Best Skid Steer Snow Blower Reviews 2019
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Best Skid Steer Snow Blower Reviews: Powerful Snow Moving Options

Depending on where you live and how severe winter weather is in your neck of the woods, you may find yourself at the mercy of road crews or neighbors when it comes to getting out of your driveway. Or, you are the one who needs to clear the snow yourself (and maybe for the neighbors, parents, and grandparents too) through the winter.

If you have an incredibly long driveway or neglected roadway, or have thought about making some extra cash on the side through the winter, you may want to consider some heavier equipment. Our favorite skid steer snowblower attachment—the Streamline Industrial SNOW BLOWER 72-Inch Skid Steer Snow Blower Attachment—could be precisely what you need.

If you already own a skid steer, have one you can borrow, or have considered investing in one, then you can make your snow removal chores a breeze with a snowblower attachment. In this article, we discuss five of the best skid steer attachments for snow blowing from the Streamline Industrial Supply Company and what to consider before buying one, how they work, and much more.


About Skid Steer-Mounted Snowblower Attachments

Streamline Industrial offers no fewer than 15 models of both high and low flow compatible snowblower attachments. These come in various sizes to handle moderate to extremely heavy snowfalls.

All products come with the required hydraulics, electric chute rotation, and deflection abilities. Plus, a 1-year warranty against defects, including parts and labor, comes standard with excellent customer service to keep you up and running.

Below we’ve highlighted five of the most popular models:

Best All-All Around Skid Steer Snowblower Attachment

Streamline Industrial SNOW BLOWER Skid Steer Attachment, 72-Inch Cut
    This big boy is perfect for clearing your driveway in one pass and powerful enough to work commercial snow clearing jobs as well.



WHY WE LIKE IT: With a full two feet more of width than the entry-level models, the 72-inch width of this blower makes short work of walkways, driveways, parking spots, and even full-size commercial parking lots. It is powered by low flow and a lower horsepower engine.

With its easy connection to your skid steer, the unit takes little time to hook up. Further, the tall intake housing height allows the machine to suck up and throw up snow up to 45 feet. The attachment also has a big auger, over a foot wide, and an impeller with multiple blades that measure a foot and a half wide.

Even more impressive, the machine’s 14 to 21 GPM rating allows you to still work within a low flow range and yet utilize more than enough power for dealing with moderate to wet snowfalls. Big ag tires help move the unit along without getting caught, which makes this a versatile model for just about any application.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: Those who need a new snow blower that can tackle just about any job with plenty of snow throwing power.

Best Compact Skid Steer Snowblower Attachment

Streamline Industrial SNOW BLOWER Skid Steer Attachment, 48-Inch Cut
    This compact skid steer attachment is perfect for residential use with smaller skid steers.



WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the smallest of the snow blowing models offered by Streamline Industrial. The machine is designed to effortlessly clear away snow and ice from driveways and sidewalks with its four-foot-wide intake. In addition to a wide intake, the housing is also just over two feet high.

These measurements make the machine more than capable of clearing light, moderate, and heavy snow with relative ease. In fact, if it wasn’t so compact compared to other models, we would have picked it as our all-around favorite.

The attachment has an 8-14 GPM rating, making it a perfect size for low flow skidders. It also has the same massive auger and multi-bladed impellers as the larger skid steer snow blower attachments on our list.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: Those who need a residential snow blower with easy maintainability for removing snow too heavy or deep to shovel by hand, but don’t need the cutting width of the larger models in our list.

Best Heavy-Duty Skid Steer Snowblower Attachment

Streamline Industrial SNOW BLOWER Skid Steer Attachment, 78-Inch Cut
    This heavy-duty designed attachment makes a great addition to commercial snow clearing businesses.



WHY WE LIKE IT: One of the largest models of snowblower attachments created by Streamline Industrial, the massive 78-inch unit is a beast in size – and has a lovely 18 to 27 GPM rating to match it. The machine’s hydraulic motors throw snow between 40 and 50 feet too, which isn’t too shabby.

In addition to being massively wide, the intake housing is also over two-feet tall. That means this bad boy can really eat and throw snow. If you have parking lots, roads, or private driveways to clear, this attachment could be the one for your skid steer.

Despite its large size and width, the unit still houses the same 14-inch auger and 18-inch fan as the other, smaller units, which is why it is able to operate flawlessly with an overall lower horsepower and still get the same tough snow jobs done with ease.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: Anyone looking for a new snow blower for commercial use, especially parking lots or other industrial yards, or for farm or factory use in regions that get heavy snow all winter.

Best Commercial Skid Steer Snowblower Attachment

Streamline Industrial SNOW BLOWER Skid Steer Attachment, 96-Inch Cut
    This is one powerfully large piece of machinery made for commercial needs. It, of course, works well in larger residential settings, farms, and ranches, or anyplace else serious snow removal is needed.



