Best Remington Snow Blower Reviews 2019
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Best Remington Snow Blower Reviews

Wintertime, it’s the time of year for holiday cheer, cozy family moments by the fire, and backbreaking arduous labor to take care of the piles of snow that build up on your sidewalks and driveway.

The last part isn’t so fun, but it can be easier to deal with, especially if you have a high-quality snow blower. The best way to ensure that your snow blower is high quality is by purchasing it from a trusted brand like Troy-Bilt, Powersmart, Cub Cadet, or the absolute king of snow blowers, Remington.

Remington has been making some of the best, most durable, most powerful snow blowers on the market for years. To view some of their absolute best snow blowers, check out the reviews below, and then the in-depth buyers guide after to figure out which one is right for you.

Top 4 Remington Snow Blowers Reviews

RM2100 Boulder, 21-Inch, Single-Stage Snow Thrower

RM2120 Boulder
  • Motor Size: 123cc
  • Clearance width/height: 21”/13”
  • Drive System: auger assist
  • Warranty: 2 year limited
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This incredible single-stage snow blower is small but mighty. It has a powerful 123cc 4-cycle engine and is capable of tackling snowfalls up to 13 inches deep, while it can clear a path 21 inches wide. It’s clearing width makes it perfect for homeowners who need to clear their paths efficiently and quickly.

The auger assist and durable tires provide the traction and maneuverability you need for a hassle-free snow removal experience. A reversible polymer shave plate with 2-quart fuel capacity will help you get the job done the first time you set out to do it, leaving your drive clear from snow in just one pass. Plus the chute can be manually adjusted so you don’t get snow blown where you don’t want it.

Unlike a lot of other Remington models, this one does not have an electric start so it can take some time to get it going. Once you do get it going though, you’re golden, because this powerful, hassle-free machine is extremely easy to maneuver. If you need to clear small to medium snowfalls this is a great snow thrower option for you.


  • Polymer shave plate included
  • Durable and stable
  • Easy to control chute


  • No electric start

RM2140 Boulder, 21-Inch, Single-Stage

RM2140 Boulder
  • Motor Size: 179cc
  • Clearance width/height: 21”/13”
  • Drive System: auger assist
  • Warranty: 2 year limited
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The RM2140 is the most powerful single stage blower offered by the Remington Company. With a 179cc engine, this incredibly impressive machine has more than enough power to handle serious snow removal projects around your home.

Like Remington’s other single-stage snow blowers, this machine has a clearing width of 21 inches and an intake height of 13 inches. It also comes equipped with a reversible polymer shave plate for a clean pass every time.

This hassle-free machine has an auger assist and durable 7-inch tires which keep it from getting hung up in sticky snow. The 2 quart fuel tank also keeps you working without pause. Like the previous models the adjustable chute allows you to get snow where you need it and avoid throwing snow, or the occasional chunk of ice or small rock, where you don’t want it, which is not only convenient but also safe.

This machine, although a single-stage design, is built to handle slightly larger snowfalls than the other single-stage models offered by the company. This is a powerful tool that includes an electric push start (when plugged in) to provide the power you need for heavier snowfalls, or to clear extra large areas of snow quickly. Unfortunately, at the time of publication, this model wasn’t available online.


  • Electric start
  • Powerful engine for heavy snowfalls
  • Starts easy


  • Limited clearance for engine power

RM2610 Durango, 26-Inch, Two-Stage Snow Thrower

RM2460 Durango
  • Motor Size: 208cc
  • Clearance width/height: 24”/21”
  • Drive System: 6 forward/2 reverse
  • Warranty: 2 year limited
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Built to power through drifts and deep snow, the RM2460 has an impressively large 26 inch clearance width, and a 21 inch intake height, enabling it to take on the heaviest of snowfalls.

The powerful 208cc engine is enough to shift through 6 forwards gears, and 2 reverse gears to help eat away at even the most hard-packed drifts. It is also rear-wheel driven, and the durable 13-inch tires are x-trac to ensure traction to push and pull the machine to where you need it with very little effort on your part.

Polymer skid shoes, in-dash headlights, and a clutch lock help make your job as easy as possible when using this machine. Plus, the extended polymer chute decreases blowback and throws snow far away from your cleared path. With an easy, electric push start, you can get this snow blower going in seconds.

When hard-packed drifts build-up due to snowplows, and consistent snowfalls become an issue at your house, then this is a good choice to have on hand to keep your driveway clear and open. Unfortunately, at the time of publication, this model wasn’t available online.


  • Easy start
  • Easy rear-drive system
  • Breaks up hard-packed snow


  • Somewhat limited by size
  • Doesn’t break through icy packed snow well

RM3060 Rainier, 30-Inch, Two-Stage

RM3060 Rainier
  • Motor Size: 357cc
  • Clearance width/height: 30”/21”
  • Drive System: 6 forward/2 reverse
  • Warranty: 2 year limited
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Built to last a lifetime, the RM3060 is the largest of the snow throwers offered by Remington. With a huge 357cc engine, this powerful snow blower will have no trouble working through the worst winter snow storms.

