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The Best Plant Shelves That Are Perfect To Elevate Your Houseplants

Houseplants are one of those decor items that have been a staple for decades, and it’s easy to see why. Adding houseplants to your interior will instantly elevate any space and give that calming ambiance that only nature can provide. Making your home cozy is only one advantage, as they can help clean the air you breathe as well!

Finding an empty spot on a shelf is one way of adding plants to your home. Or you can take it to the next level by adding plant-only shelves in your home. After all, there are certain plants that thrive on a shelf! It is a sure method to be on your way to that home jungle you’ve always dreamed of.

That’s why we want to share the twelve best plant shelves that will help you elevate your houseplants!

    Bamworld Plant Stand

    For a large houseplant collection

    When you're looking for plant shelves to make a statement with your large collection of house plants, this is the product for you. This wooden plant shelf has 3 tiers of different heights and 7 shelves for plants, so there's plenty of space for a large collection of houseplants
    AZ L1 Life Floating Shelves

    Easy mount hanging shelves

    Hanging shelves don't have to be full of hassle. Hanging these shelves from AZ L1 is a walk in the park! All the hardware is included, and each shelf hangs from the center point of the frame, meaning that each shelf is level every time.
    JEPRECO Metal Plant Stand

    Elegant Plant Shelf Tower

    Bring some drama to your decor with this tall plant shelf. With space for 9 pots and over 8 different heights, the interior jungle look will be effortless. This high-quality steel plant stand comes in white or grey, and each shelf can carry up to 20 pounds. So even your heavier houseplants have a spot on this stand.
    Wallniture Arras Floating Shelves

    Set of 3 Floating Shelves

    This set of 3 floating shelves will elevate any blank space on the wall. Customize the configuration to best suit the aesthetic. Since these shelves are toned down and somewhat neutral, they'll fit in easily with any decor you have or in any room of the house.
    Ivolador Modern Wall Planter

    Octagonal Plant Shelf

    Make a statement with this geometric-inspired wall-mounted shelf. Perfect to display houseplants. This shelf is made with copper-plated metal wire wrapped in white ceramic for a stylish look to fit a modern aesthetic. This shelf is best suited for smaller plants.
    Window Garden Double Veg Ledge

    The Original Veg Ledge

    It is the perfect solution for starting seeds indoors, growing herbs in your kitchen, or sprouting microgreens. The suction cups for mounting quickly suction onto any clean, flat surface and can hold up to 10lbs!
    Macrame Wall Hanging Plant Shelf

    Boho Chic Plant Shelf

    Nothing will bring more immaculate boho-chic vibes to your space than this handmade macrame plant shelf. With 3 shelves of different heights and strong white pine shelves, this wall hanging shelf can hold up to 40 lbs.
    Corner Plant Shelf

    Add some interest to your corners

    Have a corner that needs some interest? Use this corner shelf to turn that corner into a lush garden oasis. This wooden shelf is carbonized at a high temperature, meaning the wood is protected from degrading without the use of paint or chemicals.
    Boho lamp and plant hanger

    Hanging lamp/plant shelf combo

    This combination of hanging lamp and plant shelf is sure to elevate any room where it hangs. It arrives pre-assembled, so all you need to do is hang it with the included hardware, screw-in any E26 lightbulb, and enjoy.
    Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves

    Simple plant shelves

    These simple, understated shelves won't steal the spotlight from your beautiful houseplants. You can use them as functional storage shelves in any room of the house, or they can be display shelves that fit in with the most decor.
    MyGift Bamboo Plant Shelf

    Plant Shelf For Your Desk

    Your desk needs a plant, too! This plant shelf is perfect for your work desk. Made out of bamboo and standing at 12 inches high with 2 different shelves, this is the product to display plants on your desk or countertop without taking up too much space.
    WELLAND 12 Deep Floating Shelves

    Minimalist plant shelf

    This minimalist plant shelf will blend in with any decor while elevating your houseplants. The clean lines and straight edges bring a refined look to your display shelving without taking away from the focal point, while still being able to hold up to 40 lbs.


There are so many options to display your plants in a striking way inside your home. Do you have a corner that seems empty, but you don’t quite know how to add some interest? Why not turn it into a lush corner with this corner plant shelf.

Many of us have transitioned to working from home over the last couple of years. It means you have the opportunity to decorate your desk however you so wish. Like adding this bamboo plant shelf to your desk for some stress-relieving greenery.

Macrame is enjoying some popularity with decor trends at the moment. This means that there are some super cool macrame plant hangers on the market. Take a look at this macrame hanging lamp and plant shelf for some decor that will elevate your houseplants and illuminate your space.

Let us know which product you like the most, and as always, please share!

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