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Best Outdoor Winter Plant Covers for Freeze Protection in 2021

Growing up in Poland taught me what winter really means. Almost every year, the temperature dropped to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. It wasn’t only extreme for people but also for outdoor plants. Since my mum had a beautiful garden, I used to help her prepare it for these long and cold months. To not let her crops and plants die, we were using winter plant covers.

Thanks to them, we could protect the plants from freezing and extend their growing season. However, since many different plants have to be protected, there is also a wide range of suitable covers. That’s why today, I want to share with you the best products that will protect your unique plants from freezing.

    ETSAMOR Winter Plant Protection Cover

    Warm Frost Cloth Blanket

    This lightweight and breathable protection blanket is made of polypropylene fabric, allowing air and small raining water to get to the plants. Thanks to that you don’t have to replace it every evening. It is 6.5 by 33 feet, but you can also cut it into smaller pieces.
    ANPHSIN Drawstring Plant Covers

    Two Protection Cover Bags

    If you have medium-size plants that you want to cover, these cover bags are an ideal choice. Each of the bags measures 59 by 35.4 inches and is made of breathable and light fabric, meaning your plant will be protected from freezing, but it will also get water and sun during the day.
    Agfabric Plant Covers Freeze Protection

    Floating Row Cover Protection

    This cover from Agrafabric will be perfect for protecting rows of plants from freezing. It comes in many different sizes, has 85% light transmission, and can be left on multiple crops. It is made of high-quality material, meaning it is resistant to UV rays, and extreme weather.
    Planket Plant Frost Protection Cover Kit

    Rectangular Protection Kit

    This rectangular protection cover kit comes with 14 landscape stakes and is designed to protect your plants from frost, heavy snow, and wind. It is 10 by 10 feet and can cover up to 200 square feet. Despite its large size, it is lightweight and allows your plant to breathe.
    Nuvue 2 Pack Plants Cover

    Winter Snow and Ice Cover

    These covers are perfect for protecting your plants from freezing during the winter and extending their growing season in spring and fall. They are very easy to install and have great tear resistance due to the high-quality material they are made of and come with four stakes.
    SYITCUN 6 Pack Plant Covers

    Plastic Winter Plant Covers

    These covers can be used as small greenhouses that provide a proper temperature for plants during cold months. They come with adjustable air vents that help to circulate the air correctly. They’re made of eco-friendly sturdy PVC plastic that is UV and harsh weather resistant.
    Amerlife Walk-in Small Greenhouse

    Mini Greenhouse Protection

    If you want to protect your plants well during the winter, you have to get yourself this mini greenhouse from Amerlife. It’s 56 by 29 by 77 inches, includes 4 shelves and a lot of space for your plants. It’s easy to assemble, detach, and move around without using any tools.
    Alpurple 4 Packs Winter Plant Covers

    4 Warm Cover Bags

    This set contains 4 durable protection bags. Each bag measures 23.6 by 31.5 inches and is extremely easy to put on. They come with a drawstring that is designed to tighten the bag over the plant, so it is well protected against the wind. They allow the plant to absorb the water and sun.
    GROWNEER 6 Packs winter covers

    6 protection cover bags

    These 6 cover bags are perfect protection from frost, wind, snow, and cold temperatures. They are 39 by 39 inches, meaning they are most suitable for small-sized plants. It’s easy to close and open them due to the drawstring design, and they’re made of durable material.

Since the protection covers that we presented in this article can be used for different plants and purposes, you should determine your needs before making a purchase decision. To help you with that, we want to recommend three covers below that, in our opinion, are the best choices when it comes to their unique features.

If you want to cover a large area, we recommend floating row cover protection from Agfabric. It will protect rows of plants from freezing, and you can leave it on multiple crops. These plant bed sheets are made of high-quality material, meaning they will last long.

In case you are looking for something small to protect individual plants from cold weather, our recommendation is Syitcun 6 pack plant covers. They can be used as small greenhouses that provide a proper temperature and allow the air to circulate inside. It’s also great for potted plants and tender plants.

For anybody who wishes to protect medium-sized plants from cold, the best solution is getting Alpurple 4 packs winter plant covers. They are easy to put on the plants and small fruit trees and come with a drawstring designed to tighten the bag over them.

Which plant cover is your favorite one? Let us know in the comment section below, and as always, please share!