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The Best Outdoor Wall Decor

A lot of times, we spend days, weeks, and even months decorating our homes and gardens. However, we often neglect our outdoor walls and leave them plain and boring. It doesn’t compliment the elegant, exciting, or even exotic yard we’ve put together. If you’re maintaining a breathtaking garden, it’s only fair that you spruce up your exterior walls to do justice to your beautiful abode.

Outdoor wall decorations don’t have to be loud, and you certainly don’t want them to scream for attention. They should give you a sense of elegance, pride, mystery, and magic. If you’re into all things large, how about DIYing outdoor wall decor? There are some cool DIY outdoor wall decor ideas you can make from things you have at home.

Backyard Boss Top 9 Best Outdoor Wall Decor

    Sunnyglade Artificial Boxwood Panels

    Give Your Wall an Edge With a Hedge

    Want to keep the green going onto your walls as well? This would be the choice for you. This 12-piece panel features an amazing, thick, and realistic artificial hedge. It is fantastic for the outdoors since it is sun and weatherproof and its color will not fade away quickly. Moreover, it is very simple to install, that is, if you use the manual. Bonus points if you want to go down the eco-friendly path - these boxwood panels are safe, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. Last but not least, should you ever get bored with having these panels mounted to your wall, you can always swap the location and hang them elsewhere, on your fence, for example.
    Deco 79 Eclectic Metal Sun Wall Décor

    Sun-Kissed Wall

    This is a gorgeous Feng Shui art piece, that is sure to make heads turn. This Eclectic Metal Sun will add elegance and style to your outdoors. It is made out of iron and is very sturdy and weatherproof. It is already ready to hang and its construction makes it very simple to put it on the wall. Moreover, it is very easy to maintain! And if you get bored with it being on the outside, you can always bring it indoors. This beauty is 35 inches long, 1 inch in width, and 35 inches in height. Now you can bask in the glory of the sun minus the radiating heat!
    CREPRO 3D Metal Butterfly Wall Decor

    A Kaleidoscope of Colors

    Everyone loves butterflies! If you want to add the charm of spring and color to your outdoors, you can do that with this metal butterfly wall decor. These 3D butterflies are a whimsical touch and you can keep them up all year round, regardless of holidays. And while real butterflies are gentle and fragile, these are made out of metal sheets that are delicate, but sturdy and durable. They are very easy to hang since they have hooks on the back. Last but not least, they are easy to maintain and are weatherproof, so you won’t see the color fading after a couple of hard rains fall. These beauties in a pack come in five sizes.
    Custom Metal Signs

    Large Customisable Signs

    This metal sign is almost a statement piece. If you are feeling proud of your backyard and just want to let everybody know who is responsible for how it looks, or you just want a creative way to show the owner of this home, then this is the choice for you! This metal sign is made out of heavy-duty 16 gauge steel, comes in five distinct colors, and has a weather-proof finish which guarantees that it will keep its sleek look for quite a while. You can use it to customize numbers, names, or both, and hang it outdoors or indoors. This beauty weighs six pounds!
    Floweroyal ArtificialHanging Plants

    The Hanging Gardens

    These vibrant and beautiful artificial succulents are a gorgeous addition to any outdoor wall. You can hang them pretty much anywhere because they are made out of durable and weather-proof materials. Moreover, they are incredibly easy to maintain. Overall, they are the perfect choice if you want to add some more green to the outside of your home. The artificial succulents are quite versatile, too, because even if at some point you decide you no longer want them on the outside you can always move them to the inside. The height of this entire décor is 20.5 inches and the pot is around 8 inches. They come as a pack of two.
    Ageomet Artificial Hanging Plants

    The Ivy League

    If you’re not that into pots and pearls, how about some ivy to add a touch of mystery to your outdoors? These artificial ivy vines are wonderful for decorating your porch or gazebo! Hang them on the wall under your window for a waterfall of green, which is thick, element-proof, durable, and very realistic. The high quality of the materials will ensure that the colors will not fade anytime soon. They can take almost any shape due to the metal wiring in their stems. The total height of this plant is 110 cm and each bunch has 168 fake leaves. Since this comes as a pack of three, there will be a total of 504 leaves.
    GBtroo Mason Jar Sconces

    Like a Firefly in a Mason Jar

    Ever wondered what it is like to trap a firefly in a mason jar? These lovely mason jars will give your outdoors a rustic look as well as bring light during the dark hours of the day just like a firefly would. You can put this chic decoration on any wall. However, it would look especially well on each side of your front door. One of its biggest features is the timer - it can be set on a 6-hour timer. It comes in a few different styles and colors so there’s no doubt you’d find the perfect one to fit your style. These beauties are battery powered and come in a pack of two.
    Pinkpum Eucalyptus Wreaths

    Wreaths - Not Just on Christmas

    If you thought that it's okay to hang wreaths only on holidays such as Easter or Christmas, then you were quite wrong! There are heaps of holiday-neutral wreaths, such as this Eucalyptus wreath. It may be artificial, but its leaves are made out of silk and are almost lifelike. However, it takes a little more maintenance than the rest of the items - in order to prevent discoloration you should avoid having it out in humid weather for long periods of time. The best place to hang this wreath would be on the outside of your door or an outdoor wall with a shade to protect it from direct sunlight.
    gb Home Metal Wall Decor

    Elegant and Versatile

    This Victorian style metal wall decor is sure to bring elegance to any garden. It can be a striking accent piece for your outdoor wall. And while it can be just wall art, you can also use it as a support for climbing plants, such as vines. It is perfect for the outdoors with its rust-resistant coating on top of the cast-iron frame. It is not difficult to install and if you want to move it around, you can take it down with ease. This beauty is 19.7 x 44 inches and comes in two colors. With three sizes available, you can customize the size according to your preference. Give your outdoors a Victorian twist with this piece.

In Summary

If you are a fan of the rustic farmhouse look, check out the Rustic Brown Mason Jar Sconces. They will surely bring the cozy from the inside to your outdoors and create a warm and welcoming space.

On the other hand, if you want to bring Feng Shui into your home, you should choose the Eclectic Metal Sun Wall Décor. Its geometric design and eclectic theme, as well as the arms that signify the blazing sun, will surely bring the energy you need to be in harmony with the world surrounding you. 

However, if you prefer something more minimalistic, you should go for the Eucalyptus Wreath. It is a very simple decoration, and you can hang it in multiple places. Place it on your front door, and it will surely bring festivity even on a non-holiday day and will make any guests feel even more welcome.

As for our favorite pick, it would be the GB Home Metal Wall Decor. There’s something mystical and magical about Victorian-era decor that never goes out of style. Apart from being a decor piece, it can serve the purpose of a trellis when need be. That’s a win-win!

Happy Decorating!