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The Best Small Indoor Plants to Green Up Your Little Space

Do you love being surrounded by a lush garden? If so, you might want to bring the garden indoors with a few small indoor plants. At the very least, the best plants for your home will add style to your room. But it may also purify your air and become a focal point of your home. Find out which small plants are the best for inside your residence.

Impossible-to-Kill Small Plants

air plant in glass terrarium indoor plant easy careAir Plant

What’s easier than growing a plant that doesn’t need any soil? An air plant is unique in that it can survive without any soil and without a pot. It stays small and takes years to grow, which means it fits in the smallest of apartments or rooms. Because it’s different, the plant can be a great conversation starter.

To grow an air plant, you can put it in a terrarium. Just be certain there’s some air going through the terrarium. Once every one to two weeks, soak your plant in warm tap water for about ten minutes. Place it on a towel and let it dry before putting your plant back in the terrarium.

Ionantha Mexican - Set of 5 Air Plants
    These unique hardy bromeliad plants from Central and South America are a great conversation starter, and an even better way to add color and foliage to your space with little effort or maintenance.



Cast Iron Plant

Although the cast iron plant requires more space than many of the plants on this list, it doesn’t grow vertically as much as it spreads out. With leaves that spread out from the center, the plant is lush and appealing to the eye.

For those who lack green thumbs, the cast iron plant is a great choice. The leaves burn in the sun, so the plant’s only real demand is that it remains out of the sunlight. While it likes humidity, the plant can live without much water.

Cast Iron Plant - Aspidistra Elatior in 6-inch Growpot
    In its native Osumi Islands of Japan, the Cast Iron Plant inhabits forest floors and survives even under dark and neglectful conditions.



Best Small Succulents for Apartments

Aloe Vera

If you want a plant that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, you should consider aloe vera. It’s one of the small indoor plants that has multiple purposes. With its spiny leaves and light green color, this succulent certainly looks interesting. It also is beneficial to have around. If you have a cut or minor burn, the inside of the aloe vera plant will give you some relief.

As far as maintenance goes, the aloe plant is relatively easy to care for. It likes the sun and needs dry soil between watering periods. Depending on how much sun the plant gets, you may only need to water it once a week.

Costa Farms Aloe Vera 2-Pack
    For a hardy plant with medicinal value and easy care, consider aloe vera. Aloe needs plenty of sunlight, so choose a bright room or window.



Baby Toes

Succulents are perfect small indoor plants because they require minimal maintenance and don’t need much space. Whether you want a succulent to add to a terrarium or you want a stand-alone plant in a cute pot, baby toes is a top choice. The waxy leaves of the plant resemble the toes of a newborn baby, which makes this an eye-catching plant.

Like most succulents, this one only needs water occasionally. It also doesn’t require direct sunlight. Without too much effort, you can keep this plant alive.

Baby Toes Fenestraria Aurantiaca Succulent in 4-inch Growpot
    This succulent is small, but unique. In late summer through fall, Baby Toes will bloom profusely, offering bright 2-inch yellow, daisy-like flowers.




A member of the succulent family, echeveria is extremely common in home decor. Typically, the leaves come in light green, purple, or mixed colors. The plant has a cactus-like appearance, which works well for an assortment of decor styles.

These plants are relatively easy to care for and thrive in sunlight. If it doesn’t get enough sun, the plant won’t spread its leaves. That said, it is hard to kill echeveria. As long as you don’t water it too much, the succulent should do well.

Echeveria 5 Pack - Assorted Rosettes
    A small succulent, echeveria is great for homes with limited space. These five varieties are fully rooted in 2-inch growpots and ready for placement in your favorite space. For brighter color, be sure to give your echeveria plenty of sunlight.



Small Plants with Interesting Foliage

Chinese Money Plant

Also known as the missionary plant, the Chinese money plant is a rare find. The leaves are round and almost resemble Lilly pads. There’s something calming about the plant, so it could be a great addition to your living room.

This indoor plant does not handle direct sun well, but thrives on indirect light. To keep it growing, you should water the plant one time each week. Pot it in soil that drains well. If you want to have more than one Chinese money plant, you can propagate it with a cutting.

Pilea peperomioides - Chinese Money Plant in 2-inch pot
    This plant adds style to almost any space, is easy to care for, and propagates readily. Give it some sun and water and wait for it to explode into dozens of unique stems with round foliage.



Jade Plant

With thick, oval leaves, the jade plant looks like a miniature tree. It has a long lifespan and is easy to propagate.

As a succulent, the jade plant is easy to maintain. Although it grows the most vibrant in full sun, the plant can survive in the shade. It also needs well-draining soil and should not be overwatered. To keep the leaves looking glossy, you should wipe them down with a rag once a month.

Sunset Jade Plant - Crassula in 4-inch Growpot
    This succulent is as beautiful as it is easy to grow. In bright sunlight, the blunt green leaves turn red and pink at the edges. Easy care and propagation.



Asparagus Fern

With a whimsical name, the asparagus fern looks like something from a fairy tale. It’s part of the lily family and likes to spread out. For that reason, you may want to place it on a shelf and let it sprawl out.

Growing an asparagus fern indoors isn’t too difficult. It grows best when it has access to sunlight. As long as it’s inside, the temperature should be fine. But it does need to be in a humid environment. Water the plant when the soil dries out and mist it regularly.

Fern Leaf Plumosus Asparagus Fern - 4-inch Pot
    An unusual plant, the asparagus fern is an attention-grabber. Give your fern sunlight and plenty of humidity through regular misting and watering.




There aren’t many flowering indoor plants, so the kalanchoe is a rare find. It has beautiful blooms that come in several colors. But getting the plant to flower requires sunlight, which means you need to place it near a window or glass door. For soil, choose something that drains well.

Yellow Flowering Kalanchoe in 4-inch growpot
    If you want a flowering plant, kalanchoe is a great choice. Hardy kalanchoe flowers profusely for weeks with good sunlight and water. There are many colors available.



Choosing the Best Small Indoor Plants

One of the great things about small indoor plants is the fact that you can have several and arrange them in an artistic way. Get some succulents and make a mini garden, or get several flowering plants and spread them throughout your home. In either case, you’ll brighten up your home.