WHY WE LIKE IT: This humongous heavy duty skid steer snowblower attachment is one of the largest and most powerful in the entire industry – let alone from Streamline Industrial. It is high flow functioning and has a more than respectable GPM rating as well.

A massively wide intake housing and a height twice to three or four times taller than regular snow blowers makes short work of snow jobs of any size. That said, the machine is made for commercial jobs and works for large-scale residences that have long, wide driveways and private roads.

The machine is genuinely impressive, making all other snow blowers, even the heavy-duty commercial grade ones, look like babies. Its hand welded augers and impellers dwarf the ones that come in single-stage, dual-stage, and even most three-stage snow blowers.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: Anyone looking for the best of the high flow models available for the heaviest wet snow removal in a commercial or industrial capacity.

What is the Streamline Industrial Supply Company?

Established in 2000, the Streamline Industrial Supply Company was created to provide top-notch outdoor power equipment and superior customer service experiences. They carry a wide range of products both manufactured as their own and for other dealerships. Their focus is on both residential and commercial-grade equipment.

The company offers a wide range of versatile skid steer accessories that fit most makes and models. The best skid steer snow blowers are powerful tools and come in a wide variety of sizes and strengths to better accommodate their customer’s needs – no matter where you live and how much snow you see.

The Streamline Industrial Supply Company also offers free shipping to the lower 48 and provide accurate quotes for freight shipping elsewhere. This is an excellent detail to consider for such a big, heavy piece of equipment. You can also visit your local dealer to check for special offers or talk to repair techs if needed.

What is a Skid Steer?

In order to take advantage of a skid steer snow blower, you must obviously have a skid steer first – or plan to purchase one. A skid steer is a piece of heavy-duty compact machinery used for various purposes.

The most popular uses for skid steers are:

  • construction jobs
  • debris removal
  • heavy material moving
  • general landscaping
  • post hole digging

Most skid steers are equipped with adjustable skid shoes and direct drive systems to allow for superior traction and easier maneuverability in tight spaces. This makes them incredibly versatile. Because of this, they are popular with larger landowners to help with regular property maintenance and expansion. There are also features to look out for, like replaceable skid shoes and land corn header on a new design that might be of use in the non-winter months.

That said, skid steers come in a variety of sizes. The larger ones are more often referred to as compact track loaders, though. But, in general, skid steers weigh between 2,000 lbs and as much as 7,000 lbs or more.

How Does a Snow Blower Attachment Work?

Snowblowers suck up snow with powerful augurs and shoot it up and out of acute, conveniently clearing massive amounts of snow in small amounts of time. Everything from small, electric versions to heavy-duty commercial grade varieties are available – but if you have some seriously regular snowfall or a large property to maintain, you may want to consider what a skid steer snowblower attachment can do for you.

A skid steer snowblower works in the same manner as a regular snowblower. Turning augers pick up and throw snow to the side. The difference between a skid steer attachment and a version you push is how it is powered. Rather than having a gas engine, or electric-powered engine, you work directly off the skid steer itself- which means you need to know what sort of skid steer power you have before purchasing an attachment.

High – Low Basics

Skid steers fall into one of two categories – it is either a low flow machine or a high flow machine. Flow refers to the hydraulic system located on your machinery and is what powers your attachments. It describes the amount of fluid moving through the hoses within a minute’s time. Low flow skidders usually have a range between 18 and 25 gallons per minute (GPM), and high flow between 30 and 45 GPM.

This number is a crucial measurement to be aware of because all snowblower attachments have a GPM rating. But, whereas a low rating can be run by both low and high flow system, a high GPM rating will not be supported by a low flow machine.

skid steer snow blower in use franklin Mass

How to Choose a Snow Blower Attachment

The differences between one attachment and another are mainly with size and power.

Just like any other machinery made for snow clearing, you need to first take into account the size of the property you need to maintain, how much snow you will deal with, and how much space you need in order to be able to maneuver effectively move snow.

What is your average snowfall?

If you live where snowfall isn’t a regular occurrence, it may be more cost-effective to hire a commercial snow plowing company rather than invest in your own machinery.

Even if you expect heavy snowfall once or twice a year, it might not be worth paying so much for a piece of equipment that costs an arm and a leg that you may only use once or twice a season. On the other hand, for commercial operations, the investment is more than worth every penny.

How much snow typically falls at one time?

The amount of snow that you receive each year is important to think about, and how much snow tends to fall when it does snow. If you receive minimal amounts, a skid steer attachment is probably more than you need. In this case, a single-stage snow blower would do you much better.

However, if you regularly receive a foot or more snow multiple times per winter, a skid steer snowblower attachment will serve you well.

Is your snow light, wet, or mixed?

