Best Ryobi Snow Blowers — Our 2021 Reviews
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The Best Ryobi Snow Blowers for Your Needs

As a homeowner, you know that a snow blower can literally take a ton of work off your hands. Ryobi is a great choice with a selection of models suitable for different needs and budgets. We have looked into all the models and compared them for you, so you can easily pick the one that’s right for you.

The Top 5 Ryobi Snow Blowers for 2021

RYOBI RY40860 - The Best Ryobi Snow Blowers for Your NeedsRYOBI RY40860
  • 21 inch clearing width and 13 inch clearing depth
  • two 40-Volt 5 Ah batteries included
  • discharges snow up to 35 feet away
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RYOBI RY40850 - The Best Ryobi Snow Blowers for Your NeedsRYOBI RY40850
  • 20 inch clearing width and 10 inch clearing depth
  • built-in LED headlights
  • discharges snow up to 25 feet away
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RYOBI RY40850-2B - The Best Ryobi Snow Blowers for Your NeedsRYOBI RY40850-2B
  • same as single battery model above
  • two 40-Volt 5 Ah batteries included
  • five year limited warranty
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RYOBI RYAC804-S - The Best Ryobi Snow Blowers for Your NeedsRYOBI RYAC804-S
  • 10 Amp motor
  • 12 inch clearing width, 6 inch clearing depth
  • weight: 15 pounds
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RYOBI RYAC803-S - The Best Ryobi Snow Blowers for Your NeedsRYOBI RYAC803-S
  • 20 inches clearing width and 10 inches clearing depth
  • 25 foot throwing distance
  • three years limited warranty
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Why Trust Us?

Here at Backyard Boss, we love the winter. But there’s one thing we don’t love about winter, and it’s something that most homeowners don’t enjoy: snow removal. We don’t want you to dread every winter because of the back-breaking work that’s waiting for you. While there’s only so much we can do to help you stay warm, we can do our part to eliminate the challenges that come with shoveling and prevent winter injuries.

We’ve used our fair share of snow blowers. For that reason, we know what to look for. In addition to being a popular name for tools, Ryobi is also a renowned name for snow blowers. So, we were excited to be able to compare the various Ryobi snow blower models.

What Can You Expect From Ryobi?

Ryobi is a Japanese manufacturer that produces a wide range of power tools. Their snow blowers are affordable, long lasting, and safe to operate. Ryobi tools are always a great choice for the average homeowner because they offer solid warranties and quality customer service.

Benefits of Ryobi Snow Blowers

In addition to being affordable, Ryobi snow blowers offer a few benefits over competitors. Assembly is straight forward, and operating your snow blower is as easy as pushing a button.

Since Ryobi snow blowers run on battery or electric power, you won’t have to deal with filling up gas or oil. Unlike gas snow blowers, Ryobi’s battery and corded models also tend to be more lightweight and won’t break your back. The economic handles further assist with comfort, making these snow blowers suitable for adults of all sizes.

Types of Ryobi Snow Blowers

Electric corded snow blower: Much like a corded lawn mower, this product needs to remain plugged into an outlet. When you use the snow blower, you’re tethered to the wall. However, the Ryobi corded blower works with extension cords and gives you plenty of line.

Cordless electric blower: Relying on battery packs, these snow blowers can work until their batteries die out. You can purchase multiple batteries and keep them charged to allow for extended use of your snow blower.

Both types come in two different sizes; a 20 inch and a 21 inch model. All of the Ryobi models are able to handle the needs of the average homeowner.

Electric snow shovel: It’s not the same as a snow blower, but you may prefer the compactness of an electric shovel. Just keep in mind that electric snow shovels aren’t as powerful as snow blowers and require more effort on your part. That said, an electric snow shovel is lighter and more portable.

How to Choose the Best One for You

While trying to find the best snow blower for your needs, consider the following questions:

How big is your property? If you have a small driveway, you won’t need a high-powered snow blower. It won’t take you long to clear your driveway, so size doesn’t matter. On the other hand, someone with a large driveway and multiple pathways needs a powerful blower with extended battery life.

If you have many small features like steps and narrow paths, you should consider getting an electric snow shovel. A typical Ryobi snow blower is too large for use on narrow areas.