Its 4 cycle engine has a seriously wide 30-inch clearing width and an intake height of 21 inches. Whether you’re dealing with fresh powder or icy packed snow, this efficient machine will have no trouble eating through it.

Giant 6.5 inch wide, 16-inch tall tires are heavy-duty for stability and are equipped with a rear-drive system to make your job even easier. Plus, the overhead crank chute control gives you precise control over where you deposit snow. The serrated dual front auger chews through almost everything as well and is powered by 8 gears in total.

Made for northern climates that see months of regular snowfall, and commercial operations, this truly is a commercial grade product that can handle even the most neglected yard with ease. Although it is easy to maneuver and start, you do have to crank the chute for directional purposes. If you need exceptional clearing power, this is the tool for you. Unfortunately, at the time of publication, this model wasn’t available online.


  • Huge clearance
  • Serrated augers
  • Easy start


  • Crank chute

Types of Remington Snow Throwers

Whatever your needs or budget may be, Remington has a snow blower that will work for you. Below are descriptions of the two most popular kinds of snow blowers you can purchase from Remington, single-stage and two-stage snow blowers.

RM2100 Boulder

Single-Stage Snow Blowers

Perfect for places that consistently get moderate snowfalls, Remington’s single-stage snow blowers have a 21-inch clearing width and 13-inch intake height. They come in various engine sizes which you should correlate with the type of snowfall you normally receive, whether it’s wet, dry, consistent, or sporadic. Single-stage snow blowers are great for residential use and are a more affordable option than two-stage snow blowers, although their downside is that they can handle less snow less quickly.


RM2460 Durango

Two-Stage Snow Blowers

For people who experience moderate to high snowfalls on a regular basis, and need a real tank of a snow blower to take them on, two-stage snow blowers are an excellent option. Remington’s two-stage snow blowers have an impressive 22 – 30 inch clearing width and a 21 inch intake height.

These powerful machines use an auger and impeller to pick up snow and toss it as much as 50 feet away. They also have drive systems that support various gears, as well as reverse capabilities. Their downside is that they do tend to be much more expensive than single-stage snow blowers.

How to Choose the Best Remington Snow Blower For You

With so many incredible, durable, powerful options, how are you supposed to choose the right snow blower for you? Fear not, the following questions will pave the way for you to recognize which Remington model is the best based on your personal preferences and snow situation.

How Easy Do You Want Snow Removal To Be?


Some people may have found this corner of the internet because they hate shoveling, and would do anything, including spending hundreds of dollars on a snow blower, to get out of it. If that sounds like you, I would recommend evaluating whether you actually really need a snow blower, by considering the levels of snowfall you actually experience. If you generally don’t get that much snow, consider an electric shovel as a simple snow removal solution.

If you took a hard look in the mirror and determined, “I get a crap-ton of snow every year, hate shoveling, and definitely need a snow blower” then congrats, you’re in the right place. Unfortunately, pushing a snow blower can be difficult in its own right.

Some features to consider to make it an easier task is getting a snow blower that is lightweight or getting one that’s self-propelled. Another great feature is an electric start because then you get the convenience of electric snow blowers with the power of gas ones.

How Much Snow Do You Get?

4-Cycle Engine

One of the most important things to consider when picking out a snow blower is how much snow you actually get each year so you know what specific clearance width and intake height works for you.

In deciding what clearance width you want, also factor in how big your pathways are, since having a snow blower that has a clearance width that’s too big can lead to it becoming unstable on smaller pathways while having one that’s too small will require you to go over the path multiple times.

Consistent, deep snowfalls will probably require a two-stage snowblower with a strong efficient engine, while you’ll probably be able to handle moderate, consistent snowfalls with a single-stage snow blower or an electric snow blower.

Do You Own a Commercial Business?

Heavily Snowed Commercial Building

Residential use of snow blowers is completely different than commercial use. Commercially used machines will definitely take on a lot more wear and tear, so you’ll want to go with a model that’s not only durable but also powerful. Investing more money in a more powerful machine will absolutely pay off, especially if it lasts much longer than a weaker one.


When it comes to snow blowers, Remington knows what they are doing. Pairing quality, powerful, durable machine with an excellent customer service department, they blow all other snow blower brands out of the, well, snow.

Remington’s best snow blower currently available is their impressive Boulder Single-Stage Snow Thrower. With a powerful engine and a wide clearing width, this impressive machine can take on some serious winter storms.

RM2100 Boulder, 21-Inch, Single-Stage Snow Thrower
    This small but mighty snow blower has a powerful engine and is easy to maneuver and control.



If you found this guide helpful be sure to share it, and comment below with any snow blower questions that you may still have. We would love to hear which Remington snow blower you ended up deciding on!