Light to medium type snow is no problem for most skid steer snow blower attachments to suck up and throw. But, with wet, heavy snow to move, you will need more power to get the job done. Be sure to take into account how much snowfall you receive annually and what consistency it is before purchasing a snowblower of any sort.

alpaca farm in winter with deep snow
If you’re in a snowy region and have long roads or driveways that need to be cleared frequently, a skid steer with snowblower attachment is a great option for you.

What to Look for in a Skid Steer Snow Blower Attachment

Ease of Use

How easy an attachment is to use overall matters more than anything when looking for a great machine. This includes how quickly and smoothly the unit is to attach and remove from your skid steer before and after use.

The number of extra features, quality of components, intake properties, and other considerations listed below also help determine the machine’s over-all ease-of-use. The best attachment for one skid steer—or type and size of property for that matter—might be the worst choice for your skid steer or property.

Intake Width

Aside from the over-all ease-of-use, the intake width is one of the top considerations to keep in mind while picking out the best snow blower skid steer attachment for you and your property. The intake width decides how wide a swath you can clear in a single pass with the machine.

The quality of the housing also matters. All-steel housings are preferable to plastic ones as they are much less likely to be chipped or damaged by loose gravel, frozen earth, and hard ice.

Intake Height

As stated above, the intake dimensions are among the most important to look at when shopping for a snowblower attachment. The height, in particular, determines how tall of snow that the machine can suck in and spit out at one time.

All things considered, most snow blowers can handle twice the height of the intake housing if you work with them and move the machine slightly slower and side to side. However, this is not the case with all machines and should not be attempted with cheaper attachments.

Quality of Components

This factor is another of the single-most determining factors as to what sort of quality your snowblower attachment will be. If the parts, such as the augers and chute, are mainly plastics, then you may want to look for something more durable – unless you are working on a tight budget.

Attachment snow blowers with steel parts are much more powerful and long-lasting. That said, even rubber-tipped augers and impellers are better than generic plastic ones and are more durable as well. So, no matter your budget, a bit of research goes a long way in helping you find the best unit.

Number of Augers

Depending on the “stage” of a snowblower, it will have more or fewer augers. Single-stage have one, dual-stage have two, and three-stage have three or more. The number and type of augers are crucial to how well it will perform – especially in different types of snow.

On single-stage snow blowers, augers pull the machine through the snow. On two-stage and three-stage blowers, as well as attachments, the number and type of augers determine how much, how fast, and what consistencies of snow and ice the machine can handle.

clearing wialk with skid steer snow blower Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Snow Throwing distance

One factor many new snowblower owners don’t think to research before they purchase their first machine is the snow-throwing distance that the machine is capable of. This is generally determined by a few factors, including the engine size, number and types of augers and impellers, and of course, the chute itself. The best snow blowers can throw snow 40 to 50 ft or even more.

Does it really matter? Yes, it does. The distance your machine can throw snow determines where you will be able to place the snow. It is the difference between barely tossing snow a couple of yards and being able to bury your neighbor’s car in snow from 30 or 40 feet away.

Extra Features

Not only do extra features determine how advanced or basic your machine is, but it will also dictate the price of the unit. Extra features are everything that comes with a snowblower aside from the augers, impellers, intake, chute, engine, and tires. For example, popular extra features include headlights, remote controls built-in to the dash, electric start-buttons, heated grips, and much more.


It may seem pretty obvious, but overlooking whether or not the snowblower attachment you’re interested in buying for your skid steer comes with a warranty or not is a pretty big deal. The best attachments, and any high-end product for that matter, will almost always include a manufacturer warranty.

Most of the time they also include a 30 to 90-day money-back or return guarantee as well. If you are considering purchasing a skid steer snow blower without a warranty – DONT DO IT! It’s just not worth the risk.

snowy road home private road in winter skid steer snowblower
Private roads are often not cleared by municipal or county services. A skid steer snow blower would be a great option for a private road in an area with annual snowfall.


Streamline Industrial Supply provides excellent skid steer snow blower attachments, as well as other high-end products and services for both residential use and commercial purposes. Their entire line of snow blower attachments are comparable to one another in terms of how they work, but their sizes, power, and extra features vary from one model to the next.

Our favorite is without a doubt the Streamline Industrial SNOW BLOWER 72-Inch. It is, in our opinion, the very best all-around considering it possesses all the features of a great snow blower and works just as well for homes as it does businesses.

Best All-Around Skid Steer Snow Blower Attachment: Streamline Industrial SNOW BLOWER 72-Inch (Low Flow)

Best Compact Skid Steer Snow Blower Attachment: Streamline Industrial SNOW BLOWER 48-Inch (Low Flow)

Best Heavy-Duty Skid Steer Snow Blower Attachment: Streamline Industrial SNOW BLOWER 78-Inch (Low Flow)

Best Commercial Skid Steer Snow Blower Attachment: Streamline Industrial SNOW BLOWER 96-Inch (High Flow)