Do you prefer electric or battery power? Honestly, this comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer to have corded snow blowers, while others like the freedom of cordless blowers. If you don’t want to worry about recharging batteries, then a corded option is better.

That said, the cord can get in the way. It also prevents you from moving around your property with ease. If you plan on using the blower on your front and back yard, a cord can be inconvenient.

What is your budget? While money shouldn’t be the motivating factor regarding your purchase, it does matter. If you’re looking for the most affordable models, you’ll want the electric snow shovel or the corded model.

The most expensive and most powerful Ryobi snow blower is the 21 inch cordless model. If you want to save time and effort above all, choosing this model might make the most sense.

The Ryobi Snow Blowers

1. RYOBI RY40860 21 Inch Cordless Model

This 40-Volt snow blower clears a width of 21 inches and a depth of 13 inches. Because it’s a powerful snow blower, this product relies on two high capacity batteries. The batteries are rechargeable and included with your snow blower. When in use, the snow blower discharges snow as far as 35 feet away.

Thanks to battery power, this product is easy to use. There’s no need to mess with gas or oil, and the snow blower is relatively light. To adjust the direction of the discharged snow, move the shoot as much as 180 degrees. You can also alter the speed on the auger to throw snow faster or to save battery life. At night, you’ll appreciate the built-in LED headlights.

When not in use, this snow blower folds down to a compact size. It comes with a five year warranty, as do all battery-operated Ryobi tools.




2. RYOBI RY40850 20 Inch Cordless Snow Blower

If you don’t need as much power, you might enjoy this snow blower. It’s a 40-Volt, 20 inch cordless snow blower. Like the model above, this one has a brushless motor. However, it’s less powerful than the model above and only uses one battery. It discharges snow 25 feet away, which may be more than enough for your needs.

This model is similar to the 21 inch model in its ability to start at the push of a button. It’s also fitted with two LED headlights and a 180 degree directional shoot. With this purchase, you get a five year warranty.

For homeowners with medium or small driveways and paths, this machine is more than enough. It’s a well-built machine that has eighth inch, sturdy wheels. Because it’s not as powerful as the 21 inch model, this model is more affordable.




3. RYOBI RY40850-2B 20 Inch Cordless Model With Two Batteries

This model is identical to the one above, except that you get two 5 Ah batteries instead of one. It’s just as powerful as the other 20 inch model, but you can use it for longer.

RYOBI RY40850-2B



4. RYOBI RYAC804-S Electric Snow Blower Shovel

If you’re not interested in using a full snow blower, consider this electric snow shovel. It’s not quite a snow blower, but better than a plain shovel, still. Measuring 12 inches wide and clearing a depth of six inches, this electric shovel won’t clear a driveway as quickly as the 20 or 21 inch snow blower. But that doesn’t mean it won’t save you time.

The Ryobi electric snow shovel relies on a 10 Amp motor to discharge snow as far as 25 feet from the shovel. Although the shovel relies on an auger to move snow, it doesn’t move as smoothly as the snow blower. Starting up the shovel is easy and the motor is extremely quiet.

The small, vertical size of this shovel makes it easy to operate and store. Additionally, the compactness of the product makes it a great tool for removing snow from your narrow stairs and pathways.




5. RYOBI RYAC803-S Corded Electric Snow Blower

If you want to avoid batteries, the 20 inch corded snow blower is Ryobi’s only option. It’s very similar to the cordless model, with the exception of the battery power. To run this snow blower, you need to keep the machine plugged into an outlet. With an 180 degree directional chute and a powerful motor, this snow blower is highly effective.

To start the snow blower, you simply push the button and allow the snow to move through the auger. While the clearing width is 20 inches, the clearing depth is 10 inches. Because you get unlimited run time, this corded model could save you time. You don’t need to deal with the hassle of changing or charging batteries.

This 46 pound model comes with fold down handles that allow for compact, simple storage. If anything goes wrong with the snow blower, you can count on the three year warranty.  The customer service is also reliable.




Which Ryobi Snow Blower Will You Choose?

Ryobi has five excellent options for snow blowers. Picking the best one really comes down to personal preference. If you like the convenience of batteries, you can choose from the 20 and 21 inch models. But there’s only one corded option that’s a full snow blower, and you’re unlikely to be disappointed by it. For small or narrow areas, the Ryobi electric snow shovel is also a strong contender.