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12 Charming Thanksgiving Decorations For Your Yard or Garden

One of the most wonderful times of the year is from October to December. It’s due to gorgeous ornaments that invite people into the warmth of their homes, combined with colorful leaves falling from the trees. While most folks focus on Halloween and Christmas decorations, Thanksgiving is also a great opportunity to transform your backyard into something amazing.

No matter the style of your house, thanks to the wide variety of choices available, anybody can find a perfect Thankinging décor.

    Thanksgiving Welcome Sign

    Wooden Thanksgiving Welcome Sign

    Ready to welcome those guests to your home for Thanksgiving Day’s feast? What better way than with a beautiful wooden sign crafted just for the season? The sign is easy to prop anywhere, too, whether on a porch or at the front gate.
    Thanksgiving Pumpkins

    Colorful pumpkins spelling thanks

    Perfect for the edge of the porch, a shelf or table on the patio, or in an outdoor dining situation, this pumpkin ‘banner’ in resin is the perfect way to dress up the day. The simplicity and beauty of the piece are one of the best parts – nothing fancy is needed, just thanks.
    Thankful Garden Flag

    Thankful garden flag

    Sometimes, the simplest message is the most important. With the lovely leaves shaping a heart and the straightforward message of thanksgiving, it’s perfect for a respite from the craziness of the holidays. Plant it in the garden for a special reminder for all, the whole season long.
    Acorn Pumpkin Leaf Light String

    Battery-operated autumn-themed light string

    Looking for the perfect ‘light’ touch for your holiday décor? This lit-up pumpkin, leaf, and acorn strand are battery-powered and great for using on that Thanksgiving feast table as you gather outdoors. You can also use it anywhere else in the yard, thanks to the cordless design.
    Inflatable LED Lawn Turkey

    Inflatable light-up turkey

    Need something a bit bigger to tell folks how glad you are for the season? This giant inflatable, colorful, light-up turkey should do the trick. From the colorful pinions to the Pilgrim hat, this turkey invites everyone to give thanks and celebrate the season! It’s designed for fast inflation and low noise.
    Metal Free-Standing Turkey Decoration

    Free-standing turkey decoration

    Gobble gobble! This free-standing turkey stands over a foot tall, making it a great little addition to any Thanksgiving display you have in mind. Use it on the porch, as a centerpiece for your dining table, in the garden, on the lawn, or practically anywhere else for the holiday.
    Large Happy Thanksgiving Banner

    Thanksgiving banner for fence

    Wishing the whole neighborhood a happy Thanksgiving couldn’t get easier than with this giant banner that will span the length of most yard fences. Or, hang it on your balcony, on the edge of the porch.
    Acorn String Lights

    Acorn string lights

    Battery-powered acorn string lights are a great, fun way to light up Thanksgiving night. Add them to an existing wreath or garland, deck out the table, or just hang them around the door. They're the perfect accent or stand-alone for the fall holiday.
    Solar Turkey Lights

    Solar LED turkey lights

    Light up the lawn at night with these celebratory turkey lights – powered by the sun! No muss, no fuss, no remembering to switch them off. Just install, turn them on and enjoy all season long in the garden, on the lawn, or in potted plants.
    2 Turkey Garden Stakes

    Turkey garden stakes

    A fabulous way to add a simple touch of Thanksgiving to the lawn is with these 2 Thanksgiving turkey garden stakes. The cute Pilgrim hats and colorful feathers draw the eye and offer a warm welcome! They’re perfect for the yard, garden, or potted plants on the porch.
    Thanksgiving Turkey Garden Flag

    Thanksgiving turkey garden flag

    Another cute touch for your Thanksgiving feast day is this cartoon turkey garden flag. It’s a great kid-friendly decoration piece your kids and the whole neighborhood will love. Just post it in the yard or on the porch!
    Lighted Pumpkin Thanksgiving Cart

    Cute pumpkin “cart” with lights

    One of the most charming little outdoor pieces is this lit-up pumpkin “cart” you can plant anywhere! It works on battery power, so you can set it anywhere. Fill it with flowers for an extra fun touch.

The Perfect Blend for Thanksgiving

The feast on the fourth Thursday of November isn’t the only thing that brings this holiday together. It’s the decorations, the warm welcome, and the beautiful gathering of family, whether local or far-flung, that make this day so delightful.

Since there are multiple decorations to choose from, finding the perfect one can be challenging. However, with these twelve amazing options, you are sure to transform your yard into something beautiful and eye-catching!

Comment below which Thanksgiving decoration you liked the most, and as always, please share!