setting.

Having some light in your yard is never a bad idea because you never know when you might need some nocturnal visibility. But what are the main features and characteristics that you should look out for when you’re in the market searching for the best outdoor solar spotlights?

Battery Runtime

The capacity and runtime of the batteries are, by far, the most important factors. Batteries will store the energy that the solar panels save throughout the day, so when these have a high capacity, they should normally be able to run for longer.

You should look for batteries that hold charges for longer, which is a feature called “runtime.” Opt for solar spotlights that run on nickel-cadmium batteries, which are cheap and easy to install.

Coverage Area

Also, consider the outdoor perimeter that these lights have to cover. When you think about the size of your yard and how much light you actually need, you can redirect your attention towards a more specific light size, and that will make shopping a whole lot easier.

Placement Options

The placement of the lights is super important when you’re dealing with bulbs that are powered by solar light. Where you’ll be placing the solar panels is important because batteries don’t have a quick charge option, as mobile phones do. You need to think about positioning beforehand, as this might actually determine the number of types of lights that you’ll choose in the end.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are a really cool feature to have in solar spotlights. Whenever these sensors detect motion, the lights will automatically turn on, making them great for emergencies.

This is important because of two reasons: you will save battery power by having the lights automatically turn off when they’re not needed, but they will also alert you of movement in the yard because it’s easier to get distracted by lights suddenly turning on rather than by them staying on the whole time.

Light Sensors

Light sensors are useful for saving battery power as well, but they’re also a cool feature in a product designed for people who don’t want to manually turn the lights on and off. Light sensors will detect the amount of natural outdoor light, which helps turn on the lights automatically when it gets dark, and turns them off at the break of dawn.


Light adjustability can come in handy when you want to shed light on particular areas of your yard. Instead of actually moving the lights around, you can instead adjust the angle of the heads in order to create light in specific areas. This is even more useful for wall-mounted lights because you can’t just take them down and put them up somewhere else whenever you want to change the illuminated area.

Weather Compatibility

You’ll want waterproof lights. When dealing with outdoor lighting solutions, you want the system to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, so these lights must be able to operate regardless of whether it’s really hot or pouring rain.

Typically, these spotlights are made with some kind of steel or ABS plastic and the construction makes it so that the internal components are completely protected. Keep in mind that if the lights you choose have a solar panel mounted on top of them, you will have to clear the panel of any snow that might fall upon them in winter, otherwise, the sun’s rays won’t reach the panels and the batteries won’t charge.

What Purpose Will the Lights Serve?

Nekteck solar spotlight weather resistancy.

But before you commit to any of the features above, you will have to consider why you need these outdoor solar spotlights in the first place. Don’t spend money on features you don’t really care about. Instead, prioritize what you need, then decide what features the products has to have.

For example, if you arrive home late at night and park in a dark driveway, you might actually want a solar floodlight to illuminate the area, paired with a few spotlights along the pathway, so you can safely make your way to the front door. If you’re standing in front of the door and it’s too dark for you to find your keys, then you need some wall-mounted lights so you can search for them with ease.

If you want lights that make your garden look more beautiful, you should opt for fewer big lights and go with more of the smaller ones, maybe even in multicolor options. Lights with motion sensors might be more expensive, but they are also safer because they are triggered only if there’s an intruder in your yard.

Nevertheless, determining the purpose will help you redirect your attention to features that actually matter to you instead of pushing you to get lost in the multitude of marketing promises.

How We Picked

We used our skills as researchers and reviewers to dig through online reviews from real-life customers to see which spotlights we should examine more closely for consideration on our list. After we narrowed down our list, we looked for the qualities we know make for good spotlights and solar products in general and went from there.

Each choice is highly rated by real-life reviewers, lives up to our standards, and serves to meet a specific function like color-changing, brightest, or most durable lights.

The Best Solar Light for You

If you’re in the market looking to buy outdoor solar lights, it’s important for you to first determine the purpose of this purchase and then look for features that help meet your demands. For example, if you’re tired of standing in the dark looking for your house keys, a small outdoor light mounted on the exterior walls of the house should suffice.

If you want lights that showcase the flora of your garden, you might want to opt for several and maybe multicolored lights. But if you want powerful lights that will automatically turn on when they detect movement in the yard, it’s best to opt for more expensive lights with integrated motion sensors. Make a list to determine what you want from your solar spotlights and then plan your next steps.

Our top pick is the URPOWER Solar Lights because you can either mount these lights to a wall or stick them into the ground anywhere around your house. Each set comes with two lights, so get enough to cover your space. The lights will give you up to ten hours of light as soon as it gets dark.

And maybe you need something else entirely. If you’d like to illuminate your garden fence, solar post cap lights could be the perfect choice for you.